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  1. gannondorf

    What Was Your First Job

    So, What was Your First job like? Was it great? Did it Suck? What kind of work did you have to do? How did you find your job? did it pay well or at least decently? Did you find better jobs afterwords? Please, tell your story of your experience of your first Employment below.
  2. gannondorf

    What is Happiness?

    Happiness... I have thought about this and have concluded that it can only truly come, once the goals and objects that I have set out for myself are being fulfilled and are fulfilled. for me, I see it this way. The struggle, the challenge the fight, I love it it. coupled with this, is the...
  3. gannondorf

    Cyborgs, Your Thoughts?

    So, i have been thinking. As I Explore this great internet of ours, I have come across things from artificial eyes,to arms and limbs,to pace makers,to Google Glass,to use controlling a computer with our mind and even, us modifying the memory of mice. Then there is things with in biology large...
  4. gannondorf


    I Don't think you can completely stop technology from advancing. Our increasing knowledge of our world and the ever exponentially increasing processing and storage power will lead for a powerful combination. When moore's law end's, we will be left with Very very Powerful computing tools...
  5. gannondorf

    How Do You Deal with Copycats?

    Until I start hearing there thoughts when I think "At least I'm safe inside my mind", then I will be worried. Until then, I have a follower. So we can go the route of absolute worship and admiration or just trolling the **** out of them.
  6. gannondorf

    How Trusting of Others Are You?

    usually,for me, trust comes with caution. I'm not going to write people off right away, but i'm not going to completely let my guard down ether until I have observed how they behave and react to things. I think once you have someone's personality,habits and tendency's down, then you can create...
  7. gannondorf

    At What Age Would You Like to Die? :)

    Well, ideally and if I have my way, I'm going from 1000 years to indefinably. but, should society collapse,blow itself up or the technology for just some reason stagnates, 100 to 130 would be rather nice. I don't get why people would ever be against immortality. if we can get over...
  8. gannondorf

    Please Help,What Is Mindfulness?

    Ok, So today in my collage psychology class, we discussed the topic of consciousness and mindfulness. The thing is, When it came to trying to trying to understand what mindfulness is and how it works, I ended up struggling on building a mental model of how the process works. I tried...
  9. gannondorf

    Question About Staying on Your Parents Health Insurance Until Age 25

    Ok, So I have a Question that I hope somebody can answer. So my parents tell me that I'm required to be a student and have to be attending a collage in order to still be covered under there health insurance plan. my Question is this, do I have to be a student in order to stay covered under my...
  10. gannondorf

    Collage and Job Advice

    Hello. I am someone who is just getting out of high school and am discovering just how much I don't know about the hard cold truth of trying to survive and advance myself in the real world. The only people I have so far asked advice from is both my mother and my grandfather. The problem is, I...
  11. gannondorf

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    how to advance my own life further. I ask myself, if Majoria's moon was about to crash into earth in three days, what would I want to do right now with my life? I'm dead serous about this.
  12. gannondorf

    At What Age Would You Like to Die? :)

    Life will have to fight me over death, Because I don't plan on going anywhere. not now, not ever. unlike everyone else, I will not take death at face value and and go with him just because he says I have to. You could say I don't have a choice and that I will be forced to. my response to...
  13. gannondorf

    Best Way to Talk to a Girl That Doesn't Know You?

    I have come to the conclusion that you should treat all relationships you get into someone like a business. You act professionally with no expectations,not wanting anything from anyone and all the boundary's you would expect into a professional partnership. over time, this partnership might...
  14. gannondorf

    If You Had Two Wishes...

    Well, my first wish would be to have a god-like knowledge of everything. Every secret,every bit of knowledge, every single that that has happened,could of ever happened,is happen a cross everywere that every exists and everything that could happen, I would want to know about. About with this...
  15. gannondorf

    Starting a Financial Life/how Did You Start Your Life

    Hello,My name is sellva. At this point in my life, i am suppose to be graduating from high school. my only current assets are that I take high interest and skill in technology and computers, am armed with a family that is strained financially from bad choices and events in the past, and All...
  16. gannondorf

    First Kiss?

    Nope. never tried it before. It goes something like this right?
  17. gannondorf

    Do You Want to Have Kids One Day and how to raise them

    Ya, I'm far to selfish and irresponsible to be held responsible for taking care of another human being. Also, As of now, I don't ever want to be tied down to one place or one person. I value my freedom far to much and being stuck with a women and a kid that would cost me a fortune is not...
  18. gannondorf

    Are You a Extrovert or Introvert

    Im an introvert. I feels much more natural for me to be alone by myself then with anyone else. I'm not against being with other people, it's just that talking and interacting when it's not necessary is not a natural state for me to be in. more often then not, you will find me to be the quite...
  19. gannondorf

    What Song Would You Want Played at Your Funeral?

    This song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6ljFaKRTrI we shall keep doing science for the people who still alive. were doing science and I'm still alive.. Ill be back for my revenge and I'm still alive. im to stubborn to die and still alive. Still alive. Still alive. Still alive.
  20. gannondorf

    How Do You Wish to Improve Yourself?

    For myself, I know in order to conquer the challenges of the world, I must first conquer myself and my own little imperfections. I find myself to be a procrastinator. I find myself to be unable to hold a decent sleep cycle. i find myself losing the will power needed over a period of time, like...
  21. gannondorf

    How Do You Wish to Improve Yourself?

    You should try it. Just relaxing,not worrying and just taking on everything as it comes at you right at that moment. And when it does something does come at you in the moment, have some fun,train your self to react in a positive way without thinking and be reckless about it, just not to...
  22. gannondorf

    Do Incentives Work for You?

    I would say that incentives would only be be rather appealing if you can make me an offer that grabs my own interest and benefits only goals of mine. i would also say that an incentive would only work up to a point though. my interests including learning, gaining knowledge,improving myself...
  23. gannondorf

    If You Could Have One Wish.

    I have been thinking about something. You know that one time at the end of the year were everyone seems to get obsessed with gaining material possessions? What if instead of materials possessions that we give other other, each of us humans gains one wish to do with as we please. The rules...
  24. gannondorf

    Free Website Designer Up for Grabs! (Me! :D)

    Mind of I keep you as I contact with in zeldadungeon.net? I'm trying to build a website and a little help and advise on how to build a website would be appreciated if your willing to. :) Its a puppy rescue website that I have been asked to build. I hope to bring positive change with its...
  25. gannondorf

    Tech Help Learning Web Design

    Book marking this thread for future evaluation. I'm trying to create my own website from scratch so maybe this thread can be helpful for both of us. :) I will master programming and I will become the Lord Voldemort/Dumbledore equivalent In math, computers and technology! "Maria, watch...
  26. gannondorf

    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    To old to play wind waker? NEVER!
  27. gannondorf

    A Story In the Clouds

    OK, so I recently had an idea for and short story and felt like I had to write it. You could say it came to me in a dream and that may be true,but I thought it was an interesting story so I feel like I shall tell it. A lone boy,more more then 17 sits in a long grassy feild, behind him a city...
  28. gannondorf

    Any Roller Coaster Lovers Out There???

    I personally love roller coasters. Ironic because I was so scared of going on them when I was younger,but them my sister got me to go on what seemed like a small basic roller coaster and after we were locked in and started to move,she told me it had a loop and I realized that I had been...
  29. gannondorf

    An Open Letter to Peter Mandelson Regarding the Newly Announced Digital Economy Bill.

    This is Awesome!:D Now Who wants to start a revolution over all this internet ******** the US government is trying to pull? Remember these words, "If the government try's to shut down the internet, its time to shut down the government." I can't help but think that our generation is under...
  30. gannondorf

    Dream Car?

    My dream car or transportation vehicle would be this. First this car has to be powered on electricity and solar power. second is it has to transform into a motor home so i can take my house with me everywhere I go.(Who the hell invented houses that don't move anyway, it seems logical and...
  31. gannondorf

    Looking for Laptop or Desktop For Highest Preformance HD Video Editting and Gaming

    So I'm looking for some of the highest performance Desktop or laptops currently available as of May 13 2012. I plan to be doing a large amount of video editing of very high quality as well as heavy gaming so I need something that can handle all of it without a problem.assume price is not a...
  32. gannondorf

    Personal Ninja Moments

    your ninga's are weak compared to me. having 2 sisters and one brother, I have learned the art of stealth,fighting, and agility. Stealth(If your stealing something you want, you don't want them to know) Fighting(This one becomes obvivous to anyone who has a brother and sister,fight each other...
  33. gannondorf

    Ask Link A Question

    HIIII! SHIIIIIIII, RAAAAAAAA! KEIYAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!("I Get Vacations!?!):S:( (slight spoilers for WW and photontom hourglass) What happened to all the items you had from the "The legend of Zelda, the Wind waker"? as far as I know, we should have only lost the master sword under water to...
  34. gannondorf

    King of the Hill!

    The poeple from StarGate SG1 track you down,fight and kill the aliens but you die in the process. they have no use for the hill so they give it to me. They also gave me an advanced force feild to put around the hill. Now im king of the hill!(I now claim the "Hill" to be "Epic Evil Hill!!!", or...
  35. gannondorf

    Ultimate Death Battle

    Deaddude Teleports back in with red glowing eyes, FEEL MY TRUE WRATH!!!! CHAOS............BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Blows everyone away in a blast of very powerful chaos energy)
  36. gannondorf

    You as the opposite sex

    All great descriptions. Yes, I could see myself falling in love with my self(akward as that my seem), but I could not think of anyone more perfect to be with then well, me! Someone who understands me because tecnically, well, are are me!(did i confuse you, hehe, good!) I know we have thought of...
  37. gannondorf

    You as the opposite sex

    Well, the title says it. The idea is that I want you to picture yourself as the opposite sex of what you currently are. it would have a similer look,hair color,hight,like a clone of you but of the opposite gender. Gannondorf-gender=Dude. For me, I would say,black long hair,slim and skinny...
  38. gannondorf

    Hot or Cold?

    I hate both but for me I think I would take the lesser of the two evils and pick hot. I can stand out in the heat and ignore it. Bitter cold is more of a pain in the *** though I can try to ignore that two. "Hey you! Ya you! Stop Shining that bright light at us, Were Trying to Spread Total...
  39. gannondorf

    For Those Who Believe in "Sleep"

    Gifted As In Super Super Smart Or Gifted as In The poeple trying to Teach and run the Program Are not Smart Enough to reconize Someone that is truly smart? Also Mr Chicken, I Don't Wanna know what you do at your school on a friday. On sencond though, Allow me in interduce you to Rebeca...
  40. gannondorf

    If You Had the Choice to Be Immortal, Would You Take It?

    Does This Mean that given some of that statements from other poeple here, that some poeple seem to be emotionally weaker then others or in other words, not emotionally strong enough to handle Death and immortality? (Just a slight observation from my point of veiw based on the information or...
  41. gannondorf

    Do You Ever Have Username Regrets?

    Normally you shall find my user name under Deaddude, most common is Deaddude325. However, this being a Zelda site, I thought I would use something that suited it better and sought out the Dark Lord Himself. "Let us give..our guest a proper greeting....Avada Kedavra!!!"
  42. gannondorf

    Self-Photos, Personal Essence or Enhanced Beauty?

    Its not you, its the photographers vision of What you look like and computers just help us be able to see that vision. When they edit the picture and change how you look, its no longer you as it is no longer real. it is there unrealistic vision of how the photographer thinks you look.
  43. gannondorf


    Lets See. 1)Photographic memory 2)Super Skilled artist 3)super Skills In Computer Programming 4)Faster then the speed of you agility as well as Ulitamte Strength 5)A Super smart and logical thinking nerd 6)A skilled Fighter 7)Emotionless(No one can not have any emotions at...
  44. gannondorf

    The Never Ending Story

    Became a pet to midna as the rhinosorauses was really Rhinosorauses link and then the wolfs...
  45. gannondorf

    The Unforgivable Curse Game

    :SFor Anyone that Knows harry Potter, Then you may know there are three Unforgivable Curses. One Curse Kills,One Curse torturing that creates pain beyond anything amaginable, and One Curse Makes the Person it is used on be put under your control at the cost of who he was before and his...
  46. gannondorf

    Machiavelli Personality Test...!

    You Poeple are Weak, i got the high score of 78! That means I fit here. "High Machs constitute a distinct type: charming, confident and glib, but also arrogant, calculating and cynical, prone to manipulate and exploit." Well that certainly sounds like me.
  47. gannondorf

    What Are You Afraid Of?

    Nothing scares Me now. When I was Younger, I had this thing for anything that was to Dark but that was before I Enslaved everything in it and became Dark Lord deaddude, Master of the Dark Forces. Now The Shadows are my greatest ally. Y hid in the Shadows, Becuase no one can see you there...
  48. gannondorf

    If You Had the Choice to Be Immortal, Would You Take It?

    Agreeded. And Poeple Who Would say watching your Loved ones die would be hard, they would die reguardless of wether or not you took immortality. I do not think your loved ones would want you to die with them. I would they it would be there wish to have you alive,not dead, after they die...
  49. gannondorf

    Childhood Characters That Scared You when You Were Little

    He Still Scares Me Now.(Is in high School)Along with barny the dinosour,anything on MY MOST HATED T.V CHANNEL CUBO,FFFFFFFF! CUBO!!!(Sorry)the wiggles, The Teletubbys(The Scary part is that most likely a T.V. from my grandma and moms generation and not a 3D T.V. stuck on them),dora the...
  50. gannondorf

    Calling All with the Ability to Fix Computers! HELP!!

    Intresting...I would love to see im person why your computer is doing such thingsw but you or I get no such luck. ether your desrcibing as you have interpretted to happen or it really is doing this. The Thing Is,While I could try to hold you over the Worlds Largest information source,For your...
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