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  1. Neo

    Link Able to Walk the Overworld?

    I don't think the overworld will allow foot travel. Towns and specific areas may, but it will most likely be like Phantom Hourglass and require train travel to get anywhere. In otherwords, you're basically using the same principle, just with land instead of water, and you don't really get as...
  2. Neo

    Hurricane Spin

    How do I acquire the hurricane spin? Zelda Wiki isn't very helpful, here, so I'm asking you guys. Please help if possible!
  3. Neo

    Difficult Controls?

    I believe it asked me at the beginning if I was left or right handed. Didn't you guys get that prompt?
  4. Neo

    Difficult Controls?

    I just bought Phantom Hourglass several hours ago, and I've already noticed that then controls are quite difficult to adapt to. Perhaps this is because I'm so used to using buttons. The new stylus-only control system is VERY different to me and is causing me problems for the first time ever in a...
  5. Neo

    Do You Want More Link's Crossbow Training?

    I'm not sure they could actually make a sequel to LCT. But I suppose that the system wasn't too bad... In reality, I wouldn't mind seeing another one. The original was pretty neat. The system works, the difficulty was just right, and the game held my attention. The things I feel it lacked...
  6. Neo

    Do You Have Your Own Vehicle?

    I do have my own car. It's a 1997 Saturn 4-door sedan. It's not great, but it gets AMAZING gas mileage. I can get over 200 miles on a tank of 12.2 gallons. The best part about this car? It has less than 40,000 miles on it. No lie. I know people with over 30 gallon tanks that barely get...
  7. Neo

    Ocarina of Time OOT Temples Music= Creepy?

    Personally, I found the creepiest music to be that of the Forest Temple. The Shadow Temple/Bottom of the Well music wasn't as creepy, although it did make second on my list. The third would be Spirit Temple, and the rest weren't creepy at all. I actually liked the Fire Temple music. I'm mad...
  8. Neo

    OoX on the Neutral Timeline?

    Nintendo's pretty much been sticking to their word. ...SW? Not sure what that means... Just because Nintendo said it awhile ago doesn't mean it's not true anymore. You're purely speculating that the intent changed, and you can't really make justifications out of that.
  9. Neo

    Should Link Die?

    Uhm...no. I would've taken this MUCH more seriously if you'd presented a valid argument such as: "Link's death would add a tragic twist to the storyline. It is a common occurrence in epic tales for the hero to meet a tragic fate. Perhaps this theme would fit well to Zelda? What do you think?"...
  10. Neo

    OoX on the Neutral Timeline?

    You see, this would hold some water if Nintendo hadn't confirmed that OoT is the FIRST game in the series. Why people continue to place TMC in front of it eludes me.
  11. Neo

    Alttp's Flute in the Dark World

    ...You know, I've never even thought anything of this. But now that you mention it, I do wonder how Link manages to call the bird in the dark world... Perhaps it's because the dark world and the light world are starting to fluctuate and open portals to one another? That's the best I can come up...
  12. Neo


    They're nothing more than a minor annoyance to me. I find keese to be the TRUE annoying enemies. Keese can fly and follow you, while Octoroks can only spit rocks and hope to hit you. Also, Octoroks rarely appear in dungeons. They're mostly just an overworld enemy, and are thus designed to be...
  13. Neo

    Link's Lighter

    I have NEVER thought of this before... Wow. Now I feel stupid. In all honesty, I think that the answer would have to lie in the bomb bag. I support the idea of a rough opening that lights the fuses. It makes sense, really.
  14. Neo

    Sage Shadsie's Fan Fiction Genre Guide

    Thank you for NOT including selfcest and clonecest and such. But quite well done, I must say. What inspired you to create this?
  15. Neo

    Goron Mines Enjoyable?

    Le gasp! I LOVE the Fire Temple in OoT! You call that boring? Back on topic, I found them to be fun. They introduced some new elements and puzzles that became awesome, such as the magnetic portions.
  16. Neo

    The 'annoy' and the 'bug'

    Wind Waker. Ohhh boy. *Ahem* For starters, this game was TOO easy. I only died ONCE in this game, and that was because of the savage labyrinth (the LONG dungeon on Outset.) Next, the cartoony style was...lame. WHY would you make it look like a game for small children? It's ridiculous! In...
  17. Neo


    Ahh the lol. I don't like pointless abbreviations and, as such, will simply type "haha." I especially hate seeing it on forums. It just really gets on my nerves when you type like a 13-year old. Even if you are 13, it's still stupid. Makes being a site admin tricky, though. I have to...
  18. Neo

    Mm Help

    'Fraid not. Don't fret, though. You have two more whole days to screw around, so I'd say you're set. Once you finish the dungeon, just go around and clean out the swamp (spider house excluded since you can't complete it, yet) and then play the song of time. Here's a checklist: Resuce the Deku...
  19. Neo

    Other Forums You Are a Part Of

    Copy paste my story pretty much. I think a lot of people here came from ZU. You have to admit that it's quite awesome to be able to hold intelligent discussion, no? I do remember playing Runescape for awhile...they had a forum which you could post in, and I tried using it to get a clan...
  20. Neo

    Zelda II Hacking Thread (includes Game Genie Codes!)

    I don't have access to my equipment right now '-_- But when I can get to my grandparents' house, I'll load up my emulator and look for the hex address of Link. Don't get your hopes up, though. I've never done sprite replacement.
  21. Neo

    Tingle. Good, evil, or on something?

    ...the hell? In any case, I think Tingle was just a delusional man. He acts like a child, yet he seems to be somewhat intelligent. He is simply mislead. Perhaps he missed his childhood?
  22. Neo

    WW's Islands that had no Purpose.

    On the contrary, they each hold a treasure chart. You destroy all of the cannons to make a chest appear on one of the circular structures which represent the numbers on the die. You would fly to this with the deku leaf, and then you'd receive a treasure chart. Each of the six dice islands has...
  23. Neo

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Chuck Norris was in the original Street Fighter, but was removed due to a glitch which made every button do a roundhouse kick. When asked about the glitch, he replied "That's not a glitch." Haha that one's a little longer. Good stuff, folks.
  24. Neo

    Starting Point in AoL

    I wasn't aware that it was your first playthrough. But once you finish, try em out! They took me a lot of trials and tribulations to make!
  25. Neo

    Zelda II Hacking Thread (includes Game Genie Codes!)

    I made a thread like this on Zelda Universe, and I figured it'd get more responses here. No one even answered it on ZU. So here's the text of the original thread.
  26. Neo

    Starting Point in AoL

    How do you survive it without dying? Cheat. Seriously, man, this game is crazy. I developed a number of game genie codes you can use if you're using an emulator. Give me a few minutes to go dig them out of ZU and I'll put them up for you. Alright, here it is as I posted it on ZU a few months...
  27. Neo

    2012 Movie

    Tetra, you speak the truth. Only He knows, and He will save the world from death. I just wonder if that day is soon...perhaps I'm getting off-topic, but this movie does deal with the end of the world. That's why I just can't watch it.
  28. Neo

    What Zelda Is The Hardest ?

    3: ALttP. MY GOD! This game started out easy but ended with a nigh impossible Ganon battle! 2: LoZ. This game is so tough due to the lack of health and the difficult enemies. 1: I know you said don't put AoL, but...there's no game tougher.
  29. Neo

    2012 Movie

    That's what makes me ask if they did confirm it. Did they?
  30. Neo

    2012 Movie

    Nah, I don't think I'll see it. I don't need to scare myself anymore that I already have with this 2012 thing. But that thing about scientists confirming it...they...made that up...right?
  31. Neo

    Veran.... Twili?

    While this does sound possible, I just don't really think of it as..."working out." The Twili cannot change their forms or possess people. It seems that she is just a sorceress intent on ruling the world. She doesn't strike me as a twili. But you do make good points about her appearance and...
  32. Neo

    Embarrassing But True

    I like to listen to Paramore. That's absolutely NOTHING like me, but I still like them. I don't know why, though. But I'm not so much embarrassed by it; I'm more just tired of hearing about how "lame" and "gay" they are. I think Hayley Williams has a crazy voice. I think their guitarist has...
  33. Neo

    Your Username

    Neo is the Matrix's main character. I use it everwhere.
  34. Neo

    Stuck in OoA

    Did you get the long hook yet? How far in are you?
  35. Neo

    Ocarina of Time The Shadow Gauntlets: A Special OoT GLITCH Walkthrough

    WOW. I hit the text limit! So here's the final chapter! Final Chapter: I Told You I'd be Back Okay, now we're ready to take out Ganondorf. First, go and finish collecting everything. Once you have all of the heart pieces and skulltulas and whatnot, you are ready. Head to the temple of time...
  36. Neo

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    If Chuck Norris is late, time better slow the f**k down. That's the only one I know.
  37. Neo

    Is Wikipedia a Bad Site?

    To be honest, you cannot trust Wikipedia. It is far too easy to give false information. Even with the moderation, it is possible to get bad information through. There's always a better site than Wikipedia.
  38. Neo

    Ocarina of Time The Shadow Gauntlets: A Special OoT GLITCH Walkthrough

    Hello, ZD members. I've recently decided to make a walkthrough on how to obtain the shadow gauntlets in OoT. As you may or may not know, this process is difficult due to the necessary glitches required. I want to start off by saying that these legendary gauntlets are available in all versions...
  39. Neo

    Other Forums You Are a Part Of

    I'm an admin on ZAST. Check it out I'm still called Neo on there. I'm also a member of Zelda Universe with the same username. I don't like ZU much, anymore, though. Everyone's become such pricks since Cody became the webministrator. I remember the good old days of '04, back when Lars owned...
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