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  1. midnightokami

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I'm currently listening to "teenagers" by My chemical romance. Here is a link to the music video! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6EQAOmJrbw
  2. midnightokami

    Your Top 3 Artists and Songs

    AHHHHHHH! Why must you ask me this hard question Zelda Dungeon? Why? WHHHHY??? Well now onto answering the question..... My top bands right now would be: 1.My Chemical Romance 2.Three Days Grace And other Bands That I like: Black Veil Brides (kind of a new band) Evanescence Breaking Benjamin...
  3. midnightokami


    Funny comic, almost defines every thing that twilight is about! I have notice though, people are hating on Twilight even though they never read the books or seen the movie. (I USE to be a hater on twilight.) Yesterday, I went with my friends to see New Moon. I thought twilight was a pile of...
  4. midnightokami


    Paramore is a good band, even though I only have one of their CD. Riot is the one I have. I can't wait to listen to Brand New Eyes. (I'm pretty sure that's the title of their new album.) In fact I'm listening to Paramore right now. X) Born for this :D
  5. midnightokami

    The Good Ol' Times

    I remember the good ol' times. As a kid you can express yourself any way you want and people won't think you're weird, cause your just a kid! Adults knew that kids weren't ready for the real world yet so you could cry all you want when your sad and adults won't say "suck it up" or some kind of...
  6. midnightokami

    How Long Have You Stayed Up?

    Went 36 hours with out sleeping once and pulled about 2 all nighter in a row. I stay up all the time since I have difficulty trying to fall asleep. On average I only get about 6 hours of sleep even though for my age I need about 8-10 hours of sleep. Not getting enough sleep effects how you think...
  7. midnightokami


    I had a dream where I defeated an army of zombies that were ******** and knew nothing. (with a samurai sword too O_o) And my enemy who controlled the zombies were people from my school. But they acted like idiots too. and another one where I hang out with one of my friends from livejournal in...
  8. midnightokami

    Temple of the Ocean King

    I enjoy it the 3rd or second time around, but after that the game just became annoying. I was sick of doing the same puzzle over and over. Nintendo could have made the puzzles different every time so it wouldn't be such a let down.
  9. midnightokami

    Heart Containers

    Phantom hourglass was the first zelda game I have played so I think it doesn't matter that time when I started it. After I completed windwaker, ocarina of time and minish cap, I look back at it thinking that the game would be better if it had heart pieces. But the game is easy for advance Zelda...
  10. midnightokami

    What Do You Think About the Train?

    Bad idea. Instead of walking around hyrule slaying monsters, you travel on the train shooting monsters. But no wonder why its called spirit tracks, well maybe it will turn out to be a good game that I predicted....
  11. midnightokami

    Zelda Manga

    I have read few of the manga books. Ocarina of time was one of the best zelda manga I have read. You can find the zelda manga on zelda dungeon or one manga. They are really easy to find! ^^
  12. midnightokami

    Ocarina of Time Is Navi Annoying?

    Navi isn't that annoying when you first start the game, since she tells you what to do when you don't know what to do next. Navi did actually helped me during the game since I really dunno what to do next. I really can't tell you how much I was stuck in the game. Ocarina of time was a really...
  13. midnightokami

    Forums Good for Reading, Language and Writing Skills?

    Zelda dungeon is the first forum I have joined. I kind of enjoy ZD since you have people to talk to. Sometimes I have a feeling that I still make short annoying posts. But the more you practice writing, the little you will get better! Thinking of which I should make longer interesting posts and...
  14. midnightokami


    Crazy goth/emo wannabes twilight fangirls just makes me want to slap them in the face. Did you say that she treats it like a bible? Well I would like to rip the book up and see the look on her face!!:lol:
  15. midnightokami

    Embarrassing But True

    I listen to a lot of music my friends don't like. Most of them are girl so they listen to pop/barbie girl music. But I listen to some metal and mostly rock. (three days grace, linkin park, metallica, my chemical romance etc I have very bad taste in music :P) I am kind of embarrassed when they...
  16. midnightokami

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    http://didntgomyway.deviantart.com/art/To-Write-Love-On-Her-Arms-93681638 Really simple and clean. And its boring too. But I still like it though. XD I really need to make my own wallpaper soon. I'm kind of getting old of it.
  17. midnightokami

    Post Your Videogame Collection

    Gameboy color: pokemon blue pokemon pikachu (japanese) pokemon green (japanese) pokemon red (japanese) Pokemon silver pokemon gold pokemon crystal (its doesn't work though) Pokemon puzzel game of some sort (japanese) I have alot of gameboy games even though I don't know how many XD Gameboy...
  18. midnightokami

    Majora's Mask and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Wow a lot of similarities. I just its a coincidence cause I never thought of similarities to zelda games. Thinking of majoras mask, I never finished it yet. It just doesn't feel like a zelda game at all.
  19. midnightokami

    Ocarina of Time Farore's Wind: Useless?

    It was pretty useful to me. I use it a lot in dungeons when I run out of health. If it wasn't for farore's wind I would have been pissed off and through the controller against the ceiling. (Aww, sweet little gamecube controller, sorry if I hurt you many times in the past):lol:
  20. midnightokami

    What do you want to be when you grow older?

    Really never thought about it much. Maybe a top secret FBI agent that solves many mysteries and crime. My second choice would be a psychologist. :)
  21. midnightokami

    If You Could Jump Into a Video Game, What Game Would it be?

    For me it would be pokemon pearl or silver. For zelda it would be twilight princess or wind waker.
  22. midnightokami


    redeads are controlled by micheal jackson. Do I need to explain anything more? (Okay I was just joking) I think redead can hear your foot steps. But in wind waker they can see you...
  23. midnightokami

    Your Username

    Midnight and okami (okami either means wolf or monster in japanese) Do I need to say anything more?
  24. midnightokami

    What Language(s) Do You Know?

    Japanese is my first language but I can't write japanese or read japanese. I know english and its my second language.
  25. midnightokami


    I really like to watch Higurashi, deathnote, naruto and I use to watch bleach. Higurashi rocks!
  26. midnightokami

    New Music or Old Music

    Unfortunately some bands change. For example matallica music has changed, because some of their older music are much better. Also take a look at My chemical romance, they went mainstream with the black parade album. People rarely talk about the first album, and I thought it was the best of all...
  27. midnightokami

    Happiest Songs

    One of the songs that make me happy is call "headfirst for halos" and "this is the best day ever" both by My chemical romance. Also caramelldansen and other happy songs like that makes me happy.
  28. midnightokami

    What's Your Favorite Metallica Song?

    I like the older metallica, I heard their new music isn't that good. Mine has to be trapped under ice, damaged inc., and master of puppets.
  29. midnightokami

    What is your color?

    Meh favorite color is black, red, purple and white. Love it! <3 I use to like pink but got over it! :D
  30. midnightokami

    Ocarina of Time Is OOT overrated?

    I don't think Ocarina of time is over rated at all. I never heard of the zelda game series until my birthday back in the beginning of 2008. (My birthday present was a ds that came with Phantom Hourglass)
  31. midnightokami

    What Game Was It That Got You into Gaming?

    Watching my dad play video games on the play station when I was about 4 or 5. It was a Teen rated fighting game and some times I would play it on my own. Pokemon red was my first personal game that got me into video gaming. Never completed it because it was in Japanese.... still have it though!
  32. midnightokami

    Simple Plan

    I only listen to about two of their song. One is called "untitled" and "welcome to my life" And I really never got the chance to listen to them that much.
  33. midnightokami

    If you wrote a book...........

    I would mostly write a book about vampires, wolves, extremely morbid kitty cats, blood, demons, angels and list goes on and on. It would be a very extremely bloody, morbid, psycho story. It would be mostly mystery and horror. :lol:
  34. midnightokami

    What Song Reflects You?

    This may sound stupid but there is this one song that kind of describes me. Its called "Headfirst for halos" by My Chemical Romance. Especially the lyrics: "Well let's go back to the middle of the day that starts it all I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling And now the red ones...
  35. midnightokami

    Shows You Watched During a Younger Age

    What shows?...... I really don't remember. I lived in japan when I was younger and watch a bunch of anime. I can remember hello kitty, pokemon, and crayon shin-chan or some thing like that. Then when I moved to america i watch powerpuffgirls, telletubbies, courage the cowardly dog and a bunch of...
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