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  1. Ballad of Gales

    Spoiler Mysteries of the Lanayru Region Theories.

    Ok, my favorite region in SS is the Lanayru region, you have those mines were you see your first timeshift stone and know it was green, its a very misterious region, and i'd like to discuss it. If you have payed attention to the game, you will see that this place holds many secrets. Anyways...
  2. Ballad of Gales

    Spoiler Have You Found This Easter Egg

    Didnt know that or The statue easter egg, but its easy to find that they fly using their ears, you can even hit Em in The air i have fun hitting these little immoral rascals!
  3. Ballad of Gales

    So is Skyloft Just One Island? And Some Plot Holes

    Why is a flushing toilet so impossible? They are descendants of people who built working robots with detached limbs and floating mine carts!
  4. Ballad of Gales

    Skyward Sword Review Thread

    Sorry for wording, anyways, i mean he could use little obstacles, i know Link was interfering, thats why i wanted him to place obstacles, it could be something as meaningless as a rockslide causes by him, and Demise is the main villain, since apparently Girahim World for him...
  5. Ballad of Gales

    Spoiler What's Your Least Favourite Boss?

    If only i could vote for The three imprisoned, i hate Them, i hate its design and its irritating. Why people hate moldarach? The second boss(The walking lava eyeball) was stupid and unoriginal! Horrible design, Easy and repetitive atacks and gameplay and horrible setting in background, i would...
  6. Ballad of Gales

    Spoiler Silent Realm

    Yes! I Also find Them irritatingly fun! though i think it takes away replay value, since its THAT part of The game that makes you reconsider if you should start a new file... Its like a horrible combination of TP tears of light and PH temple of The ocean King. Though i did have fun with it, i...
  7. Ballad of Gales

    Spoiler What Did Link Say!? (MAJOR Spoilers)

    I lol'd... but he probably(by that i mean he did) stay with Zelda...
  8. Ballad of Gales

    End Credits Framerate problem

    I have the framerate problem, sometimes in note very good occasions(vs mr squidy) but i think its your graphic settings...
  9. Ballad of Gales

    Hero Mode

    True, besides, you're supposed to already have passed the game...
  10. Ballad of Gales

    Skyward Sword Review Thread

    When did i say he didnt do anything important? He is a VERY important character plotwise, i meant that i wish he had a more prominent role. I stand corrected, even though i would have liked Girahim to do some meaningless distractions, he could have sent enemies to attack you when you were in a...
  11. Ballad of Gales

    How to Pronounce Fi

    I say fee, sounds cool, though its kind of irrelevant how we pronunce a Videogame characters name, Then again, this is a forum About Zelda....
  12. Ballad of Gales


    sorry to bother you, but that isnt a find Fi tells that outright to you, what you could consider a find is that you can bounce a beamos laser right back at him and stun him. Anyways, i would prefer goddess shield or max iron shield. The Hylian shield is too common(thanks to TP and OoT)
  13. Ballad of Gales

    Skyward Sword Review Thread

    Skyward sword isnt a 10/10 game... At first i thought "blasphemy!" when a reviewer gave it a 7.0, but now that i've player it i say it is between an 8/10 to an 8.5, i feel its kinda overrated like OoT... Story:Awesome, though did not like that Its a Link-Zelda love story, just makes Link MUCH...
  14. Ballad of Gales

    Legend of Zelda Crushes

    I agree 100% with Wolf Sage! But, i would have to add Marin and Zelda(from WW and ss) because they seem like very good people and arent The typical girly girl either(ss Zelda seems that way for now though)
  15. Ballad of Gales

    Who Will Be the Next Poster?

    Nopeay dopeay! Maybe Linknerd?
  16. Ballad of Gales

    Rate the Siggy!

    9/10 Two epic games, 1 pic... Also a shameless plug-in! Thats always awesome!
  17. Ballad of Gales

    Spoiler The 4th Piece of the Triforce in Skyward Sword

    The triangle with the bird in the shield is its head... and now you're altering the triforce... in TLOZ you just had 2 pieces, and now you want four? Aghh, i dont blame you for theorizing, its fun, but you theorized on a misconception... anyways, i hope you had fun making your theory, because...
  18. Ballad of Gales

    What if Nintendo Made a Dark Zelda Game Again?

    Something i personally think would be good is a dark cartoony zelda, cartoonish and dark aren't always opposite*cough*WW earth temple*cough* and the dark cartoony style would really contribute to the creepy darkness aura that the game may try and give, also if they use a darker palette(like mm...
  19. Ballad of Gales

    Best Link of Them All

    True, but in battling skills he had to be tought the ones that WW Link already knew.
  20. Ballad of Gales

    Gerudo Race

    They take Hylian males and you know... Another theory is parthenogenesis, And Gerudo may mix genes with hylians, but their genes may be similar to the Amazonic Molly, a race almost entirley of females that can reproduce with males of other species and their offspring is almost a genetic clone...
  21. Ballad of Gales

    Best Link of Them All

    Ok, so i made this post to know wich Link you consider the best according to his various abilities, like strength(also counting max strength with power bracelets), agility, battle skills and variety of items and originality. Also rate him in each category from 1 to 10, take my answer as an...
  22. Ballad of Gales

    Ask Link A Question

    Its a mix of water and hydrogen Link, how does the running man always outspeed you?
  23. Ballad of Gales

    General Modern Mario and Zelda

    The only thing that kinda bothers me is that i don't see any retribution from Mario... maybe its because i dont play mario, oh well...
  24. Ballad of Gales

    The ABC's of LoZ

    M is for Midna, the gal who had a crush on the hero
  25. Ballad of Gales

    Why This Game Might Be My Dream Wish.

    Dude, you dream you wish for a game? Thats a joke, anyways, i think SS will be pretty satisfying as a game, maybe even being on of the best TLOZ games! I share a lot of opinions with people who already posted before me, so i think i dont have to repost. But i do hope the siren world is more...
  26. Ballad of Gales

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    13. i have a life, but i dont use it like i should, so i guess im usless there...
  27. Ballad of Gales

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    And out of the moon poop comes out a gigantic Darth Vader, wich takes of its mask and states that he is your father!
  28. Ballad of Gales

    Rate the Avatar!

    8/10... yay for the tribe spearman with a strange appearance similar to that of Homo Sapiens, but that dresses like a tribe guy...
  29. Ballad of Gales

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    She answers that OoT Link doesnt exist, and she needs to bug a Link continously or she shall die. She then asks you if you want to marry her, to wich you respond:
  30. Ballad of Gales

    The ABC's of LoZ

    H is for Happy Mask Salesman! Believe...
  31. Ballad of Gales

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    But then you ask Link who the guy who told you he was God really was.
  32. Ballad of Gales

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    10, minus 1 is 9, wich inverted is 6, wich if we place thre of would be 666, wich is of course the name of satan wich multiplied by 2 is 332 and if you take out the number of Jesus followers is equal to 320 and with the last apocaliptic date(year 2000) is 2320, THAT WILL BE THE YEAR WE DIE...
  33. Ballad of Gales

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    Then you realize you are in heaven and you are bored so you want to buy a new Pokemon game so you can battle God. And when you were on your way to the store you find Link and your old "friend" Navi buying a Hylian shield, then you ask Link why:
  34. Ballad of Gales

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You are banned because you did not type Gannon in your sentence!
  35. Ballad of Gales

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Because it was destiny!... or a god was bored and decided to make us talk about this. Why did the creator of Twilight make a sparkling vampire and an idiot werewolve?
  36. Ballad of Gales

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    Get hungry and go eat Yoda, then he traps you in a closet, takes off your clothes and then...
  37. Ballad of Gales

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Because you don't own the Master Sword... you own the Skyward Sword... Why does my pet duck try to eat my pet elephant?
  38. Ballad of Gales

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned because of banning other people for banning you... and because im banned too.
  39. Ballad of Gales

    Rate the Title

    10/10 Because you say you're on a boat when in you're pic you're on a horse... i love inconsistencies!
  40. Ballad of Gales

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    Since you are in an unkown planet with a gay green elve who knows jedi skills you do the most logic thing to do, you start playing FFVII, and when you got to the last boss...
  41. Ballad of Gales

    General Modern Your Favorite Item in Any Modern Zelda?

    The Wind Waker, from Wind Waker(duh)
  42. Ballad of Gales

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    You ask Navi how to get there and she says: Belive and it shall happen! You close your eyes and you appear in front of Yoda, you start your training and Yoda confesses that he loves you.
  43. Ballad of Gales

    Rate the Siggy!

    9.0/10 I like dragons, but i dont get the rest...
  44. Ballad of Gales

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    Then you use the Super psychic powers to kill the SUPER-ULTRA-MEGA-ROBOTIC-CHIKEN, wich was actually revealed to be a transportation pod for a fairy named Navi, Navi tells you that she comes from far far away to annoy the hell out of a boy named Link, and that she was sent by the Jedi force of...
  45. Ballad of Gales

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    You lick your bottom and eat your poo to survive the starvation you were suffering, then you see a SUPER-ULTRA-MEGA-ROBOTIC-CHIKEN come down from the sky, the SUPER-ULTRA-MEGA-ROBOTIC-CHIKEN says to you:
  46. Ballad of Gales

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    An alien mothership approaches and you throw the torches at it but nothing happens, the aliens come down and you stab one with the sword that was in the corpse, the other one says he just wanted their brothers corpse and goes into the ship and shoots you with a laser, you dodge it and find that...
  47. Ballad of Gales

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    FALSE! Why does the Galactic Union reject the Hylian Empire?
  48. Ballad of Gales

    Skyward Sword Could Reset the Timeline?

    Ok, i guess i don't explain myself correclty... im starting to think im kinda sucky(and by kinda i mean A LOT), what i mean in simple terms is that, each time a certain year is reached, the universe resets, with a lot of the same events occuring but with different substantial points, so that...
  49. Ballad of Gales

    Ask Link A Question

    Link:The Zora Tunic Link, how do you make friends when you dont even talk and sometimes dont even listen to what they say mashing the A button?
  50. Ballad of Gales

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Because its a meaningless paradox. What is the difference between boy and girl?
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