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  1. AgentPerry

    Spoiler OMG I Know Who Was In the Restroom!!!

    I went laughing for like five minutes the first time I saw this. And for jokes, I already made up my own little game for Gaepora because of this. (.....Plungershots. :mellow:)
  2. AgentPerry

    Make Your Own Dungeon

    NAME: Sky-Ice Falls THEME: Water, Ice, Wind DESCRIPTION: A towering system consisting of ice caverns located in front of an icy mountain with its entrance at the end of a frozen spring. It was once a great water source for the land of Hyrule, but ever since a grand blizzard struck, the place is...
  3. AgentPerry

    Spoiler Really Funny Cutscene!

    Oh Groose. You are such an idiot. A lovable idiot, that is. ;)
  4. AgentPerry


    *cries with tears of joy and endless happiness*
  5. AgentPerry

    Nintendo Would Ruin Skyward Sword if (be Creative Guys)

    The music is replaced with rock and rap music. ;_;
  6. AgentPerry

    Cool Stuff from Rich George and Phil Kollar.

    There's no comment on a 2nd quest but there IS something? Yeah, I think that there will be a 2nd quest of some sort.
  7. AgentPerry

    All the Dungeons

    It seemed to me like... 1. Skyview Temple 2. Earth Temple 3. Lanayru Sand Sea (which is to me one of those overworld sections that really seems like a dungeon (Scervo as the miniboss (well he DID get a mini-boss background music for his fight right?) and Tantalus as the boss) 4. Lanayru Mining...
  8. AgentPerry

    New 3DS Zelda-my Thoughts

    I was thinking of something with the style of Ocarina of Time 3D, but with some of the features from Skyward Sword like the stamina gauge and the shield durability bar and whatnot. Possibly also having the touch screen acting as an item itself like when using the bow, you slide the stylus...
  9. AgentPerry

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Overview Trailer

    I do not know what the heck the narrator is saying, but this is by far, and I really mean it, the best game I have ever seen in my life! Btw, I'm lovin' that overworld music. I approve. :yes: Question: Are those starbit-lookalike the "merit/graditude points" we will get from doing side...
  10. AgentPerry

    What Version of Skyward Sword Are You Getting?

    I am getting the bundle edition.
  11. AgentPerry

    Spoiler New Skyward Sword Video: Encountering Fi

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv9PJ3Z23nM Nothing much new if you've seen the last clip of newest Iwata Ask interview (except that it's in English!). Sorry if this has been posted, but I didn't find any other post about this video.
  12. AgentPerry

    What Do You Think of the Music in Skyward Sword?

    From all of the tracks I've heard. I think that this game will have a gorgeous soundtrack, especially that now most, if not all, tracks are orchestrated thanks to Mahito Yokota (who worked on the Galaxy series :D)! What I'm dying to hear right now is the whole Sky overworld theme.
  13. AgentPerry

    How is the World As Large As They're Claiming?

    Well, I think that there will be some "sea" or "bay" of some sorts because in the desert region, there is a pirate ship and on this map... ...I can actually see some kind of body of water or something on the far left of the desert region. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
  14. AgentPerry

    How is the World As Large As They're Claiming?

    We have Link being attacked by a squid/octopus thing on a large pirate ship...ship...thing out in the ocean...or something. :S EDIT: Basically, I think there is SO much more than we think that there is.
  15. AgentPerry

    Spoiler NoA Press Release and New Screenshots!

    Very nice news! The Scattershot is lookin' slick and that whip can reach very far! .....a clown.....
  16. AgentPerry

    That Weird Boss Thingy...

    Link has six hearts here.....it seems that we're fighting this creature pretty early.
  17. AgentPerry

    Boomerang Confirmed in Skyward Sword!

    That was unexpected. I thought it got replaced by the Beedle. Glad to see it coming back anyways! EDIT: Ohh.....I should have continued reading the post. Nevermind.
  18. AgentPerry

    Left Handed Mode Confirmed

    Wait, so is it actually gonna show Link being left-handed or are the controls gonna be re-calibrated (like the controls are for the left-handed but the display will still show right-handed Link)?
  19. AgentPerry

    Spoiler Is This a Zora?

    Because they are a Mogma and a Goron??? The picture on the left shows the some of the different races and the Goddess.
  20. AgentPerry

    Spoiler Is This a Zora?

    To those who think that the squid thing is just an enemy... For my opinion on this, it does look like a pre-evolution of the Zoras. They have the same "marks" as a Zora (except they are red) and...yeah that's all I got.
  21. AgentPerry

    The Forest Reminds Me of Something

    Nice!! I have wanted to explore a forest setting like that since I knew about the beta forest from Twilight Princess.
  22. AgentPerry

    How Skyward Sword Will Begin...

    Oh gosh. This is beautiful. Very good work ya got there!
  23. AgentPerry

    Create Your Own Items

    Wow. Now I am getting these weird ideas for items. :P This is ups my excitement for Skyward Sword even more!
  24. AgentPerry

    Spoiler New Gameplay?

    I freaked out in some parts. Specifically this: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110913043951/random-ness/images/3/3e/OEW_MEH_GAWSH.png
  25. AgentPerry

    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword TGS Trailer

    I saw that at the beginning of the 3DS Conference and I was being a total geek when I saw it. lol
  26. AgentPerry

    Spoiler NEW VIDEO!!!

    I am loving the music in this game right now. The peaceful tune of Skyloft, the magestic music for the overworld, and that tropical (somehow) theme to Eldin Volcano. I'm basically loving everything about this game right now. Nice to see that the Mole Mitts return!
  27. AgentPerry

    Sgt. Frog

    Has anyone ever heard of this manga/anime series? I think it is so HILARIOUS and I am loving it right now. I love its heavy pop culture references. I have an example of one in a pic, but it's kinda huge so I'll post it as a link instead...
  28. AgentPerry

    Confirmed! 2nd Circle Pad for 3DS

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ A comment from http://nintendo3dsblog.com/first-look-at-second-circle-pad-attachment-for-the-3ds
  29. AgentPerry

    All-new Information Coming Soon, Take a Look at That New Artwork!

    YES! Now I'm VERY looking forward for my next issue!
  30. AgentPerry

    General Classic Navi VS Tatl

    Tatl had more character and personality so she has my vote.
  31. AgentPerry

    Wii U - Buy It Immediately or Wait?

    I know I'll buy it at launch. (Even though it's expensive :() For my family, if there's a new Nintendo console, it needs to be bought at launch.
  32. AgentPerry

    Knight Dialogue

    Wow. Thanks for the find! So now I know what these knights look like now and stuff.
  33. AgentPerry

    Rating Predictions

    As others I'm expecting a 9.5 or higher but I really want Skyward Sword to get a perfect 10/10!
  34. AgentPerry

    Getting Made Fun of for Zelda

    *sigh* Yes, yes I sadly have. Mostly because of all of my classmates heavily appreciating Sony and Microsoft and never Nintendo. :dry:
  35. AgentPerry

    Wreck-It Ralph

    So, Walt Disney Animation Studios' next movie is Wreck-It Ralph which is set to release on November 2, 2012. Here is the information that Disney released for this movie. Now what I find VERY interesting about this movie is that it will be like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? where there were many...
  36. AgentPerry

    SS release dates!!!

    I am now happy! :) Now all I have do is play the Sun's Song a couple of times and it'll be November 20! :D
  37. AgentPerry

    Fire Dungeon

    Unless Nintendo logic happens and they make a concrete living creature, it's probably just architecture. :thinking:
  38. AgentPerry

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    So I know you can still roll in Skyward Sword, but how do you execute one? (Did I just say execute? :huh:)
  39. AgentPerry

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ Of course. < Just ate a weird tasting cookie. V Likes cheesecake.
  40. AgentPerry

    This or That

    Oh. 'cause all my friends and I call it This or That. :huh:
  41. AgentPerry

    This or That

    First, choose one of the above choices. Then, make up your own This or That questions. I'll go first... ahem... This or That? ^^
  42. AgentPerry

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    I really like the cookie I'm just ea- *looks at the cookie*
  43. AgentPerry

    Do You Think Collecting Tears in the Siren World Will Be As Tedious As It Was in TP?

    The tear collecting was VERY annoying in Twilight Princess. I hated that part so much. I hope that it won't be that tedious in Skyward Sword.
  44. AgentPerry

    Skyward Sword "number"

    Skyward Sword will be my twelfth (or thirteenth when Four Swords for DSi/3DS arrives) Zelda game. The Collector's Edition (LoZ, AoL, OoT, MM), OoA, WW, MC, TP, PH, ST, LADX, and soon, FS. (Not counting OoT3D)
  45. AgentPerry

    Share Your Dreams.

    I remember this part of my dream where I was being driven back to my house and it was really gloomy and it was raining hard. I arrived at my house to see that it had Christmas decorations which really questioned me 'cause it was in the middle of Summer. I went into the house and for some reason...
  46. AgentPerry

    Your "Facepalm" Moments in Video Games

    When I watch through cutscenes of several Square Enix games that contain awkward laughing. -_-
  47. AgentPerry

    Do You Need It?

    Yup! Without them, no fun for the player. So, like Ramaral8 said, Skyward Sword will be bundled with Motion Plus so that's good for people who don't have Motion Plus.
  48. AgentPerry

    When is the Release Date?

    Well, it's still officially "Holiday 2011". Just wait until it's officially announced. Probably on Nintendo's annual conference thing.
  49. AgentPerry

    Idea For a Dungeon (Don't Laugh)

    I find this idea for a dungeon very interesting. A music-inclined dungeon is a good idea!
  50. AgentPerry

    How Will You Play Through the Game and What Will You Name Link?

    I will name Link...Link. I'll take my time to explore the overworld and finish all of the sidequests. So basically, I'll try to 100% complete it.
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