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  1. Aeffles

    Your Christmas Wishlist

    I have like, no joke, literally 12 Keurigs around my house. Two in my bedroom alone haha.
  2. Aeffles

    Xbox One Controller Sucks?

    The Xbox One controller is not a step back, it's definitely an improvement. The bumpers are more... slanted? They form to your fingers better. Triggers have their own feedback. It just falls into your hands smoother. It's easy to use. Along with the lights in the front of it, the kinect is...
  3. Aeffles

    New Portal Game

    You had me at "portal" You lost me at Seriously, this concerns me and I don't know how this is going to pan out, but all I hear in my head is disappointment. :/
  4. Aeffles

    Do You Like Your Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s)?

    I sort of loathe my parents, and I have valid reasoning for it. I mean, I love them, because they're my parents and give me a roof to live under. I just think that it's unfair the way I'm treated. I believe that I was actually a mistake. But they have never supported me or helped me with...
  5. Aeffles

    Ocarina of Time Question

    Using a guide is like asking a question; You're just referring to a book rather than a human. There's nothing wrong with it for reference or slight help, but if you buy a game, read the guide and follow it step by step, then what's the point? It's like playing a sport knowing when people will...
  6. Aeffles

    Holding Back "Geekness"

    I admit that I hide my geekness. I feel as if some people will ridicule me for it, and not understand it and it's pretty stupid to think about. I'm ashamed that I can't be myself around people or whatever, but I've had several accounts on where people have given me nonsense for being a part of...
  7. Aeffles

    Attractive Clothing on a Man

    I could not agree more with this, this is seriously the greatest advice about how a man can look good. With a right fitting suit, a confidence about your appearance will go a long way.
  8. Aeffles

    Your Christmas Wishlist

    I have a problem where I compulsively buy anything I want. The things that I really, truly want for the holidays is to be able to spend time with certain people, catch up about what's been going on in the past years, etc. But really just to be able to spend time with people and have the things...
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