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  1. jebus_thecatman

    What Was Your First Video Game?

    When I was about 6 (in 1st grade), I got a GBA SP with Pokemon Firered and a couple other games for Christmas. I always remember that if I was stuck, I just restarted, and started over. I'm pretty sure I first used a squirtle :P. When I got to the elite four I blew all my money on revives and...
  2. jebus_thecatman

    Graphic Requests

    Could someone please make me a sig that has Wind Waker Link and Skyward Sword Link somewhere in it, and my name in it somewhere too.
  3. jebus_thecatman

    Whats Better Hookshot OR Grappling Hook?

    I think the grappling hook is better because it was something new at the time. The hookshot is fun and it looks cool, but it was in 4 games (ALTTP, LA, OoT, and MM) before Wind Waker. The hookshot doesn't have much use against enemies, because it pulls you to them (try that against a redead) or...
  4. jebus_thecatman


    Minecraft = Amazing! I love it, you could do whatever you want to in it. I would HIGHLY recommend it to any one that has 14 US Dollars in their paypal. Just a quick question: Does anyone who has the game purchased want to play multiplayer on my server?
  5. jebus_thecatman

    Oh Theres No Place Like Home for the Holidays

    Today there is a chorus thing that my sister is in called Madrigals. It's also a dinner. On Christmas, my family always go to my grandparents house, so at their house is my family (5), my aunt & uncle's family (4) and my grandparents (2). There's a lot of people there. Its nice to see that...
  6. jebus_thecatman


    Ok, has any one had snow yet? Last night, I got snow that actually stayed!!! It is about 2-4 inches!
  7. jebus_thecatman

    Pet Peeves

    Whenever there is a sound similar to someone scratching a chalkboard. I just hate that
  8. jebus_thecatman

    Trick or Treating Law

    Whew, at least the law is in 1 town, not a whole state. But think about the people (a few of my friends included) who have just turned 13, they would't be able to trick-or-treat legally, I'm sure they'd get away with it though.
  9. jebus_thecatman

    What is your color?

    Orange all the way! 1. One of my future high school's colors is orange 2. DA BEARS!
  10. jebus_thecatman

    Zelda Insults

    I definitely will use some of these sometime! I don't say any to people, but I go down the hallways yelling Oot Adult Links cry thing a lot.
  11. jebus_thecatman

    Favorite Ways To Kill Miniblins

    Ok, you know the miniblins right? What are your favorite ways to kill them? Mine by far is swinging the Skull Hammer like a baseball bat and see them flying.
  12. jebus_thecatman

    Zelda Accomplishments

    Try to beat this: Beaten: Wind Waker Owned: Wind Waker Twilight Princess Spirit Tracks OoT AND MM Yeah, it isn't too hard to beat me XD
  13. jebus_thecatman

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I picked up Paper Mario 2 last month and loving every bit of it. I'm pretty sure my next purchase will be Minecraft, an adventure game that you play your way
  14. jebus_thecatman

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Backgrounds! (These Took Me a While, So Please Leave a Nice Comment ;D)

    Those are amazing! You could do whatever element you would like to
  15. jebus_thecatman

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    Wait What? We actually won! Awesome I am moon walking and laughing! Hey, SW nice job killing @lex MM, you just smashed hid=s head
  16. jebus_thecatman

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    If its random vote time, RVS: @lex MM
  17. jebus_thecatman

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    I suggest any one being passive post now.
  18. jebus_thecatman

    Favorite Zelda Animal

    House Pets. You can't beat cats, you just can't. I like cats (and dogs for that matter) the most in TP because you can actually pick them up.
  19. jebus_thecatman

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    Ok, I'm really incredably sorry about this, UnVote: Mizer Vote: kokirion
  20. jebus_thecatman

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    Ok, sorry for editing. Since the day is about to end... Vote: Mizer I'm changing for FoS/ IGMEOY to a vote, Mizer just seems to much like TheGreen...
  21. jebus_thecatman

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    FoS: Mizer, I think its silly how you don't believe kokirion, why vote for Teammate/ Guild Member, I checked if kokirion voted for TheGreen, and he did. I rest my case (for now, I guess). For the record, I edited because of spelling, nothing else
  22. jebus_thecatman

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    I drew all that^ I meant to draw hair on the dude, oh well
  23. jebus_thecatman

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    IGMEOY: Mizer and kokirion You two seem to have started to team up/ trust each other now, maybe you're scum
  24. jebus_thecatman

    Tri-Force Shard Hunt Revisited

    It was pretty fun. The first time through I got really frustrated fighting Molgera (because I kept targeting the mini things instead of the tounge), so I was a bit scared. I also was scared because of (don't laugh) Kalle Demos, but I killed it with 1 combo. The place itself is awesome. The...
  25. jebus_thecatman

    The Meaning of a Victory (for the Moment)

    Wow...I think you deserve a big round of applause :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  26. jebus_thecatman

    Rate the Avatar!

    9/10 It looks pretty cool. But why no words on the Pit side? He is pretty recognizable, the Kingdom Hearts dude isn't, to me at least...
  27. jebus_thecatman

    What Will Be Your Option if You Die?

    I'll give my dad's answer, "I don't care, I'll be dead." I will probably be an organ donor, so someone else doesn't have to die...Their families would be very grateful... I kind of don't want to be cremated, just in case my family is as crazy as I am (so the ashes won't be spilled all over the...
  28. jebus_thecatman

    General Art Tutorial: Making a Signature (GIMP Users Only)

    You mean how the brush strokes kind of get cut of right? If so, that shouldn't be to crazily hard to fix.
  29. jebus_thecatman

    General Art Tutorial: Making a Signature (GIMP Users Only)

    It does look a lot better if you take your time and use the path to cut out the render. I just use the wand, select the white, then grow the selection by 1. It turns out all right most of the time. I don't use the selection tool because I take my time and there would be a little bit of white in...
  30. jebus_thecatman

    General Art Tutorial: Making a Signature (GIMP Users Only)

    Wow, this tutorial is amazing! One thing that I do instead of using the free selection tool, I (besides using renders from a site) use the magic wand tool and select the white. It isn't the greatest method, it depends on the picture.
  31. jebus_thecatman

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    IGMEOY: Mizer Evidence: You are defending yourself...almost too much
  32. jebus_thecatman

    Ocarina of Time That Guard Who Dies in OoT

    "He's not moving anymore..." It really creeps me out... His final words are telling you things you probably know already, about the Ocarina of Time I wouldn't mind him being in the remake
  33. jebus_thecatman

    Graphic Requests

    Thanks Anemos! ;) I love it! :yes: I won't need the link, I'm going to download it
  34. jebus_thecatman

    Rate the Avatar!

    9/10 That game is supposed to be amazing!
  35. jebus_thecatman

    Voting: GCC Week 2 - Pokemon Wallpapers

    I putting my vote for Xinnamin, the pokemon that she hand drawn (well with computer, XD) look amazing. I also love the different backgrounds. I don't think there's anything needed to be improved on. Good job Xinnamin!!!
  36. jebus_thecatman

    Graphic Requests

    Could you make the fire blue and the text, maybe white? Thank you very much!
  37. jebus_thecatman

    Possibility for Downloadable Skyward Sword Demo in Wii Shop Channel

    I hope they actually are thinking about this. I also hope the demo will be free and won't require Wii Motion Plus, because I don't have it yet (I guess I could borrow one from a friend...). Random thing that doesn't have to do with most things: 100th Post!!!
  38. jebus_thecatman

    Graphic Requests

    Could I make a request? I would like it to be a avatar, the size being 100 by 100. The subject should be Toon Link, make the background awesome Finally, I would like for my name to be in the avy. Thanks in advance!
  39. jebus_thecatman

    The War of Edithal- Sign Ups

    Name: Cole Gender: Male Age: 12 Race: Elf (the spirit kind) Appearence: Light brown hair, blue eyes, glasses, Like an elf, short-to average sized height Clothes: Um...maybe orange shirt and hat with blue pants (or an orange tunic like Links XD), My weapon will be a slingshot, say a sword for...
  40. jebus_thecatman

    Rate the Siggy!

    10/10 There is no adjective to describe how awesome it is.
  41. jebus_thecatman

    Best Zelda Style Evar!!!!!

    I like WW the most, its just so silly:bleh:. I don't mind TP's graphics either. SS looks like it will be a good mix of both of them
  42. jebus_thecatman

    ...Link Has Fists....

    That would be amazing! But i don't think that'll happen. It might give SS an automatic T rating, but I don't know.
  43. jebus_thecatman

    Fire, Ice, Bomb, Light, ???, Arrows in Skyward Sword

    It would be amazing. I love freezing things with ice arrows, (and burning things with fire). Bomb arrows make quick work out of, well, mostly everything, along with light arrows. The only thing I don't like is if firing the bows, it controls like Wii Sports Resort. I just can't get used to it.
  44. jebus_thecatman

    Zelda Art Fan Fiction: Lia Fáil

    Wow...that was sad...it was very well written though, can't wait for more!
  45. jebus_thecatman

    Windfall Island As a Flooded Kakariko Village?

    I think its possible, with the music being very similar, like you said before. The grave stone thing and Dragon Roost-being-close-because-its-Death-Mountain thing (I personally like saying Outset Island is Death Mountain, but that's just me). It is very possible, but we'll never know.
  46. jebus_thecatman

    Majora's Mask Inside Box

    I really want to try this! I'm going to next chance I get!
  47. jebus_thecatman

    Guild Wars (Game Thread! Finally!)

    Vote: Hero of Time Look above me for evidence.
  48. jebus_thecatman

    Rate the Avatar!

    9/10: Pichu is amazing! Since it looks hand drawn, its even cooler
  49. jebus_thecatman

    Should Cole Have Been the Main Villan?

    He's a pretty cool character. I say he is a little small to be a final boss. He is kind of a mini Malladus, but Malladus did possess him. I wouldn't mind him being a in a new game, being the main villian.
  50. jebus_thecatman

    The Member Fact Game

    ^Has a good quote in siggy, and a brawl themed sig.
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