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    Help beating gannon!!!

    You get the Fairy Slingshot in the very next room, yes.
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    "The End" Stuck

    I keep hearing from so many different places that if you wait your scarecrows song will play, but ive waited for seriously half an hour.... And I got nothing. =(
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    Spirit Tracks Sand Sanctuary Duet.

    When its your turn to play just blow into the first and second pipes back and forth until he starts playing his part. Do that for all parts and he will act like you did it properly, I keep mentioning this but no one listens.
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    Twilight Princess Desert Colossus in TP?

    Yeah, its just a rock.. And yes, I have looked at it in the actual game as well, I dont know how people see the Spirit Temple in that.
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    Majora's Mask My Sword is Gone?

    Although it would be pretty inconvinent, he could get the stray fairies from Stone Tower and get the Great Fairy Sword and use it as his permanent sword perhaps? It would be faster than starting over completly.
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    OoT Fishing Question

    You do not need it to get in the water temple, so if thats all your doing it for then you can stop. However if you want to do it anyways, yes that stuff is normal. The big fish are real jerks to get, and it mostly takes patience, just like real life. Also theres that cheat with the sinking...
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    OoT 100% Complete Questions.

    A: Whenever you get to the end of the race the running man will ALWAYS be there first, don't ever listen to anyone that says otherwise. B: Thats your death count. C. Im not fully sure about this, although I have heard of it a lot. I always get it before I turn into an adult anyways, just to...
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    LOZ and AOL Contains the Master Sword?

    I remember how Zelda.com kept up the "Phantom Hourglass Countdown Timer" on the front page for months and months after it hit zero. Lol.
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    Spirit Tracks Help

    Keep blowing into the 1st and 2nd pipes back and forth really fast during your parts. This actually works and the guy will act as if you played it properly. Thats what I did and it worked for me
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    Ocarina of Time Zelda 64 Ideas You Would Like to Be Featured in OOT3DS and Why,

    I would like them not to completly butcher it with a bunch of stupid crap.. That would be sweet. But alas, that wish will not come true.
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    Ocarina of Time to Earn a 3DS Remake

    Yeah this'll be good... "Blow into the microphone as hard as you can to kill Ganon!" Ugh..
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    Graphics of Skyward Sword

    I really hope they change too.. PH and ST were both awful in every way. I'm not fully sure on this one right now.
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    Help with the Sand Realm Restoration Song

    Despite the fact you have already done it now, next time you do it or whatever, when its your turn to play just blow constantly your whole turn while switching back and forth between the first and second pipe. Like really fast. I'm not a good explainer, but if you know what I'm talking about...
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    What Are the Two Things That You Do when You Enter Your House After a Day of School?

    Washroom, food. Oh and pants off of course. Gotta appreciate the more simpler things, y'know?
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    Were the Stylus and Microphone Overused in PH?

    Having to scream into the microphone as loud as you can was just stupid ridiculous, and I completly agree about the tablet thing. Easily the worst game in the series...
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    Is Alttp Worth Playing?

    Of course it is, what kind of hippie question was that?
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    Armoghoma Without Dominion Rod?

    Isn't that what your supposed to do normally? How else are you supposed to do that room? 0_o
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    Glitch Theory

    People have tried this, searching in the exact spots where the triforce parts normally are just get you some really weird junk, like boots or pots or something of that nature. They don't want you cheating.
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    Why Link Doesn't Eat...

    Hes too manly to eat. "Eating is for the weak" , he would say, in a booming voice. Thats also assuming he talks, which he doesn't, because talking is for the weak as well.
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    6 Day Challenge

    I've also heard of this, and I'm 98% sure its impossible to do without cheating. And by 98, I do mean 100.
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    Spoiler Split Timeline FAKE

    Well, I would assume they shagged up before he went back through time, I mean, I would certainly hope so.. After all that..
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    Pokemon Black and White

    But one thing I have not seen mentioned, whats the third one going to be when it comes out shortly after? You know how there was Silver, Gold, and then later Crystal etc. So whats the other one going to be? Pokemon Grey? Pokemon Mulatto?
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    Clock Town Cows?

    Also, on the Third Day when there is a lot of Earth trembling, during the quakes they will bobble as well. Never knew about rolling into it though, love those little details.
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    I Found Something Weird...

    You use fire arrows to hit the other torches, light all six and you get some money. I though it was pretty fun.
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    Some People Might As Well Play Something Different

    I actually agree with you, I get annoyed when people complain about how different it should be and how most of them are 'too similar', Well, its called a franchise, of course they're going to be similar. Zelda didn't get to where it is today by being something else, do you know what I mean?
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    If You Could Have One Wish...

    I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to wear a shirt thats been ironed.
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    The Unicorn Fountain Under Zora's Domain

    Ive heard so many things about going there and they're all fake. Theres several videos on youube of people glitching it out and going under there and theres nothing. Although to the guy above me, I've never seen that picture before D: Wheres that from?
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    Zelda Easter Eggs

    No, SMB3 plays the whistle theme from Zelda 1 :) Whoa whoa whoa, please explain further, I want to see that :o
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    Fierce Deity Glitch

    I manged to get this trick to work one time, but then, I was never able to pull it off again. I dont know why...
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    Help! (TP)

    I'm pretty sure I know the rooms your talking about, Twilight Princess right? Well, at that one part where you have to use your boomerang on those propeller things in a certain order, there should be a bunch of leaves on the ground everywhere. Near the wall on the right, use the boomerang to...
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    Zelda Wii at E3 2010? Fresh Changes?

    I agree about the whole same formula with minor changes thing, I would much rather prefer they played it safe and did that. They're always talking about "Surprising" the long time fans, but surprise isnt always a good thing. It could easily be a horrible surprise.
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    First Spirit Tracks Commercial

    I like the Triforce graffiti, and the busker playing the Spirit Pipes was cool as well. The guy reading the "Hyrule Times" was funny, I had no idea they had a newspaper... :P
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    Spirit Tracks Artwork, More Screenshots

    I guess that if that last picture was a major spoiler, they wouldnt of released that picture then, right? Perhaps you find it out pretty early in the game. .....The graphics are just awful
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    Mq Help.

    Well, since you've beaten it and have all the treasure chests and skutullas, it dosent really matter does it? I suppose just move on.
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    Difficult Controls?

    Really? How did I know know about this? Well perhaps I should play through it again with that control shceme, might make it slightly less annoying.
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    How Do YOU Open a New Game?

    I usually savour it, as odd as that sounds. Especially if its a good game that I've been waiting for for a long time. And I usually uh, smell it... uh New game smells good. Come on whos with me?
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    Nintendo Officially Announces DSi LL

    So now we have like 4 DS types and 4 PSP types I think too? Hopefully this does not become a trend in the future, especially if they start doing it with consoles. When the actual next gen handheld comes out, I think I'm going to wait quite a while to make sure some 'upgraded' version doesn't...
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    Difficult Controls?

    Nah, I hated them quite a bit, kinda ruined the game for me. I'm sick of gimmicky touch screen/motion controls. Like, for game franchises that started out having controls like that, thats one thing. But when it comes to games like Mario and Zelda that everyone is used to playing with buttons...
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    Yes Man

    I actually thought it was pretty good, much better than I was expecting.
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    Favorite Bionicle

    I loved those things as a kid, but it seemed to go down hill after those guys with bugs in their heads... You know the ones. Their name always escapes me.
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    Twilight Princess Keeping the Wooden Sword

    I tried this 2 days ago, and I managed to get the first part to work, where you have to jump through the fence, but that second part as wolf Link proved too annoying. So I ultimatly decided to just use the wooden sword until the Master Sword, that'll be good enough, I was meaning to play...
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    Minish Cap

    If its the same house I'm thinking of, you need to have all of the figurines made first.
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    How Much Would You Pay for a Videogame?

    lol For me, it depends on the game itself, normally I'm a real money horder, but for Zelda I'm obviously willing to go the extra mile.
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    AlttP: A Couple Insights and Queries.

    The arrow is a hint that points out how to cross the river. Which, incidently, I was stuck on for quite a bit until I saw it.
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    My Conclusion to the Timeline

    This seems to have nothing to do with the timeline anymore, oh well.
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    Hacking Zelda 1

    I think you should make a really hard version, something that makes the second quest look like a joke. That would be fun to try, in a frustrating sort of way.
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    Loathesome Silver Rupess... (MQ Question)

    Ooh its a must, mostly because it looks so stylin' :P lol
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    Loathesome Silver Rupess... (MQ Question)

    This was the hardest part of the game for me. For the rupee that was too high above you head, what you have to do is be standing right on the corner of the block when it shoots up, and (carefully) backflip. You should get it. but make sure your close to the corner when you start, or else you...
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    Hidden Within the Music

    Yes, that is why I didnt notice either, and Ive listened to it so much. I feel like such a stupe :(
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    Zelda Easter Eggs

    No, In SMB3 you get the same flute from Zelda ;) Fifty charecters.....
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