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  1. zangetsu468

    Are Keabora Geabora and Rauru associated with one another?

    Rauru's connection to Gaepora had me at "We the Ancient Sages built the Temple of Time..." etc As well as the fact he is garbed like a Hylian Royal and the only other Sage besides Zelda who doesn't need to be awakened. I assumed he was potentially one of the previous Kings.
  2. zangetsu468

    Lanayru Gorge Theory

    There was an actual time gate there. Aside from this the OOT is infered to have been made with timeshift stones and it was able to send Link back in time to permanently alter the events of history.
  3. zangetsu468

    Where is it heading?

    Hopefully after SS more technological elements (Ancient Robot tribes) like puzzles and platforming will be explored. Aside from this I hope that the fantasy/ medieval nature of the series is never completely lost. It just wouldn't be Zelda without it.
  4. zangetsu468

    Zelda's Parents

    Where indeed. The same reason there's never a Queen of Hyrule; because Zelda. We've seen the King die by the hands of Agahnim, is it possible that when Hylians/ Hyruleans are warring regicide is regularly committed?
  5. zangetsu468

    Dreams thread.

    Generally I can say my dreams are just subconscious thoughts surfacing held together by associations of reality, however, lately although encoded they have been somewhat prophetic. This scared the crap out of me when a couple of weeks ago I dreamed of a family member's baby being kidnapped for...
  6. zangetsu468

    ST:Where is that new land?

    I don't believe that New Hyrule would be related to Old Hyrule as this was not part of the King of Red Lions' wish. We have to also consider there's approximately a few years (off the top of my head) between WW>PH>Link and Tetra finding new Hyrule... I thought it was something like 4 years. In...
  7. zangetsu468

    OOT Ending - Why Weren't Mido and King Zora Celebrating?

    Well Mido had this thunder stolen by Saria (only to be redeemed in AOL when named after that town) and King Zora always looks a little blue. The whole Kokiri dying thing is never specific to time taken for death to occur, though I'm also not sure if the ending is meant to be taken literally...
  8. zangetsu468

    Lanayru Gorge Theory

    Even though it was a desert in SS, timeshift stones were being mined in abundance. There are several areas that when used in the Lanayru Desert, show grass as opposed to sand and so forth. With enough timeshift technology there's nothing to say that it couldn't have permanently altered the desert.
  9. zangetsu468

    Hylia Worship: Does it still Exist?

    I believe the reason Hylia's Statue was destroyed was more than likely due to war. The reason it was not rebuilt was more than likely twofold (a) the economic state did not allow for it after times of war (b) the royal family had no issues burying the past of anyone knowing Hylia had incarnated...
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