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  1. DragonOfTime

    The Walking Dead

    Oh yeah the next Season is going to be AMAZING!!! :D
  2. DragonOfTime

    Wiiu Wish List.

    Zelda, metroid, mario, mariokart, marioparty, more zelda
  3. DragonOfTime

    Which Metroid Game is Your Favourite?

    I LOVE Super Metroid! But i do love all of them :D
  4. DragonOfTime

    The Walking Dead

    Whats great is that there is suspence and action in every episode! :D
  5. DragonOfTime

    Who Are the Whales?

    Maybe Nintendo just likes whales lol
  6. DragonOfTime

    Top 5 Fav. YouTubers!

    1.Tobuscus 2.RayWilliamJohnson 3.Adamwestslapdog 4.Brentalfloss 5.ZD
  7. DragonOfTime

    Whats Your Favorite Type of Music?

    I love TECHNO :D
  8. DragonOfTime

    The Walking Dead

    Its a really awesome show :D
  9. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art At Arrow Point

    I like that! I dont think the eyes were to big :)
  10. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art Halloween Art

    haha i like it :D
  11. DragonOfTime

    The Walking Dead

    Does any fellow ZD members here enjoy the show The Walking Dead? Its my favorate show and i want to see who does too :D
  12. DragonOfTime

    Hero Mode

    I agree with Cojiro, and also i hate how they wouldnt let you get hearts on the ground or from monsters. Its just ******** to me :/
  13. DragonOfTime

    SS Bokoblins. Did You Dislike Them Too?

    I do like them more in WW and TP, the SS ones were super fat,ugly and just stupid.
  14. DragonOfTime

    Disappointed There Was No Water Region?

    There is a part of the forest just dedicated for water, so i was fine with it :P
  15. DragonOfTime

    Favorite Boss in Skyward Sword?

    My favorite boss is koloktos! I love hitting him with my wip and getting to hold his sword to kill him :D
  16. DragonOfTime

    Wind Waker Link's Victory Dance

    I get lots of giggles from Wind Waker, especially from his expressions XD
  17. DragonOfTime

    Zelda As Main Character???

    If the made zelda partial main character like in Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, i think it would be a very good game :)
  18. DragonOfTime

    Favourite... Minigame?

    My favorate would have to be fishing! I spent the most time on those minigames :D
  19. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art Wind Waker Wizzrobe!

    Thanks everyone :D :P
  20. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art Just a Far Out Dream of Mine...

    That is really good! Keep up the good work :)
  21. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Games

    I own and have beaten every zelda game :D
  22. DragonOfTime

    Is Fi the New Navi?

    To me Fi is 5000000 times more annoying then Navi :(
  23. DragonOfTime

    Favourite Sword Phase in SS

    I looooove the true master sword! :D and i think the upgrading sword idea was just so amazing!!! :D
  24. DragonOfTime

    Shortest Zelda?

    I think it was perfect, lots of actions cutscenes and stuff. I mean its 50 hours of gameplay! You need more then that??? lol
  25. DragonOfTime

    Leaving Skyloft at Night

    It would of been really cool to fly at night :C I bet it could of added in more side quests!
  26. DragonOfTime

    Playing Though Again..

    Well that does annoy me too but i think Fi telling you the most obvious things is way more annoying. Seriously, Fi just tells you stuff over and over again of things you already know and it pisses me off lol
  27. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Racing

    That would actually be a pretty amazing game! I know i would play it :D
  28. DragonOfTime

    General Art Minecraft Pixel Art!

    These are awesome :) i see you have a lot of time on your hands! :lol:
  29. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art Random Zelda Art

    Wow thats amazing!!!! Keep up the awesome work!
  30. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art I've Been Making Some Zelda Plushies

    That is sooooooooooo cute! I love it so much you should totaly show more and even sell them on etsy! :D
  31. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art Zelda Art Made by My Wife

    Wow this is awesome! I love the art style :D
  32. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art My Link and Zelda Picture

    Wow this is really awesome! Keep it up! Yeah i think you totaly should color it!
  33. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art Zelda Art Work

    I really like those! I think my favorate would have to be the TP Link :)
  34. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art Hero of Hyrule

    wow thats AMAZING! Keep up the amazing work! :D
  35. DragonOfTime

    Zelda Art Goron

    Wow thats awesome for someone who doesnt draw that much! Keep up the good work :D
  36. DragonOfTime

    Favorite Province in Skyward Sword

    I like Skyloft cuz its sooo peicefull! :D
  37. DragonOfTime

    How to Pronounce Fi

    i pronounce it fee
  38. DragonOfTime

    Groose: Beginning or Later?

    I hated Groose in the beggining! He was such a d i c k! Then later he became really helpful and was awesome :D
  39. DragonOfTime

    Poll: Favorite Minor Character

    Impa is awesome :D
  40. DragonOfTime

    Hardest Enemy

    I had troubles with the skultulas, the lizalfos and the imprisoned. The imprisoned was so effing annoying and he is the only thing that makes me not want to play SS lol but other then that ss is amazing :)
  41. DragonOfTime

    Hunger Games a Disappointment????

    Of course the books are amazing. The movie was pretty good for the standerds it has to uphold and the only thing that bothered me the most was how much the camera shaked in some scenes. Seriously, the shaking of the camera made me want to throw up a couple times.
  42. DragonOfTime

    Super Mario Bros Super Show

    They have that show on netflix. I tried watching the first episode of it but couldnt stand it after the first 5 minutes! Its crap compaired to the zelda show! Lol i like the zelda show :D
  43. DragonOfTime

    What Do You Watch On Youtube!

    My favorite person to watch on Youtube is TOBUSCUS cuz he is amaaaazing :)
  44. DragonOfTime

    Preording Issues You've Had

    I preordered Skyward Sword to be shipped to my house. It didnt come till like 2 weeks later :C NEVER GOING TO PREORDER A GAME TO SHIP TO MY HOUSE EVER AGAIN!!!!!
  45. DragonOfTime

    Zombie Apocalypse

    Well i know mario wouldnt survive for long. Link might last a while and Samus i think would last throughout the whole thing!
  46. DragonOfTime

    Thoughts on Old Games

    I LOVE playing retro games!!! I probalbly play them more then the new ones lol. They are harder and its just fun to see how videogames have come such a long way since then :)
  47. DragonOfTime

    How do you play Brawl?

    I use the wii remote and numchuck :D
  48. DragonOfTime

    How Old Are You?

    I had no idea that the age 14-16 would be the prodomidant group here on ZD! Im also 16 and just thought i was a youngster for being on here. I think this is the main age group because at the prime ages of 14-16, most are videogamers :D
  49. DragonOfTime

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    If i were to have a boy, he would be named Link for the first name and Allen for the middle name. For a girl, her name would be Samus. I am being 100% serious too :)
  50. DragonOfTime

    Link or Kirby?

    Link for the winn!
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