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  1. vcdomith

    Iwata Asks 2: Giant Foes and Silent Lurkers

    WOW!! Very interesting, I hoping that we're going to see Volvagia XD
  2. vcdomith

    Harp Trailer

    Can this castle be, later, Hyrule Castle? And, Anybody have percieved that we haven't got even a glimpse of the the warp(how does it works with WM+)
  3. vcdomith

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Items

    I believe that you need to upgrade your Equipment Bag, like you do with the Potions and Shields, maxing it to 8 slots
  4. vcdomith

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Items

    Yes, there is a limit for items, but, in Skyloft there's a storage room, where you swap your items, but, if you got the "wrong" items for an area Fi will tell you;)
  5. vcdomith

    Left Handed Mode Unconfirmed

    It is true, it's pretty bad that we haven't going to have lefty support, however, every lefty that use the analog stick says that is strange, unusual, and now I'm curious, you, which is a left-handed, it is too much strange using a wiimote in your right hand? Is that a mechanic Ghirahim?:P
  6. vcdomith

    SS Symbols - New Script?

    For me it just seems something like "decorations", decorations to make these things not just plain and "ugly"(for a lack of a better word XD), but it would have no sense for placing words/symbols on the items/dowsing menu
  7. vcdomith

    Skyward Sword Fails to Dissapoint

    Oh My God!!!person that have played it to date say something diferent, the folks of Kotaku said that there's a delay, however, you've said there's not. OH, SOOOO MUCH CONFUSEEEE!!!! XD
  8. vcdomith

    Returning to Skyview -

    Wonder if we need to go back at this temple to fight the "real" boss, a boss that needs the use of the beetle, for exemple: a Gohma-like boss that you need to cut the web that sustain the spider at the celling, making the fall opening the monster defenceses to Link's sword
  9. vcdomith

    Spoiler Multiple Dungeon Themes in Skyward Sword

    This multi-theme makes the dungeon non-monotonous, that actually is really great!!!, I'll make an exemple: Forest Dungeon(TP), this dungeon is really tiring(even it being the first one) the same thing:freeing monkeys, and it's from start to end. Sometimes I/We divide a dungeon in two halves, to...
  10. vcdomith

    What is Your Favorite Boss Ever.

    To say the truth, it's very hard to pick just one!! I'll say my favourites:Stallord, Volvagia, Twinrova, Phantom Ganon(OoT)
  11. vcdomith

    Do You Like the Idea of Zombobkins

    WOW!! I love this idea, but I think they are INVINCIBLE!! This feels so great, invincible enemies
  12. vcdomith

    Upgrade System

    It's a good idea! But I hope that it won't going to turn being something annoying and the upgrades aren't just ammo capacity increase, I hope so
  13. vcdomith

    Have You Pre-ordered SS?

    I wish I could have it on my mailbox on launch day, 'cuz I live in Brazil XD, and I pre-ordered on gamestop, to guarantee my limited edition with WM+ and the Music CD
  14. vcdomith

    Spoiler NoA Press Release and New Screenshots!

    In the pics we can see the upgraded slingshot(it looks like a eagle), the goron viewing/selling a map and a CLOWN!!!
  15. vcdomith

    Spoiler Official Japanese Site Updated!

    These fish-like creature are named Parella and the boss of Acient Cistern name is Da-Iruoma
  16. vcdomith

    Spoiler Ancient Cistern Video

    It actually was a re-design and not an upgrade(or downgrade) beacuse in the Japanese Oficial Site there's a pic that Link is getting it from a chest EDIT:her's the image:
  17. vcdomith

    Spoiler Ancient Cistern Video

    The Ancient Cistern boss name is Da-Irugoma, Ehh...It got the name Gohma, without the "h" in it's name, because it haves various arms like spiders?
  18. vcdomith

    Spoiler Ancient Cistern Video

    Well, if we're going to see another water area , it could only be in the 3rd Province(Desert One?), this would be very weird, don't you think?
  19. vcdomith

    Spoiler Ancient Cistern Video

    Actually there is water in ancient cistern, more, there're water pipes, lillypads and it's located in Floria Lake
  20. vcdomith

    Spoiler Official Japanese Site Updated!

    In the boss pictures, Link has "borrowed" the statue boss weapon XD, also this reminds me a LOT of Wind Waker EDIT:Billy Ninja*:I'll say 3 dungeons per province, a total of 9
  21. vcdomith

    Spoiler Ancient Cistern Video

    I'll point out some notorious things in the videos: -Swimming in SS will be very same to Zora swimming in MM -The Whip was re-desingned -The Ancient Cistern is the water temple(I'm not confirming anything, just expeculating) -There's a dark-side Ancient Cistern, plus, the enemies are corrupted...
  22. vcdomith

    Spoiler 15 Minutes of New Footage!

    I wouldn't say darkness because cats are considerably more aggresive at night, and this was kinda taken literally making cat like "devils"
  23. vcdomith

    Spoiler New SS Creature, What Could It Be?

    But the flood in these woods are controlled by flood gates, aren't they?( i've read this somewhere)
  24. vcdomith

    Humor of Skyward Sword

    Yes, I do want humor in SS, but modarate, no too much like WW and not too much "serious", you know.
  25. vcdomith

    Spoiler 15 Minutes of New Footage!

    Yes you're right the Yellow guy is Pipit(it's not Pippin) the orange gut is Fledge who's a wimp
  26. vcdomith

    Skyward Sword Will Be an Overdue Redesign for 3D Zelda

    I agree with the most things there, but I believe that it won't be such a change like LttP or OOT, but anyway, every new and old addiction is perfectly well placed
  27. vcdomith

    Spoiler 15 Minutes of New Footage!

    EternalNocturne* That guy in orange is actually Pippin, he is sooooooo much like a wimp!!!:P
  28. vcdomith

    Ghirahim's Master

    That's true, we won't going to see Ganon/dorf/ directly, we're going to see Ghirahim master that will end up in a trident, that will "create" Ganon later
  29. vcdomith

    Spoiler New SS Creature, What Could It Be?

    But if I recall corectly, the silent realm is blue when in "contact" with the tears, and naturally orange, I might be wrong, but I still believe that this entity is a Spirit, more precise Lanayru EDIT:If you compare the pics, you see that the pic where Link is getting the tear the background is...
  30. vcdomith

    Spoiler New SS Creature, What Could It Be?

    Since it's on the Silent Realm section, I can deduce that's a NPC that you need to give the Light Tears(If that's the name:P), maybe spirit like in TP, Lanayru, since it's a water like entity and Lanayru/Nayru are the Spirit/God of Water, toughts?
  31. vcdomith

    Anyone Still Upset With The Graphics?

    I LOVE THESE GRAPHICS!!! Many have disliked the "colorful" graphics, but if you actually think about it, the colors are sooth and fresh, when I saw the 15 minute long video(from yesterday) I felt the same "thing" when I saw for the first time SSBB(to me it's the best graphics on Wii to date)...
  32. vcdomith

    Figurines in Skyward Sword?!

    I never tryed doing this figurine stuff, the say the truth I don't even know where's figurine palace, but, it would be great to have even more things to do in SS:P
  33. vcdomith

    Spoiler Skyloft and Sealed Grounds

    Hmm... Very Interesting... It makes me wonder why is this "old woman" locked, she would be very important through, or even "Godess-related"?
  34. vcdomith

    Spoiler Skyloft and Sealed Grounds

    Here's the quote I've seen on Zelda Informer: The phrase in "bold" really caught my attention, and made me think of somethings, and here are my thoughts : -According to the Intro of the game the Godess made a land to the sky to protect people from the hazardous Hyrule surface, and considering...
  35. vcdomith

    Spoiler 15 Minutes of New Footage!

    The gameplay looks so fluid, as well the NPC talking and the movements, and these long-haired NPCs looks soooooo much like the "Ritos" from Wind Waker:P
  36. vcdomith

    Spoiler 15 Minutes of New Footage!

    I'll tell the truth, last week I was afraid because the "bad" controls at the thighrope(Yeah, that looks very awful), but now I've re-gained confidence in the game:)
  37. vcdomith

    Ghirahim's Master

    Kotake and Koume are evil in the future in, what if them move out from Termina(past) because of the moon crash, and go to Hyrule when Ganondorf see them and "hire" the two witches.
  38. vcdomith

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    Eh.. Which "opening trailer" you are talking about, if the "underwater temple" is the place where Link is actually swiming in Myamoto Demo, it's just the forest area "flooded"
  39. vcdomith

    How Much Would You Pay to Have SS Now.

    To tell the truth, im from Brazil and I've preordered from Gamestop(USA) and I've paid 406 Reais
  40. vcdomith

    Spoiler The Final Boss Battle

    To tell the , I never understood these 2 Hyrules, I always thought that Hyrule "evolved" across the time:P
  41. vcdomith

    Spoiler The Final Boss Battle

    This thing in the center of the picture actually reminds me of Skeldritch, Ancient Demon look at this pic: one more thing that sustain my argument it's his prefix:Ancient Demon
  42. vcdomith

    Spoiler The Final Boss Battle

    This reminds something like a trident, or even " Ganon's Trident"
  43. vcdomith

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing

    I'm finally playing the Oracle of Ages, I was struck in Jabu Jabu Belly...
  44. vcdomith

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    *Ariel* If you could try doing these things: Can you damage Ghirahim a the Bow, in the temple can you cut the webs Without the beetle jaws and can you hurt Ghirahim with the sword beam
  45. vcdomith

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Theory!

    If that's correct, it would fit in my theory, that's like that: During the battle with the last boss(Ghirahim's Master?) the Godess is "sumoned" by Zelda to stop the evil being, however the Godess takes a severe damange forcing she to split herself in three beings, during that Hyrule has fallen...
  46. vcdomith

    Box Art Music: Shiek's Theme?

    Last time I heard this song it was incomplete, I should search it again.. and yes, I updated it:)
  47. vcdomith

    Spoiler The Final Boss Battle

    It's possible when the godess come to the battle, she takes a severe damange that she split in three?
  48. vcdomith

    Box Art Music: Shiek's Theme?

    Are you condering the missing parts of the box art song?
  49. vcdomith

    Real Loftwing

    Hey thank you!! I just changed it :D
  50. vcdomith

    Spoiler Details From the New Videos

    That may be true because in the forest temple(TP) there are a lot of Kokiri Symbols
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