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  1. Myriadviper42

    General Art Greater Good, Greater Game

    Welcome to my next story here at ZD! Hope you enjoy, give some constructive criticism, etc. And just so you know, any change from third person to first person in the prologue is completely intentional. "Two of the greatest flaws of mankind are its tendency to apply meaning to things that have...
  2. Myriadviper42

    General Art Le New Story Sign Ups

    SO! After a lengthy period of inactivity from this forum altogether, I have decided to hopefully return to writing. I've been juggling around an idea in my head for a while now and I think I have it pretty good. However, as it is, to tell you what the entirety of the story is REALLY about would...
  3. Myriadviper42

    General Art The Dreamscape

    A couple things before I begin. First off, I have decided that Reinhart, Gobli's character, will be the main character. :) And then to explain how this will work...A lot of the story will be in first person present tense from the POV of Reinhart. However, when the story goes to another event...
  4. Myriadviper42

    General Art Dream Story Sign Ups

    So I've been tossing around this idea in my head for some time, and only recently have had it fleshed out. It's sort of like a mix between the Matrix and Inception...in a fantasy/medieval world, if that makes any sense. It focuses around the idea that all reality is merely the dream of a God...
  5. Myriadviper42

    General Art Slater

    So, here I am, back into the often dangerous field of writing. I've had a long period of absence on ZD, mainly due to conflicts with school. I've been very, very busy, with multiple projects going on at once, both for school, and story ideas in my own mind. This is one of them. It will be part...
  6. Myriadviper42

    Phantom Hourglass Where Did The Wind Waker Go?

    If there's a thread like this, or, if I'm completely wrong and there was an explanation for this somewhere in Wind Waker, feel free to close this. So, in between WW and PH, where did the Wind Waker go? Is it just an oversight by the creators? Is it something significant? Did I just forget...
  7. Myriadviper42

    General Art Third Hunger Games Reboot

    The prologue, for your viewing. I'd like one more person to sign up before I truly begin, but the prologue is yours. For anyone who has not seen my fanfics before, please head to my previous two. Prologue Ilio Vazon Head Gamemaker Things are not what they seem to be in the...
  8. Myriadviper42

    General Art Third Hunger Games Fanfic Reboot

    After such a long absence and most of my signees or whatever you want to call them, I really have missed doing this. Therefore, instead of starting over with the series with new characters, I've decided just to remake the third one. The huge twist (the Careers dying within the first day) in the...
  9. Myriadviper42

    What Would Your Ideal FINAL Zelda Game Be Like?

    Yep. Your ideal FINAL Zelda game. I know I'm thinking a long time ahead, but I'm interested.....
  10. Myriadviper42

    General Art The Spiral

    Well, I have the characters for the prologue ready, so let's get this started. What does one think of when they hear the word 'villain's lair?' Abandoned warehouse? High-tech underground facility? In this case, the villain's lair was a hospital. Not an abandoned one. A working hospital. A...
  11. Myriadviper42

    General Art New Story Sign Ups

    Consider the Hunger Games fanfics on hold once more, as I do not seem to have much motivation (my multitude of readers being reduced to about four), and I already posted a blog about something I might do after I was finished, but I figured since I already had it so well-mapped out that it didn't...
  12. Myriadviper42

    How Do You Pronounce Gerudo?

    Seriously. I always thought it was pronounced jerudo, but my brother said it was garudo. Does anyone know the official pronunciation?
  13. Myriadviper42

    Timeshift Stone Paradox

    Now, I know that this is only a gameplay element, but when I thought about it, it didn't really make sense. If the Timeshift Stones restore an area to the past, along with the creatures in it, why isn't Link transformed? Any present thing (besides Link) that enters the Timeshift Stones' reach...
  14. Myriadviper42

    I Don't Know if Anyone else Has Noticed This, But.....

    ....there's a Tingle doll in Zelda's room. Has anyone else seen this?
  15. Myriadviper42

    Has Anyone else Noticed......

    ......that you can play the harp to the background music? I didn't really notice it the first time through, but one time during my second playthrough, I took out the harp and played for a while, and realized that it was playing to the background music. So, has anyone else noticed this?
  16. Myriadviper42

    Did the Timeshift Stones Work the Same Way in the Past

    I don't know, but something about the way Fi described the timeshift stones as 'creating a temporal field,' got me thinking. Did this same temporal zone occur in the past? If so, depending on how long ago it was, like, say, when the mining facility was manufactured and timeshift stones were...
  17. Myriadviper42

    Spoiler The....other Members of the Demon Tribe....

    Besides Demise and Ghirahim, were there any others seen in the game? Like the white-faced dude? Oh, if this is commonly-known info, please excuse my ignorance. :P
  18. Myriadviper42

    The Username and Title Game

    Basically, here's what you do. You come up with a username, and the next person has to come up with a title for that username. Oh, and, before you do, make sure the username is not actually a user. :P Does that make sense? Ex: Poster 1: Onox Poster 2: General of Darkness. So...
  19. Myriadviper42

    General Art Third Hunger Games Fanfic

    There is still time to sign up, but I might as well post the prologue now. May the odds be EVER in your favor. Oh, and, enjoy. :P Prologue Ilio Vazon Head Gamemaker I close my files, unable to find anything on the whereabouts of my daughter. Why would there be? The former President had made...
  20. Myriadviper42

    Third Hunger Games Fanfic Sign Up

    You all know the drill by now. Only one will live, I choose it completely randomly. It will have more twists then ever before......... Oh, and, if you're new and you haven't read the first two fanfics you must read them or else you will not understand one thing that is going on. May the odds, be...
  21. Myriadviper42

    General Art Shatterpoint

    I am pretty sure you've all forgotten about this. Remember me saying I'd make a Hunger Games one-shot? Well, this is it. Comment and enjoy. The black coat billowed behind the man's slim figure as he stood in the hovercraft looking down at the place known as District 2 below him. "Are you...
  22. Myriadviper42

    Any LoZ Mangas You Liked Better Than the Game?

    The title says it all. Is there any Legend of Zelda manga that you liked better than the game it was based on? Of course, a lot of people probably would agree that most of the manga, although somewhat good, are inferior to the game it is based on. I feel that way with most of the manga...
  23. Myriadviper42

    General Art Second Hunger Games Fanfic

    Prepare yourselves for the second fanfic in my Hunger Games Quintet. I must say, it took a lot shorter to get the correct amount of people than last time. But then again, I was not well known then. Anyway, if you wish to have a special role, check my blog. And may the odds be ever in your favor...
  24. Myriadviper42

    Ask Link A Question

    Exactly as it says. You get to ask Link a question, and the next user replies from Link's point of view, and then asks another question. Isn't it fun? Do people ever yell at you for breaking things?
  25. Myriadviper42

    Second Hunger Games Fanfic Sign Up

    You may have seen my Hunger Games fanfic that I completed. I am having another one, to give more people a chance to win. I'd like to see some old faces, but I'd also like some new. But don't let my words discourage you, and may the odds be ever in your favor (and congrats to FirevsIce for...
  26. Myriadviper42

    Which Would You Rather See a Zelda Game On, the Xbox or the Playstation?

    Exactly as it says. Which one do you think would be better? I know most people wouldn't want it on either, and it probably won't ever happen, but between the two, which would you pick? I personally say the Xbox. It's not that I want it there, I'd just prefer it there more than the Playstation.
  27. Myriadviper42

    The Member Lie Game

    Exactly as it sounds. Based on the member fact game. If you haven't noticed. Self-explanitory really. Do I have to explain?
  28. Myriadviper42

    The Member Opinion Game

    Clearly based on The Member Fact Game. It's self explanatory, if you've played The Member Fact Game, you should know what to do, right? Hopefully.
  29. Myriadviper42

    The Worst _______you've Ever Seen

    It works like this. Ex: Poster 1: The worst movie you've ever seen is...... Poster 2: Zoom. The worst book you've ever read is.......... Get the picture? If no, please say so.
  30. Myriadviper42

    Skyloft Goddess is Din, Nayru, and Faore?

    You all saw the new trailer. There was a statue of a goddess, with a triangle on it. Could it be that this goddess created Hyrule and everything else, and split into three, along with the Triforce. Is this significant? Or just a coincidence? Share your opinions.
  31. Myriadviper42

    Most Effective Villain

    It doesn't mean your favorite villain, it means which villain gave you the feeling that he/she was really going to do those things, that the villain would make the game a good story. Mine is Majora. He has absolutely no conscience. He turned Link into a Deku Scrub, took control of the Skull Kid...
  32. Myriadviper42

    Hyrule Risk

    Exactly as it sounds. Risk set in Hyrule (Oot). Seeing as Hyrule is quite small, there will only be a bit of territories. Somebody will have to give me a map. There will only be two teams, as there aren't that many places. The places I know are: 1. Hyrule Castle Town 2. Hyrule Castle 3. Kokiri...
  33. Myriadviper42

    Zelda Hitchhiker

    Forgive me if this game already exists. Anyway, you basically are driving and you pick up a hitchhiker. Than judging on the person's actions, attitude, etc., you decide who it is. If you're right, you move on and you become a hitchhiker for the next person that comes along. If this is...
  34. Myriadviper42

    General Art Hunger Games Fanfic

    I'll only be starting the actual story when more people sign up, but for now I'll do the prolouge. Remember, only one character can survive, but all will come back as muttations. I'd like at least half the tributes filled in before I start. And may the odds be ever in your favor! Rated PG-13 for...
  35. Myriadviper42

    Hunger Games Fanfic Sign Up

    I was thinking around and I came up with the ideas for this. For those of you who haven't read The Hunger Games, North America was transformed into Panem after a series of disasters. There were 13 Districts ringed around the Capitol. Then the Districts rebelled, 12 being defeated and the 13th...
  36. Myriadviper42


    I don't know if anyone's noticed, but there are absolutely NO bathrooms, not even outhouses in the Zelda series. Why is that!? Share your opinions.
  37. Myriadviper42

    Rise of Darkness Sign Up Thread

    For my story, Rise of Darkness, has not worked out too well in submitted characters (you were supposed to P.M. me, only one person did that) I have made this thread. Here is the sheet to fill out. Name: Age: Gender: Race: Description: Inventory: Bio: NOTE: This takes place a year or so after WW...
  38. Myriadviper42

    Rise of Darkness

    This is a Zelda story I'm making. It is set a year or so after the events of Wind Waker. WW and PH characters will be in it, as well as submitted characters. If you want to submit a character, send me a private message. NOTICE: rated PG-13 for blood, violence, and mild language. I will post the...
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