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  1. Mozzy

    A Link Between Worlds Favorite Mini-Game?

    I am liking the Octoball even though it's kinda a PITA to get 100. It's also definitely one of the better ones overall. I haven't done the Treacherous Tower yet so I may change my mind at that point.
  2. Mozzy

    A Link Between Worlds For All You 100% Completers Out There...

    Yeah, I got the heart piece and that's all I care about. I usually will do a 100% with notable exceptions and this qualifies as one. Imagine getting to like 15 minutes and then getting hit. I will sit this one out because I do not want to see the horrifying evil that will take over my soul if I...
  3. Mozzy

    Spoiler The Chekhov's Gun

    Yeah, once that guy mentioned it I kept looking for more clues about it throughout the game. I actually became worried that it wouldn't be brought up again and would end up being one of those sidequests that wouldn't see fruition due to the programmers not having enough time to place it in the...
  4. Mozzy

    Favorite Province in Skyward Sword

    Faron but Lanayru is a close second
  5. Mozzy

    Stamina Bar- Should They Keep It?

    I like it too and they should keep it going forward and as someone else said, there should be an upgrade halfway through the game where your stamina depletes half as slow. I could see this implemented in a mini game or fetch quest where you have to precisely time a course so as to not run out of...
  6. Mozzy

    I Found Out Something Really Cool

    I noticed the amber too on my first playthrough but didn't look at it enough to see a person in there. What would be hilarious is someone finding a glitch where they can roll into that room and explore it.
  7. Mozzy

    Finally Got Around to Completing the Game And...

    Yep, it was a pretty emotional ending. Seeing the end exchanges between Link and Fi and seeing Groose's character evolve were some of the more charged moments.
  8. Mozzy

    Skyward Sword's Interface Option,What Does It Do???

    It's hilarious. I had played all the way through the game without knowing what the cruff it was myself. When I saw the Wii mote outline in press release pictures and from review sites I thought they had some beta version of the game. I don't know who would want that white ghost turd outline on...
  9. Mozzy

    Ever Died in the Game?

    I didn't die until the Fire Sanctuary and it was for a really stupid reason. When you have to dig underground to release the lava I accidentally turned towards the lava while trying to escape and didn't have enough time to get out. I was surprised to get a "Game Over" as I thought it would just...
  10. Mozzy

    Loftwing Reference in The Minish Cap

    You know it's funny. It wasn't that long ago that I played Minish Cap. When I saw the loftwings I actually had a thought about those birds.
  11. Mozzy


    Yes, I agree the walkthroughs are fun after the fact because I always miss something and it is fun to find out what someone else discovered.
  12. Mozzy


    How do you cheat on the game? Are you talking about heavily using walkthroughs or creating a hack? Either way it's not fun so I agree. I don't understand the point of buying a game and not spending any time using your own wits to figure it out. It's boring otherwise.
  13. Mozzy

    Harp Playing During The Credits

    Cool find! I may have to try that sometime.
  14. Mozzy

    I Think I Heard About a Place with a Lot of Remlits

    They are not there once the statue falls. Only before it falls. I missed that inquiry in the original poster's post.
  15. Mozzy

    Remade Zelda Games or New Ideas for One

    I would love to see Majora's Mask as well as a title that has never seen a release in a 3D world like A Link to the Past.
  16. Mozzy

    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    I'm straight so it's harder for me but if I had to pick it would be those guys on their loftwings that save you when you accidentally fall off an island. They never fail to save you so you can count on them plus you gotta love a man in uniform.:lol: Groose is up there too. At first he is a jerk...
  17. Mozzy

    Hero Mode Boss Rush Mode

    When I went in I had the potion medallion and used the Guardian Potion before starting which gave me almost ten minutes. It got me through a couple boss rounds that I could fight sloppily since I didn't have to worry about taking damage and got the hardest one out of the way first.
  18. Mozzy

    Skyward Sword Missing Enemies?

    Yes, I would have liked an area with Darknuts. They have always been a fav of mine.
  19. Mozzy

    Hardest Dungeon?

    None of them were terribly difficult but they were a lot of fun. I think the one that stumped me the most would have to be the Lanayru Mining Facility.
  20. Mozzy

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Final Boss Boss Battle (bewitched)

    What if you used a stamina potion before starting the round? It may be possible then. Still, that video is incredible. I can not believe he got shots in like that without getting nailed. He gets cheap shots in when I fight him.
  21. Mozzy

    Spoiler The Imprisoned I Defeated in 0:55.59 Seconds!

    ^ I think you can only do that on the first phase. The other ones he will just shake you off. However, if memory serves you can jump on his head if you use Groose's Trebuchet Bomb to stun him first.
  22. Mozzy

    I Think I Heard About a Place with a Lot of Remlits

    There is a clawshot target on the left when approaching the big goddess statue that takes you over the wall into a flower patch full of them. Yikes, fixed the errors on my post. That's what I get for typing when I am tired.
  23. Mozzy

    Spoiler About the Stools That Are Found Everywhere..

    I figured it out quick but it was by accident. Very early in the game I started sitting on stools around the academy to see if I could read things that were sitting atop of people's desks and then saw my heart guage fill.
  24. Mozzy

    ARe Skyward Sword Minigames Too Hard?

    Yes, not hard and I resonate with the sentiments of others that there is a degree of luck involved in SS. There have been far harder mini games in other Zeldas so it is a breath of fresh air not to have to buy new controllers or a TV this time around.
  25. Mozzy

    How Old Are You?

    I'm a fossil on here. At 36 there is only one other in my age bracket that voted.
  26. Mozzy

    Spoiler What Did You Do with the Love Letter?

    The hand, it seemed to be funnier than the other option. Once I do go back through it I will give it to Karane.
  27. Mozzy

    Four Swords Hardest Section of a Zelda Game?

    That's impressive to hear. The enemies are so sparse in the regular levels I don't how they could be more difficult. There's literally a room in the last door of the Hero's Trial where you are getting mobbed by like six darknuts and four ball and chain wielding knights at the same time. I died...
  28. Mozzy

    Game Sales

    I was thinking about this again this morning and I think two other factors might be is that it has been 5 years since there was a main console release which may have been too long for some users and the Wii is at the end of it's lifespan and people are already thinking about the Wii U or they...
  29. Mozzy

    Spoiler Things Skyward Sword Could Have Done Differently/better?

    I actually loved the combat quite a bit and is one of my favorite features of the game. Here is what I would have done differently. Instead of losing your shield if it breaks just have it become unusable with the option to fix it for money. More side quests Broader use of items such as the whip...
  30. Mozzy

    Game Sales

    That is sad to see for such a fun game. Mario Kart's doing well and I know I am going to get flamed for this but those games have no appeal to me but racing games in general have always bored me to tears.
  31. Mozzy

    Fun Places to Use the Beetle!

    Thanks for the great responses. Yes, chasing the Bokoblins is hilarious but I can't blame them. If I were strolling along somewhere and saw this giant metal thing with pinchers flying towards me I'd be ducking for cover. Anyone find anymore rupee treasures other than those listed?
  32. Mozzy

    Four Swords Hardest Section of a Zelda Game?

    So I recently downloaded LOZ Four Swords 25th Ann. for the 3DS and just finished the 3rd door in the Hero's Trial and I have to say this has got to be the hardest part in any Zelda game ever. I think I played it six or seven times before I could beat it. Mind you I have beaten all areas in every...
  33. Mozzy

    Well, Excuuuuuuuuse Me, Princess!

    I think the closest we will ever see are the Phillips CDi games that used cut scenes with animation reminiscent of the cartoon.
  34. Mozzy

    Puzzle Keys

    Yes, there is one dungeon that I had to chop off my hand and sew it back on to open the boss room.
  35. Mozzy

    Why the "official" Timeline Looks Like It Does

    Interesting to see. It matches with what lots of people said and before SS was out Minish Cap was considered by many to be the first so it still precedes all other Zeldas sans SS. I see the two timeline thing not really as one with Link defeated and one where he succeeded but rather one timeline...
  36. Mozzy

    Picking Up Item = Item Description After Boot Up

    Yes it is something they should have gotten rid of after you first obtain an item. Once you leave an area it resets. It's annoying so you're just gonna have to deal unfortunately.
  37. Mozzy

    Who is the Cutest Female Character in Skyward Sword?

    I can't believe I am weighing in on this but Orielle is definitely the hottest with Zelda being a close second.
  38. Mozzy

    Did the WiiMote+ Really Affect You?

    That is weird. I never had it do the skyward strike out of the blue. They are probably thinking of the vertical sword slash which I would occasionally do unintentionally. I think most of those control issue reviews are by people who don't like being proactive and using movement. Nintendo is...
  39. Mozzy

    How Are So Many People Finishing Skyward Sword So Fast?

    I echo a lot of others here in that I take my sweet time playing these games. I enjoy it so much that I want to drag it out. I go for 100% completion before I even go to the end of the game. Often times, if I get an item in a dungeon I will leave the dungeon to go use the item in places I saw...
  40. Mozzy

    Timeline Revealed?

    Why do people keep posting their worries of Zelda ending??? There is nothing written anywhere that should lead anyone to conclude this and from a business perspective it would be a ludicrous decision. It's like saying that you don't feel like making money anymore.
  41. Mozzy

    Close Calls In the Silent Realm

    I have only done this twice so far but in Lanayru I did have a gang of four of the ghostish ones with the scythes corner me against a wall. What was I do, I charged at them and rolled underneath them. I thought for sure I was going to be toast but they all missed me and then I ran out of stamina...
  42. Mozzy

    Funniest Zelda Game to Date?

    Oh yes, this cracks me up every time. The look of disappointment on his face is priceless when you turn around and walk away.
  43. Mozzy

    Fun Places to Use the Beetle!

    Possibe Spoilers! Early on when I got the Beetle I had fun exploring with it. Later I maxed out on upgrading it and did some more exploring with it. A couple fun places in Lanayru to use it was the entrance to the Pirates Hideout and the entrance to the Ancient Harbor. At the hideout you...
  44. Mozzy

    Spoiler OMG I Know Who Was In the Restroom!!!

    Yeah, it was fun when I first saw him because I thought afterwards I could tell Karane and it would trigger some kind of event leading to some gratitude Crystals where she would tell him to share the bath at night and not to hog it but alas no such luck. I think it was intended to be used as a...
  45. Mozzy


    Oddly enough I have mostly been using my sword. Early on in the game I had a shield break and had to rebuy the shield so since then I used it sparingly. Sadly, I didn't even know you could shield bash without taking damage to the shield. I guess I should experiment around more often.
  46. Mozzy

    How Are You Supposed to Play the Freaking Harp in the Restaurant?

    I found it a pain too. I got a mediocre performance to get the heart piece and never went back.
  47. Mozzy

    What Was Your Opinion of Dowsing?

    If they reintroduce dowsing they should do more with it like maybe have invisible switches that you need to use dowsing to find or something. It could have been a fun dungeon element kinda like the mirror from Occarina or something.
  48. Mozzy

    What Was Your Opinion of Dowsing?

    I gotta agree. I would just use the dowsing to get that initial beep to shut up. After that I mostly looked for stuff on my own since I like to drag out my Zelda games.
  49. Mozzy

    Spoiler Stupid Tricks - Mostly Obvious

    Weird, I though I posted this but I'll try again. I got through the Faron and Lanayru Silent Realms and lamented that I didn't get more Dusk Relics but after beating the Sandship I found that on my copy I could get a Dusk Relic for getting 400-450 points on Fledge's Pumpkin Shooting Game...
  50. Mozzy

    I Think There Should Have Been More to Do.

    I haven't played all the way through yet but I felt with some characters there was an intended side quest but then they were dropped by the programmers for whatever reason.
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