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  1. Link-182

    What It Will Take to Top OOT

    I think Skyward Sword will top Ocarina of Time, and I personally think Majora's Mask and Wind Waker topped Ocarina of Time, so its really a matter of opinion. I think if a new Zelda game has a unique take on the series with good character development, lots of side quests, a great main story, non...
  2. Link-182

    If a Zelda Movie Came Out Would You Go Watch It

    I support everything Zelda. I think it could be done correctly and turn out amazing but as far as video game movie trends go, I'd be a bit worried as to how it would turn out.
  3. Link-182

    A Possible Conclusion?

    How can you even create an ultimate ending for the Zelda series? The only ultimate ending would be Triforce being destroyed or Hyrule or something catastrophic, which doesn't seem like a Nintendo thing to do. Any other ultimate ending could be at the end of any Zelda game, even if it wasn't the...
  4. Link-182

    What Will Become of Skyloft?

    Guys, it's already been confirmed in that Eiji Aounuma interview that the game is about why Hyrule separated itself and how Link has to reunite the two lands in the end. Skyloft WILL reunite with Hyrule at the end of the game, that's been confirmed!
  5. Link-182

    Is Skyward Sword Link Ocarina of Time Link the Same Link?

    Don't know enough about Skyward Sword to judge if they are related or not, but they definitely are not the same... and I don't even think Nintendo will reveal if they are related or not anyways.
  6. Link-182

    Ocarina of Time GREZZO Got the Company Name from Kirby?

    Just saw this image from Kirby's Dream Land for Gameboy and there is a creature called a GREZZO. Think it has any connection? Even though it's spelled differently? http://www.gamefaqs.com/gameboy/563275-kirbys-dream-land/images/screen-19
  7. Link-182

    WiiU HD Zelda - E3 2011

    Call me crazy but I would love a really realistic darker Zelda with different aesthetics then Twilight Princess staring young teen Link, like a 14 yr old Link, we've had him young, we've had him old, but not in between. I just think it`d be different and it could be very realistic but still...
  8. Link-182

    Zelda Wii U

    Well I personally think they should continue one of the Link`s from a previous game, I would love if they continued Majora`s Mask Link`s story... (if he wasn`t supposidly turned into a Stalfos), or Twilight Princess Link, (as long as the game wasn`t as generic as the first), and I think it`d be...
  9. Link-182

    How Zelda Defies Science

    Hmm, I think Link mastered the wearing of the hat.... just sayin.... man can he WEAR that hat ;)
  10. Link-182

    What Zelda Game Would You Like to See on the 3DS?

    Well if we think about it logically, GREZZO who remade Ocarina of Time already has most of the character models and animations and some of the music and system to remake Majora's Mask while Nintendo can focus on an actual brand new 3DS Zelda game, which they have been for a while already, I'm...
  11. Link-182

    General Modern My Idea for a Wii U Zelda

    That is a really neat idea and could work but I would still prefer the feel of swinging a wiimote around playing zelda. They better have wii motion plus for Zelda Wii U!
  12. Link-182

    So, Hidemaro Fujibayashi is the Director of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

    I am very excited personally. I think a fresh director for a console Zelda is great and I personally loved all his handheld games. I think he nailed the side quest aspect so I hope that trait carries on into this game.
  13. Link-182

    Skyward Sword Release Date

    I still think it'll be out November to push the Wii sales over holiday before they release Wii U. And Fall/Holiday makes sense for that. I would LOVE for it to come out sooner, but I seriously doubt it. :(
  14. Link-182

    Golden wii remote

    I have 4 Wii Remotes with motion plus already, but this is cool. And I'm pretty sure they said they were releasing it with the game? SO a bundle.
  15. Link-182

    SS: Buy Immediately or Wait?

    Wind Waker? Day One Minish Cap? Borrowed it lol Twilight Princess? Day One Phantom hourglass? I don't remember lol Spirit Tracks? Day One Ocarina of Time 3D? Day One Skyward Sword? DAY ONEEEEE!!
  16. Link-182

    Wow !!

    I want this art style to be the future of Zelda for the most part, seriously, its like perfect for the series. I mean I'd love them to throw a totally unique style or realistic style once in a while but for the most part this style in more detail and HD of course.
  17. Link-182


    LOVE IT! I actually love the enemy designs so far, even the bokoblins, the green ones are awesome haha. And Im excited to fight the Octoroks and the Gels and the Skulltulas and the return of the GLEEOK!!!!!
  18. Link-182

    Weapon Upgrades

    In the video/demo the beetle upgrade obtained was "the ability to grab things" such as bombs and pots, etc. I think if all items are to be upgradable its gonna add TONS of extra content since they said lots of the upgrades would be optional. It just sounds very non-linear and has me very excited!
  19. Link-182

    Lets Talk About the Sea of Clouds

    After hearing stuff and seeing those tiny little rock islands, I'm a little worried there won't be a lot to discover in the Sky besides that town of Skyloft, but I do hope I'm wrong and there are bigger floating islands not revealed to us yet. But the way the guy was talking about it seemed like...
  20. Link-182

    Truth About Shields!

    @Hero_in_Green DUDE, great theory. Maybe having the wooden shield will make your stamina/running meter deplete slower. Well that would be a good idea I think...
  21. Link-182

    Koroks in Sws?

    @whiteknight455 Aha, I see how you thought it was a Bulbasaur, its backpack does look like a bulb. @DLC I have no idea how you thought it was a Korok lol, the only similarity I see is the shape of the nose and small feet. And that's not a lot in common.
  22. Link-182

    Crispy Clear Skyward Sword Demo Gameplay

    Love these videos, gotta say the soundtrack sounds 10 times better than any past Zelda by means of sound quality. I mean, real instruments are always gonna be better then MIDI, and I love the solve a puzzle chime in this game. Hated the way they did it in TP, just sounded annoying in that game...
  23. Link-182

    The Ear Design in Skyward Sword

    Well not everyone has the same ears... My ears look like the new link's ears! But smaller haha, and I'm sure yours don't. Im pretty sure they just wanted to make every character unique in design, including their ears.
  24. Link-182

    The Siren World = Twilight World

    You know, there are two reasons I didn't like the Twilight Realm, but they are both fixed in this new Siren Realm. So I'm happy! 1. Wolf Link. I hated being the wolf... I like being Link. 2. Twilight Realm ruined the feel of discovering a new part of Hyrule by forcing you to get rid of it...
  25. Link-182

    Bulbasaur Penguins

    Pretty sure nobody knows the name of that thing... it's pretty sweet looking. I wonder if its a new Zelda species?
  26. Link-182

    Skyward Sword Trailer Soundtrack Here!

    Yeah, this music is absolutely beautiful and this song is really catching onto me. Wasn't sure of it at first but it really gives a sense of epicness and beauty.
  27. Link-182

    Purple Dude/Villain?

    lol, I personally don't think he's the main villain, but he will be important to the story... and he will be a villain! He doesn't even seem like Vaati or a Shiekah anymore.... I DONT KNOW! SO CONFUSING! lol
  28. Link-182

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    I am personally excited about the small amounts of backtracking, that basically confirms less linearity! And I'm very excited about the useless rupee chests everywhere replaced by pieces of weapon upgrades, that basically means extra exploration is actually worth something! And I'm excited...
  29. Link-182

    Spoiler Brand New Official SS Artwork

    I knew there was a flight mechanic! I didn't want to get my hopes up but Im glad they added this mechanic, its gonna be fun to fly around Skyloft! And I actually love the design of the bird, it's original and gives a very unique feel and its more interesting then a generic bird or dragon. Good...
  30. Link-182

    Ocarina of Time Watch the Trailer IN 3D NOW!

    Hey guys, if you own a 3DS you can download the OoT 3D trailer and watch it in 3D. I just did, it looks more amazing in 3D! Check it out! You can also watch the Kid Icarus, Luigi's mansion, Mario Kart, Mario 3DS, and more in 3D! So check it out and leave your impressions below!
  31. Link-182

    Twilight Princess Does Twilight Princess Deserve to Be Called a Disappointment?

    I think it was an incredible game for newcomers, Ocarina of Time lovers, and people who were in love with a mature zelda. It was not incredible toward the zelda gamers who want something fresh, or went on the enormous hype train, or had their standards set way to high.
  32. Link-182

    Twilight Princess E3 2004 Today...

    I personally was ecstatic with the trailer. It was beautiful at the time of release. But by the time it came out all the HD consoles made the game look muddy in comparison, and due to the lack of content in the first two trailers I was severely disappointed. Then there just weren't enough side...
  33. Link-182

    Left-Handed Option? Should There Be One...

    You can use it left handed just fine. Just Link will be holding his sword in his right hand. My friend plays with his left hand and he doesn't even notice Link holding his sword in the other hand. Just play left handed. Miyamoto is left-handed. Besides, haven't you been playing with the control...
  34. Link-182

    Ocarina of Time 3D: Amazing Addition, or Waste of Money?

    Yeah, I read that too. In Iwata Asks, Shiggy says there will be new things to discover in the 3DS version or something like that. Why are you sad for having your perfect game with more fluid motion, crisper textures, 3D option, and extra content? I don't understand..... *sigh*
  35. Link-182

    Did They Anounce It Too Soon?

    If you were around for the Twilight Princess hype, they announced it two and a half years before release! Skyward Sword is going to be about a year and a bit. Its not bad to announce a game a year before release. Twilight Princess got delayed twice so we actually sat through waiting for the...
  36. Link-182

    Cartoon Or More Realistic

    I personally like the variety of different graphical styles. If it was cartoony all the time I'd probably get sick of it, and if it was realistic all the time, I would get sick of that. Right now I personally favor the cartoon style, but that's probably Wii doesn't put out very nice looking...
  37. Link-182

    What the 2011 Traiiler SHOULD Look Like!

    So I noticed they toned the color down in the new trailer and the resolution of the trailer is pretty bad, giving a bad impression of what the game will actually look like when it's released. I personally am going to turn the color saturation up on my TV a bit so I can have my vivid colors. I...
  38. Link-182

    Dungeon in Trailer

    I think the first place with the skulltula, and then the tightrope, and then the beetle is all the first dungeon which is like a grass/ruins dungeon, then the second dungeon is the fire dungeon which they showed the lizalfos battle, the fire slug, and the fire toadpoli. The third is the...
  39. Link-182

    Am I the Only One Who Misses This Feature?

    Yeah, it's in Phantom Hourglass, Majora's Mask, and it's in Skyward Sword.
  40. Link-182

    Best Helper in Zelda Series

    Come on it was Linebeck! He was hilarious and not much help at all, pretty much perfect for me.
  41. Link-182

    Tightrope in Wind Dungeon?

    I'm quite sure its the forest dungeon. It has the same wall structure as the place where Link fought the spider and in there are white mushrooms where the spider are and in the scene after you knock the green bokoblin off the rope you're in another room with the same sort of walls and theres...
  42. Link-182

    How Many Zelda Games Have You Played? Beat?

    I've played, beaten, and 100%ed every Zelda game to date. (every official zelda game). It's in my signature :)
  43. Link-182

    I Have a Theory About Release

    If they both came out on the same day in June I'd crap my pants in awe. It' be the happiest day of my life lol.
  44. Link-182

    The New Guy is a Sheikah? Return of the Sheikah?

    Vaati has always had red eyes as well. They can change the eye color if they want ;) Link has had brown, blond, and pink hair lol.
  45. Link-182

    The New Guy is a Sheikah? Return of the Sheikah?

    I know lots of you think the new guy seems similar to Vaati or a Dark Interloper, but what about a Sheikah? From the white hair to the markings under the eyes. The Sheikah are also a shadow tribe hence the dark magic? And their existence was supposedly before Ocarina of Time, says the game...
  46. Link-182

    New Instrument.

    Maybe, it's the Lyre of the Sheikah!
  47. Link-182

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    No no, the face on the D pad totally looks just like the old artwork. Pointy fairy queen head and all. The thing on top of the golden statue looks like a shiekah!
  48. Link-182

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    Really unique looking places. I love it! I think that guy looks like Vatti, or a Shiekah personally. I know he's part of the first boss, maybe he's just part of the boss, or powering the boss up and is the main villain after all. I never noticed the hookshot looking thing before, but I don't...
  49. Link-182

    The Guy from The Trailer

    Hmm, slightly looks like Vatti, but I think its a brand new guy, perhaps a shiekah? An evil shiekah! I noticed he's powering that golden statue boss, so perhaps he's just the first boss, OR it's playing out like how Zant powered the Stallord in Arbiter's Grounds, and is the last boss.
  50. Link-182

    New Instrument.

    Y it sure looks like a harp. That'd be a cool instrument to have in Skyward Sword!
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