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  1. timmy0929

    Whats Your Favorite Nozzel in Super Mario Sunshine?

    mine is hover too i think that is the most fun and like i liked that the best the rocket was like unpridicable like where it was to go and the turbo was my #2 i like get cuse go fast around the town if you needed too and the squirt nossle um not my best but it good and so my #1 is the hover nossle
  2. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    that is fine dude but if you want you could start a online game that i play called pirates of the carrbean online go type that in www com and then hit join enter in informaion if you want you can pay to get more parts of the game but if you dont it is free tell me when you get in the online...
  3. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    and by the way i am play that game like no tomorrow i am like a level 37 now
  4. timmy0929

    James Bond

    i like bond i love his games i own the wii goldeneye going to get the relouded game love the movies
  5. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    hey yea timothy is me ok i am level 33 working on it a bunch ok i be on around 5:45 pt
  6. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    by the way now i am a level 33 now on goldeneye try to get the thermal scope my favorite weapon i have not got it yet but my favorite weapon is the gambit thats my favorite sniper weapon my favorite assault weapon i got like tree masterton m557 and the vargun strata SV 400 anova dp3 ivana...
  7. timmy0929

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    for me my good brawl characters are meta knight link is in the middle for me on brawl but i like how much damage he and toon link takes out of enemys my bad brawl characters are pikmen thats it for me i can use all characters but him so that for me
  8. timmy0929

    Knight Rider

    anyone out there like knight rider the old and new ones i am a big fan of knight rider my dad got me in to it the theme song is just so catchy and cool
  9. timmy0929

    Wierd Al

    i like wierd al my favorite is fat i like a lot other of his
  10. timmy0929

    Super Mario Bros Super Show

    i have watch the whole thing not my dream mario show but its ehh good and all
  11. timmy0929

    Pirates Online

    any one likes pirates of the carrbbean online i like it i am tom goldwrecker level 50 mastered everything but grenade and potions so if you like the game please reply and if you play it post your pirate name a level
  12. timmy0929

    Youtuber: Chuggaaconroy

    omg he is so funny i have seen everyone of his videos ok my brothers have seen it i showed him it too we watch his videos over and over and we cant get enough of it we laugh so hard when i go to look for a walkthrough i look if they have it for chugga that the first thing i look when i look for...
  13. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    my friend code is 182169214219
  14. timmy0929

    Goldeneye 007 Wii

    my friend code is 182169214219 for goldeneye 007 wii
  15. timmy0929

    Playing Games with Parents?

    i am 12 but i dont give it out offen october 19 i well be 13
  16. timmy0929

    Playing Games with Parents?

    phantom triforce i know how it works when like your parents are like good i mean after playing a lot i mean it scares me that in a year or two i well be the won lose at games my parents well be wining
  17. timmy0929

    Goldeneye 007 Wii

    thanks pirate dude 108 aka dawson but i was just wondering if anyone plays goldeneye here i see a few thread like at the most 5 but i just wondering
  18. timmy0929

    Playing Games with Parents?

    well my mom dose not like video games she watch me play but not for long but my dad he likes play video game with me he mainly likes playing goldeneye 007 for the wii and truely it is fun he is not that good at it so i beat him epicly but it is still fun his favorite gun is the vargun i dont...
  19. timmy0929

    Disney's ToonTown Online

    i like it too i play it but not often i am got all gags and i am a laff 125 my name is timmy i have maxed sellbot and cashbot working on law and bossbot
  20. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    hey i well join i love goldeneye i play it every day i am on right now i am called timothy level 31 about to level to 32 i love goldeneye you can count me in
  21. timmy0929

    Embarassing Gaming Habits

    ok this is with kinda all gun fighting games like i get all up out of my seat like when i see a enemy i grip the controller hard and shoot my arms get all stiff and that is like how i get major points in the game morely in goldeneye so yea but i am try to change it to where i stay in my seat and...
  22. timmy0929

    Goldeneye 007 Wii

    hey i want to know if anyone likes goldeneye 007 wii if you do give me your friend code i well post mine up in a few days so everyone knows
  23. timmy0929

    Links Abilites

    what link abilites do you like for me i like the jump attack and the thrust whats your favorites
  24. timmy0929

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker

    my friend and me are haveing trouble find maker on wind waker can anyone help us
  25. timmy0929

    Link Partner

    thanks everyone for the great post about links partner i find some of the post interesting
  26. timmy0929

    Strangest Zelda Characters

    i agree too tingle for sure he is so wierd if he wants lot of rupes he can go pick up weeds and fight enemys to get them i dont think link should have to supply him with rupes yea so tingle i think is the wiredest
  27. timmy0929

    The Ultimate Zelda Game: What Would It Need?

    what i think is that they should not make guides for zelda games i mean they should make guides but i think we should go to the guide at the last possable situation i think you should go to it if you are stumpted for like a month or so like if you stumped on the same part that what i mean going...
  28. timmy0929

    Where to Start?!

    i think you should do spirit tracks then majora mask that is my opion
  29. timmy0929

    Top Ten Zelda Games

    ok i start this thread to say i want to know what you think the top ten zelda game should be what you think would be at number ten nine eight seven six five four three two one i want to know what you think is the best zelda the game and the worst zelda game please comment and reply
  30. timmy0929

    WW-Wii U The Wind Waker

    does anyone ever get the feeling that the wind waker kinda looks like a sword i think in a way it dose look like a sword comment reply tell me why and what you think about it being a sword
  31. timmy0929

    If a Zelda Movie Came Out Would You Go Watch It

    yea i would go see it if its like the animated like the legend of zelda one but yea if it is not like that i would go see it
  32. timmy0929

    If Link Had a Pet

    what if link had a pet what would his name be what pet would it be cat dog what you think please comment and reply
  33. timmy0929

    Will We Ever See Link's MOM!?!?!?!?!?

    i think it would be cool to have a mom like instead of a granma who is so protective of link haveing a sword and so not welling to give him a sheld when he the the hero of hyrule i mean they should be a mother how could arial be born with out a mother i dont think the granma made her so it would...
  34. timmy0929

    Majora's Mask Favorite Instrument

    what is your favorites instrment on majoras mask like i like the ocarina like my friend like the goron drums and so and so but i want to know what is your favorites please reply comment
  35. timmy0929

    Boss Battles

    do any of you guys think that like when they release the next zelda game not skyward sword the next won they should add like where you could do all the boss battles right after each other like queen gohma king dodogo and so right after beat them so like a boss run what you think please reply comment
  36. timmy0929

    Links Brother

    does link have a brother i think he should like in wind waker link has a sister and she gets captured by a bird controled by ganon i think they should make a game with link going on a adventure to save his brother please comment tell what you think about this theory tell likes and dislikes
  37. timmy0929

    What if Link Had a Gun As a Weapon

    you know what i think that they tryed to put guns in it like i think they did not so they could keep it e for everyone and i mean bombs and cannon are like so close to guns so i think that they put bomb and cannon in for some action
  38. timmy0929

    Link Partner

    i was think like what if link had like a partner like to help him in zelda games like mario has a partner luigi you know link could teach him some moves i mean like i think that link should have a partner a live human other the taie and navi:)
  39. timmy0929

    SS release dates!!!

    i know i am going to save up my cash and get it first thing it comes out
  40. timmy0929

    What if Link Had a Gun As a Weapon

    yea the princess zelda should give link all of her ruppes cuse link is saveing her butt all the time she can at least do that
  41. timmy0929

    What if Link Had a Gun As a Weapon

    yea i know like just wondering if he did i am right there with you i kinda like it just with swords and like ganon is like bowser some how when we beat him he comes back to life and like thinking if he would not come back to life they kinda have a hard time make more zelda games they would have...
  42. timmy0929

    What if Link Had a Gun As a Weapon

    think if link had a gun it would be so cool like you could buy it with rupees and then you can buy ammo and shoot the enemys like he could use both sword and bomb and gun
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