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  1. Ryuyasha

    Shiny Hydriegon

    You know that lv 70 Shiny Hydriegon for the movie in Japan or whatever? Well I'm sure that there are some who have got multiples because of DNs codes and stuff. So is anyone trading a shiny hydriegon? I dont care what level it is. I can trade anything pretty much for them (including genesect...
  2. Ryuyasha

    Region Locked

    Alright did a late check and my Wii says "Ver. 4.3 U" That means I'm safe right?
  3. Ryuyasha

    Region Locked

    So I live in Canada. If I ordered Xenoblade from store.nintendo (a U.S copy of the game) It should work on my Wii right? The Wiis are locked by North America am I correct?
  4. Ryuyasha

    What Do You Carry in Your Adventure Pouch?

    2 Bottles 1 Shield 1 bomb bag 1 quiver 1 seed satchel 2 life medal
  5. Ryuyasha

    Spoiler Boss Times

    I got ghirahim around 30 seconds.
  6. Ryuyasha

    Mac - Safari Help - More RAM

    So I added more RAM to Minecraft using the info.plst VMOptions thing. It worked and I wanted my Safari to run faster, so I searched for a VMOption thing in the info.plist but I couldn't find one. Is it even in there? Do I search for a different thing? Help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Ryuyasha

    The Legend of Zelda 10th Enemy Has the Bomb

    It means, "search for the lion key" a.k.a the magical key located in the 8th dungeon.
  8. Ryuyasha

    Spoiler Top Ten Favorite Skyward Sword Moments

    Nice though you missed one thing. THE FINAL BLOW ON DEMISE. Do you know how "epic" that was. The final battle with Ghirahim was also awesome, especially that Monster Onslaught
  9. Ryuyasha

    How Helpful Was Fi

    I'd have to say (there might be a little spoilers) when you need to get the water dragons pot for the fire sanctuary, Fi actually tells you what to use. No other partner has actually helped me that much before. I would've been stuck for hours looking for something. Also Scrapper is useful too.
  10. Ryuyasha

    Do You Like Durability on Shields?

    I'm a dummy and never even use my Shield. Though I got the Hylian Shield and used it on the last bosses since it made life easier. Though I wish I used my Divine Shield on Scurvo or Dreadfuse cause those guys killed me the most out of anything else.
  11. Ryuyasha

    Skyward Sword Where Do You Find Bird Feathers

    A good place to get bird feathers is in front of the Temple of the Sealed Grounds, since there are two spots where birds are giving you a better chance to obtain the blue bird feathers aswell.
  12. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time Hylian Loach

    OMG SOMEONE ELSE WHO GOT IT AS A CHILD. Yes i did get it as a child. And no you don't need the sinking lure to get it as a child. it'd just a relly rare chance to catch it on a hook I guess.
  13. Ryuyasha

    Adventure of Link Wait what??????????

    I figured it out. I'm suppossed to continue instead of save after I get game over.
  14. Ryuyasha

    Adventure of Link Wait what??????????

    I'm using the 3DS version. I find it easier on handheld than on the wii.......
  15. Ryuyasha

    Adventure of Link Zelda 2 Adventure of Link Death Mountain Help

    I recommend you guys use the Zelda Dungeon wlkthrough Mases did. It is very helpful. Though to kill the Goriyas block their boomerangs with the shields and to kill the red and orange dieras, jump over their axe when they throw it and hit them quickly and with the orange ones hit them when they...
  16. Ryuyasha

    Adventure of Link Wait what??????????

    Ok you know how when you get a game over in the great palace your suppossed to respawn there? Well it didn't happen for me. Did I do something wrong.
  17. Ryuyasha

    Most USELESS Zelda Item

    Ball and Chain. Even though it pwns it becomes kinda useless after Snowpeak.
  18. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time First Encounter with a Wallmaster

    Actually just recently I was doing Master Quest Spirit Temple and I didn't notice the shadow and when I got grabbed I jumped.
  19. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time What Was the Worst Ever Happened Thing?

    THe forst time I fought Phantom Ganon I never knew you had to knock back his energy ball with your sword so I skipped that did the whole Fire Temple, came back to fight him. I got so mad that I started swinging my sword like crazy and then it hit the energy ball and knocked it back at him and...
  20. Ryuyasha

    What Mini-games Would You Like to See in Skyward Sword???

    Arrow mini-game you know how you can shoot arrows into hearts and they'll stick to the wall? I think there will be something associated with that.
  21. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time Which first, Shadow or Spirit?

    Shadow first then Spirit Last I think it's that way because, 1. Two items in the Spirit Temple 2. You use both Young and Adult Link 3. You meet a crap ton of new NPC's
  22. Ryuyasha

    What is Your Favorite Link Design?

    Wii U Link. Love the looks of him.
  23. Ryuyasha

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    (100!!!!!!!!!!) 2 filling in 30 characters.
  24. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time OoT Super Mastery.

    You need dins fire to burn the spike wall leading to the big key in the shadow temple.
  25. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time What Was Your Favorite Moment in Ocarina of Time?

    I really enojy the cutscene when Shiek revials himself to be Zelda. he explained that Link was the holder of the Triforce of Courage and then he does some ninja hand-gesture and transforms
  26. Ryuyasha

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    38. nyannyannyannyannyannyannayan
  27. Ryuyasha

    Your Zelda Bucket List

    Just like the other bucket list topic but Zelda style. For those who don't know a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. So in this one do you have any goals to setr in Zelda before you move on? Get 100% in OoT, Majoras Mask. Post your goals below. Some of mine are...
  28. Ryuyasha

    Your Bucket List

    For those who don't know a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. If you had one before share it, if you don't have one, try thinking of a couple things and post them down below. Some of mine are, Goto Japan. Attend E3 one year. Buy a nice car Move out of my parents...
  29. Ryuyasha

    Getting Made Fun of for Zelda

    I never get made fun of for playing Zelda cause lotta ,my friends play it too. But whenever I hear something about the PS3 is better than the wii I think, Come on the Wii is out of date so give nintendo a break. Wii U suppossed to have better graphics than the PS3 anyways but whenever someone...
  30. Ryuyasha


    You've seen him on RayWilliamJohnson and Dr. Drew, now, he's here. Pretty much if you've ever watched the Tourettes Guy, well he's the reincarnation of him. He pretty much just yells at everything and his son always pulls pranks on him. Here are a few of the funniest videos I've seen. If you...
  31. Ryuyasha


    *sniff* Went to a different school *sniff*
  32. Ryuyasha

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    17. lalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalala
  33. Ryuyasha

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    12. Now i've ninja'd you. ^R%&%$&%&%$&$ 30 CHARS
  34. Ryuyasha

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    10. I fixed it badges. (fills in space for 30 characters)
  35. Ryuyasha

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    7 1/2(000) If a mod posts I'll, well I can't do anything so please don't post mods.
  36. Ryuyasha

    Delete Your Post.... Okami Style!

    This post has been deleted because Ammy used Golden fury and Brown Rage on it.
  37. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time Fave Thing to Do in OoT

    Boss Gauntlet. It was also very nice because OoT 3D was the first time I bothered to collect the fourth bottle.
  38. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time First Encounter with a Wallmaster

    Your Grandmas awesome for playing Zelda. Anyways, I'm pretty boring. I was on the floor and I saw the shadow so I just kept running and it dropped behind me so I just attacked it and it died. The only time I get grabbed by one in the game is when I do it on purpose.
  39. Ryuyasha

    Hahaha this is hilarious

    Oh yeah forgot to mention yesterday that he also made it past the second round (that was the first round you saw in the video) so he's going to Hollywood.
  40. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time Bongo Bongo and the Hover Boots

    I once beat him with minimal conditions. All I used was the LongShot.
  41. Ryuyasha

    Hahaha this is hilarious

    Lol Saw this the other day on TV and I laughed so hard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pANuw4IXrEs Discuss.
  42. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Ocarina of Time Sage?

    Darunia. He was always my favorite when I was a kid.
  43. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time What to Do...

    Yes with Super Mario All-Stars, the wii game with 4 classic mario games in 1, nuff said.
  44. Ryuyasha

    Zelda: True/False Question Game

    @EternalNocturne Umm I got them all right too. Anyways, 1. False? 2. False 3. False 4. False 5. False
  45. Ryuyasha

    Majora's Mask Before I Start...

    The song of time in that game resets time back to the first day so And if you play it backwards, down a right, down a right, the clock will slow down giving you twice as much time. Also playing each note twice, right right a a down down will take you to the next 6:00 time. And you can always use...
  46. Ryuyasha

    King of the Hill!

    I love grapes. Whoops wrong forum. I steal your dirt pile and claim the hill.
  47. Ryuyasha

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your ALL banned because I said so.
  48. Ryuyasha

    Link's Secret Stash

    His wallet is actually magic and he can cary all of his items inside of it without it expanding at all.
  49. Ryuyasha

    Zelda: True/False Question Game

    1. False Link would burn his clothes off......... 2. True 3. True 4. False 5. False It was 200 rupees.
  50. Ryuyasha

    Ocarina of Time Beating Morpha Without Him Forming a Single Tentacle!

    Interesting Strategy. What I do is jump off of the pillar and when its first tenticle comes up, I Longshot it and attack at an angle where it flys to the corner of the room and I keep attacking it because it can't move and eventually, it dies.
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