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  1. jlemon9721

    Brawl Favorite Characters

    1. Link (he's just awesome) 2. Toon Link (Awesomeness can come in smaller packages) 3. Luigi (He's so gimicky it's awesome!) Have you noticed they're all green?
  2. jlemon9721

    Twilight Princess Which Enemy is Your Favorite?

    Lizalfos 'nuff said. (50 characters grr...........)
  3. jlemon9721

    MM, What Mask Were You Most Proud of Yourself for Getting?

    'nuff said, the Fierce Deity is the best mask in MM, and is the most rewarding.
  4. jlemon9721

    Fav Miniboss in TP

    Dark hammer was also quite awesome, i liked taking the ball and chain from him.
  5. jlemon9721

    NOT OFFICIAL! Original LoZ Remake

    Well the graphics could just maybe look nicer, like brighter and enhanced? I've thought of this myself.
  6. jlemon9721

    Gorons Horrible Speices

    Yeah, they where the merchants in the trading sequence for the magical armor in WW. You know... the ones on the rafts with the hats?
  7. jlemon9721

    Link or Kirby?

    Link, even if Kirby could inhale something, Link would find an item in the Dungeon before hand that would allow him to win, 'nuff said. XD
  8. jlemon9721


    Agreed, the only way i could be okay with it is if they find a way to make it really creative and new, but with Gannondorf, that may be difficult.
  9. jlemon9721


    They use Gannondorf too much, a new villan needs to take a stand!
  10. jlemon9721

    Twilight Princess Who Was Your Favourite Boss?

    I think that Fossil Stalord is awesome, but Argorok is my favorite. Link fighting a Dragon just seems natural.
  11. jlemon9721

    Fav Miniboss in TP

    Death Sword fo sho. I was almost reluctant to kill him :lol:.
  12. jlemon9721

    What is It?

    Water temples have got to be the most annoying things in Zelda history. I actually stopped playing OoT for about a month when i got stuck their, i was board so i did side quests like the Biggoron Sword :lol:.
  13. jlemon9721

    Fierce Diety Technically Cheating?

    It's not cheating if Nintendo put it in. That mask has got to be one of my favorite Zelda items of all time.
  14. jlemon9721

    Kirby's Epic Yarn

    I lol'd when i heard the title, but it still looks really fun, the graphics and style somehow make me think of little big planet.
  15. jlemon9721

    Most Annoying Battles

    For me, It would be that time in TP where you fight several Darknuts at once........... *shivers*.............
  16. jlemon9721

    Should Cutscenes Be Skippable?

    I'm glade TP included that option, i didn't skip much though.
  17. jlemon9721

    The Legend of Neil

    Sounds funny, i might check it out!
  18. jlemon9721

    Should There Be a Central Main Dungeon in SS?

    Heck no! It was sort of creative in TP, but in ST it just got old for me, i was soooo worried during E3 that they where going to use the formula that the 2 DS zelda's used and put it in SS. (wow five abbreviations in one sentence!)
  19. jlemon9721

    Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

    I just loved the WW graphics and SS is taking that style to the next level, i really like it!
  20. jlemon9721

    Which is Harder? ST or PH

    I think it's ST, even though both were pretty easy, ST won because of the stinkin' Tower of the Gods...... ugh...... hated that....
  21. jlemon9721

    Link's Age?

    A loyal poodle named Smurfs??? XD Anyways, yeah, their is the whole coming of age thing, and having Link different ages is pretty fun.
  22. jlemon9721

    Missing Link/Zelda Game

    their could be a missing game, they need to bring back Aghanim, he was awesome. Maybe Zelda wii will have something to do with this?
  23. jlemon9721

    The Moments in Zelda That Inspired Fear or High Anxiety

    The bottom of da well and the Shadow Temple, no doubt about it. The ReDeads in the well were pretty okay with me..... the music and surroundings creeped me out....... then i got to the Mini-Boss at the end........ that was the worst part.
  24. jlemon9721

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Hey, that pic is half of a poster i got from Club Nintendo! Awesome back rounds guys!
  25. jlemon9721

    Do You Think Link Should Talk?

    They just can't make Link talk, the only thing they need to do is that black screen or the hand waving thing and no talking whatsoever. It would be really awkward and confusing if they did.
  26. jlemon9721

    The Member Fact Game

    Has bad breath and is a ninja of dynamite. XD (50 letters)
  27. jlemon9721

    Which Zelda Games Have You Played?

    it says in my sig. I have played more but haven't beaten them.
  28. jlemon9721

    Deku Family!?

    heh heh..... the Deku spout is so cute...... *Ahem* Well yes I believe their is. Like dinamight ninja said, the tree sprout said their can be more than one.
  29. jlemon9721

    Favourite Metroid Game?

    Metroid Prime 3 from what i've played, I still kinda noobish. I got the Trilogy and beat MP3 on beginner and started a second playthrough.
  30. jlemon9721

    All play as's

    wow, major hacking! Those are really cool, the ReDead hack looks like it's killing the game though.
  31. jlemon9721

    Spoiler Your Shocking Moments While Playing Zelda Games?

    For me, it was the 1st boss in WW, back then, I was a noob, and when I saw Fire Gohma, i thought "How the heck am I going to kill this thing??????" My friend did it for me.
  32. jlemon9721


    This is one of the greatest mysteries in Zelda. I think it's because Hylians don't have to, think about it, have you seen link eat anything?????????? (joking)
  33. jlemon9721

    Why Should't Link Be Able to Use Feirce Diety Anywhere?

    I think it's because it's so powerful, sorry if anyone else already said that.
  34. jlemon9721

    Zelda Wii Items.

    I completely forgot about the medallions!!!!!! Those are some of the coolest items ever!
  35. jlemon9721

    Voice Acting in Zelda Wii?

    It would be cool, but it's not needed. Silence is just Link's thing i guess.
  36. jlemon9721

    Zelda Wii Items.

    I thought that was so cool that you could transform in MM, It would be even cooler on the wii though. Wow that would be awesome.
  37. jlemon9721

    Zelda Wii Items.

    I also thought that Roc's cape from MC would be fun to use. I would also like the spinner but i want it faster on land.
  38. jlemon9721

    Zelda Wii Items.

    Does anyone have any ideas for items? I hoping that Nintendo would create some new items and bring back some old ones. Obviously arrows, bombs, boomerang the usual. But maybe you can also get the pegasus boots (sorry about spelling) or Roc's cape. I also hope that they bring back the...
  39. jlemon9721

    What Was the First Zelda Game You Played and Was It Good?

    Mikou94's story is the same as mine. I loved that game.........*sigh*................ heh heh heh.......
  40. jlemon9721

    Zelda Wii Essentials!

    Hey! I started a thread titled "What should be in Zelda wii?". You totally stole my thunder!!!!!!!
  41. jlemon9721

    Hardest Zelda

    I have not played the adventure of link, but for me it was A link to the past the first time through. It was so darn hard!
  42. jlemon9721

    Male Gerudos

    In TP they get no mention. Well they do say that Gannon is a Gerudo, but thats it. They must have died out and Gannon became immortal or something.
  43. jlemon9721

    What Should Be in Zelda Wii?

    I would like their to be an over world that is so interesting that you could just walk around in it and just take it all in. I want fewer, harder, and cooler enimies. A really good antagonist, maybe not Gannondorf, it's to soon to bring him back again. And finally, i want it not to try and be...
  44. jlemon9721

    The Legend of Zelda, Should Something Change?

    I personaly don't want it changed, I was just wondering if their was anyone out there who did and what ideas they have.
  45. jlemon9721

    The Legend of Zelda, Should Something Change?

    Hello, it seems that throughout 'Zelda' history Nintendo has stuck to the same very basic formula of "You find out that the bad guy is doing something, you go through part of a dungeon, you find the item, you go to the boss, you beat the boss, and you get a heart container for beating the boss."...
  46. jlemon9721

    Could Epona....(NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!)

    They are not the same Epona. I belive that their is several hundred years in between OoT and TP.
  47. jlemon9721


    I hope that they do, i wonder who they will you if they don't.
  48. jlemon9721

    The "Hero of Time" Statue

    Their is only 1 hero of time, the OoT link. That is his statue, fact, all of it, the creatures don't have to confirm what we all know.
  49. jlemon9721

    100+ Things I've Learned From Playing Zelda

    20. It is possible to be born with 3 hearts and you can have a maximum of 20. (awesome post!!!!!!)
  50. jlemon9721

    Jump Button?

    I'm sorry but I have to disagree, a jump button is against all that 'Zelda' is.
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