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  1. jelojuice

    Brawl Vs. Melee (Vs. N64?)

    I believe you were playing N64 :]
  2. jelojuice

    Favorite Food!

    My apologies if there is already a thread about favorite food. Okay, so it is pretty much self explanatory. What is your favorite food and why? Mine is a grilled cheese sammich. Because I like the crunchy-ness and warmth, also I like saying the word sammich (not sandwich!). This thread...
  3. jelojuice

    The Excuse Thread

    I only bought them so that I could finish my CD fort! There...now no one will ever steal my cupcakes : D. I accuse you of feeding my platypus chili peppers!!
  4. jelojuice

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ Why yes! I do like hanging out! But not with frogs. Frogs are mean. < Is babysitting and does not know what to do because she just put the kid to bed. I am so gosh darn tired! I wanna go to bed :'[ v Enjoys poppin' bubble wrap. (The bubbles go bye bye 0.0)
  5. jelojuice

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    In the llama. Why is it scaly?! D : EDIT: Crap! Ninja'd!! Komali you no good ninja. :3
  6. jelojuice

    Do You Want the Hookshoot

    Yes, I think the hookshot should definitely be in SS. As FridgidBlade said it is an important item in the Zelda series. I think it is one of the items Zelda is most known for, along with bombs and arrows and so on. It would make me sad if it wasn't in SS. :'[
  7. jelojuice

    The Member Fact Game

    Posts on ZD alot and really likes hockey, especially the Flyers (right?).
  8. jelojuice

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Because the sky is green and the grass is purple. Why do you do that? That. No, not that. That!
  9. jelojuice

    What instrument do you play?

    Back when I was in band, which was elementary school, I used to play the violin. Of course now I don't even remember the proper way to hold a violin, but I enjoyed playing it at the time. Btw, awesome ocarina Connor :] I'm positive that counts as an instrument!
  10. jelojuice

    Twilight Princess Can We All Agree That The Mini-Bosses Were Done Right?

    Yesh, Indeed. I agree with you, I think the mini bosses in TP were done completely right. Given I haven't played TP in little over two years, my judgement may be a bit off, but from what I remember the mini-bosses were not bad. From my perspective, they utilized the proper items and were a fair...
  11. jelojuice

    Element Game

    Forest fails because with it, we have hippies. Rock is best because it is extremely strong. Rock can also take advantage of other elements to create tsunamis and molten rock (technically rock!) uses fire. Plus there is no way that paper beats rock in real life, so it is virtually unstoppable.
  12. jelojuice


    About five meters. This. Game. Is. So. Hard. It probably wouldn't be so gosh darn difficult if the man you are controlling wasn't inept. I mean he doesn't even have a sense of balance, how is he supposed to run a 100 meter race, in the OLYMPICS? QWOP is definitely not the game for me. I'm not...
  13. jelojuice

    What if the Time Line Splits Again?

    There would be some major fan RAGE. Splitting the timeline AGAIN would be the troll version of a shoryuken to the face (I have been playing SF). Course I don't really care much about the timeline, I would probably be the *ss who sits there laughing at the fan rage. Basically, I would be a troll...
  14. jelojuice

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    Mind Hole = Blown. ^ Yesh. I have five gaming consoles. PS2, PS3, N64, Wii, and Game Cube. And my PS2 is broken :'[ so sad! < The project I'm doing for English, just...blew....my.....mind hole. v Robot Unicorn Attack? .3.
  15. jelojuice

    Donut's or Cupcakes

    Cupcakes. I can imagine a cupcake coming to life, but not a donut. I realize that, that has nothing to do with their taste, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Mr. Cupcake Man! See, it makes perfect sense. And of course, the fact that they are so gosh darn delicious, probably has something to...
  16. jelojuice

    Rate the Avatar!

    Pink is hardcore. Haha xD well, good try Cel-Shaded. I must say, you didn't ruin the joke at all...just made it ten times better. Oh, and for whoever posts below me...rate Cel-Shaded's avatar since mine was already rated. (Thanks for the beast 10/10 Cel!)
  17. jelojuice

    The Answer Game

    Because every night is taco night in Sims City, which leads to 'complications'. How can a turtle capture a princess? (Mario!!! :3 )
  18. jelojuice

    Rate the Avatar!

    I give all of you 10/10! Especially jedizora's because it is, well, a Jedi Zora! Which is awesome sauce. I'm jealous of all your people's drawing skills...lucky duckys. And come on people...dancing Kirby! Gotta love it!! :p
  19. jelojuice

    Character Battle Thread

    Luigi wins without question...I mean MUSTACHE! C'mon people. :3
  20. jelojuice

    What Game Was It That Got You into Gaming?

    Well my first game would have to be this horrible pathetic degrading Barbie Genie game for GameBoy Advanced... I cringe at the thought of it now, after experiencing amazing games like Pokemon Blue and Super Mario and of course, Ocarina of Time *cough OoT>WW cough* ^_^ lol I have nothing against...
  21. jelojuice

    Favorite Movie

    Trilogies and Brad Pitt I love ALOT of trilogy type movies, like LotR or Star Wars or Indian Jones (except the new one .3.) ...but my two favorite movies would have to be *drum rolls* - The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus...this movie will blow your mind hole :0 the graphics are awesome...
  22. jelojuice

    The OR Thread

    Duckies! Wood chuck. Why? Because they are cute little fuzzy creatures!! Who could say no to them? :3 Daffy Duck or Donald Duck?
  23. jelojuice

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    Cucco Melee! ^ Why yes, I am very :yes:. < Has just been 2 stocked by her older brother in melee...Oh so sad :'[ v Tortures the cuccos in Zelda. Just cause.
  24. jelojuice

    The OR Thread

    Water Temple! I always love the water temples :] Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? .3.
  25. jelojuice

    The OR Thread

    Makar!! He is so cute! ^.^ and the way he walks! *waddle waddle* Sheik or Zelda?
  26. jelojuice

    How Much "Link" Do You Want?

    I think I would rather have a quiet Link, I agree with FlatxSharp the experience is more personal in that sense. I mean Link is literally supposed to be a 'link' between the game and the player, it is supposed to be your OWN adventure experienced through Link. If Link consistently responded to...
  27. jelojuice

    Link's Look

    Tp + ww I agree with TFWTH , Twilight Princess Link looked the most normal, no neon green clothes or oddly yellow hair...that being said my other favorite would have to be Wind Waker Link...he is just so cute with his enormous eyes! ^.^
  28. jelojuice

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    Fuzzy OJ? ^ :0 How did you know?! I AM thirsty! ...for knowledge!!!! And OJ..that too. < Must finish homework...but is sooooo lazy :[ v Enjoys petting fuzzy creatures. (So very soft 0.0 )
  29. jelojuice

    Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

    Pretty Colors... I like SS more, TP was just a tad too dark for my taste and SS looks brighter and more vibrant. And of course each Zelda game has it's own unique flare to it, so it definitely depends on what you are looking for. :]
  30. jelojuice


    Bubbles! Are random. My reaction when I found out SS wasn't coming out till 2011. NOOO!!!!!! :[
  31. jelojuice


    Umm...I have the iPod touch app which is the Smule Ocarina...it has four holes, don't really know if it counts as an ACTUAL ocarina..most likely does not sound as realistic but yesh. That is what I have. :3
  32. jelojuice

    Brawl Vs. Melee (Vs. N64?)

    I agree with fredthehylian, I feel like Brawl was sort of ripping off this more neutral color scheme to appeal to a larger audience, this is the whole 'brawl is a party game' type of approach. The slower characters and lack of combos encourage casual gaming unlike melee's infinite amount of...
  33. jelojuice


    My reaction when my pet alpaca eats all the marshmallows. >:0 NOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  34. jelojuice

    Brawl Vs. Melee (Vs. N64?)

    I've been checking out the forums and I have noticed that we don't have a thread pertaining to the Melee and Brawl conundrum (or maybe I haven't been looking hard enough?). My question for you guys is which Super Smash Bros do you think is better? Do you enjoy Brawl because of the enhanced...
  35. jelojuice

    Picture Caption Thread

    'Lost as an infant, raised in the sewers by crocodiles, little Johny finally found his way home...FOR REVENGE!!' Caption for this:
  36. jelojuice

    The Excuse Thread

    Its not my fault! When I was a kid I lived in a ginger bread house, bathed in honey, and slept in a cotton candy bed. The sweetness came as a side effect. (Marshmallow pillows :3) I accuse you of harvesting orphan tears!!
  37. jelojuice

    Which Do You Prefer?

    Dungeon Sauce and Boss Biscuits I would much rather have an easy dungeon followed by a hard boss because I enjoy boss battles MUCH more if they are difficult. I don't really care for dungeons and also it really frustrates me when there is a hard dungeon then an easy boss, because I fell as...
  38. jelojuice

    Favorite Spirit Fairy

    Ciela. Ciela...because she is green....I like green. I also like turtles. Alot. I honestly don't have a better answer since I haven't played Phantom Hourglass and do not know what they are used for. But to conclude turtles are green, I like green (and turtles) so therefore I must like Ciela the...
  39. jelojuice

    The Excuse Thread

    If I hadn't crashed your browser my pet turtle would have blown up the word! Don't ask me why. My turtle has issues....IT WAS THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE US ALL! I accuse you of stealing Scooby Doo's scooby snacks! >:0
  40. jelojuice

    Lets Count Forever! by 100's!!!

    18000 Why? Why is this a game on ZeldaDungeon? And who? Who would ever participate in this? Wait...I just posted...Oh zombie poptarts!! Only 3200 to go I guess...
  41. jelojuice

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^Really likes hockey! (Yesh, I sleep FOREVER. :3) <Has been playing minecraft for three hours straight. 0.0 v Enjoys a grilled cheese sandwich. (I know I do.)
  42. jelojuice

    What is your color?

    I have no idea why I like green too, but I must say green ish awesomesauce. Whenever I play brawl I have to be green, all my favorite Nintendo characters are green: Luigi and Link. I'd even pick out green gummy bears because they are my favorite.
  43. jelojuice

    What Were Your Favorite Childhood Tv Shows You Used to Watch

    All of this, as well as Justice Friends. Anyone remember Justice Friends? I used to watch that show all the time :]
  44. jelojuice

    Can Your Mom Talk Zelda?

    My parents know nothing about Zelda. They don't really pay attention to the video games I play. In fact, they don't really know anything about technology in general. The closest my parents have ever gotten to playing (or even discussing) video games is playing online solitaire. >_>
  45. jelojuice

    What Does Your Custom User Title Mean?

    Well, I am a homosapien aaanndd I am raging, I mean I am SO homosapien. You just would not believe how homosapien I truly am.
  46. jelojuice

    Christmas Loot!

    I don't really get anything for Christmas,but what I WOULD want if I had gotten something would be Call of Duty:Black Ops and Kirby's Epic Yarn...oh, and candy lots and lots of candy :3
  47. jelojuice

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    Blah. My best would have to be either Peach or Sheik. Peach's down smash is incredibly good and Sheik is really speedy, which I like. My worst is Jigglypuff, no suprise there, or Wario. I can't stand heavy slow players like Wario and Jigglypuff is just...*shakes head*.
  48. jelojuice

    Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Torchic Torchic because it is insanely cute and it evolves into Blaziken which is totally badass. Ish sho cute!
  49. jelojuice

    Your Username

    I have no idea why I use this username....I've been using it since I was 11 so I geuss it's just habit...and no one ever thinks of Jelojuice so it's always 'available' on sites
  50. jelojuice

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    It depends on which SSB....for N64 Kirby is my favorite, but Samus is pretty decent too Melee is the first SSB i ever played and when I first played Sheik I knew I was amazing with him :] Brawl is also sheik but I have played alot more, so I'm pretty decent with most characters I can't...
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