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    Breath of the Wild How useful do you think the handglider is going to be?

    It looks really fun but I'm sad that it uses up some of your stamina metre when you are gliding making it impossible to just glide infinitely :(
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    Did you play the remakes first?

    I played all of these except twilight princess first
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    How old were you when you got into Zelda

    I got ocarina of time 3D for my 13th birthday which was the first time I had owned a zelda game
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    Best Zelda remake so far?

    Mine is windwaker HD which was already a great game but they made it look amazing and also made sailing a lot more fun and quick.
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    Breath of the Wild Bones in the overworld

    I think that this might give further evidence to the theory that this game is set in hyrule after the great sea has dries up they could possibly be the skeletons of huge sea creatures.
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    Breath of the Wild Giant Moblin & new item?

    Sorry I just thought they were decorative pearls
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    Breath of the Wild Giant Moblin & new item?

    I looked and it only has one eye in the middle of it's head a lot like a cyclops. This looks a lot like a cyclops (one eye)
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    Breath of the Wild Returning areas

    I'd like to see Gerudo valley and the Gerudo fortress again except a lot bigger
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    Breath of the Wild What kind of arrow would you want to see in BOTW?

    I'd like a teleportation arrow which would have big range and be relatively easy to make. You would fire the arrow and you would teleport to wherever it landed.
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    Breath of the Wild The Music

    I'm not a huge fan of the minimalistic approach to music in the game but I really enjoyed the piece from the reveal trailer; it sounded great.
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    Nintendo Switch News and Discussion Thread

    I can't wait to get this so I can play a HD zelda or mario on the bus each morning. I hope that there is not too much of a framerate dip with playing on the go and it has a good battery life
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    mine was fast racing neo for wii u. I hope Nintendo liscence them to make a new f-zero game
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    choices, choices

    I wouldn't download any games as they are almost always full price I would just get them second hand for much cheaper.
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    Choose Your Death

    I'd die from cuccos because it would be a more interesting death than simply being killed by gannondorf it may not be as quick but is would definitely be more exciting
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    Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Release Bundle Rumors - What would you want to see?

    I hope they do a dual pack with Zelda and some other first party game along with the pro controller and a mobile charger for the controller
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    If you get me the Silver Guantlets... I will do something great for you.

    I think she could have granted link in vincibility or a password to a secret area garded by the gerudo elders
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    Why Can't Navi heal you?

    I think navi could heal you but like any other fairy would just disappear after use and not allowed you to z target
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    OOT Ending - Why Weren't Mido and King Zora Celebrating?

    Mido is inhabited by ganon before he is sealed and remains in him until he is strong enough to regain hyrule. As for king zora he's just to fat to clap or look happy
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    Death Mountain

    There was extreme volcanic activity pushing all of the locations around, or Nintendo have a large inconsistency in map design. something tells me it could be the later option.
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    Death Mountain

    Who knows? Nintendo are'nt known for being geographically correct in zelda games.
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    Spoiler How exactly did Link stop Ganondorf in OoT?

    I wish oot had you going back in time to fight ganandorf as a child at the drawbridge when he is chasing zelda
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    Favourite Zelda songs

    Wondering what your favourite Zelda themes are? Mine is the lorule castle theme from albw
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    Returning To Old Dungeons

    I like that idea and I think they should make exact replicas of some dungeons in 3d to get a new perspective on them
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    Who is Your Favorite(nonessential) NPC ?

    mine is the running man who is just a fun sidequest in oot
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    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild on Switch - Console screen or television?

    I will probobally use the tv screen especially after the low framerate in the switch trailer
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    Favorite Zelda Song

    Me too Gerudo valley is my favourite my second favourite would be the lorule castle theme from lbw then song of storms
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    Breath of the Wild Timeline Theory and Ideas

    Yes I have heard that but that was the first game in the entire series and ,to my knowledge, there has never been a mention of salt in any of the other games
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    Do you think we will ever see a Zelda Maker?

    Another option though would be the ability to make mini dungeons which would not take much time and effort to make
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    Do you think we will ever see a Zelda Maker?

    I think that a 3d maker would be to complicated but a 2d zelda maker but the problem is zelda,unlike mario, is not split into lots of different levels it is all just 1 huge level mking it very hard and time consuming to make.
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    Breath of the Wild The Best Improvement We've Seen?

    For me it has tob be the climbing mechanic making basicly everything you can see reachable and exploreable.
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    Breath of the Wild Will we see Link's iconic tunic in BotW?

    I think you'll probably earn it after completing the last dungeon or after the final boss fight. If this doesnt happen nintendo will probobally release it asdlc
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    Breath of the Wild Timeline Theory and Ideas

    Bb I think it takes place after ww aftr the great sea has receded as there are some items like the salt which says it was from a sea
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    Getting Made Fun of for Zelda

    V Zelda is much harder than cod go tell that person to beat Zelda 2 let him see if it is harder than cod
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    Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Release Bundle Rumors - What would you want to see?

    I hope they just give me the game and the nx for free
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    Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Release Bundle Rumors - What would you want to see?

    I hope that it comes with an amiibo,soundtrack, special case and a side game or virtual console code like starfox zero
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    What are Zelda fans actually called?

    I think we should be called zelgons Zelda / gorons Amma rite
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    Breath of the Wild What Questions Do You Want Answered in BotW?

    Can link complete the entire game shirtless?
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    Breath of the Wild BotW's new mechanics are not exactly new...

    It would be a bit like the oracle of seasons mechanic allowing link to reach places which were previously unavailable or to solve puzzles this would also effectively double the size of the world!
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    I don't mind the water temple (or at least the 3ds version) I feel it gets a lot of unnecessary hate because it was different from most other dungeons in oot
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    I can't believe I'm saying this but tingle has actually grown on me as a character throughout the Zelda game but I do still sometimes find him annoying Mine too I just find him a very boring and shallow villain
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    NX Discussion and Rumor Thread

    Do you think it will play 3ds games if it does run on carts
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    Breath of the Wild BotW's new mechanics are not exactly new...

    I think that there might be an item in the game called the breath of the wild which would allow link to change between a populated or wild hyrule
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    Most/Least Difficult Zelda Games - ranked

    Nintendo should really remake zelda 2 but fix all of the unfairness (which there is a lot of)
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    Breath of the Wild What would you do if this game came out and it completely SUCKED?

    Nintedo would have to do something very wrong to make this game a total failure
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    My top 5; OOT-MM-LTTP-LBW-SS
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    October Giveaway Contest: Favorite Zelda Quote

    'It's a secret to everybody' My favorite Moblin.
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    The Hero of Time is No Hero

    I always find it strange that the timeline where link is defeated seems to be the best off in 100 years after oot
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    Breath of the Wild Does anyone think the tech demo from 2011 has any relevancy

    I think it would be capable of doing so if the right conditions were met Personally I think this looks just as good as botw but I would like a game in this art style
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