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  1. FlatxSharp

    Spoiler Your Shocking Moments While Playing Zelda Games?

    In MM, you're in the Woodfall temple, about halfway through the dungeon. You walk through a cave-looking thing and Tatle flies in front of your face and says something along the lines of "I sense a great evil in this room." The room is pitch black and she flies into your hat with a "See-ya...
  2. FlatxSharp

    Forrest Gump

    My all time favorite movie ever. I have seen it countless times and have it all memorized by heart. >.< And I'm damn proud of it.
  3. FlatxSharp

    Spoiler Hardest Part

    The Thunder Dragon's (Lanyru?) quest before you got to talk with him and get the part of the song. Oh my god. The profanity that shot out of my mouth humiliates me to this day. I actually remember giving poor Link a thorough apology after dying each time because I'm pretty sure I had insulted...
  4. FlatxSharp

    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    I disliked Crawlin in SS. Suck it up homie. You should have thought about needing my help to get with the cute chick BEFORE you locked my loftwing in a cave. I dont like arrogance, and that sucker had a lot of it.
  5. FlatxSharp

    Did Anyone else Have a Hard Time Finding Rupees in SS?

    Well, the only time I remember needing to search for rupees in SS was in Hero Mode when I needed to upgrade my potions...I would go out on a search to find the supplies and enough rupees. But, other than that I never even thought about rupees as an issue. You're probably correct though that...
  6. FlatxSharp

    Did You Like the Imprisoned?

    I disliked the repetition of The Imprisoned battles, as well as the way you needed to take the monster down. It was silly. I remember my friend and I were at that same point in the game and were texting back and forth making jokes about ‘dem toes’. However, we constantly bug and pester Nintendo...
  7. FlatxSharp

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    7-teen ...............................................................................................................
  8. FlatxSharp

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for not uderstanding the pain the wicked had gone through. How wold you feel if you were born with green skin and no one loved you? Yeah, sucks huh? I hope you feel bad.
  9. FlatxSharp

    Will Skyward Sword Use a Cinematic Approach?

    Umm...this is slightly off, but it makes sense in the end. I remember playing TP, and during the cutscenes, I would be shocked at how great the graphics looked. It would be almost like a totally different expirence. New angles, images you can only see once, sounds made to be in that exact moment...
  10. FlatxSharp

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for not appreciating the amount of blood that Pac-man shed for your banning! ....That's a lot of blood!
  11. FlatxSharp

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    Fifteen...this thread was unusually amusing to read the whole way through. -.- or I was just bored outta my mind.
  12. FlatxSharp

    Ocarina of Time Why Does Everyone Think the Water Temple is So Hard?

    I think it's difficult because I love skipping steps and moving through dungeons as quickly as possible...that's not allowed in the Water Temple. For me, I'm required to slow down and take it one room at a time. I simply do not function that way, so it is a huge challange to me. No matter how...
  13. FlatxSharp

    Bulbasaur Penguins

    Oh no. I never thought it really was an enemy. I was just stating that it would seem a fun enemy. It's obviously a kind character...I'm just over-using my imagination.
  14. FlatxSharp

    Bulbasaur Penguins

    I agree with Cuju to an extent. The way that the cute little penguin popped up, and bounced around a little reminded me very much of Ooccoo from TP. I would love to see this little creature all the time in the game, it's very cute...but I just have a feeling that it will only have one single...
  15. FlatxSharp


    I don't see it as an impossibility that these Mogma's evolve into Gorons. I had thought the same thing when I saw them at first. They're spotted near a volcanic area. They have skinny arms, but broad stomachs, and chests. The only huge difference that I can see is that this new species has fur...
  16. FlatxSharp

    Your Skyward Sword Wish List

    Length: 50-60 hrs Number of Dungeons: Lots of Dungeons. Like...10 O.o Kind of Dungeons: Nostolgic. As long as there is an ancient ruins type temple (One where a complex civilization once was, and they thrived on confusing modern gamers with puzzles. XD) Number of Field Dungeons: Again, I...
  17. FlatxSharp

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    I can agree with that now. I'm thinking of Midna of course, and even Tatl had a dark aspect. Both those girls did. That didn't make them evil. Maybe this new (or altered) character is good. I suppose I'm leaning tword the protagonist side now. Lol. But I'm fickle, it will change a million times...
  18. FlatxSharp

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    I wanna say that Diamond (I like Startimers name best) is a Sheika...simply because he/she had to snap in order to teleport. Sheik is the only character I know of that has to snap her (Sorry. I see her as a female still. I hope I don't offend in saying 'she'.) fingers in order to teleport. She...
  19. FlatxSharp

    Favorite Zelda Minigame!

    I like stopping by the Hidden Village in TP and finding all the little kitties. (^.^)
  20. FlatxSharp

    The Creepiest Parts and Foes in Legend of Zelda

    For me...it has to be Majora's Mask. You're in the Swamp temple (forgot what it was called...) and you walk down stairs into pure blackness where your fairy suddenly gets a chill and tells you something like, "There is alot of Darkness in this room." ...*Pauses game. Walks over to N64 and...
  21. FlatxSharp

    Spoiler I Actually Had a Dream About a Zelda Game...(WW)

    So, quite obviously, I was Link in WW. And, I was in sunken Hyrule. At the location in the back right before that barrier that Gannon had created, and where all you can do is drool over how Hyrule looks and at all the places you cannot go to. (Because, lets face it. Every single one of us...
  22. FlatxSharp

    Collective Wanted Features Thread.

    I may be asking for too much with this...and I feel as if I'm going to sound kinda bratty, and if I come off that way, I'm sorry. I realize that Zelda circles around several basic elements as far as temples/dungeons go. (Forest/water/fire/darkness/light (also sky)) Maybe...a new order in which...
  23. FlatxSharp

    How Much "Link" Do You Want?

    When WW first came out, I was infuriated. I thought it was silly. The graphics. The brightness. The way Link looked. All of it was so infantile and, imo a joke! I was offended that it would be considered a Zelda game! Now, before you start shooting arrows and me and rolling bombs under my...
  24. FlatxSharp

    Which Piece of the Triforce Would You Like to Own?

    Although wisdom is tempting, I say courage. I'd rather be the person who goes out and does something about a problem then be the person who just knows all about it and hides behind books.
  25. FlatxSharp

    Spoiler Saddest Zelda Moment?

    Well. One sad moment for me was in OoT, after Zelda throws the Ocarina of time into the moat. Before you go into the temple of time, you can go to the back ally's of Castle Town and listen to what the soldier has to say before his tragic death. How he did everything he could to stop Gannondorf...
  26. FlatxSharp

    Mockingjay - I Was Disappointed! SPOILERS!!

    I've read half of the book...and I agree. I felt like I wasted my entire summer wating for this book. Reading the first two over and over...and then come to read this bone-dry book. I've read all the spoilers, an attempt to make myself interested in it so I can finish it but...my enthusiasm is...
  27. FlatxSharp

    Ocarina of Time Is the Shadow Temple Really That Scary?

    HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!! I have to have someone with me to laugh at everything with or I cannot even go down the well! I cannot finish OoT by myself. Tp and WW however, no problem. I love the ReDeads in those games. I love being scared in those games...it's just OoT that I'm afraid of.
  28. FlatxSharp

    If You Got a Hold of One of Link's Weapons He Gets Throughout the Games

    I want the Twilight Shard from TP, the rock that makes Link turn into a wolf... yeah...
  29. FlatxSharp

    What Do You Think Spirit of the Skyward Sword's Name and Personality?

    I liked how at several points, Midna just decided not to help you. You had to do it on your own. I think her personality, based on appearance only, will be a little childish, but not immature. She shouldn't know what she's doing. She could be almost as confused as Link, but with different...
  30. FlatxSharp


    1st thig to happen! You will hyperventalate and maybe cry a little as you see the 'camera' scan over a section of the land you will be soon playing on. Eventually, you will see the glorious hero Link! At the bottom, it should gently flash, "Press A to start." You then have the option to continue...
  31. FlatxSharp

    Wii Motion Plus

    OR! Another thing they could do. I found myself putting my sword away after every battle because of that cool sword movment in TP. Lol. Childish, I know. Even if I knew it wasn't going to happen. I killed a Keese, I put my sword away. If they did that, you could prevent that horrible appearance.
  32. FlatxSharp

    Wii Motion Plus

    Okay. I was one of those people that cringed everytime I saw Link running around with his sword sticking out. I thought, "Oh god no..." but then, I had an interesting thought. How about this...it's only logical. If that's the way the Wiimote is pointing, that's where Link's sword is. They could...
  33. FlatxSharp

    ...Link Has Fists....

    Well, I didn't exactly mean he was going to fist fight, I mean, he COULD, but I agree that it doesn't fit the vibe of the games. I just think he should have some physical combat available for when he's stripped of his sword.
  34. FlatxSharp

    ...Link Has Fists....

    Well....to me it kind of gives the impression that Link is well...weak. *Shudders* I know that it doesn't seem in his "personality" to run up and just start pounding someone's face in, but, if he can hack the head of a Deku Baba, why can't he hit a Keese or two with his hand? I love the boy to...
  35. FlatxSharp

    ...Link Has Fists....

    Nintendo is saying that there is a chance Link wont have his sword in some dungeons in SS. I've noticed that everyone jumps to the conclusion that this means he will be hiding in barrels and sneaking around as he did in WW. Now, I don't have a problem with this...but let's think about it a...
  36. FlatxSharp

    Stalfos Ribs Break Off

    Ooh. That's nice. ^^ Another couple of things I noticed where (and this one I'm not too sure about.) it looked like, while Link was fighting the Stalfos, a blue rupee just fell off the enemy while the battle was still going on. Usually, rewards only come after your opponant is dead, right? I may...
  37. FlatxSharp

    No Voice Acting: Happy or Dissapointed?

    SO HAPPY! I was worried. Very worried. I know that Nintendo probably would have been able to pull it off this time, but I was worried more about the future. I only could imagine voice acting becomine such a common thing in the games that it eventually wasn't even a topic of discussion. Like...
  38. FlatxSharp

    Which Zelda Game Had the Best Music?

    OoT. I still have the insane urge to cry whenever I hear the Title Theme to it. Also, the Song of Storms. Oh my god, such a wonderful melody. And, *Points to siggy* is a good one too. I like that they are still using it whenever it becomes daytime in the newer games.
  39. FlatxSharp

    Zelda Without Zelda...

    Anything. Any name of a character that isn't Link. You can't have the Legend of Link, you just cant...it's too easy, and too satisfying. The legend of Navi. The legend of Ganondorf The legend of the kid who sits on a stump and plays a flute to all the little forest creatures.
  40. FlatxSharp

    Favorite WTF? Moment.

    I was always afraid of the bean merchant in OoT. Terrified. I dunno what, but there's something about him, I really excpected him to suddenly grab link by the throat and drown him in Zora's River. So, when I was exploring a hole in the Deku Palace in MM, I was like, "Ooo! What's over here?"...
  41. FlatxSharp


    So! In TP, at the very end, after all that awsome epicness happened...and you beat the game...you ended up stuck at the last place you saved at. I dunno why, but this INFURIATED me! I understand that it was a way to say, "Now, you can go back and collect all the heart pieces, poes, ect." But, it...
  42. FlatxSharp

    Why a Beetle?

    BUT, you also have to realize that most of Zelda is about a boy who you would think simply didn't have the ability to accomplish anything as grand as saving the land of Hyrule. Zelda is about un-epic things accomplishing the impossible. If Link was a body builder who already could kill anything...
  43. FlatxSharp

    Why a Beetle?

    I get what Con-man is saying. He means, if Link is going to have something help him, he deserves something more epic than a bug. Why a beetle? Should Link, LINK have like, a dragon, or a flying shark hepling him out? Lol. Isn't that the reason why he turned into a wolf in the TP and not...like...
  44. FlatxSharp

    Ocarina of Time Why Does Link Defeat Ganondorf when He Knows He'll Put Back the MS Anyway?

    Okay, now, I'm not good at theorizing and all that stuff. Really, I'm not. This is just a question that I saw would cause some issues with what has been said. This may be entirely irrelevant and if that's the case, please forgive me for my ignorace. After all that happened, after Ganon was...
  45. FlatxSharp

    Twilight Princess Why Is Zelda So Serious

    Midna tried to lighten it up, and Zelda replied with, "Midna, this is no time for levity." The only time I really ever saw a Zelda act like a child was in MC, during the Picori Festaval. Tp is a very dark game. It's just a way of keeping the game at it's seriouse level. I mean, you...
  46. FlatxSharp

    Length of The Game?

    I remember playing a FF game. It was FF IV, I think and it was the first (and only) FF game I have ever played, so I didn't know hhow long it was going to be. Now, I don't recall exactly what happened, but I had played the game for a long time already, a few weeks, so I was sure that I was...
  47. FlatxSharp

    Trust Nintendo, Just a Little Bit!

    *Standing ovation* I find it sad that complaints have become inevitable. If you think about it, Nintendo can never entirely win. There will forever be an unsatisfied group of "Zelda fans".
  48. FlatxSharp

    ONM Scans - SS Aonuma Interview

    *Jumps up and down, squealing with exitment.* :clap:
  49. FlatxSharp

    Spoiler Guaranteed Ganon?

    Yeah, I almost don't want see Ganon. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, I just think we've had too many games with him at this point. Later, yes, I'd love to see him again...but a break would be nice. Nintendo realizes this so I do not think Ganon will be in this one. Eh...a totally crazy...
  50. FlatxSharp

    Link is the Man!

    Ah. I understand now. Thank you both very much.
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