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  1. Skull Kid

    Favorite Zelda Minigame!

    Haha i found that mini to be very different. But when you beat it the reward i think is very fullfilling in the end. My favorite mini game would for to be the swamp shoot out :P This mini is by far very cool I mean lighting up of those wolfs, deku sprouts, and birds. And completing the game with...
  2. Skull Kid

    Ocarina of Time Hardest Temple

    Agreed. The water temple was the hardest temple for a long of people. Haha our friend had to come over and beat it for us -.- But still hardest temple in Oot, hey if you play it over over again it will be a brezze to next time you tackle it.:)
  3. Skull Kid

    Pants, Tights, or Bare Legs

    Tights. Link has been wearing tights since the began of the Zelda series and personally i would be disapointed if nintendo changed this. As for bare legs like comon now link...bare legs..what? :/ Hes the Hero of Time its like hes going to his job in saving Hyrule. I dont like i would be wearing...
  4. Skull Kid

    Ideal Zelda Game

    Very good points Nayru but...what about a hot air balloon? Now i know your like what Skull Kid...? But ready Link could go up in his balloon and start booming and firing arrow at enemy. Maybe put that baby to work in the mini game. Hehe dog fights with other characters in the game but im getting...
  5. Skull Kid

    Twilight Princess Epona...

    Agreed to wrapping i have to say was awesome to getting to the place in a matter of seconds. But dont you remeber riding on epona's back firing arrows at boblins and slashing up archers or running them over...good times :P
  6. Skull Kid

    1000 Chuck Norris Fact List

    (Nice thread this could work) 4. Chuck Norris can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night..... 5. Chuck Norris can light a fire by rubbing two ice-cubes together.
  7. Skull Kid

    Ocarina of Time Coolest Temple Soundtrack

    Ok everyone know that forest temple soundtrack is amazing. The spirt temple is there as well the music in it but again forest temple is where its at.
  8. Skull Kid

    Majora's Mask Temples and Bosses

    My hardest dungeon but also most fun was the stone tower dungeon. It was hard but at the same time fun you got to go though the dungeon a first time then when you beat the mini boss you can go outside of the dugeon and flip it i just though that it was so cool to do that. :) Idk Hierarch what...
  9. Skull Kid

    Favorite Way to Beat Dark Link

    I use the Biggoron Sword!! That thing can beast!! Just keep stabbing him and he dies. I never used the hammer next time i play OoT ill use that next time and see how it goes. :)
  10. Skull Kid

    Your Favorite Drinks

    Coke gets me crazy and i like it! :)
  11. Skull Kid

    Time Travel

    I would go back to freshman year in high school! I know that the year everyone thinks thats a bad year and freshman friday stuff like that. But my year was great and those times were great!! :) :) :)
  12. Skull Kid

    Why Do You Accept Friend Requests?

    When ever i get a friend request i accept it because i barly have any friends. I have 12 but yea friends are great to have there part of your family!! :)
  13. Skull Kid


    I have a dog name Sheba!! Shes a judo breed. Shes like a sheba inu but bigger and a fox!! :)
  14. Skull Kid


    Soccer and Tennis here awesome sports!! :) Going to go play tennis tomorrow with some friend at my high school. Then monday first going mountain biking and then hitting soccer afterwards!!
  15. Skull Kid

    Name the Song Stuck in Your Head

    The song suck in my head is everybody wants some!!! When i first heard this song i heard it on Zombie Land! I know its sad but that was the first time i ever heard the song! :/
  16. Skull Kid

    What Do You Think of Zelda Dungeon?

    I like Zelda Dungeon the staff is nice and i like the live videos that you guys do sometimes i think thats great!! Also love the article that the site posts each day they are exiting and fun to read!! :) Keep it up Mases and Zelda Dungeon Staff!
  17. Skull Kid

    Want Zelda Wii To Be More "Hardcore" Than TP? Vote!

    Adding on to what BGuffey said Midna was just holding your head the whole time. I want to see the dungeon's harder! Dont care if there is a lot of them or not. But just the game in general needs to be hard. Nintendo doesnt care about all the hard core gamers out there they just want to make...
  18. Skull Kid

    Armor in Wii Zelda?

    I really think the magic armor made TP very easy. But it would be nice to have damage cut in half. With the tunic's the blue tunic in TP was amazing the design on it was good all around was just awesome!! What i think they need to do next is make new tunic!! Dont keep doing to same old...
  19. Skull Kid

    What Item Do You Want to Return in Zelda Wii?

    I agree with Ahiru it would be nice if you double clawshot was back and also the magic bar that think was awesome and it would be cool if it was in zelda wii. :):cool:
  20. Skull Kid

    Graphic Requests

    Need a Skull Kid Signature Plz :) If anyone could help me make a Skull Kid signatures becuase i need one badly!! :clap:
  21. Skull Kid

    Your Favorite Mask?

    Its a tie between the stone mask and the bunny hood mask. I know that you can only use the stone mask once but still the mask is awesome!! The bunny hood mask you can travel fast and its just nice to have when you getting to places. :)
  22. Skull Kid

    Favorite Boss from Ocarina of Time

    I think the twin sisters were was the best boss in Ocarina of Time!! Becuase the fight was awesome first fighting them single and finally they join there powers to take you on together!! :)
  23. Skull Kid

    Twilight Princess POLL: How Difficult Was Ganondorf in TP?

    Ok so i said Ganondorf was a 3. Because he really want that hard he was an exticing boss to fight!! I liked messing with him a lot!! :)
  24. Skull Kid

    What Was the Most Frusterating Mini Game and Why?

    OMG my wrost mini game that drove me crazy...well idk if it really was a mini game was the ball rolling game in the fishing hut on TP!!! :( (It was on the wii vision TP not cubecube) Umm...idk why this game gave my a lot a touble beucase i did fine on the gamecube vision but when it comes to the...
  25. Skull Kid

    Which TP In-Temple Mini-Boss Was the Easiest?

    Ok there are a few reasons i have picked the darknut as the easiest mini-boss. First of all this mini-boss is awesome i mean just look at him when you ever get the chance to play TP. A next i think its becuase i have been destroying these guys all my life playing zelda that these guys are just a...
  26. Skull Kid

    Twilight Princess Who Was Your Favourite Boss?

    For me it was the Twilit Dragon Argorok!!! :) This boss was sweet just the scene of the boss battle, the boss its self, and the way you reached the highest place in the room and claw shoting on the pee heads the get behind the dragon and start attacking kill!! So if i had to go with my...
  27. Skull Kid

    Your Arrows

    I like the darkness arrows!! You could also shot it at the wall to go thought walls?! idk thats something to could think of. But like the idea of shoting the arrow to slow down the enemies that sounds like an awesome idea!!!
  28. Skull Kid

    Toughest Dungeons

    Whats wrong with the music it fine and it doesnt have to be the toughest if you dont like the music. umm...my thoughest dungeon would have to be Water Temple Ocarina of Time because first game i ever bought i was stuck on the temple of about a year till finally my cousins came over and beat it...
  29. Skull Kid

    ST Rank Among Zelda

    I would have to say that Spirt Tracks isnt my favorite zelda game. It was the second DS zelda that out on the marketing and i feel as though the zelda staff could have done a lot more with it. But the game was good i would have to say that the ocean style of the game was awesome!!! :) With that...
  30. Skull Kid

    Favourite/Least Favourite Temple in Spirit Tracks

    Favorite Temple: I going to have to say first of all its was in Ocarina of Time and the music was just great. I was like nothing you would can expected the style of the temple and i really liked the poe's you had to kill (the sisters) to get to the boss. I thought they really did a great job...
  31. Skull Kid

    4 Heart Pieces?`

    Ok im going to have to go with 5 heart pieces becuase it really made the game longer and everytime you get a heart pieces it made you get full health which i think is awesome!! Full health everywhere you look! :P Yes i know many ppl like the old games were there was only 4 heart pieces but im...
  32. Skull Kid

    Did You Like Twilight Princess

    I think TP was a great game!! I think the way how you could be a wolf and then change back to human when ever you wanted to. Also i believe the game on the wii version was amazing the controls were good that the very first time we ever had a Zelda game ever on the wii system i and believe they...
  33. Skull Kid


    Ok i loved Midna she was a great character!! I feel as though she was in the game a lot more like she had a very important role. Not like Navi that really didnt have one all the fairy was a guide. :( So Midna has my vote and i think they should bring her back some how in the next zelda game! :)
  34. Skull Kid

    What Was the First Zelda Game You Played and Was It Good?

    My first Zelda game was Ocarina of Time!!! I wasnt really into Zelda back then when i was little and i really didnt understand the storyline or what happens next in the game. I was suck on the Water Temple for a really long time and quit the game for around a year but now im back beat the game...
  35. Skull Kid

    Ocarina of Time Which first, Shadow or Spirit?

    I'm going to have to go with the Shadow Temple First! :) Because in the Spirt Temple there was a lot more that goes on in it like the witches and a lot of short mini-clips that i love!!! <Zelda of Ever> :)
  36. Skull Kid

    2010 or 2011?

    I agree with the rest of all of you it would be great for the game to come ou tthis year because i mean they have been working on it for 7 years for all you out there that didnt know. But then again you have to think about this possible could be one of the best zelda games when it comes out...
  37. Skull Kid

    Your Most Favorite Place in Zelda Games!

    There are many songs out there that everyone likes these are just a few that are on my mind. :) MM....Stone Tower TP.....Lake Hylia Ocarina of Time........Over World Theme <Zelda for Ever> :)
  38. Skull Kid

    Favorite Game Console

    I believe it was the wii!! Because one of the best zelda games of all time was on that gaming station. (Twilight Princees) :) <Zelda for Ever> :)
  39. Skull Kid

    Your Favorite Enemies

    OOh yes i know umm ya that demon froggy thingy from MM
  40. Skull Kid

    General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

    Altough i did enjoy OOT i liked MM a lot better,
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