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    Do You Have Your Own Vehicle?

    You mean a Taurus SHO? Maybe the a/c just needs a recharge? The compressor was broken on a VW I owned and was able to replace it fairly easily and recharge it with a recharge kit from Walmart. Don't buy a new compressor, they are expensive, go to a junk yard and pull one yourself.
  2. K

    Might learn Guitar. (need suggestions)

    Many music stores carry Squire beginner packs, which comes with a Fender styled strat guitar, strap, amp, picks and usually a cord and some books. They are usually between $100 and $200, in that range. Some general tips from an 8 or 9 year player... Start off by learning on your own. Lessons...
  3. K

    Are You in a Band? (rock) or Do You Play the Guitar/bass?

    I've played with people before, but never as a band, just kinda jamming out as a group. I play lead guitar. Not the best, but I can do leads and some sweeps. I mainly play older rock or metal, and of coarse video game music :D
  4. K

    Best and Worst Villains!

    Films : Best - Michael Wincott as Top Dollar in The Crow Worst - Arnold Shwanzenegger as Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin Video Games : Best - Ridley in Metroid Worst - Wario, what a worthless fat villain he turned out to be
  5. K

    Do You Have Your Own Vehicle?

    I've had several. First I have a Jeep Cherokee. Once that one met its end, I got another. This one was slightly lifted and completely awesome in the snow and woods. It ended up having problems and sold it. Girlfriend then got a Scion TC, which I hate. Ended up getting a VW GTI which caught...
  6. K

    Stephen King

    I don't care to read much, but do like the movies he's had a part in. It, Riding the Bullet, his made for tv mini series of the Shining, not to mention his work in Creepshow ( way before most of your times ) and Tales from the Darkside ( some of Kings work was adopted into the series, and again...
  7. K

    Which is the Hardest Game Ever Made?

    Hardest game I've ever played I think was Ghosts N Goblins. The hardest game ever made... well, check this out - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-1QiYlY5So
  8. K

    What do you do to calm yourself?

    Eat a handful of Valiums. It never fails. No, really I play guitar, it can usually pull me from any mood I am in to being completely focused on what I am playing. I can at times listen to music, like Piano Man or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YgAw1G-4zY. I from time to time get into...
  9. K

    Super Mario Bros. Movie

    This movie rocked, you guys just grew up in the wrong time period. And yea, much different from the game but you gotta think, CGI and all wasn't as good as it is now. Can you imagine them trying to stick to the video game how horrible it really would be?
  10. K

    What Do You Aim to Achieve in Your Life?

    Goals huh? My personal goals are to enjoy things as much I can without screwing anyones life up... too much. There are some lives I hope to screw up as much as possible, and I will see that I meet that goal. I want to learn as much about the universe as I can, it's always been intriguing to...
  11. K

    If you wrote a book...........

    I would write a book about smut, murder, adventure, kung fu, magic, and trolls. I'm sure it would sell many more copies than the Twilight series. It would probably even go on to win some sort of best sellers pulitzer award too.
  12. K

    Favorite Actors/Actresses or Directors

    Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Johnny Depp, Brandon Li, Bruce Campbell, Jack Nicholson, Alex Proyas ( director ), Jennifer Connoly, Michelle Yeoh, Sylvester Stallone, David Duchovny, Clint Eastwood, Anthony Hopkins, Jean Reno... theres a few more, but thats the sum of it.
  13. K

    Video games that would make a good anime.

    Metroid could be a very awesome anime/toon/cgi. Mario, I can't imagine it as an anime. Also possibly Star Fox and Mega Man ( think there might be an anime for Battle Network, but Battle Network is pretty lame ).
  14. K

    Random activities you do whilst your bored

    I post threads asking what others do when they're bored whilst I am bored.
  15. K

    More Difficult: OoT or MM?

    Nothing was hard about OoT, not even the Water Temple. As long as you don't miss the key in the center of the temple under the block then its a breeze, otherwise I can understand the diffeculty there. Majoras Mask wasn't hard either, just a big pain in the @ss. Stone Tower was a bit...
  16. K

    Battle of The Web Browsers

    Its all personal preference. I use Firefox, but I like Opera better ( makes sense doesn't it ). I'm not concerned with security because I don't visit many sites I don't know about and I'm not the average user. I only choose Firefox because I do alot of web development, and it has a right...
  17. K

    Please help! (ALttP)

    Bookmark it, most browsers can do it ( I think all can ). Anyways, check out the gallery here or at zeldalegends.net for sprites and all. I would include Ganon, Sahasrahla, and the bosses. Once you're done, make me one for my guitar too :D
  18. K


    I agree. Some scenes in cartoons like Ren and Stimpy and Sponge Bob have many times more detail than anime does, for example in the close up still scenes. I still find cartoons more interesting and entertaining than anime, only because they don't follow a set boring storyline; you get a...
  19. K


    I've watched DBZ, Inuyasha, and some other crappy animes. The be honest, anime sucks. DBZ and some of Inuyasha are the only two I've liked. People have suggested others before and I've tried watching them on YouTube, but I just can't get past the crap within. I will stick to good ole, mind...
  20. K

    What instrument do you play?

    Guitar, about nine years or so now. Working more on my lead stuff lately, sweeps and speed licks. Have a Kama GTX33, which is pretty hard to find, pretty sweet guitar though.
  21. K


    Yea on DVD and the ratings claim its not suitable, I think its fine. I mean, you've probably played some violent video games and all, so why not? Not as bad as half of whats on tv too.
  22. K


    Try out X-X3, they were awesome. I've beaten X-X8, they got really hard after X4. The originals are pretty awesome too, but that damn stage where you gotta drop down while the lasers come across teh screen... its just toooo much.
  23. K

    Battle of The Web Browsers

    Opera has better tools, is faster, and generally all around better. As a developer, there is one things it is missing that I always need, which causes me to use Firefox - the view selection source right click tool. That is a must have. Chrome is pretty cool, I like their incognito feature...
  24. K


    Hmm, I think I understand how technically it could be, considering Ages deals with time. If Link goes back in time and dies there is no OoS, therefore the events never occur?
  25. K


    I have Zeldalegacy.net, which is in the process of re-launching. I've also worked on a Mega Man site that I am currently bringing back as well. It's always fun to work on the technical sides of websites, designing and development, as well as providing some cool resources for other fans.
  26. K


    Rambo 4 was THE SH!T. The blood, the violence; all extremely awesome and manly. I was actually expecting Stallone to look like sh!t rolled in fat, but was surprized to see he was still ripped ( check Arnold out lately, he is sh!t rolled in fat now ). The action was awesome, felt just like...
  27. K


    Wanted pissed me off. In one of the first few good scenes, Angelina flips the car into a bus, rides the side of the bus in a Viper and makes it out clean... That's going overboard. The whole movie was overboard in its action and effects. Kinda blew the movie for me.
  28. K

    The Dark Knight

    I wasn't impressed with the Dark Knight. I just rented it two nights ago and watched it twice. I heard all the hype over the movie and read alot of praise about it, but I guess it just wasn't for me. Sure, it was better than the previous Batmans ( except for the first ), but there was too...
  29. K


    I have a mutt ( Pitbull and something mix ) which is really smart. Knows his left and right paw, etc. Also have a HUGE rabbit, called a Flemish Giant which is about 24 lbs ( bigger than the neighborhood cats, about half the size of my dog ). He is kinda like a large cat, just wants to be...
  30. K

    Hardest boss for Minish Cap

    Giant Oc for me too. Once I figured out to use the Pegasus Boots to charge at him he didn't seem as bad. The Gyorgs I thought were going to be hard, but they actually turned out pretty easy. Vaati gave me a little trouble my first time, but ended up beating him on first shot ( I brought...
  31. K

    Vaatis Heart of Evil

    Vaati was just power hungry. The hat he put on acts kinda like the Triforce, it reflected what was in his heart. Once you beat the game and see the ending you will see more about this.
  32. K

    Timeline Theories?

    I think Twilight Princess takes places on the other side of teh Timeline, not with MM. According to the split, that is where it happens, since it runs paralell with Wind Waker. That and one question about Minish Cap coming first. In the Oracles, Din/Nayru/Farore are about to go to Hyrule...
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