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  1. Faedeur

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    Edited my post to add Hyrule Historia and remove one of my shirts (gave it to my fiancee as a gift)
  2. Faedeur

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    As an ammendment to my way earlier post (seen here), I gave my TLOZ logo green shirt to my now fiancee when we met in November.
  3. Faedeur

    Who's Preordered Hyrule Historia?

    I plan to preorder it from B&N within the next few days. Got a gift card for Christmas and $50 for my bday, so I plan to use part for the hardbound Zelda tome :P
  4. Faedeur

    What is Your Hylian Name?

    Really? I'm Aleph Nirü, cousin XD
  5. Faedeur

    Why the "official" Timeline Looks Like It Does

    I still feel ALTTP and the games thereafter would have fit snuggly after FSA. The map similarities, the item similarities, the origins of Demon Ganon, the position of the Master Sword (due to TP being prior to FSA). All flows smoothly and is logical. I also feel that while TMC is perfect where...
  6. Faedeur

    Hyrule Historia Book: A Bunch of Bull?

    I am willing to believe that TMC comes prior to OOT, as OOT states that a civil war broke out (in which Link's mother died). A civil war would mean that a unified kingdom already existed prior to in-fighting, spurring a civil war. But I feel that FS would be better suited prior to FSA. The fact...
  7. Faedeur

    Spoiler Where Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 Fit in the Time Line

    Tloz and taol are prequel/sequel. Where they fit in the timeline has already been officially announced (though I still feel there are some flaws with this...).
  8. Faedeur

    Why the "official" Timeline Looks Like It Does

    This new official timeline is far from bulletproof. There is a LOT that needs explaining, not only about this apparent third split, but also with the positioning of some games, like the four swords series. I can get behind TLC before lot, but fsa and fs being so far apart makes no sense. And I...
  9. Faedeur

    Spoiler My New Timeline (still Not Finished)

    LA comes after ALTTP. That is clearly stated.
  10. Faedeur

    The Timeline is Simple and Here It Is.

    The only way sense can be made from the timeline is looking at what is fact (the actual concrete) and draw speculation from in-game facts that can lead to a possible theory as to the location of the other games. FACT: ............/------TWW-PH--ST SS--OOT ............\MM--TP ALTTP-LA...
  11. Faedeur

    Similarities Between Tingle and Agitha?

    YE-HEY WAIT A MINUTE! :P I can see some of the similarities, but I think that guy who hosts that clawshot game is more Tingle-esque. Even in what he wears.
  12. Faedeur

    War in Hyrule

    It is more than likely, given the evidence, that the imprisoning War was a completely separate event happening long after Twilight Princess/The Wind Waker. Which makes it all the more interesting to see it play out as a full war-based Zelda game.
  13. Faedeur

    War in Hyrule

    It is true that all the sages in OOT were humanoid, but in all art of the Seven Wise Men/Sages, they are male. Further, all the maidens in ALTTP are Hylian/Hyrulean. If one were descended from Darunia or Ruto, I think you'd notice some obvious features from their races. And as Kokiri cannot...
  14. Faedeur

    War in Hyrule

    Ocarina of Time can't be the Imprisoning War. There is too many major points against it, as highlighted on the Zelda Wiki
  15. Faedeur

    Spoiler Demise Is....

    I saw the battle. Looked about average in terms of difficulty. I think ALTTP Ganon and TWW Ganon were a tad more interesting as one could only be killed with a particular weapon, and the other had a lot of flare and finesse when sword fighting. Either way, I'm looking foreward to the final...
  16. Faedeur

    War in Hyrule

    Idaknow, I'd love to see a game called The Legend of Zelda: The Imprisoning War. You know the knights are gonna be doing something there.
  17. Faedeur

    Zelda Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time Map Almost Identical! MAYBE SPOILERS??

    Looks like they did so deliberately so that SS can sync up with OOT and TP. Why make another confusing Hyrule (thanks TMC) that won't coordinate well with others?
  18. Faedeur

    If You Were a Zelda Character

    I usually go with myself in these kinda things (especially since I'd love to be in Hyrule). Name: Alex Race: Human/Hyrulean Home: Hyrule Castle, Hyrule (ALTTP) Role: Ally of Link, knight of Hyrule (possibly of the Trooper class, I like their armor) Relation to Main Cast: Friend of Link's (left...
  19. Faedeur

    Is Zelda Getting Old?

    As a video game series, yes, it is getting old. Most game series haven't even lasted 10 years, while Zelda has lasted 25. In terms of getting tiring, I don't believe so. Each game brings something new, some new elements to the series as a whole. Some are scrapped, others move on into other...
  20. Faedeur

    So... What's with This Split Timeline Thing?

    The Zelda Split-Timeline theory is a premise that was brought up by the creators of the game to help organize and allot the Zelda games into a flowing timeline. What it states is that at a certain point (or points now, quite possibly) in the Zelda chronology, the fabric of time was split in such...
  21. Faedeur

    Spoiler Skyward Sword - Another Split in the Timeline? (SS Ending, Read at Your Own Risk!)

    Actually, going off what Fi and Impa said in the video, it sounds as if Demise is deteriorating inside the sword. His existance is being nullified. Personally, I am with Secret Nerd. I feel that Demise's hatred, his spirit, resides in Ganon. That he is effectively reborn.
  22. Faedeur

    How Old Are You?

    23. 24 in January (thirty characters)
  23. Faedeur

    Spoiler Skyward Sword - Another Split in the Timeline? (SS Ending, Read at Your Own Risk!)

    Huh... this is VERY interesting. If it is true, and there is another split, I see a LOT of timelines being shifted.
  24. Faedeur

    The Sword Beam or Spin Attack??

    I miss my beam attack. I want it back.
  25. Faedeur

    Would You Like TP if It Was in WW Graphics?

    It'd definately be different, but I'd accept it.
  26. Faedeur

    Spoiler More on the Mysterious Sheikah Woman

    Impa from SS Impa from OOT Impaz (named after Impa) TP Impa from OOX Impa from TLOZ/TAOL backstory I may have forgotten one, but there you go. A list o' Impas.
  27. Faedeur

    What Bosses/enemies Do You Want to See Return?

    Aquamentus Helmasaur King Dethl Lanmolas (though technically Twinmold and Molgera were, but still..) Moldorm Horsehead
  28. Faedeur

    Few Questions About First 6 Zeldas

    That's in reality. This is Zelda we're talking about, with an all powerful symbol that can grant any wish asked of it, an ocarina that can speed up and slow down time, flying islands and castles, and spirits comprised solely by light. Anything is possible.
  29. Faedeur

    Few Questions About First 6 Zeldas

    But that is exactly what happened. The future did go off on its own tangent to end up with TWW, while the past moved foreward with MM and TP. This has been made official by the creators of the game. If you want a simple answer as to how, Triforce.
  30. Faedeur

    The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony CD *TRACKLIST*

    Cool, glad I'm getting it. But yeah, wish it had more songs. Some from ALTTP, TWW, and MM would have been nice.
  31. Faedeur

    The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS

    Well, now I know what 3DS I want.
  32. Faedeur

    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    They both had different origins. Ganondorf - Raised to be a king by the Gerudo. He ruled as a tyrant, and when he attempted to take over Hyrule, he was executed (ct) and banished to the SR (at). Ganon (FSA) - Raised as a nomad. Was banished earlier in life to entering the Pyramid, which was...
  33. Faedeur

    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    I, personally, feel the other two Triforces left their bearers and returned with the Triforce of Power to the Sacred Realm/Golden Land. This is not confirmed, but it's a theory. There is also that as a possibility.
  34. Faedeur

    LoZ/AoL Between TP and ALttP?

    What this says is Hyrule existed, but it was not unified. It is quite possible that Hyrule was unified before OOT, but tension between groups of people set things off into a civil war, much as the US had back in the 1800's. I am not saying here nor there that TLOZ/TAOL or any other game came in...
  35. Faedeur

    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    Good point. Though perhaps Ganondorf is a common Gerudo male name *Shrugs* Also, I found this on the Zelda Wiki, which states that Ganon did in fact die at the end of Twilight Princess
  36. Faedeur

    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    Gerudo males are pretty much always king, as they are only born once every 100 years. So say we have OOT Ganon. He did all that he did in OOT and TP. He dies. A new Gerudo male is born and named after him, as Ganondorf was a great a well renowned gerudo. He steals the Trident. Gets sealed in...
  37. Faedeur

    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    ALTTP never stated that he became a pig-demon when he entered the SR.
  38. Faedeur

    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    I feel that there are 2-3 Ganons (based on my timeline). Ganondorf, Gerudo Thief - OOT, TP, TWW Ganon, King of Darkness - FSA, ALTTP, OOX Ganon, Dark King - TLOZ
  39. Faedeur

    Placement of Link's Awakening in the Timeline?

    How'd we get into a MM discussion? This was about Link's Awakening's placement, which has already been stated.
  40. Faedeur

    LoZ/AoL Between TP and ALttP?

    Perhaps, if going with this, we have TP----TMC------FS-FSA-----TLOZ-TAOL-----ALTTP
  41. Faedeur

    Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Author?

    Finished the Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. Currently reading The Alchemyst series by Michael Scott. Both are great authors. Also finished Lord of the Rings recently. So throw JRR Tolkien in there.
  42. Faedeur

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    ZREO - A Link to the Past: Boss Battle
  43. Faedeur

    LoZ/AoL Between TP and ALttP?

    That is an interesting possibility, though I feel more inclined to believe the FS series comes between TP and ALTTP.
  44. Faedeur

    What Weapons Would You Want?

    Oops.. read the thread wrong. I guess if I wanted something for Link to use, maybe a double bladed sword. Or... the ability to use random objects or other found items as weapons. Like, he's running through a dungeon, grabs an axe from a suit of armor and proceeds to attack a Darknut.
  45. Faedeur

    Spoiler Interesting Things to Note in the Skyward Sword Opening Video

    I am going to try to remain as unbiased as I can for this. Here is the link to the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0lek_m_9_x8 Now, let us begin. 0:38 "They mounted a brutal assault upon the surface people, driving the land into dispair..." I find this...
  46. Faedeur

    Spoiler SS Imprisoned and Demise

    It is confirmed that you fight The Imprisoned first as an earlier form of Demise. He is later revived to his more demonic/humanoid form as the final boss. So yes, it is confirmed.
  47. Faedeur

    Placement of Link's Awakening in the Timeline?

    I'm gonna state this again. It comes after ALTTP Essentially, after Ganon has been destroyed, Link sets out on an adventure to better himself as a warrior to help defend Hyrule in the future. Many people, myself included, believe that the adventure he went on was through the Oracle Series...
  48. Faedeur

    Spoiler Hint on Origins of Ganondorf(HUGE SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)

    In either case, Ganon has become what once held the Trident. It is possible that Demise uses a Trident (I don't know, I haven't seen all the trailers yet).
  49. Faedeur

    Forlong's Timeline Explaination Extravaganza!

    This is true that the Link from LA is the Link from ALTTP and that LA comes after ALTTP, however there are some valid points that suggest OOX came in between. 1. Link left Hyrule to hone his skills and become a better warrior to defend Hyrule. Many feel this expedition was to Holodrum and...
  50. Faedeur

    Fishing in Skyward Sword?

    I'm not too worried. Wasn't any fishing in ALTTP on back (unless you call draining a pond fishing...)
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