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  1. TwilightKing

    Breath of the Wild What If... Zelda Wii U

    Don't get me wrong this sounds great but I think Nintendo shouldn't "waste" Zelda Wii U, which is supposed to be a new groundbreaking core Zelda game, instead of something that could be more closely related to a side game.
  2. TwilightKing

    Fire Emblem Awakening Marriges

    Kellam, because they make a better couple in my opinion and i don't think Frederick and Severa can marry.
  3. TwilightKing

    Fire Emblem Awakening Marriges

    Post your couples here Mine are: My Unit and Sumia Chrom and Olivia Frederick and Cherche Stahl and Lissa Vaike and Miriel Kellam and Sully Donnel and Maribelle Virion and Panne Lon'qu and Cordelia Libra and Tharja Ricken and Nowi Ingio and Severa Brady and Kejelle
  4. TwilightKing

    How Much Altair in ACR?

    How much do you play as Altair in ACR and can you play as him outside of memories and free roam?
  5. TwilightKing

    I'm Getting Sick of the Average COD Player

    Easy way to beat 'em, just say "That's your personal opinion." and if they call anything gay then say "It's impossible for games to like men."
  6. TwilightKing

    Game Help Old Game I Remember Playing But Can't Remember What It's Called

    Nope, you pilot a ship, It's not an fps =/ But thanks anyways :P
  7. TwilightKing

    Game Help Old Game I Remember Playing But Can't Remember What It's Called

    Hey guys, I'm searching for a game that I played on the PC when I was around 6 or 7. Judging by the graphics I remember, it should be from the late 90's or early 2000's. Here's all that I remember; It was a space game, it was played in first person with little heads up display, the disc is...
  8. TwilightKing

    Your Most Painful Physical Experience

    Having my pinky toe get choped in half by a falling car motor piece.
  9. TwilightKing

    Favorite Food

    My dad's homemade chili.
  10. TwilightKing

    Has Anyone Read Any Good Manga Recently?

    Yea I've been reading pokemon adventures lately.
  11. TwilightKing

    Most Impossible Catch on Legendary Pokemon

    Catching a Palkia in a quickball at the start of a battle.
  12. TwilightKing

    What State?

  13. TwilightKing

    Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

    9:36 AM <The Servant> PONIES! /) 9:36 AM <TwilightKing> purple 9:36 AM <Raindrop14> Becoming king of the world 9:36 AM <TwilightKing> moopets 9:36 AM <Raindrop14> Zebras... 9:35 AM <TwilightKing> bannannas 9:35 AM <The Servant> Muppers...
  14. TwilightKing


    99% quiet, cool, calm, and collective. The other 1% is kinda like
  15. TwilightKing

    General Art ENA-three!'s Art Thread!

    This is all amazing! I like to think of myself as an artist but I'm really not that good. TwilightKing's Album: Drawings As you can see I'm nowhere near as good as you :)
  16. TwilightKing

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js4ttecaLsQ I'm making it go with everything.
  17. TwilightKing

    Rate the Avatar!

  18. TwilightKing

    Rate the Siggy!

  19. TwilightKing

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Pokemon Battle Revolution, Pokemon Diamond, and Crysis 2.
  20. TwilightKing

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  21. TwilightKing

    Your First Pokemon

    Normally my parents wouldn't let me watch anything that wasn't educational, but when i was on a cruise ship they put me in a day care and pokemon was on the TV there. I only watched a couple seconds of it before I had to go then about four years later when I was 8 I got fire red as my first...
  22. TwilightKing

    King Zora is Fat Because.....

    I blame the economy.
  23. TwilightKing

    Rate the Username

  24. TwilightKing

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    7.5/10 I spend most my time in the blogs :/
  25. TwilightKing

    Pokemon League Friend Code Exchange

    Lets change this to a username sharing thread. Mine is TwilightKing.
  26. TwilightKing

    Pokemon League Friend Code Exchange

    I guess that could work. I've never used a simulator, could you tell me where to get it?
  27. TwilightKing

    Pokemon League Friend Code Exchange

    I don't have WiFi, so everyone else can share theirs here.
  28. TwilightKing

    Pokemon Dungeon League

    I found this thread because I had the same idea (with a few additions) and I wanted to make sure nobody already posted it. I actually did something similar when I was in elementary school except it was only the elite four. I was Aaron and my other four friends where the other elite four along...
  29. TwilightKing


    My Pokemon Memories -Fire Red was my first video game. -I bought Diamond from my friend, but I didn't know how to delete the game so I hooked up my DS to the charger and played it for days, getting to the fourth badge until I figured out how to delete it. -I played Platinum on Derby Day so long...
  30. TwilightKing

    How Many Hours Have You Clocked on a Single Game

    I clocked 200+ hours on my Heart Gold... Before I started over... Curse you past me!
  31. TwilightKing

    Thoughts on Dubstep

    I first heard dubstep in an Uncharted 3 multiplayer trailer, I liked the music and looked around for it on YouTube then I stumbled upon Zelda dubstep thus sparking my interest in Zelda. So dubstep has a special place in my heart for indirectly introducing me to the franchise. I HATE Skrillex, I...
  32. TwilightKing


    Gundam is big if not the biggest Mech Anime franchise as far as I'm aware of having 13 main full series and numerous spin-offs. The first Gundam series aired in the US and in Japan in year 1979 and was the series that started what is called the "real robot" era meaning that the mechs were...
  33. TwilightKing

    General Art Battle Themed Poem/Story

    So I wrote this a while ago, I worked pretty hard on it but I feel that it's not that done yet. PLEASE read this and tell me what you think. (note: I did not have Zelda In mind when i wrote this.) Racing to war at a speed past sound Already gone though all but to only lead me to unwanted...
  34. TwilightKing

    My Little Pony?

    I have no idea. Is it because of the community or is the show actually good?
  35. TwilightKing

    Is Ash Immortal?

    The tears made him come back to life... But in return he is cursed to be 10 years old forever! (not really...)
  36. TwilightKing

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    5/10 I've seen you only a couple other times.
  37. TwilightKing

    Skyloftians=Jews and Hylians=Christians

    3 days actually
  38. TwilightKing

    Favorite Character of Any Game

    Alright here we go at number 3 we have... Soap Mactavish At number 2 we have... Ezio Auditore And at number 1 we have our friend... Link
  39. TwilightKing

    How Old Are You?

    I just turned 13 a couple days ago.
  40. TwilightKing

    General Art The One Who Sits in Silence

    I sit in silence, always a serious face Some think its because I have no friends Others think I'm depressed But the truth is neither It's because I understand the world and its's pains Some go their lives happy and outgoing as if life is some fun game with periods of sadness They are blind They...
  41. TwilightKing

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZkQXX7ZWbk It's funny please watch.
  42. TwilightKing

    Most Nostalgic Video Game Music

  43. TwilightKing

    Assassin's Creed Revelations

    Yea, I'm ok with the blood and all that. It's just that I needed some help convincing my parents that's it's ok for me to play.
  44. TwilightKing

    Assassin's Creed Revelations

    I've been researching this game and have been watching Toby Turner play it on YouTube. My birthday is coming up and I wan't to buy it. But my parents are still undecided if I should be allowed to have it or not. So I want to ask you if you guys think a 13 year old should be allowed to play ACR.
  45. TwilightKing

    Do You Play Skyrim?

    I watch some gameplay and it looks great, but I'm not allowed to buy it because I can only buy SOME rated M games.
  46. TwilightKing

    Zelda Music Vs. Dubstep Zelda

    Zelda Dubstep has a special place in my heart. It's what actually introduced me to the Zelda franchise.
  47. TwilightKing

    Zelda Jokes

    Let's use the Command "Melody" to Command "Medly" Pun :3 (The Wind Waker)
  48. TwilightKing

    Worst Pokemon Memory...

    Sigh... I was talking about Pokemon with someone I knew. (This takes place before the Realeses of Soul Silver and Heart Gold.) Eventually our conversation shifted to the next realese and here's what he said, "So the new game takes place in a NEW region called JOHTO." and then I said, "NO, Johto...
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