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  1. キラ

    What are you doing for Valentine's Day? What are you giving your SO?

    Also, if you know what you're receiving, post that too! My girlfriend just wants a bouquet of flowers supposedly so I'm going to try to go a step further... Maybe I'll take her to a very nice restaurant because I know she loves going out to nice places. :) I know for a fact that she...
  2. キラ

    Rate the Last Album You Listened To

    There's a "Rate the Last Movie You Watched" thread, why not this one? Everyone loves music! You may put the album cover in your post, but just make sure it's either around the size I put, or put it in a spoiler. Thank you. I will start out. good kid, m.A.A.d. city - Kendrick Lamar...
  3. キラ

    General Zelda Who is Your Favorite NPC from the Zelda Games?

    I don't know why, but I always thought that Grog was really interesting. In OoT, he just sat in front of the tree in Kakariko Village at night - he's really mysterious... I also like his quote "People are disgusting. My own mother and father are disgusting. You must be disgusting too!" Maybe he...
  4. キラ

    What is a Hobby of Yours That No One else Cares to Partake in with You?

    I have a hobby of learning about Japan and looking up vlogs of Japan on YouTube. None of my friends really care for that. I'm alone in my hobby. :( What about you guys?
  5. キラ

    Which Video Game Controller is Your Favorite?

    I'm not sure if a lot of people would pick this, but my favorite video game controller would have to be the Gamecube controller. The analog stick is big and has a good grip. The C-Stick is on the bottom right, instead of being alligned with the other analog stick on most controllers. I...
  6. キラ

    Post Your Favorite Song Lyrics

    Let's have a thread to share some of our favorite lyrics from our favorite songs. Mark as "Explicit" if need be. I'll start. Linkin Park - Numb
  7. キラ

    What Do You Think is the Reason for Wii U's Low Sales?

    A lot of people say that the Wii U isn't selling well because of the lack of many good games. A lot of people say that the Wii U isn't selling well because of poor utilization of the Gamepad. A lot of people say it's because the Wii U's online infastructure isn't very good. I disagree with these...
  8. キラ

    The Confession Thread *SERIOUS REPLIES*

    If there is anything that you want to just get off of your chest, come here and type it. In case you want to make an anonymous confession, but want to be heard, you can send your confession to [email protected], and they will be quoted into the thread with the name "Anonymous" here. Do...
  9. キラ

    General Classic Do You Think MM Took OoT's Spot of Being the Most Popular & Acclaimed Zelda Game?

    When OoT came out, everyone was saying it was the greatest Zelda game in the series, and even the greatest game of all time, for its revolutionary controls (Z-Targeting and its context-sensitive A button) to its huge open world (for the time), its music, it's story, and time warping. But now...
  10. キラ

    Do You Care to Earn Achievements/Trophies?

    Do you care to earn Achievements/Trophies? Personally - although they can be fun sometimes because they can present fun challenges - I don't really care about them. I just care about having fun in the game I am in. I also don't think that you gamerscore or how many trophies you have can...
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