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    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 129!

    No reason a unique item can't also be useful. It comes down to game design. What I want are unique items that the designers spend the time to find further use for.
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    A Link to the Past Zelda Dungeon Showdown, Round 4

    I know it's hard, but it must be done. For science. Zelda science. Two days left and the score is tied. If you've got a favorite, be sure to vote!
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    MM-3DS Changes You Want To See In Majora's Mask 3D

    I wouldn't mind if they tweaked the Elegy of Emptiness, even if they just do what they did in WWHD and have it so the song only repeats the first time you play it. I mean, you have to play that thing about 20 times just to reach Stone Tower, then some more once you get inside. I'm not sure how...
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    MM-3DS Favorite or Best Quote from MM

    I've got a few favorites. "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" is of course iconic. Pamela telling her father he had been dreaming after Link heals him is another. But if I have to choose one, it might be what the moon-child wearing Majora's Mask says to you as you initiate the final...
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    A Link to the Past Zelda Dungeon Showdown, Round 4

    Well folks, we have a tie between Ice Ruins and the Dark Palace. I'll set this and any further ties aside for a tie-breaker round before the final showdown. For this week, however, now that we've done it's sequel, let's jump back to what some consider the first true Zelda game: A Link to the...
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    A Link Between Worlds Zelda Dungeon Showdown, Round 3

    Yeah, I had some trouble with this one too. Hadn't used the guide at all up to that point, but trying to get at that master ore finally broke me.
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    General Zelda What Do You Name Your Character?

    I used to use my own name, though now I stick with Link. However, for the Second Quest in Wind Waker I named him Aryth. I figured since he didn't wear the traditional green clothes he might as well have a unique name too. The name itself I lifted from some fantasy book or other, though I can't...
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    A Link Between Worlds Zelda Dungeon Showdown, Round 3

    Looks like Snowpeak Ruins is our winner for Twilight Princess, and honestly I'm a little surprised. But hey, that's what these polls are for! Now, let's jump forward to the most recent Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds. After some of your comments in last week's poll I've decided to add a...
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    Twilight Princess Zelda Dungeon Showdown, Round 2

    In response to those asking for Hyrule Castle to be on the list, I feel like final dungeons are kind of their own thing. Since there's some interest, though, after all the games go through I'll do a poll for all the final dungeons across the series, and the winner will join the other champs in...
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    MM-3DS My Concern About The Save System

    I never had a problem with the original save system. The owl quicksaves weren't meant as data protection. That's what the Song of Time was for. I appreciated the owl saves for what they were--a respite from the at times punishing three-day cycle. That said, I don't feel they contributed...
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    Twilight Princess Zelda Dungeon Showdown, Round 2

    Looks like favorite Eagle's Tower took it pretty handily last week, which gives us our first contender. For this week, we'll be leaping head-first into the modern era with Twilight Princess. Again, no final dungeons here, so don't look for Hyrule Castle on the list. I'd love to hear why your...
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    Link's Awakening Zelda Dungeon Showdown

    I took a look around and didn't see this done before, but stop me if it has been. My idea is this: one poll a week, for best dungeon in a given Zelda game. Once all the games have gone, the winners go head to head in a final showdown to determine ZD's favorite Zelda dungeon. I'd like to start...
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    MM-3DS Favorite Boss in Majora's Mask

    Odolwa is my favorite, due to the fun nature of the fight and the variety of ways you can use to take him down. Goht is a ton of fun though, and Gyorg is always a challenge. Twinmold is the only one I find kinda boring, and even then there's some satisfaction in being a giant.
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    General Postmodern VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 117!

    Price is $12.99. I won't be collecting them all, but I will be picking up Link and Samus at the very least.
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    Majora's Mask Gyorg

    I had a hard time with him originally. My mistake was switching to Link to stun him with the bow before going in with the Zora Mask instead of just using the double cutters, which I never thought of as a kid. Since Link is shorter in human form, you have to get pretty close to the edge of the...
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    MM-3DS Saddest Moment in Majora's Mask

    This is always a tough question. There's at least a dozen moments in this game that you could argue are the saddest, and you wouldn't be wrong. Today, I'm gonna go with Pamela and her father. From start to finish, this scene gets you. When you arrive in Ikana, she is trapped in her house with...
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    Majora's Mask Can Someone Explain To Me....

    I'm going to agree with Maikeru on this. Majora's Mask is a much more complex game than Ocarina of Time. The three-day time limit, the daily schedules of the supporting characters, and the multitude of sidequests make it a deeper, more mature game. Don't get me wrong, I love OoT, but it's focus...
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    Breath of the Wild Tech Demo Vs Actual Style

    I, for one, am perfectly happy with this art style. What I want from a video game is an immersive experience. I want a world that looks and feels as alive as possible, and that is not a function of graphical quality. It is a function of detail: grass that blows in the wind, animals that run from...
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    Majora's Mask VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 101!

    It was a tough call for me between the Deku Butler and Mikau, but I went with Mikau. Here's a guy who's got the weight of the world on his shoulders, with everyone looking to him to save the day and put things right. Darmani was in the same situation, but he was a renowned warrior. Mikau just...
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    Majora's Mask Worried About MM3D Now

    Not necessarily. A Majora's Mask remake would almost certainly follow the mold of Ocarina of Time 3D, for much the same reasons that MM followed the mold of OoT in the first place. The engine and many character models are all there from OoT3D. It would almost certainly be cheaper to do the game...
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    General Zelda Should Castle Town Be Made More of a Focal Point?

    I would love to see this. I can imagine a much fuller and more detailed Castle Town being the central hub of an almost sandbox-style Zelda game, sort of in the vein of games like Red Dead Redemption. An open-world Zelda game with a really bustling center could be a ton of fun.
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    MM-3DS Masks

    Under Zora mask, you forgot "sweet ninja moves." Also, this should really be a poll. Also, these particular masks have been voted on many a time.
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    Skyward Sword SS Achievements

    Hmm. 570, eh? Gonna have to go back to this one. Great list!
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    Ocarina of Time OoT Achievements

    Nice, although you've got two called Bullseye. 780 for me.
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    Majora's Mask Achievement List

    To be honest, I wasn't aware of this one myself until I started looking for ideas for this. It's the only one I haven't gotten, so it's 970 for me.
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    Majora's Mask Achievement List

    I like the idea of Achievements in video games. I thought it might be fun to imagine what they would be like in a Zelda game, and I was having such a good time with it I decided to go ahead and come up with one. And so, a full 1000 point Achievement list for my personal favorite, Majora's Mask...
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    General Modern Ghirahim for Super Smash Bros.

    If Ganondorf were to be replaced, Ghirahim is definitely the character I'd most like to see do it. Demise is too similar, and that would feel like an update for it's own sake. Ghirahim, on the other hand, has the potential to be an interesting and much different fighter. Smash is, after all, a...
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    The Wind Waker Wind Waker 3ds.

    Absolutely not. Too much, too soon. Phantom Hourglass already brought the same style and spirit to the DS system, and they just did a glorious remake of WW for Wii U.
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    Majora's Mask Worried About MM3D Now

    Shouldn't make a difference. As many have mentioned, Nintendo doesn't do the Pokemon games directly. It's also worth noting that they didn't develop OoT3D, either. Grezzo did, and considering their excellent track record (they also did the Four Swords update) I don't see why Nintendo wouldn't...
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    A Link Between Worlds Easiest Boss Fight?

    Just wanted to point out that it's StalbLind, not Stalbind. Also, my vote goes to Margomill. Sure, the 1st battle with Yuga is easy, but it's supposed to be. Margomill should have been more of a challenge.
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    A Link Between Worlds What Did You Consult the Walkthrough for (if at All)?

    Haven't used it yet, but I am really starting to grind my teeth trying to get at the item chest in the Palace of Darkness.
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    General Classic Do You Think MM Took OoT's Spot of Being the Most Popular & Acclaimed Zelda Game?

    As much as I would love it if this were the case, no: in the hearts and minds of the video game community at large, Ocarina of Time still and always reigns supreme. In fact, it's shocking to me how often MM is forgotten about entirely in articles discussing the series at large, even ones written...
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    General Zelda Your Zelda Story

    I remember getting my first console, the N64, for Christmas when I was 12. I got Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time. I immediately popped in Mario, and it was only after playing the first few worlds that I decided to try the weird game with the sword and shield on the cover. It was a ton of fun...
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    The Wind Waker Wind Waker Tingle Bottles.

    You know that one Rito who disappears after the Earth Temple? I'd missed him, and his figurine was the last thing I needed for 100%. I sent out a bottle saying I needed him and within half-an-hour I found a pictograph of him bobbing off Windfall. It was cool having that kind of community support.
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    A Link Between Worlds What Items Did You Buy?

    I discounted the fire rod. I was renting the items at first, but one time dying and having to watch that damn bird loot my dead body was enough to convince me to buy. Plus, upgrades. However, when I play through on Hero Mode I will only be renting, just for a little added challenge.
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    WW-Wii U One of the Worst Final Bosses in the Series

    I agree that the final fight is easier than most, but I would disagree that it's lack of difficulty should be held against it in this case. Wind Waker was not intended to be a difficult game. Most of the bosses don't offer much of a challenge to be defeated (with the possible exception of...
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    General Zelda Which Title Would You Like To Relive For the First Time Again?

    It's Ocarina of Time for me. My first playthrough of OoT was a travesty. I remember getting it (along with the N64) for Christmas when I was 12, and it was the first game I ever owned. But, I am ashamed to admit, I was at that time in no way committed to the craft of beating a videogame, and...
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    General Zelda Link with Human Emotions and Character Development

    I think this really boils down to making Link a character, or preserving him as an avatar for the player. Traditionally, Link has been the avatar, and not a character in his own right. From the name on down he is no more than the player's connection to the game world. As such, a developmental...
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    WW-Wii U Gamepad or Pro Controller?

    Game Pad, all the way. I've had no issues with comfort, and the constant map availability and ease of item management are fantastic additions. True, the battery doesn't last as long as it should, but you're still doing yourself a disservice playing this game with the Pro Controller.
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    Majora's Mask VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 75!

    Pamela's father, for sure. A young girl, alone, who must fend off the monsters surrounding her house, while her father, who should be protecting her, is locked in the basement and half a monster himself. Think I'll turn on the game and go clear that bit.
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    Ocarina of Time Which Version of OoT Was Your First?

    Damn, forgot about the different N64 versions. Feel free to specify in the comments! And, 1.1 here.
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    Ocarina of Time Which Version of OoT Was Your First?

    I would venture to say that most of us here have played Ocarina of Time at some point. The question is, where did you play it first? N64? 3DS? Emulator? Any versions I forgot about?
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    Ocarina of Time Why Do People Put the Ocarina on C-Left/Right

    I always have the ocarina equipped, and it always goes on c-right. It's needed often enough to keep it handy, but it's rarely needed with any urgency. Keeping it always on the furthest c-button keeps it within reach, but more pressing items are closer at hand. (This being on the N64 controller...
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    Majora's Mask Best Majora's Mask Mask?

    I voted the All-Night Mask. Not that I think it's the most useful (it isn't). It's just so damn cool. It looks creepy, and turns out it was designed as a torture device. I always picture someone tied to a post, the Mask strapped on, and left there for days until their eyes were as red and crazed...
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    General Zelda Dark Link As the Main Villain

    I'm in the "no" camp. Dark Link is a great boss (mini, final, or otherwise) because he presents an interesting challenge to the player. He is your equal set against you, and that forces you to push yourself. But a great boss, even a great final boss, does not equal a great villain. Dark Link is...
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    Majora's Mask Do the Rupees You Keep in the Bank Get Saved After You Beat the Game?

    Yes, anything you have in the bank is safe.
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    General Zelda Favorite Mask?

    Of the transformation masks, the Zora mask is my favorite. Of the others, I have a few. The Bunny Hood wins for Most Useful. The Stone Mask wins for Best Concept--slipping past enemies, not by becoming invisible, but by becoming as unnoticeable and as plain as a stone. And, finally, a little...
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    General Zelda What Parts Do You Dread?

    I was going to do a whole list, but instead I'm going to focus my attention on the one element in Majora's Mask that I dread more than any other part of any Zelda game--Beneath the Well. There is nothing challenging, enjoyable, or in any way redeeming about that place. Fetch quest after fetch...
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    Majora's Mask Is Great Bay Temple Really Confusing or Rather Simple?

    I voted simple, but I'd like to qualify that here. My first playthrough went about the same as yours, Axle--I had to use a walkthrough pretty extensively and from pretty early on (as opposed to Snowhead, where I didn't need one until the pillar-punching bit at the end, and Woodfall, where I...
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