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  1. dragonsroar

    single player games vs multi player games

    I think i agree with most people on here that single player provides the best story content, but i did used to love the N64 for its 4 player local play. Some of the most fun ive had gaming was playing mariokart 64, marioparty and goldeneye with my family growing up great multiplayer games.
  2. dragonsroar

    What genres of music do you like?

    I like metal mainly, huge early Metallica fan some punk and grunge but also like progressive rock , 70's acid rock bands like Hawkwind oh and not forgetting The Doors.
  3. dragonsroar

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Aah Discworld this game brings back some fond memories for me i agree about the voice work being brilliant and it was a masterstroke to get Eric idle involved as a lot of Pratchett's work is similar to python and i love the humor. I definitely enjoyed 2 more though for a few reasons 1. Death...
  4. dragonsroar

    Underrepresented Genres You Want to See More Of

    Hell yeah give me a broken sword , Discworld or even old school Simon the sorcerer.
  5. dragonsroar

    How do you pass time while being kinda forced to stay inside

    As i work in the food production industry ( warehousing) i am classed as a key worker( although i feel the care workers , doctors ,nurses and even shop workers are more worthy of the title) so i am not actually locked down that much having said that i have enjoyed having my children around a...
  6. dragonsroar

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Currently playing Enigmatis 2 the mists of Ravenwood, aside from the ropy voice acting its actually not too bad a game for the price ( under 2 pound) . I've also just started playing Hollow Knight but haven't progressed that far yet.
  7. dragonsroar

    Can BotW2 Top the Best Fight in BotW?

    i would of loved to have seen some ocarina of time style bosses in BOTW and seriously hope Nintendo does a better job this time round , if the rumors of going back to traditional style dungeons are true we could be in for some epic battles at least i really hope so.
  8. dragonsroar

    Which subscription is your favourite?

    if and when NSO gets N64 games it will be a lot better but for now there are only so many nes and snes titles that appeal to me ,i still think its worth the cost though .
  9. dragonsroar

    Anyone excited for the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition?

    i was a big fan of X on the Wii u especially after obtaining the skell the game opened up massively i was going to pre order but ive since heard that skells do not feature in the game and i wasn't as keen on the combat on foot so now i am undecided.
  10. dragonsroar

    Breath of the Wild Happy Birthday, Breath of the Wild!

    Hi all long time lurker here :D finally decided to post as this monumental game deserves it. I got the game on day one for the WII U as i couldn't afford a switch at release and wow that feeling the first time i emerged from the shrine of resurrection onto the plateau is something i had never...
  11. dragonsroar

    Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Reveal and Discussion

    Hi all I've been having an issue with my save for champions ballad. I've completed 3 champions but on urbosa's song the rings won't appear near gerudo town , also i can't get into the yiga clan hideout not sure if this is the best place for this but any help would be appreciated I'm tearing my...
  12. dragonsroar

    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] BOTW Game Help

    Oh that's a great help thanks guys, do the bows in chests respawn?.
  13. dragonsroar

    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] BOTW Game Help

    Hi all I'm looking for a phrenic bow to make dragon farming easier,I did have one previously but it broke and I can't remember where I got it. Is there a respawning bow in the game ? Thanks in advance.
  14. dragonsroar

    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] BOTW Game Help

    Hi all I found a shrine orb in impa's house but she wouldn't let me take it. I've heard that if you do all side quests in kakariko you can .However I have completed them all and now the orb is gone any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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