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  1. CyborgElfStephanie

    Zeldas you've played (in order)

    I didn't have money for it my family was a bit poor to go on buying games like everyone else does. I only owned the Nintendo 64 as a child with only 5 games for it, because we couldn't go out and buy a GameCube at all.
  2. CyborgElfStephanie

    Zeldas you've played (in order)

    Ocarina of Time(My only childhood Zelda game)>Spirit Tracks(Freshman year at High School)>Twilight Princess(Same year, got GameCube later on and now HD)>Skyward Sword(Sophomore Year)>A Link to the Past(On Wii)>A Link Between Worlds(Senior year)>Legend of Zelda(On 3DS and don't remember when I...
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