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  1. dumb180

    Why Not Ganondorf?

    Most people don't make such a distinction between Ganondorf and Ganon. They're almost always the same entity. However I agree with you. If Link does not fight Ganondorf or Ganon, he will fight some other evil entity that is bent on destroying/conquering the world. The only real difference is the...
  2. dumb180

    Hardest Zelda Console Game

    edit: Oh, if the NES games are excluded, then it's A Link to the Past without question. I still die ten or twelve times a playthrough in this, and I've played it more times than I'd care to admit. ;)
  3. dumb180

    General Classic Termina or Hyrule?

    Within the context of Classic Zelda, I think I'd do well to take it one comparison at a time. MM versus the world? :P Termina vs. LoZ Hyrule: Hyrule wins easily. The overworld secrets are so cool. LoZ Hyrule probably has more of those than Majora's Mask has sidequests. Termina vs. AoL Hyrule...
  4. dumb180

    Spoiler (Alttp) The Link´s Wish

    Judging from the Triforce's wording and from Link's actions in the ending scene, I don't believe it was a spoken wish. The Triforce instantly knew what Link desired, and I think that was for the world to go back to the way it was before Agahnim.
  5. dumb180

    Adventure of Link Is Zelda II:the Adventure of Link Really That Bad?

    AoL ranks about fifth on my Zelda favorites list, so I'd submit that it is in fact that good. AoL's overworld leaves a little to be wanted, in terms of both secrets and fast navigation. Other than those two tidbits, I like everything about AoL. The leveling system works pretty well, and makes...
  6. dumb180

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time. Twilight Princess

    The graphical style is certainly similar, and to me, the game feels a lot like Ocarina of Time. However, Twilight Princess has its own set of tricks. Gameplay-wise, I can think of quite a few differences. Keep in mind that Twilight Princess is supposed to take place not terribly long after...
  7. dumb180

    If You Could Have Any Character in Brawl Who Would it be?

    The Balloon Fighter from Balloon Fight. He's the Hero of Dangerous Things You Shouldn't Try at Home, and he'd probably have some pretty funny tactics.
  8. dumb180

    Is Ww Intended for Children???

    I'm playing through it for the first time right now, and I'll say... those must be some smart kids! Some of these dungeon puzzles are pretty challenging. They're certainly reaching out to children with graphical style and some of the game's characters, but I think it's intended to be a fun ride...
  9. dumb180

    Ocarina of Time The Guards' Uniforms Are Just Awful.

    Maybe it's not their battle garb. According to that one guard inside the Poe Shop, things are supposed to be pretty peaceful in Hyrule. Perhaps the King supports a casual work environment and lets them all run around bottomless while on duty. I envy that. The etiquette explanation is pretty...
  10. dumb180

    The Worst Zelda Item

    I deleted my original post to rant the following: After some thought, I determined that there is only one Zelda item that I've thought of in a truly negative light. That would definitely be the tree chopping Hammer from AoL. I guess it's my fault for never pressing B while walking through the...
  11. dumb180

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    Still A Link to the Past, good sirs and madams. I suppose this is mostly because of nostalgia and its amazing soundtrack. I can't really say that I like its gameplay more than any other Zelda. In that, it ties with OoT and MM.
  12. dumb180

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    It's gotta be Link's Awakening, though I liked Oracle of Seasons a good bit as well. These are the only two handheld titles that I've played, but I'm getting around to playing all of the others! (eventually) I recall being intrigued by the plot of LA, and sufficiently amused by the little in...
  13. dumb180

    Link's Statue In Majora's Mask

    I think we're seeing a duplicate of Link - except without a soul. Consequently, he looks a little hollow and not quite "complete". To elaborate a little, I'm not sure that this really reflects Link's inner state. It could, but I think it sort of goes against Link's "Hero" archetype. Heroes are...
  14. dumb180

    What Has Zelda Taught You?

    Do the right thing, even if it's tedious and leads you on some really long and boring sidequest. There is a solution to every problem, so just keep searching until you find one. When in doubt, ask yourself, "What would Link do?"
  15. dumb180

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I recently got a copy of LoZ: The Wind Waker on ebay for like 12 bucks. I think I'll go after Four Swords Adventures after finishing this one. :)
  16. dumb180

    Are Cdi Zelda Games Considered to Be Real Zelda Games?

    From what I've read, Nintendo licensed six characters out to Phillips because Nintendo pulled out of a Super Nintendo Disc add on project (or something like that). This agreement didn't allow for other things like Rupees or the name The Legend of Zelda. So they're essentially games that are...
  17. dumb180

    MM: Obolwa Record

    With the Fierce Deity Mask I can get him in a couple of seconds. Using the Deku Mask and normal Link, it takes me two minutes perhaps.
  18. dumb180

    What is Your Favorite Boss in Oot?

    I like Gohma's attack patterns and wound recoil, probably more so than any other boss. Bongo Bongo is my favorite boss to actually fight though. So, one of those... to be unique we'll say Gohma. :)
  19. dumb180

    Majora's Mask Was Majora's Mask Hard for You?

    Ok. The first time I played MM on an N64, I couldn't find the second dungeon. If memory serves correctly, I kept falling down that wall that leads to Darmani's grave for some unknown reason. Eventually I got frustrated and quit. About a year ago, I downloaded MM on the VC and zipped through it...
  20. dumb180

    General Classic Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time *Poll*

    Between the two, I'd go with Majora's Mask. Having said that, I disagree with a lot of the sentiments presented in the opening post. Ocarina of Time has not only has more dungeons, but the vast majority of these dungeons are just more enjoyable than MM's to me. MM's Stone Tower Temple is...
  21. dumb180

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3 Heart Restrictions?

    The game is hard enough with just three hearts. If you're trying to get a perfect or near-perfect run, I'd recommend being pretty lax on the restrictions. How about no fairies or potions? If not, make it a three hearted minimalist challenge, doing the stuff Cucco Power mentions. :) Good luck!
  22. dumb180

    Most Beaten Game

    It's almost certainly A Link to the Past. I've played it all the way through perhaps twenty times. There's a small chance it's Ocarina of Time; I have played OoT quite a number of times. I confess that I haven't really been counting, but it certainly feels like Alttp is the correct answer. When...
  23. dumb180

    Favorite MM Bosses

    Odolwa is a pristine example of a boss that can be fought multiple ways. He's a pretty good challenge if you disregard Tatl's advice and head straight for him. This is why I like him. :) Also, I sort of like his dancing. He seems to be taunting Link whenever he does his ring of fire attack...
  24. dumb180

    What Game Defines Zelda?

    I'm at a toss up between A Link to the Past and original Legend of Zelda for the NES. When most non-Zelda players think of Zelda, they think of LoZ (at least in my experience). All conceptions of Zelda are vaguely based on that game. The definition is pretty simple: "Zelda is about this guy...
  25. dumb180

    Lets Count to 2,000... by Fives!

    Dawn of the 1180. 820 numbers remain. (additional characters)
  26. dumb180

    Preferred Boss

    I like the multi-vuln style of bosses present in MM, Alttp, and probably other titles. Having said that, I liked the camera views and catchy music of TP's boss battles. Even so, I definitely prefer the former option.
  27. dumb180

    Twilight Princess TP, Help

    According to whoever made the entry below, you can copy the file several times and cause Shad to reappear. Sounds a tad iffy to me, but I've seen a few save files corrupt in my day. Try it, could work! Apparently you have to play on a copied file...
  28. dumb180

    Ocarina of Time OoT Bosses Too Easy?

    Not too long ago did I finish a runthrough of OoT. It had been a while since the last one, and I had a decent bit of trouble with Volvagia and Morpha. After dying a few times, I actually asked myself, "Is Volvagia tougher than Barba?" hehe. There was a time when I too could get through OoT...
  29. dumb180

    Majora's Mask What is It About Kafei?

    I've entertained the idea that he might be Link's double, but this is unlikely due to the differing appearances. There are similarities, though. I wouldn't be surprised if other Kafei-ites have that thought as well. He's purposely made elusive and mysterious for some unknown reason. Kafei has...
  30. dumb180

    Twilight Princess Twlight Princess: Gamecube Vs Wii Version

    Ok, so I can't find my Wii version of TP for the life of me, and I'm thinking about getting a new copy- possibly the gamecube version this time. I never had a gamecube, but I've been pretty pleased with the gamecube controller I got to play VC games. I guess somewhat relevant is the fact that...
  31. dumb180

    Twilight Princess Your Fastest Time

    Something like 78 hours, if I'm not mistaken. I've only finished it once though, and I did a good bit of horsing around after clearing the Twilight. :)
  32. dumb180

    Goddess of Time

    Is it not possible that the Goddess of Time is a distinct goddess without a corresponding piece of the Triforce? There are other "gods" in Hyrule, like Jabu Jabu. A fourth piece of the Triforce really messes with the current semantical perfection.
  33. dumb180


    Yes, I love several of those blessed Castlevania games. I, II, and IV are all pretty solid. I didn't much like III, and I haven't played any of the other ones. But let it not be said that I dislike Castlevania, good sir! :) Addendum: I agree 100% with Fred: Castlevania II gets such a bad...
  34. dumb180

    A Young Termina?

    Yeah, regardless of whether my corresponding timeline split idea is right or wrong, there are definitely some quirks in that Four Giants story. This line of thought was forged under the assumption that the Four Giants were only worshiped after the banishment of Skull Kid. No, wait. I initially...
  35. dumb180

    The Virtual Boy

    Yeah, though I hadn't thought about arm and wrist sensors. Basically just the Virtual Boy without a stand and vastly improved graphics. It would definitely be more impressive this time around. Imagine first person Mario! hehe.
  36. dumb180

    The Virtual Boy

    Remember that? I still recall seeing the display at Wal-Mart, and thinking of how promising this head mounted display concept was. Then, I looked a little closer, realized the system had poor graphics and came with some tennis game, and got Mario Paint instead. Even so, I still think that the...
  37. dumb180

    Majora's Mask Fav MM Character

    The Postman. I like all of his incarnations, to be honest.
  38. dumb180

    A Young Termina?

    In terms of game time, OoT's time is much faster. The differential would theoretically only be noticeable to someone who traveled back and forth on a regular basis.
  39. dumb180

    A Young Termina?

    Assuming that many of the individuals from Termina are in fact doubles of their Hyrulean OoT counterparts, a few questions come up: Why are there two doubles of Malon? And why do other characters from now and seven years from now seem to exist simultaneously? There is only one answer I can...
  40. dumb180

    What Dungeon/Temple Could You Or Couldn't You Get Yourself Through If You Were Link?

    Skull Woods (Alttp): I would turn back for the Village of Outcasts and not think twice about it. That place is a nightmare. Ice Caverns (OoT): I don't want to be froze to death. Burn me if you must, but death by ice is not a good way to go. I could handle some of the Ice Dungeons in Zelda, but...
  41. dumb180

    Which Goddess Would You Worship?

    If I lost my mind and decided to worship a fictional goddess from the Zelda series, I'd have to go with Farore. We could all use a little more courage. Nayru is the most idealistically attractive of the three, but I would just be reaffirming qualities I already admire in with that. Farore, on...
  42. dumb180

    Stupidest Zelda Enemy

    Most frustrating? Bots in their AoL incarnation. Nothing can mess up a good game of AoL like those guys. You're running through the game just peachy, and then you get knocked off of a ledge by a very weak, but well positioned, enemy. That bird is actually pretty smart if you think about it, so...
  43. dumb180

    Goddess of Time

    Nayru is the most likely choice, as she is the Goddess of Wisdom. The one who controls time itself is undoubtedly quite wise. I cast my vote for her. You could make a case for Farore as well, since she created "all life forms who would uphold the law". Time does exist by itself via its...
  44. dumb180

    General Classic Oot and Mm Songs

    Does it have to be from the Ocarina melodies? Hmm. OoT: The Nocturne of Shadow MM: Goron's Lullaby
  45. dumb180

    Majora's Mask Why Does Link Go to Terminia to Search for Navi?

    Link almost certainly begins his search for Navi in the Lost Woods. Keep in mind that the Lost Woods has doorways to other parts of Hyrule and even different dimensions like the Sacred Realm. After Skull Kid attacks him and steals his Ocarina, a chase ensues. Then, Link falls into the hole...
  46. dumb180

    Twilight Princess I Think It's the Weakest Zelda

    I like Twilight Princess for a lot of the reasons mentioned here. Much of the story is pretty good, as was the graphical style, and the music was fantastic. I particularly liked a few of the dungeons, though I didn't much care for the Wii Remote controls. If there's something that I really...
  47. dumb180

    Majora's Mask The Friends of Evil

    According to what sounds like a rumor in OoT, Skull Kids are created when children get lost in the forest. Skull Kid may well have a double in Termina, but, if the the aforementioned rumor is correct, chances are that his double is a human being or a Hylian. Also, if Skull Kid really is older...
  48. dumb180

    If You Worked at Nintendo...

    Nintendo should make a console rpg of some sort. There are not a whole lot of games in this genre for the Wii, and I for one, almost talked myself out of buying a Wii because of this fact. Surely, in our wondrous world of high fantasy fandom, there are more gamers who asked themselves: "Do I...
  49. dumb180

    Scary Zelda Characters

    That little girl in OoT who tells Link that Anju's brother became a Stalfos. She is creepy. The guy just mutated into a monster, and this is just everyday ordinary activity to her. Everybody, Stalfos.
  50. dumb180

    Interesting Picture

    Interesting enough to think about, but not quite consistent enough to base a theory around, eh? The correlation between the desert and the Pedestal in all three games is striking. Some of the differences in the maps could be accounted for by the transition from 2D to 3D. Death Mountain's...
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