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  1. Zeldawolfsheik

    Darksiders II Technical Help

    anyone see that glitch or bug when you walk into the second dungeon and the whole screen goes black? i always restart and it never works
  2. Zeldawolfsheik

    6 Graders

  3. Zeldawolfsheik

    What if You Never Joined ZD?

    I would know a little less about gaming in general and zelda.
  4. Zeldawolfsheik

    Ways to Make Money

    I cant lawn mower because my dad had an electric mower and he ran over the cord. I suppose i could rake when the leaves fall. I am not comfortable with selling things online but that may be an option. I just actually sold a crap load of old games for store credit. I dont know anyone close to my...
  5. Zeldawolfsheik

    Ways to Make Money

    Hey everyone it is Zeldawolfsheik and im going in to seventh grade and need some ways to earn money, i can do physical labor but not lawnmowing. I am pretty good with computers and could proboably make any idea work? Any personal opinions or expierences? thanks in advance, Zeldawolfsheik.
  6. Zeldawolfsheik

    Corrupt a wish!

    you take a nap, and never wake up. i wish for a new phone
  7. Zeldawolfsheik

    Zelda Reference in Wordgirl Children's PBS Show

    I actually found out that by going to your local pbs station online you can check upcoming episodes. Yes, it is just that good a series and popular. I wonder how each smosh one gets its own article? this one is just as good.
  8. Zeldawolfsheik

    Zelda Reference in Wordgirl Children's PBS Show

    Hello i have not been active for a while but while my brother was watching PBS i noticed the strangest thing! Chuck (the man with a sandwich head) was mentioning how his brother organized his video games, i noticed a gold cartridge in between all the black, a closer look at the televison proved...
  9. Zeldawolfsheik

    Spoiler Fi and Ghirahim Similarites

    Yeah i love the input guys, and Metalhero, i belive there is a thread for that
  10. Zeldawolfsheik

    General Modern Link's Crossbow Training

    Yeah i agree it was fun, but barely worth the two bucks because there are better games to be palying,
  11. Zeldawolfsheik

    General Feelings on Rocks

    I like rocks in Zelda games, as they produce rupees. AND WHO DOESNT LOVE RUPESS???????
  12. Zeldawolfsheik

    Spoiler Interpreting Demise's Final Words

    I wish there was just one or two games made by nintendo that would stop little mysteries like this! I like them now and then but sometimes i just want an anwser
  13. Zeldawolfsheik

    What Would You Like on the 3Ds?

    I bet a separate team could work on since they have graphics and such and the real team could work on a new zelda i hope they could use the 3d to like dodge things
  14. Zeldawolfsheik

    Adventure of Link Adventure of Link: Underappriciated and Underloved

  15. Zeldawolfsheik

    Spoiler Which Zelda Game Would You Make Better and How?

    Go back and rip up the contract that gave sony the rights to beautiful princess zelda. shes mine! they wont touch her! Anyway we are getting off track...
  16. Zeldawolfsheik

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    The Hardest Dungeon for me would have to be jabu Jabu's belly in OoA. The dungeon looked so gross and electrical enemies were everywhere making it nearly impossible to use your sword and the swimming was either too slow or too fast making this dungeon crazy hard and it had no sense of...
  17. Zeldawolfsheik

    Spoiler Which Zelda Game Would You Make Better and How?

    As the title says Which Zelda Game Would you Make Better and how? Please give only one reason and no repeats. If you like what someone said put reply with a quote and say good job or something. I added a spoiler tag in case anyone says something about a boss fight or something. Me i would...
  18. Zeldawolfsheik

    Which Boss Would You Like to Be Friends with and Why?

    An ironknuckle. I would especially like one with Naboru inside because well shes HOT! And everyone would be scared of me because i have a friend with an axe.
  19. Zeldawolfsheik

    Who's Your Favorite LPer (Let's Player)?

    All other lets plays suck compared to ZeldaDungeon. Other lets players have no plan and do not bother to show cool stuff that is optional. Mases always has a plan. And Caleb Simpson rocks because of all the information he puts on the side of the video. If you like a different Video Walkthrough i...
  20. Zeldawolfsheik

    Ocarina of Time Adult and Child?

    yes. you must beat the forest temple like Byrne said in order to put the sword back in the pedstal. I did not know this in my first playthrough and i was really pissed off at sheik for getting in my way besides for being an awesome character. How could you not remember this?
  21. Zeldawolfsheik

    The Legend of Zelda Do You Think the Original LoZ is Hard?

    Having now completed Second quest for the second time. I must say it was significantly easier. I think i have come to the conclusion that you must understand the game and get a feel for it. By knowing the game we can perform little tricks. Standing on the water with the latter to hit at, and not...
  22. Zeldawolfsheik

    Ocarina of Time Is Rolling Really Faster?

    Side Jumping only worked for me when going up a hill. I didnt really like to do stuff like that because it felt like i was abusing the game.
  23. Zeldawolfsheik

    Would You Let Nintendo Put Zelda on the Back-burner for 10 Years?

    I would be willing to wait. Zelda isnt the only game franchise ever and i would love to start catching up on other games and time to play other series. But 10 years! 10 years!!! I will be able to drink alcohol by then! will i still love zelda????!?!?!?!??! The wait between ZTP and SS was not...
  24. Zeldawolfsheik

    Spoiler What Did You Do with the Love Letter?

    My curiosity got the best of me! How could i not give it to whoever was in the toilet? Having played Majora's Mask and Oracle os Ages the hand was my friend. It scared me when i saw the hand give Cawlin some love at night. I got the chills. My sister was like "what is it doing to him?" i was...
  25. Zeldawolfsheik

    Spoiler OMG I Know Who Was In the Restroom!!!

    I wonder how to perform the glitch. it is weird i thought karane asking you was some gratitude crystal side quest but i guess not. i kept trying to tell her!
  26. Zeldawolfsheik

    You Know You're a Zelda Nerd When...

    You know you're a Zelda nerd when in your free-time you visit a sight called zelda dungeon and spam their forums.
  27. Zeldawolfsheik

    Ocarina Vs Harp

    Okay, whhy is everyone calling it a lyre! it is a harp! in game they call it a harp! no lyre. i liked the ocarina more freedom but harp was more fun. ocarina=notes. harp=rythm
  28. Zeldawolfsheik

    Ocarina Vs Harp

    no lyre, in the begining of the game Zelda calls it a harp. duh!
  29. Zeldawolfsheik

    Skyward Sword Is There Any Kind of Hint to Beat the Fun Fun Island Game?

    It seemed impossible at first, but i was determined and it was pure luck 4 the last part but you must work at the first part
  30. Zeldawolfsheik

    Weirdest Great Fairies in a Game

    The OoT and MM ones are awesome!!!! If parents arent around. The creepiest were the ones in WW because they are dark skinned demons. Ghirahims wifes lol @TwilightKing: lol
  31. Zeldawolfsheik

    WW-Wii U The Boss You Had Trouble with Most.

    Ganon in moldorm was tough because it was so so random! Except for that i thought all the bosses were at least somewhat easy, except the helmaroc king. I would always get stuck in the spikes! I love puppet ganon music......
  32. Zeldawolfsheik

    Spoiler Fi and Ghirahim Similarites

    I couldnt finish earlier. Is this just some easter egg joke? Is this a chance for a prequel? If Ghirahim is Demon LOrd, what is Fi? I mean come on, they are both SWORDS!
  33. Zeldawolfsheik

    Spoiler Fi and Ghirahim Similarites

    I didnt realize it till the final battle but the similarities between fi and ghirahim are tremendous/ 1.They both appear and vanish. 2. They both refer to their masters, as well masters. 3.They both are weapons somewhat. They even look the same and have the same manner. To their masters...
  34. Zeldawolfsheik

    How Are You Supposed to Play the Freaking Harp in the Restaurant?

    If you listen closey there is some sound, either a clap or like a shaking of bangles, just move your harp to that beat and you will get it
  35. Zeldawolfsheik

    How Are So Many People Finishing Skyward Sword So Fast?

    Are we talking about 100%? that would make a big difference i bet. I just just got to the final battle JUST and i got off because my mom told me. Tomorrow i will beat it. My (near) 100% play through will probably be 51 hours. pretty good huh? I got the game the day it was released so it took me...
  36. Zeldawolfsheik

    Is Zelda Falling Behind?

    I think Zelda is my favorite series because of its art styles and its one of a kind gameplay. I do think that hardware and graphics (HD) as well as voice acting make a big difference. Sometimes, cutesy doesnt cut it and realistic graphics are the way to go. I think yes it is falling behind in...
  37. Zeldawolfsheik

    General Classic Scarecrow's Song

    u play the song as a child first right? if not or if you have do it again and make sure it is simple. this is the key. then when navi turns blue and flies off play it for them 2 pop up
  38. Zeldawolfsheik

    Adventure of Link I LOVE Adventure of Link!

    This is what everyone should recite in the morning and afternoon as a prayer.
  39. Zeldawolfsheik

    Spoiler 'S' Realm #3 Power?

    I just dpnt get how running up a cliff would mean power. more like stamina. the other two make sense though
  40. Zeldawolfsheik

    Spoiler 'S' Realm #3 Power?

    As in the title when you get to the third silent realm fi says it is for testing your power. How is this power? The point of silent realms is for you to finish a task without weapons so i was wondering if i missed something or if they were just going along with the godesses(i.e Farore courage...
  41. Zeldawolfsheik

    Cleaning Game Discs

    The correct way is to use a cloth and clean it from the inside circle to the edge. NEVER from side to side
  42. Zeldawolfsheik

    Automatic Sailcloth

    I dont know if anyone else noticed this but it is like Link13 said, whenever i go to skyloft the loading time is just enough to annoy me. i want it to feel smooth like when jumping onto and off smaller islands. the loading time just bothers me if i am in a fast paced mood. I liked in the wind...
  43. Zeldawolfsheik

    Adventure of Link Serious Problem.

    I hate those nasty moblins! When you kill them, they dont even give xp! I love AoL dearly(join my fan club i my sig) but this point has made me not like it as much. I understand taking away xp after a gameover but that could be better if game overs didnt come so often. The xp stealing enemys...
  44. Zeldawolfsheik

    Zelda Mmo?

    i dont know what it is. it wil proboably end up like paper zelda. forgotten and unreal
  45. Zeldawolfsheik

    The Legend of Zelda Do You Think the Original LoZ is Hard?

    Well, first playthrough was CRAZY difficult. i remeber putting up the guide for level 9 on the computer and runing back and forth from my wii to play it and see what iss next. the second quest is SUPER difficult. I felt i could hear miyamoto and the other creators laughing at me while i played...
  46. Zeldawolfsheik

    What Would You Do if SS Were Suddenly Canceled?

    Have denial. Get angry. Bargain with myself. be depressed.accept it nd try the other zelda games i havent beat
  47. Zeldawolfsheik

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    Awakened, with Beatles rocking in your head, try to find a way to ressurect themm
  48. Zeldawolfsheik

    November 17th

    I hope so! Underground section. And we dont really know too muc about the sky.it could have some areas. Remember whenever there is an area on the ground, The sky will overlap the whole map. Imagine the sky like WW.
  49. Zeldawolfsheik

    Ask an Enemy!

    Dont you know where the chainhas been! It was right next to zelda! of course it would be hot!(i hope it is wand of gamelon!) Octorok, would you like to fly and assault skyloft?
  50. Zeldawolfsheik

    November 17th

    Doesnt it seem kind of...small? A bunch of different hubs and skyloft. I feel diossapointed.
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