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  1. nicktheslayer

    If you could make the next Zelda game, what would it’s theme be?

    I just want a darker game, (Only as light as OoT, no friendlier), with the overworld of Breath of the Wild, and the dungeons of Skyward Sword. That's it. It's all I want. I would like to see them toy with the idea of a new item type that encompasses the game, they used to do it more often with...
  2. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild 2D

    Fresh from this morning! Korok Leaf :)
  3. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild 2D

    Here's a short clip showing some fire spread!
  4. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild 2D

    I'm not remaking the entire game, by any means! That would be.. terrifying. I'm only remaking the Great Plateau area of the game, later on I'll use this codebase for something original. I'll be sure to keep you updated! ;)
  5. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild 2D

    So, I should make it clear off the bat, I don't plan to release a publicly playable version of this, because Nintendo is a bit iffy about.. fan games. BUT, I may do a limited private release in the future for bug-testing purposes, so.. stay tuned? [[AUDIO WARNING. TURN IT DOWN]] This is an...
  6. nicktheslayer

    Hyrule Warriors Ghirahim and the Imprisoned Confirmed

    Imprisoned is the most exciting reveal for me so far. Suuuper pumped!
  7. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild Hopes for Zelda U

    Yeah, that's the point of all of the different people teaching you things. If TP were real, he probably WOULD have taught you all at once, y'know? but since it's a game, they need to spread it out, and make it feel reasonable, lol. I can't wait for more info!
  8. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild Hopes for Zelda U

    I'd like to not have many tutorials, and if anything, keep them as short as they were in Skyward Sword. I mean, it took forever in that game to get to any action, but you left the house, BAM. Dude's like "Hey Link, here's how you run and climb and push." That's all we needed. No more sword...
  9. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild Hopes for Zelda U

    Antagonists and Villains are different. Protagonists and antagonists have nothing to do with good or evil, they have to do with who the story is focused around. In Zelda games, yes, bad guys are always antagonists. BUT, if you played a game where you played as a villain, you would still be the...
  10. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild Hopes for Zelda U

    Wow, I didn't think of that. I do very much want a Second Quest akin to the original game. It'd be awesome to play the same game, with everything moved around again!
  11. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild Hopes for Zelda U

    My biggest hope for this game is that I want to be able to spend hours finding new things in the fields of Hyrule, without getting bored, and without finding everything. I want to find new hidden stuff for years to come! Bomb-able walls that aren't obvious, like in the original game would be...
  12. nicktheslayer

    Majora's Mask Who's Sad About MM3D Not Being Revealed Today?

    I sure hope it is! It's currently my favorite Zelda game, so I'm really hoping it's the mystery game, I'd just love it!
  13. nicktheslayer

    Spoiler Does Nintendo Have a Thing for Pixar?

    I've noticed in some recent Zelda games there seems to be some Pixar love. I can only think of two examples, and maybe they're coincidences, but... I dunno, can you guys find any more like these? The thing from this new Zelda Wii U trailer looks a lot like the mechanical monster featured...
  14. nicktheslayer

    Majora's Mask Who's Sad About MM3D Not Being Revealed Today?

    I'm pretty sure everyone expected it. They've had a lot of weird little nods and references to it. They made a big deal about it being an Assist Trophy in SSB4, there were multiple references to it in ALBW, , etc. Operation Moonfall has been working pretty hard to get it announced. I'm pretty...
  15. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild Wii U Zelda is Apparently Called The Legend of Zelda: Unbound King

    I actually rather hope it's true. The name tickles me, and gives me a head full of story possibilities. If this isn't the legit name, then I'm sure Nintendo has something just as good. Also, new Starfox? Yesss!
  16. nicktheslayer

    WW-Wii U Gamepad or Pro Controller?

    If I'm really engaged in a game, I'd probably prefer the Pro Controller. It keeps me from accidentally messing up the game, accidentally switching items and whatnot, but when I want to lay in bed, and just casually play, I'll use my WiiU gamepad if my 3DS isn't cutting it.
  17. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild Setting of Zelda Wii U

    I want a Twilight Princess hyrule again. The sprawling, beautiful landscape. But, (and this is the kicker...) with things to do! Like, gee, I dunno, something other than huge empty fields, haha.
  18. nicktheslayer

    General Art Plight of Sotham (Zelda-esque Game)

    Hey guys! It's been a while. I posted an animation recently, but whatever. I'm doing something much cooler. This time, I'm making a game! It's very much inspired by Zelda, (...and as of right now still uses assets from Zelda. All graphics/music/sounds will be original in the future.) The...
  19. nicktheslayer

    General Art Nicktheslayer Wants to Make Cartoons

    So uh, I'm doing things. Haven't been here in a loooong time, really, haha. But hey, I'm doing things, and while it's been a year or two since I've participated in the community, I thought I'd try to make a comeback. I animated my very first thing yesterday. It's a disappointed balloon. Check it...
  20. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Gerudo Valley | Mandolin Cover

    I'd say it's important to mix the audio better in the end. The clap/slapping in the original song is much louder, so the bottom left video could be turned up a bit. Other than issues like that, it was pretty good. I'd definitely watch more in the future.
  21. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art I Did a Painting.

    It's weird without the old SB here, but I show up and read things every once in a while. It's still my main news source, haha. I'll try to be around more often :)
  22. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art I Did a Painting.

    That does sound pretty interesting, actually. While I wasn't looking for accuracy, (this was more of an updated version, I guess), I might try that when I attempt to paint other things. If you guys have requests, well, I can't say I'll do them, but I do need some inspiration. I hope to get them...
  23. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art I Did a Painting.

    Here is a painting I did. It's based off of some official art from the original LoZ for the NES. Original: Mine: What do you think? If you liked this, and want to see more of my stuff (Zelda and Non-Zelda), like my Facebook Fan Page! https://www.facebook.com/nickmakesart
  24. nicktheslayer

    A Link Between Worlds Would You Accept Another 2D Zelda?

    For buying a cartridge to play the game, if it's in 2D, I would be disappointed. I want a full 3D adventure. However, I WOULD enjoy a 2D original Zelda in the eShop.
  25. nicktheslayer

    100% Without a Guide or Wiki???

    I'll beat it without a guide, but I'll 100% it with a guide.
  26. nicktheslayer

    Super Word Association Thread

  27. nicktheslayer

    Resident Evil Revelations, Confirmed for Consoles?

    Well, It may be unfair to compare the horror to RE1, but I didn't find REvelations scary at all. (Whereas RE1, and REmake are two of the scariest games I've played.) I didn't find RE4 bland at any point, I don't think, at least not in the initial playthrough. But I was able to play through RE4 3...
  28. nicktheslayer

    Do You Use Your Name or Link's?

    Link, always. never anything else.
  29. nicktheslayer

    Resident Evil Revelations, Confirmed for Consoles?

    Yeah, but say, take RE4. Not especially long, but it was damn fun all the way through. A very perfect game. REvelations wasn't as fun, and I think was shorter. It would have been alright if it were longer I think. Just, it wasn't good enough to port to anything else.
  30. nicktheslayer

    Resident Evil Revelations, Confirmed for Consoles?

    It wasn't good or long enough to put on a console, I wouldn't say. :I It was fun, but unless they extend the game to be twice as long, it wouldn't make a good console game.
  31. nicktheslayer

    Who's Preordered Hyrule Historia?

    I have, and I can not wait. :) I've got butterflies just thinking about it.
  32. nicktheslayer

    A Link Between Worlds Dungeon Themes You Would Like To See In Zelda 3DS

    Throughout the game, I'd like to see a few dungeons that are generic "Old Castles" and such. Sort of how the Forest Temple was an old, overgrown mansion of sorts, I'd really like to see more like that, where the puzzles aren't focused on specifically, and it's more of a 'get to the end' sort of...
  33. nicktheslayer

    Twilight Princess Vs Skyward Sword

    As much as i love them both very dearly, i have to go with Skyward Sword on this one, just for being so different in it's formula.
  34. nicktheslayer

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    (I was about to nag that you didnt have a question, but then it came scrolling along) The dogs let themselves out. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  35. nicktheslayer

    General Art Violet's Hall of Arts.

    These things are lookin' good, Violet. Better than I was at that age, so don't stop practicing, because by the time you're my age, you'll have passed me up, haha. ^-^;
  36. nicktheslayer

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for not being WaffleSamurai
  37. nicktheslayer

    Say Something Nice About the Above User!

    I am willing to soothe your face with the watermelon of life, you are so awesome.
  38. nicktheslayer

    Biggest Badass In Skyward Sword

    The little girl, (Name forgotten, and Zeldawiki.org is down so i cant check), but come on! She was hanging out with Batreaux like he was NOTHING.
  39. nicktheslayer

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned because i need an easy post to get into the shoutbox.
  40. nicktheslayer

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Ecstatic. I won 150 bucks at bingo, and I'm going to buy the original Golden Cartridge Ocarina of Time for the N64. :)
  41. nicktheslayer

    Ghirahim Acting Like FI ( Game)

    Somebody should make a video of comic of this exact thing. It's just.. golden. I love it.
  42. nicktheslayer

    What Do You Think Of The Timeshift Stones From SS?

    I loved the idea, but i was dissapointed in the fact that they were EVERYWHERE. There were so many, they grew old pretty fast.
  43. nicktheslayer

    What Food Would YOU Ban?

    No more lima beans. Brussel sprouts. asparagus. No more pizza that has more grease than cheese, (Pizza can stay, the grease must go) And NO. MORE. CHASHEWS AUGH
  44. nicktheslayer

    Super Word Association Thread

    Fake-Snow allergies
  45. nicktheslayer

    Majora's Mask How Old Do You Think These Characters Are

    Sakon- 35 It's hard to tell, with his shaved head. But since he has a pretty awesome hideout and is an amazing thief, i gave him a little more time than you guys to earn these things. Gorman- 54 Not much to say. Curiosity Shop Man- 40. Middle aged, for sure. Anju- 22 Kafei-23 I always...
  46. nicktheslayer

    Tech Help Computer Programmers!

    I'm working on learning GML, althought slowly..
  47. nicktheslayer

    Super Word Association Thread

  48. nicktheslayer

    Super Word Association Thread

  49. nicktheslayer

    Super Word Association Thread

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