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  1. NaviSword

    The Legend of Zelda What is You're Favourite Zelda Song?

    I'm not sure what its called but the song from WW thats on after the last boss before Ganondorf. Its with the snakeish looking boss.
  2. NaviSword

    What Has Been Your Biggest Duh' Moment in Zelda?

    I was young when i did this, so I didnt know any better. My cousin helped me up until the last spiritual stone because i was a pansy of a child. I was trying to get the Ocarina of Time to play the temple of time after Zelda threw it into the water...I thought it was a blue potato for some...
  3. NaviSword

    What is Your Region

    Hoenn League/region definetly!!! Hoenn gave us the battle frontier, my favorite pokemon heroine (MAY) , double battles, contests, my favorite HM move (DIVE), & even wents so far as to have TWO evil cororations! I really hope they make a remake for the Hoenn region!
  4. NaviSword

    Favorite Pokemon of Unova

    My favorite had to be Galvantula if you dont count event pokemon. But if you count a event pokemon,Meloetta!
  5. NaviSword

    How Long?

    Since the game came out around Thanksgiving break, I had alot of time on my hands. Even so, there were still some puzzles that I got so frustrated at, I had to take a break. I took me around 80 hours to finish the game the first time, but i didnt 100% my first one.
  6. NaviSword

    Did You Know That... (Demise)

    You can do that?! Seriously?! I'm gonna have ot try that out NOW!
  7. NaviSword

    Not Even Gonna Lie

    I love this battle! The Boss Battle with Demise was & is my favorite boss battle in any game. This boss battle actually got me standing up trying to get a lightening strike. The first time I battled him, I had to do it the harder way, meaning I had no idea that my sword could charge electricity...
  8. NaviSword

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    So that means there isnt a limit? Favorite Character: Link (Duh) Game: All Why I Like Them: Hes epic, hes cool & he kicks butt without being a over muscular dude that looks like he drugs himself with steroid everyday. Yup Link is just a regular guy trying to save the world Other comments: I...
  9. NaviSword

    Links Last Name?

    Couldnt of said it better myself
  10. NaviSword

    Favorite Pokemon Couple

    Umm I dont really have my favorite up there, but for the anime, my favorite would either be Drew & May or Kenny & Dawn. In the anime, its obvious that Drew & May like each other. & Kenny even battled Ash so Dawn would travel with him! Plus, I always thought that if Ash had to have a girl &...
  11. NaviSword

    What if Pokemon Were Real?

    In a perfect world, people would have pokemon as pets, kids would only need to go to school until their 10th birthday,(Yay! no school!) & we would all be living peacefully. However, because life isnt far sometimes, the government & evil people would use pokemon as weapons in war, Animal cruelty...
  12. NaviSword

    Your Thoughts on Dragon Types

    Dragon types are pretty epic. I would always love to have a dragon type on my team. Thing is dragon types either appear so late in the game that it wouldnt matter cuz I would already have a full team. Another reason would be dragon types take WAY TOO LONG to level up, so unless I have a bunch of...
  13. NaviSword

    Old or New? - Poll

    Soo does Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby count as old or new? Cuz I'd pick the one that has Gen3 in it.
  14. NaviSword

    Favorite Generation

    I like the 3rd generation because along with the games, it was the first generation to have contest, double battles & the battle frontier (& other things that arent on the top of my head). I loved its story, especially in Emerald because we had to stop Magma & Aqua. We also had 2 rivals in this...
  15. NaviSword

    If You Were a Pokemon, Which Type Would You Be?

    I would absolutely love to be a Psychic/Water type! I could levitate AND be able to breath underwater! How cool is that?!
  16. NaviSword

    What Would Characters in the Zelda Series Be if They Were Pokemon?

    I thought this would be kinda interesting to see others opinions to this. I thought Link would be a Gallade because in Gardevoir's pokedex info, it says Gardevoir is caring & would protects anyone it cares about. So I just thought Gallade would be a male version of that, only he kick butt, just...
  17. NaviSword

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    ?/10 have no idea whos the next persons gonna be...
  18. NaviSword

    What's Your Ringtone?

    I have alot of Zelda related ringtones. My alarm for school days are Saria's Song & Song of Storms on Weekends. If I have something special on a day, for example, my birthday, I would have the main theme of LoZ. If family call, I have the SS theme & for friends, the WW theme. Lastly, I have the...
  19. NaviSword

    My 2 Odd Dream About Zelda and Zelda Dungeon I Had Last Night...

    That reminds me of a dream I had about Z-talk. I cant remember it completely, but I dreamt what Din & Rish looked like as cartoons or something. Din was this girl with red hair & red eyes & for some reason advertising ramen noodles & Rish was this dark green Samus about to stab Malo with a deku...
  20. NaviSword

    What Sense Would You Forfeit?

    I would probably forfeit scent. I mean, its useful to smell a gasoline leak in a house & perfume & all that, but it hasnt been incredibly useful to me? Sight & Sound are very important, because without them, I CANT PLAY VIDEO GAMES...& other important things. Touch is good, otherwise you'd be...
  21. NaviSword

    What Do You Watch On Youtube!

    I usually watch Lets Plays, Vocaloid music videos, or Animes with english sub/dubs...but mostly LPs. To be specific, I watch LPs from GhostRobo- hes doesnt curse that much & pretty cheerful Lancun-Curses, but His Oot LP is HILARIOUS Chuggaconroy- just started watching him...so far so...
  22. NaviSword

    Any One Hear Play MIneCraft?

    Yes, yes i do! My favorite thing about minecraft is that u can always change the looks of anything, so u can always try something different! The only time I get bored with it is when I play it for an entire day. Then quit it for a few days...
  23. NaviSword

    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    No matter what i use, I always use at least one of the Eeveelutions. Depending on what starter I got, I evolve it differently. For example, in SoulSilver, I picked Cydaquil, so I evolve into a Vaporeon.
  24. NaviSword

    Your Favorite Sound.

    If its just sounds in general, I love the 'ping' sound u get when u hit 2 metals together. If its really quiet & u have good ears, you can hear it go on for like a minute. But if its for a video game, I love the Zelda chime when you figure out a puzzle!
  25. NaviSword

    What Was Your First Video Game?

    My first video game ever was Super Mario World for Game Boy Advance...I think. I remember Yoshi being in this one.
  26. NaviSword

    Favourite Video Game Ever

    My favorite games of all time are... 1 Skyward Sword 2 Skyrim 3 Metal Gear Solid 2 4 Wind Waker 5 Twilight Princess 6 Pokemon Emerald 7 Ocarina of Time 8 MegaMan 5 9 Pokemon Yellow 10 Final Fantasy (all of them) 11 Kid Icarus 12 Link's Awakening 13 Metroid Prime 14 Kingdom Hearts 2 15 Left for...
  27. NaviSword

    Warrior, Rogue, or Mage?

    I'd probably be a mage. Physical attacks arent really that important to me. Anyone can punch or kick someone. & Althought u definetly need some extra skill for being a rouge, mages have epic magic spells! I was always good at using magic in video games anyway.
  28. NaviSword

    Get a Facebook?

    No. Why?:Status updates & lack of privacy. Unless u wanna put all your personal information in so much your status is " About to make an omelet" (i think i spelled that wrong) dont. Its not like people should spend every minute of every second telling people what you're doing. I think the whole...
  29. NaviSword

    Youtube Accounts

    Yup! I have one mines is YellowSlvGumi. Althought I havent posted anything yet, I'm always on YouTube
  30. NaviSword

    Who Would Win in a Dance Off? Fi or Ghirahim?

    Fi!! She is gifted with so much talent! She can dance, she can sing, she can skate on water...she can annoy you to the point of regretting following her to the Statue that night. Still, I love Fi ;shes hilarious! She is definetly pretty awesome once you get past the constant captain obvious...
  31. NaviSword

    Your Lightning Round First Battle

    I picked Ghirham (2nd time). I think hes alot easier the 2nd time, especially when he goes to phase 2. The first time you fight him, he rushs to you & attacks with a huge slash that I cant dodge to save Link's life, so I always have to dangerously get close enough to him so he doesnt do that...
  32. NaviSword

    Shortest Zelda?

    On my first try, it took me 63 hours to finish. On my 100%, it took me 56 hours. On my speed run, it took me about 50 hours. I'd say its pretty long compared to other Zelda games. The only game that I thought was longer ws TP.
  33. NaviSword

    What is Your Favorite SS Pairing (other than Link X Zelda)?

    Woah woah woah back up! Link & Groose?! Thats kinda...surprising, or at least for SS. Not that I have a problem with homosexuals. Its just something I never thought of. Well, that and in more recent games,(TP, SS, etc) Link seemed straight to me. I just hope people dont hate me for that. Come to...
  34. NaviSword

    New Zelda Vs Twilight Princess Zelda

    Oh wow. This is a good question! I like both of them in different ways. TP Zelda is stronger in personality & she was very helpful, but I didnt emotionally connect to her as much as SS Zelda. SS Zelda I actually cared about to the point where I had a little bit of a breakdown when she sealed...
  35. NaviSword

    Your Pokedex

    I never caught & saw all of the pokemon in any game execpt my Pokemon dimond. I used an action replay for that, but i immediatley regretted it. All it was good for was knowing all the pokedex info, but u could just download a pokedex app for that now.
  36. NaviSword

    Your First Pokemon

    The first time I ever saw something pokemon related was at school. Two kids were playing a pokemon game at recess by a tree. I was curious what they were playing, so I ran over to them & asked. Apparently one of them doesnt like people watching, so i looked at the game inside: a clear, sparkly...
  37. NaviSword

    Do You Nickname Your Pokemon?

    I love nicknaming my pokemon! I usually name my pokemon names from anime or vocaloids like Miku, my shiny Kirlia or Gumi my Gardevoir. Other times I name then after other video game characters or enemies, like Snake my Lucario, Link my Gallade & Tail my Vulpix, JabuJabu my Swampert, Zora my...
  38. NaviSword

    Worst Pokemon Memory...

    I had the worse day of my pokemon life. It was years ago, when I was newbie to pokemon, so bare with me. In pokemon crystal near the middle of the game where you had had the chance to catch Suicune. At this time, I didnt know that it was a legendary pokemon & there is one only species of...
  39. NaviSword

    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    All my starters are with me until the end. I dont think I even let them out of my party. Sure there're not my favorite pokemon ever, but I'm not gonna just abandon them when I can find stronger pokemon, although its a different story when it comes to the rest of the pokemon I use. Besides, my...
  40. NaviSword

    Spoiler Most Hated Boss

    The Imprisoned was soo annoying to fight once it started having those red wave stun you. I'm suprised I never got a game over because of it. Just as soon as I was close enough to slash its toes, those stupid wave got me! Oh, & when it starts to freakin fly, It was absolute torture! I can't tell...
  41. NaviSword

    Spoiler You Vs Bamboo!

    My high score, last time I checked, is 31...which reminds me...aren't we suppose to get a Heart Piece if we reach a certain number?
  42. NaviSword

    Do You Think We Got the Bow Too Late in Skyward Sword

    I was expecting the Bow to be the 3rd or 4th item. I kept looking at the item screen & as it filled up, I was very surprised to find out it was the second to last item I'd get. I dont think we got the Bow too late at all; Its just the fact that I was expecting it to be ALOT earlier. On the...
  43. NaviSword

    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    Pitpit defintetly! Groose is to muscular, Fledge is too weak & takes advantage of Link's kindness for Stamina potion (seriously, at least pay for one of them!), Eagus would me my 3rd choice, & Link we can't choose in this poll. Pitpit is about the same size only a bit taller, has a good...
  44. NaviSword

    Who's Your Favorite?!? Who's Your Favorite?!?

    Other than Zelda & Link, right? Aly: Groose. There was alot of change with him for me. First he was a jerk, then he became a VERY helpful, decent guy. While he was mean, I thought he & Ganon were somehow going to be linked into the game, since he has the same look as ganon. (red hair, yellow...
  45. NaviSword

    Favorite Eeveelution

    Before 4th gen, My favorite was Espeon. Now my 2 favorite are Glaceon & Umbreon. There arent alot of ice types compared to the other types eevee evolves into, so I like Glaceon cuz of it being a elegant-looking ice type that is pretty powerful too. I like Umbreon cuz of The cool-looking yellow...
  46. NaviSword

    Shiny Pokemon

    I caught a Shiny Hoothoot from Dimond named Gabora Ralts from Sapphire named Sapphire Eevee from Platinum named Konata Gastly from SoulSilver named Tigger
  47. NaviSword

    Who's Your Favorite Evil Organization from the Games?

    I'll give you one good hint Prepare For Trouble, & Make it Double! To protect the world from devastation, To unite all peoples with in our nation! To annouce the evils of true & love, To extend out reach to the stars above! JESSIE!!! JAMES!!! Have u figured it out yet?
  48. NaviSword

    Least Favorite Pokemon?

    ZUBAT & GOLBAT!!!!!! Do you know how many time i couldnt run from a Zubat because it was too fast, so I had to waste my time battling it?! Then this A-hole confused my poor litte mudkip while using leech life or some stupid move that drains you HP. That crap has happend to ALL of my pokemon...
  49. NaviSword

    How Do You Use Your Master Ball?

    I use my masterball for legendaries that roam, but not imediately. I try to weaken it to the point I can catch with a ultra ball, great ball etc. By the way, did you know you can win a masterball by winning the lottery thing at Jublife with all ID numbers?
  50. NaviSword

    Favorite Pokemon Type

    Psychic type FTW!!! I love how most of them have a figure of a human & most of the time they learn very helpful & unexpected moves! Plus they always look so cool when they evolve, especially a ralts evolving into a Gardevoir or a Gallade! XD
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