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  1. PoeFacedKilla

    If you could have another remake like links awakening for switch,, what would it be

    I’m torn between A Link to the Past or Minish Cap
  2. PoeFacedKilla

    MAJOR THEORY: The evil and fascist Hylian royal family practices global mass mind-reading and global mass surveillance!!

    Same argument people use to say the west in LOTR is “actually the bad guys.” And just like in Middle Earth it’s absurd. Divinely ordained monarchies can’t be evil since evil is benchmarked against their enemies.
  3. PoeFacedKilla

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Discussion

    I think it easily beats TP and maybe WW. TP drags to get started and even tho SS does have a slow start it’s a more fun warm up than TPs was. WW has a shorter starter than either but it’s a short game and it’s dungeons are lacking. Maybe I’d say WW and SS are equal.
  4. PoeFacedKilla

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Discussion

    I’ve been playing with both control types as I switch between the living room tv when I’m cooking and handheld mode at night. I will say I prefer the motion controls for sword fighting but prefer the joystick for things like walking on the rope, flying and using the beetle. The joystick for...
  5. PoeFacedKilla

    SSHD What would BOTW be like if they dumbed it down to this level? (discussion/mechanics)

    Navi, Tatl, King of Red Lions/Tetra, Midna, Fi - they’re all pretty annoying
  6. PoeFacedKilla

    What Zelda Game Have You Replayed the Most?

    Definitely Wind Waker. When I was a teenager I used to beat that game every week for a year after it came out (sometimes I’d beat it in a day.) Ocarina of Time is a close second I replay it every year and played it a lot before Wind Waker came out; then again in the time period after my GB...
  7. PoeFacedKilla

    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    Finally picked it back up for my second play through. I actually started it last year when COVID struck and I got to through the Rito dungeon but didn’t do much other than that. The last week I’ve made some progress though gotten myself up to ten hearts, beat the Zora dungeon, finished filling...
  8. PoeFacedKilla

    Most nostalgic cartoon show?

    Home Movies. Its not an action show or anything and it was in the first wave of “adult focused” shows like King of the Hill, Futurama and Family Guy. It’s not particular edgy or too adult (which is why I can still stand to watch it unlike Family Guy) but something about it reminds of me being...
  9. PoeFacedKilla

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Discussion

    I’m excited, I think the last time I played was 2014. I normally play through them all every two years (play through WW and OoT every year) and I’ll be glad to add this to the bi-annual replay. If memory serves the imprisoned is too frustrating to be an annual thing though.
  10. PoeFacedKilla

    Botw2 name ideas

    Skies of Time or Winds of Demise
  11. PoeFacedKilla

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Discussion

    I consider this a personal attack because you’re 100% right. I preordered Skyward Sword and will buy pretty much any Zelda or main Mario game Nintendo releases (I bought both Mario 3D all-stars and the Mario 3D World/Bowsers Fury) simply because I remember being 5 years old playing ALTTP and...
  12. PoeFacedKilla

    Zelda 35th anniversary

    If I were in charge of Nintendo I’d likely bankrupt the company by doing nothing but fan service: don’t blame me
  13. PoeFacedKilla

    Zelda 35th anniversary

    Plus a DLC. What I’m getting is that Nintendo is releasing stuff: you just aren’t happy with it. That’s fine, but pretending they aren’t releasing anything is incorrect. I also love SS and am looking forward to playing it next month. The entitlement of the Zelda community about this...
  14. PoeFacedKilla

    Zelda 35th anniversary

    Skyward Sword HD, a DLC, A Game and Watch with 3 games and finally gameplay from BOTW2. That’s more than “just a game and watch.”
  15. PoeFacedKilla

    How old are you?

    I’m A Link to the Past years old Username checks out
  16. PoeFacedKilla

    Do you have a favorite voice actor/actress?

    I’m sure this is cheating but Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil
  17. PoeFacedKilla

    What would it take for BotW 2 to become your new favorite/least favorite Zelda game?

    If they added the 7 temples of the sages (really just temples) and a bunch more towns (each with Elder Scrolls levels of quests, like actually getting to know each town and be able to solve its conflicts and problems within the community) it would actually probably be my favorite game of all...
  18. PoeFacedKilla

    What town in The Zelda Series would you want to live at?

    Rito Village (either one)
  19. PoeFacedKilla

    Thank you! Sorry for the late reply.

    Thank you! Sorry for the late reply.
  20. PoeFacedKilla

    What do you think will happen to Hyrule Castle?

    I saw a (likely wrong) theory on Reddit that we're at the beginning of the timeline/it's a loop and the castle becomes Skyloft. Realistically though it crumbles when you kill Ganondorf at the end.
  21. PoeFacedKilla

    Breath of the Wild Beating the game

    You can play afterwards and get all the shrines you missed it just starts you back next to the door to Ganon
  22. PoeFacedKilla

    Get rid of/reduce the rain and thunder in BotW2?

    I don't think any gear should help with climbing in the rain. It makes it so there's always an obstacle no matter how late in the game my only complaint is there should be some variety not just rain add some tornadoes etc. Drives home the point that even the greatest heroes can't beat mother...
  23. PoeFacedKilla

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I was playing Ghost of Tsushima but my new airbnb has an older TV the PlayStation won't display to so I'm juggling Majoras Mask (original with cell shaded textures,) Links Awakening Switch, continuing my Oblivion play though and I'm always bouncing between EUIV and Stellaris.
  24. PoeFacedKilla

    Choose One Thing You Hope for from BotW 2

    Weapon and Potion shops
  25. PoeFacedKilla

    How sure are you that we'll see BotW2 at The Game Awards this year?

    As a cynic whose been a Zelda fan for twenty years (and played his first Zelda game in 97) the earliest I expect is late next year.
  26. PoeFacedKilla

    The Queen of Hyrule and the Origins of Ganondorf (Theory)

    I mean... Ganondorf was just a Gerudo who was taught magic by his mom's and used it to take over Hyrule. Either way they both came close to destroying the royal family which is all Demise's curse is. I'd say Vaati counts as part of Demise Curse but there's no way to prove he isn't.
  27. PoeFacedKilla

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    Put TP on hold for bit to play the OoT randomizer. If you haven't seen this yet I'd recommend it you can control what regions are even considered (so I removed the Ice Cavern and Hanuted Wasteland so I won't have to do them) and you can randomizer shops so I was able to buy hover boots and the...
  28. PoeFacedKilla

    The Queen of Hyrule and the Origins of Ganondorf (Theory)

    Hard disagree it adds a lot of lore and a great origin story to the series overall. Well it isn't always a Gerudo if we take Vaati to be the first reincarnation. Perhaps Ganondorfs hatred towards the royal family (out of jealousy: he says in WW that the winds of the gods blew fortune on Hyrule...
  29. PoeFacedKilla

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    I beat this dungeon yesterday but I really think Snowpeak Ruins is an underrated dungeon. The fact that is replaced most of the tropes in favor of themed rooms and items is awesome (locked doors replaced with ice that needs to be broken and the reason for traversing the house is because of a...
  30. PoeFacedKilla

    Should Link Speak?

    No I don't think so. Link is the silent warrior: he says nothing but thinks deep. I'm fine with everyone else having voices but I think link should remain a projection of the players thoughts and not speak. Although it did work in Jak 2...
  31. PoeFacedKilla

    The theory behind the Leviathans

    I subscribe to the "BOTW is so far into the future that all three timelines have happened," theory so I think the leviathans are each a creature from one of the timelines.
  32. PoeFacedKilla

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    I just beat the Temple of Time. Gonna call it a night but man I forget how long this game is. I also forgot how much I like it (I don't think I've beaten it since it came out.)
  33. PoeFacedKilla

    How sure are you that we'll see BotW2 at The Game Awards this year?

    I am hopeful considering the claim it started as a handful of DLCs: I'm just not getting hopes up as I did with TP, SS and BOTW for a quick release.
  34. PoeFacedKilla

    What Annoyed You Today?

    My hotspot is going slow so I can't watch Mr. Robot until tomorrow. Oh and my dog is in heat (she's old and hasn't really had one in years I thought I was done with it) so I'm having to bleach all my sheets and blankets before I can go to bed. And probably lock her in the bathroom.
  35. PoeFacedKilla

    How sure are you that we'll see BotW2 at The Game Awards this year?

    As someone who has been playing these games since ALTTP and always waiting on the next one to come out since Majora's Mask I'm not expecting this game until 2022. Nintendo has a way of announcing these games early and then postponing year after year.
  36. PoeFacedKilla

    Groose is the ancestor of the TP postman

    The Oocca existed prior to the Hylian tho. It's hinted in TP that they are the creators of the Hylian race (or their ancestors.)
  37. PoeFacedKilla

    Will Breath of the Wild 2 be Darker?

    I'm not sure what would be so bad amount more nuanced characters and side missions that flesh them out. Combined with Ganondorf being an existential threat to the world and his return threading to destroy everything they've just now been able to rebuild. I really hope it is darker and they...
  38. PoeFacedKilla

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    Beat WW earlier today (for the first time in probably a decade,) I have to say that while it still probably ranks as on of my favorites the reuse of bosses really is a drag in Ganon's Tower: specifically the ultralong rehash of Phantom Ganon. Running through Hyrule now that I know the game was...
  39. PoeFacedKilla

    What do you NOT want to see in BotW2?

    I don't want an entirely new map and I don't want more divine beasts. Let us explore the underworld and maybe expand the desert and icy north but keep the map and make bits of it rebuilt so we have stuff to explore on a map we already know. And please give us temples again, even if it's just 7...
  40. PoeFacedKilla

    Groose is the ancestor of the TP postman

    I subscribe to this, what's wrong with it?
  41. PoeFacedKilla

    Would you be excited for a Zelda (insert genre)?

    I was intrigued when I heard BOTW was almost an alien invasion game, actually got me thinking that a Link v. Samus game with a real story where you can choose your side would be an awesome game (maybe Samus and some backup get sent to conquer the Zelda Earth.) I'd play an MMO so long as it...
  42. PoeFacedKilla

    How many series do you like more than Zelda?

    I like Zelda the most with Elder Scrolls a close second. Then I'd say Mario, God of War and Europa Universalis tie for third place. I don't like any other video games really outside of some one shot games I play when recommended.
  43. PoeFacedKilla

    Favourite/ Least Favourite Bosses

    Favorite Majora Twinrova OoT Phantom Ganon All of the WW Bosses Least Favorite The Imprisoned Moldorm (ALTTP) Calamity Ganon (way to easy)
  44. PoeFacedKilla

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    I'd be interested to hear the differences. Never got to play WWHD: I use the dolphin emulator with HD texture packs so I get the same (probably better tbh, I have a good graphics card,) graphics enhancements with none of the gameplay improvements. Any particular reason you aren't playing any then?
  45. PoeFacedKilla

    Zelda- A playable character in BotW 2? (speculations)

    I think it'd be cool to take a q from the Arkham games and have link and Zelda separated. That way you could have concurrent plots in the same overworld that converge late game and give a reason to play as her while still being the solo hero (with separate gameplay elements.) Maybe she can be...
  46. PoeFacedKilla

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    Replaying Wind Waker (when I was younger I played through it every Thanksgiving so this year I decided to rerun through it after dinner on the holiday,) I'm going through the infamous triforce quest now. Plan on playing through TP again after this as I've only beat it once when it first came...
  47. PoeFacedKilla

    Should we be able to beat BotW2 in thirty-five minutes or less?

    Itd be cool if they could deconstruct this trope. For instance you can go straight to fight mummy ganondorf or you can hit a few shrines (or their equivalent) to build up hearts and stamina but when you get to the raised Hyrule castle and you beat mummy ganondorf he is revealed to have the...
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