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  1. Salt Dog

    Breath of the Wild Is the Master Sword good for anything?

    ^ If it breaks you can buy a new one in Tarry Town.
  2. Salt Dog

    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    Working on Tarrey Town (I'm going to want another Hylian Shield as soon as it breaks lol) After that going to finish last two beasts and go remind Ganon what the Master Sword feels like :cool:
  3. Salt Dog

    Possible timeline locations for BotW

    Now that I think of it Princess Ruto from OoT is talked about in the Zora lore in the Domain text walls in this game. There was something about how she helped the hero of that time and Zoras honor her to this day etc. This would imply an adult or downfall timeline then? This fact would rule out...
  4. Salt Dog

    Possible timeline locations for BotW

    Adult or child timeline would not make sense because it is said how Ganon has come to attack Hyrule many times. The only timeline where this is the case would be the downfall one. That said if it were child or adult timeline it would have to be waaaaaay into the future. It's more than likely...
  5. Salt Dog

    Breath of the Wild Miyamoto on the New "open World"

    I agree. Perhaps it can also have something to do with the Japanese to English translation? Either way I think it is best he just does not say anything.
  6. Salt Dog

    Breath of the Wild Miyamoto on the New "open World"

    Saw this link today of an interview with Miyamoto explaining a little bit on what they meant by "open world". http://www.zeldainformer.com/news/miyamoto-explains-zelda-us-open-world-things-to-do-everyday#.U7WeE_ldUrY Notice at the end he says they also have new ideas for the 3DS. Assuming that...
  7. Salt Dog

    General Zelda The First Zelda Game You Played

    Ocarina of Time on the N64 was the first one I played. I still have that gold cartridge somewhere...
  8. Salt Dog

    Majora's Mask Found This (possible MM 3D?)

    Yeah I think if you put two and two together it is a good sign. Especially considering they were the ones behind the OoT 3DS remake. Unless of course there is another franchise out there where "make a legend" would make sense.
  9. Salt Dog

    Majora's Mask Found This (possible MM 3D?)

    I think you are just too lazy to troll that hard. So instead you give people a BS date for a release date thinking people will buy it. Unlike you I actually have a source to back up what could possibly be a MM3D remake. For those that don't know Grezzo (the company hiring in the article) is the...
  10. Salt Dog

    Majora's Mask Found This (possible MM 3D?)

    Pretty bold statement. Got a source to back that up? Doubt it... besides do you really think Nintendo would release a game like that so soon without any marketing what so ever? Dont troll my thread.
  11. Salt Dog

    Majora's Mask Found This (possible MM 3D?)

    MM3D may be in the works after all. I apologize if this has already been brought up, but I just saw this today browsing the internet (article is even dated today). Definitely no confirmation, but seems promising :)...
  12. Salt Dog

    General Zelda Zelda Movies

    I say Yes. I know I'm in the minority here, but I totally see a Zelda film being possible. I have always imagined a epic film based off Ocarina of Time in my head for years. I would see the movie split into two parts (child portion and adult portion). Obviously you would have to change certain...
  13. Salt Dog

    Spoiler The Hero of Winds is related to a past Link after all!

    The whole MS not being in the same place has been bugging me for quite some time now. Although I am liking some of your guys theories/explanations on this, I do not think we will truly know why until a future Zelda title takes place between MM and TP. I am willing to bet one of the next games...
  14. Salt Dog

    A Link Between Worlds Aonuma Drops Yet Another Hint About ALBW's Connection to Majora's Mask.

    What if MM unlocks on completion of this game? ;)
  15. Salt Dog

    A Link Between Worlds Special Edition Zelda 3ds Xl Bundle

    I do not see myself getting one personally. I have been told the games look crisper on the smaller screen anyway (anyone confirm?) if I catch one on sale then maybe otherwise I am content with my regualr 3DS.
  16. Salt Dog

    A Link Between Worlds Majoras Mask Relation Theory

    I think you may be on to something :yes:
  17. Salt Dog

    A Link Between Worlds Special Edition Zelda 3ds Xl Bundle

    I feel like I am the only one with the normal 3DS :xd:. Ambassador program ftw!
  18. Salt Dog

    OoT-N64 Ocarina of Time, Temple Order

    I always did it this way... Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit
  19. Salt Dog

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing at the Moment,and What Are You Doing in It Right Now?

    Working on OoT 3D MQ and also playing the Minish Cap for first time on the 3DS as well and its pretty cool! It's like Alttp mixed with OoT.
  20. Salt Dog

    Do You Any of You Don't Do Master Quest?

    I never played the gamecube version but I started the 3DS version and I agree the mirrored world gets to me since I have so much love for the original, but I love the new dungeons.... hell I died in the Deku Tree like 3 times :D
  21. Salt Dog

    What is Your Favorite TV Show?

    I love the Dexter series! I usually don't get into TV shows but that one is just great.
  22. Salt Dog

    Is Skyward Sword Worth Buying a Wii For?

    Like people have said Wiis are pretty cheap now so I'd say yes. Remember though that the WiiU is supposedly coming out at the end of this year.
  23. Salt Dog

    Legend of Zelda Reboot

    I don't think a reboot is a very good idea. I'd rather them just make some games to make sense of this whole timeline thing that I like to call LINKCEPTION. Lol
  24. Salt Dog

    Rating the Star Wars

    1. Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. Return of the Jedi 4. The Phantom Menace 5. Revenge of the Sith 6. Attack of the Clones I hated the character of Anakin in 2 & 3.... made Darth Vader look like a little ***** imo thus sorta ruins both movies for me. I don't really blame the actor though...
  25. Salt Dog

    Places You Would Love to Travel.

    Haha well other than a Pizza place I actually recall being pretty good somewhere in Darwin which was where we were most of the places we ate weren't that good. I also remember being blown away by the pricing at McDonalds! I remember a double cheeseburger which is usually a dollar in America...
  26. Salt Dog

    Spoiler Which Had the Better Ending, Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask?

    I liked MM but OoT in general including the boss battle with Ganon and the ending was just more epic to me.
  27. Salt Dog

    Should Video Gaming Be Recognized As A Sport?

    Pretty sure it already is in some countries. Like I know in Korea pro gamers are as popular among society as is NFL stars or movie stars in the US.
  28. Salt Dog

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Item?

    The Bow! Always feel better after I get it.
  29. Salt Dog

    Hardest Dungeon in Any Zelda Game.

    Ganon's Tower and I want to say the ice temple in Alttp. I just remember one of the temples before Ganon's tower where you have to drop through floors being a big pain in the ***.
  30. Salt Dog

    Young or Old Link

    Hard to choose I like both equally. I will say though I'd like to maybe see another Zelda game where we have both. Except this time he doesn't go back and fourth through time instead he just goes into his adulthood. That would be interesting.
  31. Salt Dog

    Who is Your Favorite Link?

    Ocarina of Time Link for me. Probably has a lot to do with the fact I grew up with him. Even trying to look past that I still think his story was the best if you take a step back and look back at everything he had to endure in both OoT and MM.
  32. Salt Dog

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Leaving Much To Be Explained.

    I was hoping for all the same things as well. I'm willing to bet the next game is going to cover some of these things and is going to take place not long after SS since there is still a big gap in the timeline.
  33. Salt Dog

    Spoiler What Do You Think SS Was Missing?

    Needed a more interactive overworld to explore. There was really nothing to really do or go other than Skyloft and that island with the pumpkins.
  34. Salt Dog

    Places You Would Love to Travel.

    They are very nice there. But like I said their food sucks but beer is damn good oh and everything was so damn expensive! Then again we were in Darwin which is a port town so they probably raise prices for us on purpose like some other countries did...
  35. Salt Dog

    Favorite Overworld Area In A Game

    The overworld in Skies of Arcadia. Just so much to do and I love the atmosphere of it.
  36. Salt Dog

    Favorite Childhood Video Games

    When I think of my childhood favorite games this is what I think of: Super Mario Bros (NES) Super Mario World (SNES) Super Star Wars 4,5&6 (SNES) Aladdin (SNES) Batman Returns (SNES) Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past (SNES) Mortal Kombat (SNES) Mario RPG (SNES) Mario 64 (N64) Legend of Zelda...
  37. Salt Dog

    Favorite Fallout Game

    Haha! Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought 3 was better than Vegas.
  38. Salt Dog

    What Was Your First Video Game?

    Super Mario Bros on the NES... I was 2 or 3 according to my dad.
  39. Salt Dog

    What is Your Favorite Video Game?

    I always go back and fourth with this question in my head. I'll have to say Skies of Arcadia. Everything from the story, atmosphere the gameplay it was just such a awesome game and just like OoT (my very close 2nd all time favorite game) I never get tired of it. If you haven't played it you...
  40. Salt Dog

    Spoiler Most Useless Item

    Deku Nuts. Don't think I've ever used em.
  41. Salt Dog


    I have two tattoos! First one I got was a cross on my left bicep. 2nd one I got was USMC down my right tricep after I graduated bootcamp. Always wanted to get a sleeve done just never found anything I liked though.
  42. Salt Dog

    Places You Would Love to Travel.

    Lol I see a lot of you would like to see Australia. I spent a week there when I was in the Marines and it wasn't bad. Their beer is awesome (no they don't drink fosters) but their food was terrible. People are really nice though. Anyway I'd love to go to Ireland, England and Italy.
  43. Salt Dog

    How Old Are You?

    22... I feel old :lol:
  44. Salt Dog

    Link's Grandmother?

    I thought the Sheikah protect the royal blood line... Link isn't in the blood line (that we know of)
  45. Salt Dog

    Who is the Ghost Guy in Ocarina of Time

    I always thought it was the Soldier because like some of you have said he use to always talk about how he wanted something to happen and talked about the paranormal plus when your a adult the guy says how hes excited about these dark times or something because it's a good time to hunt for...
  46. Salt Dog

    Spoiler Zoras Aren't Mentioned Anywhere!

    I was hoping for some kind of a origin story behind the Zora/Kokri/Goron in this game I was a little disappointed when there wasn't. I'm thinking that since there is such a huge gap in the timeline after SS the next game is probably going to be a SS sequel there is still to many questions left...
  47. Salt Dog

    Spoiler The First Gerudo?

    Funny you say this because early on in the game I was thinking that Groose was going to end up being Ganondorf.
  48. Salt Dog

    Skyward Sword Lacking That Classic Zelda Feel?

    It was missing the music and there wasn't much exploration to be had in SS. I enjoyed the game to don't get me wrong but I must agree since I grew up with Alttp, OoT and MM it just seemed to be missing something. Still great game though.
  49. Salt Dog

    I Support Operation Moonfall

    I'd love to see the MM remade. I also remember reading a quote somewhere that they have interest in remaking Alttp as well. Looks like we may be seeing quite a few remakes here but even if they do remake MM we probably won't see it until late next year if not later =/
  50. Salt Dog

    Different Playable Character in a Zelda Game

    Blashphemy! I probably wouldn't even play it if I wasn't Link.
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