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  1. Moblinking5000

    Nintendo releases 10 minute TotK gameplay video

    Looks dope. Love the new hand abilities; Ultrahand seems to be ''Magnesis, but not just for metal'' which would've been cool to have in BotW as a ''Magnesis+'' upgrade akin to the + upgrades for Stasis and bombs. Fuse opens up SO many new possibilities for weapons and combat; now we have a...
  2. Moblinking5000

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you very much!
  3. Moblinking5000


  4. Moblinking5000

    The time travel paradox in Oracle of Ages is not actually a paradox, and instead creates the Adult Timeline.

    Yep; the game even shows the AT/CT split. We don't have an official explanation for how the DT comes into play(we know it's a branch where the Hero of Time dies against Ganondorf in his tower, but we don't know HOW that branch comes into being alongside the AT and CT). Personally, I go with the...
  5. Moblinking5000

    Artbook Leak. SPOILERS (probably not story-wise, but still...)

    I know, just mentioning my own surprise that it's actually true.
  6. Moblinking5000

    Breath of the Wild What is your least favorite shrine in BotW?

    Aside from the gyro ones, I wasn't a fan of The Skull's Eye(Zuna Kai) quest; I love the Shrine Quests in BotW, and I don't mind the blessing shrines for the most part since the challenge is in the overworld instead of the mini dungeon, but god damn that was too simple. Didn't even know that was...
  7. Moblinking5000

    Gleeok’s Return!

    I hope this leads to other classic enemies and bosses returning, like Aquamentus, Stalfos(why the **** weren't these in BotW? They're pretty much the Goombas of Zelda), Jermafenser, Helmasaur King(preferably in the style of the breathtaking dinosaur ALttP one, not the birdlike TWW/FSA one called...
  8. Moblinking5000

    TotK Second Trailer

    Great stuff here, IMO. I might be in the minority, but I actually really like Ganon's English voice, and it's pretty damn close to what I always imagined him to sound like. His JP voice is quite grand, too, however. The three headed dragon seems to be Gleeok; it would make sense considering that...
  9. Moblinking5000

    The future of Hyrule?

    Yeah, the fact that it's the original timeline ATLEAST from a meta perspective due to the first four games being on it(before OoT/the timeline split was a thing), the fact that it has the most games, the fact that it's the timeline where Ganon, the main villain of the franchise, appears the most...
  10. Moblinking5000

    Can the Hero of Time travel to all Timelines?

    What Mikey said. Also, even if we ignore that point, we don't know how old the Ballad of Gales is; there's not enough information to say whether it's AT exclusive or not, or whether it predates the split. Using it to determine anything in regards to the overall chronology isn't the best idea...
  11. Moblinking5000

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider Rating: 5/10 Very mediocre. This game was meant to be a retro style indie platformer, but it lacks the challenge you would expect from a game like that; There's a big energy pickup after every somewhat challenging section making every thing that happened pointless...
  12. Moblinking5000

    Spoiler Could the Downfall Timeline be Link dying against Ganondorf in an alternate CHILD Timeline?

    I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that Ganon's execution actually happened a few years after Link alerted the Royal Family according to HH. So, sometime after Majora's Mask.
  13. Moblinking5000

    Spoiler Could the Downfall Timeline be Link dying against Ganondorf in an alternate CHILD Timeline?

    https://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/Interview:Nintendo_Power_November_2008 That's one of them; there's another one from around when OoT was released(about a week or so after), but I can't find it right now.
  14. Moblinking5000

    Spoiler Could the Downfall Timeline be Link dying against Ganondorf in an alternate CHILD Timeline?

    I am aware that you were disproven, just adding more points to the fray. I don't see you countering the tow names anywhere else aside from your post that you made after mine. Also, it's not a coincidence, as there's interviews confirming that, in universe, the towns are named to honour the...
  15. Moblinking5000

    Spoiler Could the Downfall Timeline be Link dying against Ganondorf in an alternate CHILD Timeline?

    This. Plus, how would you explain the fact that the OoT sages are remembered in Zelda 2 and BotW if they aren't awakened on the DT?
  16. Moblinking5000

    Spoiler The Boss Remains (Majora's Mask) are akin to Transformation Masks, and thus the Fierce Deity's Mask was supposed to turn Link evil.

    This actually makes sense. I can see this being the case. Don't have much else to add, honestly.
  17. Moblinking5000

    What are you currently eating?

    Just finished off some of the freshest and best Sushi in town; the rolls I had tonight were Rainbow Rolls, Scallop Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, Spider Rolls, and my personal favourite, Dragon Rolls! Now I'm going to get high and drunk as ****(already feeling the high)and enjoy the night.
  18. Moblinking5000

    Is BOTW a Trilogy?

    As much as I've found the Calamity Era interesting to explore, I'd really like Nintendo to move on after TotK. We've been in this era for years now. Furthermore, Nintendo has been sticking to the DT since 2013. I'd like to see them take a break from the DT for a few games atleast and expand the...
  19. Moblinking5000

    The Downfall Timeline May Have Existed Longer Than We Have Thought Previously

    To add on to this, I'll copypaste what I said a few days ago:(I should keep this handy for when people spread misinformation): Zelda 2 is a direct sequel taking place after Link defeated Ganon in Zelda 1 and reclaimed the Triforce of Power and Triforce of Wisdom. The intro to the game and the...
  20. Moblinking5000

    Wild Tears of the Kingdom guesses

    Only problem is that the figure has long ears; Ganondorf has round ears as we can see in previous TotK trailers.
  21. Moblinking5000

    Wild Tears of the Kingdom guesses

    -It will be revealed that Ganon utilized a sacrificed past incarnation of Princess Zelda to regain his Gerudo form. -Time travel will be involved, and it will be revealed that BotW Link IS the hero from 10,000 years ago. -There will be eight dungeons, more than the five(six if you include...
  22. Moblinking5000

    What do you wish Zelda did more of?

    To post on topic while also sticking to timeline ****, I agree with an earlier comment that says that they hope that Nintendo will take a break from the Downfall Timeline and place more games on the other branches. There's plenty of room on the Adult Timeline, for example, to really see how New...
  23. Moblinking5000

    What do you wish Zelda did more of?

    In none of those quotes does Miyamoto deny the existence of a timeline. In the first quote, he says that creating a good game takes priority over ensuring that there's no plot holes; there being plot holes or ''little breaks'' doesn't nullify the existence of a canon. In the second one, he...
  24. Moblinking5000

    What do you wish Zelda did more of?

    So much wrong with this. Zelda 2 is a direct sequel taking place after Link defeated Ganon in Zelda 1 and reclaimed the Triforce of Power and Triforce of Wisdom. The intro to the game and the manual both make this clear as day. This game introduces the Triforce of Courage, the fact that Ganon...
  25. Moblinking5000

    Tears of the Kingdom Statue Thing

    I thought that the figure might be a past incarnation of Zelda that was sacrificed to Ganon to help him regain his human shape(and maybe his wits), just like how Hylia was sacrificed to the Imprisoned to make him regain his original form and wits, although that's based on the assumption that...
  26. Moblinking5000

    Hyrule Villains before Ganondorf

    Demise, Ghirahim, and Vaati are the known villains prior to Ganon, but there's plenty of room for games on the Unified Timeline prior to Ocarina of Time for some one shot non-Ganon villains. I'd like to see them expand the UT, as there's alot of potential to explore a Hyrule before Ganon. A...
  27. Moblinking5000

    Do you tend to prefer 2D or 3D platformers?

    Depends on the game, but I find myself gravitating to 2D platformers more; they feel more focused usually, and most have tighter level design.
  28. Moblinking5000

    Is the Hero of Time dead in the Downfall timeline?

    Uh, no. Zelda is a Japanese game franchise, therefore the JP version is canon.
  29. Moblinking5000

    Odd Zelda Theories

    Here's one: -The Picori were eradicated during The Great Calamity; hence why there's little to no rupees and **** hidden in rocks and grass in BotW.
  30. Moblinking5000

    While my Guitar gently weeps....

    I saw this cover band of Led Zeppelin a few years back, and they improvised an amazing solo in this extended version of Stairway. Guitar is awesome.
  31. Moblinking5000

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Alot of oppressed people still resent the oppressive majority, though, even when people from the majority try to make amends in some way. You can argue whether that's right, but it is realistic. I also like how the ending treats forgiveness; in too many shows, forgiveness is put on this pedestal...
  32. Moblinking5000

    Odd Zelda Theories

    I don't know if ''odd'' is what I'd use, but the least popular theories I seem to have are: -Zelda's Ceremonial Speech in BotW is just straight up talking about SS. -The Ancient Sages assisted Hylia in creating the Goddess Sword. -The hero that helped seal Ganon in darkness in the backstory...
  33. Moblinking5000

    What could Nintendo have done besides the downfall timeline?

    They actually said in interviews around OoT's release that it deals with the IW.
  34. Moblinking5000

    What could Nintendo have done besides the downfall timeline?

    No, but consider the following fcts: A. Ganon is sealed with the Triforce of Power instead of the complete TF (like in the IW) at the AT end of OoT, and we didn't have any way of knowing what happened to him on the CT back in 1998, not to mention that OoT has sages of different races whereas...
  35. Moblinking5000

    Triforce Clause

    Hey, that's what happened as seen in TWW. Also, I made an edit that goes a bit more in-depth on this subject.
  36. Moblinking5000

    Triforce Clause

    He's a spirit, so he's already dead. Meaning that his wish won't be undone. It might be on a case by case basis though, not a general rule; yes, the Dark World was transformed by Ganon's wish, but the Triforce doesn't just shine brightly and makes things happen; there's always a certain method...
  37. Moblinking5000

    Why? The DT makes more sense; Hyrule isn't flooded and Ganon has been revived countless times...

    Why? The DT makes more sense; Hyrule isn't flooded and Ganon has been revived countless times, not to mention the fact that CaC says that Ganon ''lost his reason'' which happens on the DT. Oh, and the OoT sages are still awakened like the AT.
  38. Moblinking5000

    Linear Timeline expanded

    Not to mention the ''two endings'' quote of The Wind Waker, or that OoT itself shows the AT and CT coexisting seperately, or that JP TWW says that the Hero of Time left Hyrule by ''travelling the flows of time'' , etc. alot of evidence disproves a linear timeline. Do you have any actual...
  39. Moblinking5000

    Linear Timeline expanded

    I've already argued against linear timelines millions of times, don't know if I'll do so again. I might later if I have nothing better to do. As for the Encyclopedia quote about the timeline being able to be interpreted in a number of ways, the Japanese version of Encyclopedia does not have...
  40. Moblinking5000

    What does a 4-6/10 mean to you?

    Honestly, I have high standards for what I consume. I stay within the 8-10 range(maybe a 7 depending on how I feel) unless if I see something I find REALLY interesting, or if it's part of a franchise/series/artist/director I like, whether it's games, movies, tv, music, etc.
  41. Moblinking5000

    What’s your favorite form of Zelda

    Between the options on the poll, I'd say Tetra, SS Zelda, or ST Zelda. I like how involved they all are in their respective plots, and Tetra is a badass pirate captain and ST Zelda accompanies you for your adventure. I also like the plot twist involving SS Zelda. Out of those not in the list...
  42. Moblinking5000

    What could Nintendo have done besides the downfall timeline?

    Ever heard of the Triforce Wish Theory? It proposes that the DT is the original timeline(which it is from a meta perspective), and that at the end of ALttP, Link's wish on the Triforce to reverse Ganon's evil was so strong that it ''echoed'' to the past, leading to a timeline where the Hero of...
  43. Moblinking5000

    Arrow Ideas

    Impact Arrow-A non-lethal arrow with a blunt head that incapacitates rather then kills(could maybe be used on human enemies that are under demonic possessions out of their control or something); a headshot will result in an instant knockout. Homing Arrow-An enchanted malice-seeking arrow that...
  44. Moblinking5000

    My Zelda Timeline Theory

    But sky islands are another relatively common theme in Zelda games; games like TMC and TP have them as well. Just because there's sky islands doesn't mean that BotW2 is before SS. That's like saying that Arghus and Vaati are both one in the same because they have a giant eye. Why does this...
  45. Moblinking5000

    My Zelda Timeline Theory

    Advanced technology has existed in multiple eras, though; look at Tower of the Gods in TWW, for example, or Beamos, which appear in multiple games across different eras in different branches. How is that an indicator of anything? Multiple real life civilizations, both past and present, have...
  46. Moblinking5000

    My Zelda Timeline Theory

    What is the evidence for the CT and DT looping? Who's to say that the civilization pre-SS is the Kingdom of Hyrule and not a different civilization that existed on the surface before Hyrule Kingdom was established post-SS? How do you explain the fact that the MS already exists in the CT and DT...
  47. Moblinking5000

    My Zelda Timeline Theory

    Well, let's look at the hero/Ganon conflict in TWW's backstory and compare them: -The hero is called the ''Hero of Time''(title given to OoT Link, NOT TP Link) -The hero sealed Ganon(he didn't kill him like in TP) -Ganon has the ToP in TWW(he keeps it inbetween OoT and TWW, but not between TP...
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