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  1. Zora Link

    Octoroks Missing in TP? Yea Right!

    ST came out after TP, besides they're different kinds of mini freezards. And yes there are octoroks in WW, OoT and MM, they're just pink/purple water octoroks instead of land octoroks.
  2. Zora Link

    Whats Missing from Majora's Mask? Ocarina of Time?

    No further explanation required.
  3. Zora Link

    Whats Missing from Majora's Mask? Ocarina of Time?

    *facepalm* You mean you've never noticed how NO zelda game lets you save after completion apart from WW?
  4. Zora Link

    Whats Missing from Majora's Mask? Ocarina of Time?

    Erm, yes they are. They're just not MAIN dungeons.
  5. Zora Link

    Whats Missing from Majora's Mask? Ocarina of Time?

    Majora's Mask needed more dungeons? Let's see now: 1. Woodfall Temple 2. Snowhead Temple 3. Pirate's Fortress 4. Great Bay Temple 5. Gibdo Well 6. Ancient Castle of Ikana 7. Stone Tower Temple 8. Surface of the Moon Also, if OoT had the sage medallions as usable items, they would probably be...
  6. Zora Link

    My "Leaving Skyloft" Theories

    Theory #4 He wanted to see if his baggy trousers would actually work as a parachute.
  7. Zora Link

    We Get to Be Link! Not Play As Him!

    Poe, I agree. It takes a buttload of energy to shake the wii remote slightly. And to Ember Incubus, what's wrong with being enthusiastic? He's just excited about Skyward Sword, like most zelda fans.
  8. Zora Link

    Temple Ideas

    An electric forest temple maybe? Like in WW when Kalle Demos had those electric vines. Or how about an underwater palace filled with waterfalls that you have to freeze. I dunno, I was just throwing ideas around.
  9. Zora Link

    How Does Link Get Off of Skyloft and Survive?

    I dunno. Maybe he lands in a tree or something? Or just for lulz, make Link get impaled by the tree resulting in an instant game over.
  10. Zora Link

    Boomerang in SS

    Meh, I only liked the boomerang's design in WW anyway.
  11. Zora Link

    Most Controversial... Link's Pants

    Hmm, parachute trousers maybe?
  12. Zora Link

    Which Song Do You Like the Best from the Series?

    My favourite zelda songs? Let's see now... Elegy of Emptiness Wind God's Aria Byrne's Theme Tower of Spirits (dungeon)
  13. Zora Link

    Skyward Sword Scorpion Boss?

    This gave me a picture in my head. Remember the first dungeon in ST? Forest Temple (Forest themed obviously) Main Item: Whirlwind Boss: Stagnox, Armored Colossus And here's an SS prediction: *E3 demo stage is the first dungeon* Main Item: Beetle Boss: Scorpion See? Both are forest themed...
  14. Zora Link

    Why Not Just Keep the Items?

    So basically, you're saying nintendo shouldn't make new items? I lol'd.
  15. Zora Link


    I just had an AWESOME idea for who the main villian could be. Tingle.
  16. Zora Link

    Why Not Just Keep the Items?

    SS is supposed to be unique among zelda games. Having the same old items defeats the purpose of it being unique in the first place. >.> Btw, TP had a hawk, not an owl.
  17. Zora Link

    Confirmed Enemies of SS

    *ahem* Octorok Deku Baba Walltula Red ChuChu Scorpion Bokoblin Stalfos Keese Lava Toadpoli
  18. Zora Link

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Means Zelda Wii Will Be Hard?

    Have a room filled with darknuts and blade traps.
  19. Zora Link

    Were the Stylus and Microphone Overused in PH?

    I wanted to be able to choose between stylus or button controls. ._. Button controls: D-Pad: Self explanatory. A: interact with stuff, basically the action button B: Sword Y and X: Items. Start: Pause Select: Quest Status L: Shield R: Item It would work, right?
  20. Zora Link

    My Timeline, Don't Kill Me This Time

    This forum is awesome. You come up with a theory, then people troll the hell out of you and call you a new***. (Lol morons)
  21. Zora Link

    How Did You First Get into the Zelda Games?

    Back in 07, I read the Phantom Hourglass review in Official Nintendo Magazine, so I thought it looked good and I bought it. THAT'S how I got into zelda.
  22. Zora Link

    Zelda : Prophet of Light

    You judge zelda games by their names? Lolwut. Wait, having the word Prophet in the title automatically makes it offensive to religious people? In that case, Wind Waker is offensive to insomniacs because it has the word waker in it, and Majora's Mask is offensive to people who wear masks.
  23. Zora Link

    Zelda : Prophet of Light

    You mean like how ALttP used to be called Triforce of The Gods? Maybe they'll change, but I see no reason why.
  24. Zora Link

    Link, Hylian, or Ordonian?

    He's Hylian. If he was Ordonian, he would have rounded ears.
  25. Zora Link

    Which is Harder? ST or PH

    PH. TotOK anyone? Also, PH had 8 dungeons. ST had 6. (Or 11 if you count all 6 visits to the ToS)
  26. Zora Link

    Top Five Zelda Items

    No bombs? And what about the Tingle Tuner?
  27. Zora Link

    Top Five Zelda Items

    1. Tingle Tuner 2. Slingshot 3. Hawkeye 4. Raft 5. Picto Box Just joking. Here's the real list: 1. Grappling Hook It lets you swing across wooden posts, steals enemy spoils, and it doubles as a crane, which is required to get the triforce of courage. :D 2. Seed Satchel Meh, I never liked...
  28. Zora Link

    Zelda : Prophet of Light

    My avvy is the Prophet of Light? Epic.
  29. Zora Link

    Zelda : Prophet of Light

    If it is, then I predict a return of the light sword from TP and ST. (In TP it cut through darkness, in ST it let you stun phantoms.)
  30. Zora Link

    Suggestions for New Items in Zelda Wii

    I always wondered, remember Byrne's gauntlet in ST? Try turning it into an item. It would be like a hookshot at first, but then it could have some other features as well, such as being used a weapon in combat, and a power glove to push certain blocks. Hell it could even be used underwater along...
  31. Zora Link

    What Do You Think Twilight Princess Brought to the Series?

    Bulblin sniping. And underused items.
  32. Zora Link

    More Zelda Wii Rumors

    Hopefully the items rumor will be true. Having loads of useless items *cough* ALttP *cough* seems kind of pointless. I prefer less items that are used more. (Majora's Mask?)
  33. Zora Link

    Suggestions for New Items in Zelda Wii

    Seed Satchel, change it into some sort of gem bag or something. Also, a flail which would be a cross between the Grappling Hook and the Ball and Chain.
  34. Zora Link

    Why Living In Hyrule is Better Than the Real World

    Not to be a party pooper, but in the Zelda Universe, ANYONE CAN LEGALLY BUY BOMBS.
  35. Zora Link

    General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

    Majora's Mask. Why? -More challenging -Better storyline -Better sidequests -Transformation masks -Time system added to the game's difficulty -Young Link is able to use items he couln't in OoT To be honest, I hate OoT, and I'm sick hearing people say that it's the BEST ZELDA GAME EVAR and...
  36. Zora Link


    Nah, it was fun to watch. Especially when it's toon link jumping in the air and slashing an enemy across the head.
  37. Zora Link

    Hardest Alttp Temple

    I found Ganon's Tower to be quite long and difficult, although the Desert Palace had those annoying beamos statues which caused me to die a lot. To be honest, I found it easy since I played it on an emulator, so I abused save states. D:
  38. Zora Link

    Whats Your Mask???

    The Not a Mask Mask: It's a mask. However, this mask can become other masks. The newly transformed mask can then be worn on all forms. Bunny Hood Goron Link? Hell yes.
  39. Zora Link

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Has 10 Dungeons?

    Temples (4)- Woodfall Temple Snowhead Temple Great Bay Temple Stone Tower Temple Skulltula Houses (2)- Swamp Spider House Oceanside Spider House Ordinary Dungeons (3)- Pirate's Fortress Gibdo Well Ancient Castle of Ikana And then there's Surface of The Moon. 4+2+3+1= 10
  40. Zora Link

    Twilight Princess Should Ganondorf Have Been in TP?

    Nah, Ganondorf stole Zant's spotlight, creating an unnecessary plot twist. Also, they made him fat. :(
  41. Zora Link

    Twilight Princess POLL: How Difficult Was Ganondorf in TP?

    1 for all of them. Why? Puppet Zelda- Jump Strike. 3 times. Dead. Dark Beast Ganon- Wolf Link. Wait for portal to turn blue. Hold A. Throw aside. Go insane on the scar on his belly. Repeat. Dead. Horseback Ganon- Stay near Ganondorf while targeting. Wait for light arrow. Dash. Hit with sword...
  42. Zora Link

    First Three Dungeons?

    First three dungeons? Let me think... 1. Some sort of electricity/plant themed dungeon. Remember how Kalle Demos had those electric vines? Or how Jabu Jabu's Belly was filled with electric monsters? The main item could be some sort of flail, which would be a combination of the Grappling Hook...
  43. Zora Link

    The Funniest/Most Embarrassing Thing You Did While Playing Zelda

    Savage Labyrinth completed. Two fairies used. 4 hearts left. Wait, I had the Magic Armor all along without realizing? FUUUUUUUUU-
  44. Zora Link

    Zelda Wii Items.

    Okay, time for some seriousness. -Skull Hammer -Flame Lantern/ Some sort of candle that shoots flames for the lulz -Pegasus Boots -Transformation Masks -And finally, a random idea. A pair of gaunlets that can possess statues like the ones in the Temple of Time, allowing link to punch with the...
  45. Zora Link

    Favorite Race

    Zoras, because they're fish people. Oh, and Laruto is awesome.
  46. Zora Link

    What Did You Like Most from the Game

    Let's see... -Parry Attack even though it was uber-cheap -The many ways in which the items were used -Enemy Weapons -Spoils Bag (Treasure system in PH and ST just plain sucked.) -The fact that it told Ganondorf's backstory -Sailing -And most importantly, Laruto One thing I don't understand...
  47. Zora Link


    Nah, I'd rather have a completely new villian that's never been in a zelda game before, preferably as creepy and disturbing as possible. After looking at TP, I realised ol' Ganny had put on a few pounds, and he was better in WW to be fair.
  48. Zora Link

    Zelda Wii Items.

    Skull Hammer from WW? A harp as the game's instrument? Another magic wand that controls the environment but become useless after the dungeon it's in? *cough * dominion rod and sand wand *cough*
  49. Zora Link

    I Got All The.....

    I have all stamp stations, about 20 something rabbits, most force gems. but only 14 hearts. Why? Because the pirate hideout minigame and the whip race both hate me.
  50. Zora Link

    Right/Left Hand Feature in Zelda Wii?

    As you all know, in Twilight Princess on Wii, the entire game had to be mirrored in order for Link to be right handed so that it would suit right handed people when they are playing the game. However, some people disliked this idea, prefering the GameCube version of the game over the Wii...
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