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  1. Master Kokiri 9

    Bloodstone (Sign-Ups)

    I apologize greatly for the double post, but I need to update this. I'm dropping all the characters. I'm sorry to have to do this, but to be honest, this project is starting to assimilate into something else and, well, yeah things are getting really messy with this. Besides, even if I were to...
  2. Master Kokiri 9

    Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

    So yeah, Axle the Beast, Athenian200, and I were building characters in DnD. Game breakage ensues.
  3. Master Kokiri 9

    Twilight Princess I Ran Out of Water Bombs in the Lakebed Temple

    Oh trust me, you don't need to get back out into Hyrule Field. Right near the entrance to the Lake Bed temple (in the area with the Zoras swimming around) there is a Zora who'll sell you Water Bombs. They're a bit more expensive than if you got them from Barnes, but with how common Rupees are...
  4. Master Kokiri 9

    A Link to the Past Stuck in ALTTP

    Personally, I think you should try to get them into a cluster, flip them all over, and get them a shot of the Ether Medallion (you get it by reading the Hylian tablet to the west of the Tower of Hera in the Light World). That should finish most of them off pretty easily. You could also try to...
  5. Master Kokiri 9

    Bloodstone (Sign-Ups)

    Very good. Again, the dream field and Cultural Area aren't necessary, but other than that, you're good. Remember everyone, I sign ups are still very much needed/wanted.
  6. Master Kokiri 9

    Twilight Princess Ball and Chain: Too Good?

    The Ball and Chain may be powerful, but it's so slow that you'd probably be better off with a sword combo. It's more or less useless due to how slow and awkward it is to use.
  7. Master Kokiri 9

    What's the Worst Thing About Anime?

    Excessive filler is by far my biggest pet peeve with Anime. You can have the greatest series of all time suddenly come down with a bad case of filler and then it just dies. I understand that filler will inevitably happen when you adapt an ongoing manga into an anime, but more than just a five...
  8. Master Kokiri 9

    Bloodstone (Sign-Ups)

    Jedizora Nice names, I quite like them. It's okay, you're still good. The role is slightly different, but you're still good for that. I'd just like to announce that the Cultral Area field is no longer valid. Basically what it was supposed to be was an area from the (currently...
  9. Master Kokiri 9

    Bloodstone (Sign-Ups)

    I am VERY VERY VERY sorry for the extra double post, but I just need to announce that sign-ups for this are once again OPEN. Check out the full details in the new OP. (Also, could I get a Mod to change the title to Bloodstone? Prease?)
  10. Master Kokiri 9

    Iwata's Apology

    To be honest, I don't think the formal, public apology was necessary. The price cut and Ambassador Program were enough to say sorry to begin with. However, having the head of the entire company just come out and say that they're sorry for how things went down, well, that was very very...
  11. Master Kokiri 9

    Who's Beaten What Games?

    I've played all the main series games, but the only one I haven't beaten is Adventure of Link (kept giving up just before the Great Palace). In fact, I'm currently working on beating AoL right now.
  12. Master Kokiri 9

    What Kind Of Bellybutton Do You Have?

    I have no bellybutton. But seriously, I have an inny.
  13. Master Kokiri 9

    Web Browsers

    I refuse to use anything other than Firefox. I just love it to death, the plugins are cool and, well, it's much faster than Internet Explorer. I've never tried anything else nor would I want to.
  14. Master Kokiri 9

    Have You Ever Catched 'em All?

    I remember once I came VERY close to completing the Platinum Sinnoh Pokedex (somewhere around 140 if I remember correctly) but then something stopped me and I stopped (and soon deleted my game to replay it). I don't quite remember if I ever managed to catch them all in the originals, I think I...
  15. Master Kokiri 9

    Ocarina of Time What to Do...

    I preordered mine so I didn't have any problem, but the guy who gave me my copy commented that that was the very last copy in the store. XD Definitely glad I preordered my copy.
  16. Master Kokiri 9

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker Wii U

    To be honest, as much as I love Wind Waker, I don't want a remake. At least, not now. Mainly since it's totally unnecessary: it still plays, looks, and feels great, and there's not really much that would make a Wind Waker remake worthwhile. It's pretty old now, sure, but it's aged well and still...
  17. Master Kokiri 9

    A Link to the Past What's YOUR Death Count?

    My lowest was zero (which are from most of my more recent runs of the game), and highest (if I recall correctly) was somewhere around 40 on my first playthrough (I know I've died well over 100 times on an attempted minimalist run, but technically I never finished the game on that particular run...
  18. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    Hm, interesting. I'm gonna get to work on analysis, but before I go, here's my take on the whole roleblocky thing. Giovanni never had a flying type on his team at all, so he's most likely out. I did some research on Ariana and her other Admins, and yeah, she's the most likely candidate for...
  19. Master Kokiri 9

    Ganondorf Pwn Game

    I spawn a Creeper on him. Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss BOOM! ZD- 34 Ganon- 17
  20. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    Alright, just wanted to post to inform you all that I'm all caught up. I'm not gonna vote anyone at the moment, but I will be going back and doing some analysis, so yeah.
  21. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    Okay, sorry I haven't posted much lately. Looks like you guys have been busy without me, so I'm gonna read, catch up, and then reread on whomever I feel is the most suspicious.
  22. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    What buh- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I thought that was for people who just weren't voting anyone, not the people who hadn't voted for the entire game. >_> I would think that it'd be easier and more efficient to just list who isn't voting rather than who has yet to vote at all.
  23. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    By the way, Zenox, I would like to retrieve mah Canduh bah, nu Pokeyen, just Canduh Bah. U've ideeentufeed thet u dun furgoot ta poot meh in tehr. (Translation: I would like my Candy Bar directly, please. You forgot to put me on your Vote Count.)
  24. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    EBWODP If you're talking about me potentially not knowing the theme, trust me, I know the theme very well. I don't know why, but my thought process at the time somehow came to "Hey, maybe I can spot a flaw in his claim if I know whether or not he knows the theme". In retrospect, it doesn't...
  25. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    Fakeclaims aren't always given by the mods, duder. A fake claim is a roleclaim that is fake. And about the Cop thing, it was just a suggestion for our Cop: not saying "Oh hey, you should investigate this dude and tell us if he's guilty or innocent". If he gets an innocent result or something...
  26. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    Okay, here's the conclusions I'm drawing from this: Bruno would definitely be the Bodyguard. Usually, with Bodyguards, they've got 50% efficiency (of keeping both them and their protectee alive: otherwise, the Bodyguard dies), but I'll buy 40%. Bruno wouldn't have been the first character I'd...
  27. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    Okay, first off: HoM is still giving me MAJOR scum vibes. Especially when he suggested that we all claim on Day 1. I'm sorry if I sound harsh/unforgiving, but that is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Was it a joke? Probably. But still, just the suggestion of it is what really makes...
  28. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    First Post: RVS, nothing special Second Post: This is when things start getting odd. Hero begins to explain what he thinks may be plausible roles within the game, but right after he mentions digging, he has a hidden role-claim. My thought is that, if characters from the anime are included...
  29. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    Unvote I got some reading to do, so I'll be back later.
  30. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    Ahhhhh, I got you now. Ahhh, I thought you knew the theme for some reason. =/ Meh, whatever, not like it's a big issue.
  31. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    I've actually never heard of a Role or Name Cop. In my experience off-site, most cops just get the alignment of the character, not their name or Role, so yeah. Thief works similarly, but you only get an item relating to the character: therefore, you'd be on your own trying to figure out whether...
  32. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    EBWODP I just re-read the intro, and yeah, I dun goofed. So as far as third party roles terrorizing the town... I still think that either Red or Silver (definitely not both) would be a Survivor. I totally should've put that pic in spoiler tags... =(
  33. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    They don't. Third Party roles aren't necessarily against anybody (with the exception of the Serial Killer, whom I doubt would be in the game due to the lack of a Serial Killer-esque character, and Cults since their win condition requires only Cultists to be standing).
  34. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    I would think that since this is based off the Johto games/arc (or at least, it seems that way due to his mention of Johto), Giovanni wouldn't be in here. We can probably expect the admins to show up, and what they'd be doing I'm not entirely sure of. Red/Gold will almost definitely be in...
  35. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    What are candy bars used for, Mister Pokeminion? I DEMAND ANSWERS!
  36. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    Just a fair warning for those of you who know me/have done research on the games I've played here, my playstyle has changed quite a bit due to off-site Mafia. For reference, you may want to do some research on the following games. However, there is quite a bit more family-unfriendly stuff there...
  37. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Sign-Up

    /CONFIRMATORY! LET'S GO! And lol I love my role.
  38. Master Kokiri 9

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Sign-Up

    FRICKIN' /in!! Gotta lynch 'em all, POKEMAFIA! EDIT: Seems they disabled caps lock in here. Crap. Now what am I gonna do to show extreme excitement? EDIT II: MAYBE THIS WILL WORK! EDIT III: YEAH, IT WORKS! EPIC IN A CAN!
  39. Master Kokiri 9

    Classic Games Require Classic Consoles

    As far as old consoles go, I'd rather not hunt down an old cartridge, be it by buying it through the Virtual Console or downloading a ROM and playing on an emulator. It's more cost effective, it's more space effective (I've really been struggling in terms of space for games lately), and it lasts...
  40. Master Kokiri 9

    Rate the Title

    Expected from someone who's name is Amaterasu, and the colors go well together. 7/10
  41. Master Kokiri 9

    Bloodstone (Sign-Ups)

    Ah, okay. Well, I'd prefer to wait until I'm done making my new world and get down a "naming pattern" before we start with the new names. I'll keep it in mind for now, but just saying, it might be subject to change later on.
  42. Master Kokiri 9

    Zelda Art Adventure to Skyloft

    In my opinion, this could stand to be a bit longer (I'd recommend a bit less than is enough to fit the whole page: that seems to be a good enough length for me, at least), but this being short isn't a bad thing at all. One thing I don't like is how you center the very last sentence without...
  43. Master Kokiri 9

    Bloodstone (Sign-Ups)

    Apologies for the double post and all, but I need to make an announcement: this story has been put on HOLD. I've been writing this for a while, and to be honest, I just don't have enough freedom with it. I want to be accurate, but at the same time, I'm not sure I can pull this off. Therefore...
  44. Master Kokiri 9

    Spoiler Where Would YOU Live?

    Three choices, listed in order of preference. 3. Clock Town (minus the whole moon falling and killing the world thing) Clock Town would be a nice place to live between the shooting gallery, various games and other such things, and nice people (for the most part). Add in that it's in pretty...
  45. Master Kokiri 9

    Embarassing Gaming Habits

    I tend to shout out at things in Pokemon games. Not swears mind you, just more like an angry football fan who's favorite team is doing something stupid (maybe it's hereditary since my mom happens to be one of those aforementioned angry football fans...). I also tend to swear up a storm...
  46. Master Kokiri 9

    Water in Skyward Sword

    Water looks absolutely amazing. I'm glad that they didn't go for the "lol distilled natural pools" look TP had going. I think it's a great middle road for the water in terms of "not looking like someone just dumped a million bottles of water into a hole in the ground" and actually being able to...
  47. Master Kokiri 9

    Anyone else Really Hoping for Hard Bosses?

    Amen. I'd love a good challenge in the recent games. Although I would hope that they aren't as frusterating as, say, the AoL bosses. If they were about ALttP level difficulty, that'd be great, although I wouldn't mind if they were more just a notch or two above, say, the MM bosses.
  48. Master Kokiri 9

    New Nintendo Console: Wii U

    The 3DS. It has all of that. ;) To be honest, I think the concept seems very interesting. Most people seem to be all abuzz about it, and, well, if so many people think great things of it, then I'm all for the new control scheme. The system is already looking promising since it seems to have...
  49. Master Kokiri 9

    Ocarina of Time There's ONE Mystery Orchestral Track in OoT3D.....

    I think it's gonna be one of three songs. Either Hyrule Field (which I personally wouldn't like to be orchestrated as much as other songs), the Ganondorf battle theme (which would be a lot more awesome, but not quite as awesome), or the Ganon battle theme (by far the most awesome imo, but only...
  50. Master Kokiri 9

    Pokemon: How Do You Raise Your Pokemon?

    Basically, what I do is I just have my lowest level Pokemon fight all the trainer battles I get into and then, once it's equal with the highest level Pokemon in my team, I switch to the next weakest, and so on and so forth. If it WAS the very weakest, I don't even bother switching for another...
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