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  1. Tsynk

    Past, Present or Future.

    If you were able to go wherever you wanted to in time, would you go into the past, stay in the present or go forward into the future? Personally myself, I would go into the past to the years of 2003-2004... For some reason I just like those years, I would like to go back and time and find out...
  2. Tsynk

    How old are you?

    I am Zelda 64 space world demo years old.
  3. Tsynk

    Breath of the Wild How do I find Epona again?

    You can get two Eponas in one shot if you have the SSB Link and Twilight Princess Zelda 30th amiibo. These are the only two that contains Epona that I know of. The rest of them have been fails for me on Epona.
  4. Tsynk

    What if the Internet Was Turned Off?

    If the Internet just went out and wasn't going to come back, I would be hiking or do something to get to my fiance. Having communication with him is important to me, we prefer to speak over the Internet instead of the phone and I wouldn't have a home phone then, it's a VOIP set up. Be running my...
  5. Tsynk

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Does this count as a song?
  6. Tsynk

    Who Steals Soap - News related

    Probably was, I don't know the guy.
  7. Tsynk

    Who Steals Soap - News related

    So, a guy's home was burglarized, the items that were stolen was a cheese grater, empty bottle of Lysol and the guy's soap... Among other thing. The suspect looked like he was packing up for a yard sell. Here is a video of it. Pretty funny stuff.
  8. Tsynk

    What are you currently eating?

  9. Tsynk

    What are you currently eating?

    You had what? I have never even heard of that.
  10. Tsynk

    Vacations and Travel

    My favorite trip was from August 2017, I went to Arkansas to meet my long distance significant other and it went really smooth. I also fell in love with the state and I want to move there, quite possibly soon though. We're talking about it.
  11. Tsynk

    I Wish..

    I wished that my long distance relationship's distance will be closed soon. I miss my significant other way too much.
  12. Tsynk

    What are you currently eating?

    Doesn't sound healthy. Sounds like you are having a nice meal.
  13. Tsynk

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Power going out at the wrong time.
  14. Tsynk

    What are you currently eating?

    I'm currently eating a yogurt, one of those flips that you can get from Walmart for a buck.
  15. Tsynk

    Chicken Nuggets

    I have ate over 100 chicken nuggets in my life, I'm still straight. I haven't turned homosexual.
  16. Tsynk

    Chicken Nuggets

    I just made a twist on chicken nuggets, I took wooden skewers and threaded on three nuggets on one and then rubbed ketchup all over it, I now call it the way to eat chicken nuggets. I had a crazy idea earlier and decided to fall through with it. It was great!
  17. Tsynk

    Zelda Fan Sites That Do Not Exist Anymore

    I honestly miss ZREO, even though the guy who was in charge of it is still doing projects that are not ZREO projects, the site however was left in the wasteland in 2013, it's no longer updated and the forums that were connected to the ZREO site just disappeared. Radio Hyrule is still going...
  18. Tsynk

    Breath of the Wild What is your favorite BotW song?

    I know I can't quit listening to the Guardian Battle theme, so, I'll go with that being my favorite.
  19. Tsynk

    Cannot change display name on forums

    Alright, thank you.
  20. Tsynk

    Cannot change display name on forums

    I really would like to change my display name here on the forums, however, I don't see an option where I can even do that. ZREOfan is very outdated and I don't even use that anymore and would like to change it. Please and thanks.
  21. Tsynk

    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    Replaying it over again and doing all main quests, I can't get enough of it. I take a different path each time I play it. Other than that, I am kicking Guardian rear.
  22. Tsynk

    Do you like seafood?

    Totally, I eat it everyday, it's became a staple in my diet. Been going on for over a year now. Edit: I'll any any seafood that I can get my hands on, including squid.
  23. Tsynk

    Favorite game or current favorite game.

    Name your favorite game or current favorite game (I know some people change favorites over time). My current favorite game is Okami, with Okamiden behind it, then Need for Speed: Undercover.
  24. Tsynk

    Favorite show when you were a kid.

    When you were a kid, what was your favorite show on TV? My favorite show when I was a kid was Code Lyoko (not the Evolution season). I tried to watch it every time it came on Cartoon Network. Edit: I still watch some of the shows I watched as a kid.
  25. Tsynk

    ZREOfan used to be my old name, I now go by ZincGZZ. Alright, I will try to do that.

    ZREOfan used to be my old name, I now go by ZincGZZ. Alright, I will try to do that.
  26. Tsynk

    Favorite Fast Food

    McDonald's, free WiFi and streetpasses when you have your 3DS on you.
  27. Tsynk

    What browser do you use?

    I use Firefox all the time.
  28. Tsynk

    Do You Eat Meat?

    Yes, I eat meat, it's tasty and so good. But, if you don't eat meat, that is fine. I am not going to start a debate as to why you should eat meat.
  29. Tsynk

    Do people on these forums act the same way they do here as in real life?

    I just act like I do in real life, no different, I want people to know the real me.
  30. Tsynk

    When did you first use the Internet?

    I think it was 2002-2003 (not sure) when I first used the net, it was dial-up and I remember sitting and just looking at the floor to pass some time away while it loaded the page or whatever. I was 7 when I first got on the Internet. The OS was Windows Xp.
  31. Tsynk

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I was just at Walmart to get some stuff, now I am just chilling and browsing these forums while talking to people elsewhere.
  32. Tsynk

    Foods you can no longer find but desire

    I want to get all nostalgic with the Wonder Ball, but they no longer make them. :'(
  33. Tsynk

    Do people on these forums act the same way they do here as in real life?

    I don't act no different when I speak to people on the Internet as I do in real life. Edit: I just act like I do in real life, no different, I want people to know the real me.
  34. Tsynk

    Are you still friends with people you went to school with?

    I'm not as close as I was with my friends that I went to school with, I only now keep in contact with one. Most of my friends have either moved away or drifted apart. I am now more close to friends that I have met on the Internet.
  35. Tsynk

    Are you a gambling person?

    I'm not a gambler, I would rather have money than to risk losing it.
  36. Tsynk

    Which video game world would you live in?

    The title says it all, which world would you like to live in? I personally would choose Okami's because not only Okami is my favorite game, but it's so pretty, full of dangers but, that is how I like it. I also about know the world like the back of my hand. (I'm not for sure if this topic is...
  37. Tsynk

    If You Could Have ONE Power From Any Video Game, Which Would You Choose?

    Veil of Mist from Okami, be able to slow down time, but can be upgraded to warp also.
  38. Tsynk

    If You Could Have ONE Weapon From Any Video Game, What Would You Choose?

    Thunder Edge from Okami, the last glaive in the game.
  39. Tsynk

    What Video Game Food Would You Like To Try Most?

    I would have to say Mrs. Orange's cherry cakes from Okami, made right out of Kamiki Village.
  40. Tsynk

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I'm currently just switching between Okami and Okamiden.
  41. Tsynk

    What is Your Nickname

    Hmmm, ZREOfan.
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