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  1. julien22

    What Shield Did You Use Before the Hylian Shield?

    for skyview i used wooden after that i used the iron after i upgrade that and when entering the ancient cistern i used the best upgrade of iron shield but then scervero that guy broke my best iron shield :( i was pissed so bought a other shield after that i bought the sacred shield upgrade...
  2. julien22

    Slightly Disapointed

    i also love the stamina meter dash is soo great hope it to have it in more game im happy that it is only by bug and treasure it is still a pain in TP we had it whit the money it was so annoying
  3. julien22

    Have You Beat Skyward Sword Yet?

    i finished the game a few days ago very great game :) but sad news hero mode erased my good file :( got only hero mode left :(
  4. julien22

    Spoiler Least Favorite Skyward Sword Dungeon

    sandship i hate the amount of time you need to switch the timestone orb the boss was not hard and very easy but i hated scevero why he broke my best iron shield :(
  5. julien22

    Spoiler Silent Realm

    for me the silent realm was not scary at all well a bit............ the first silent realm in faron woods very very easy for me in the desert also but had some problems getting some tears the eldin silent realm hardest i dindt know you can use the wind to go up whitout the sail cloth skyloft...
  6. julien22

    Demo Requests.

    i would love a demo but it is too short before the release it would be nice why? 1 you get to experience the gameplay your self and see how it works including the sword play 2 do it on your own so walk around do things you wanted to do but som1 dind't show that :)
  7. julien22

    Spoiler Ganondorf's Origin?

    mm it is a kinda ganondorf as a model but im scared now that as we saw from the comercial zelda falling into the sealed ground ....... you can alr ques it if you see the skin of the guy it looks just like the 1 from the imprisoned nintendo you idiot stop spoiling
  8. julien22

    New Japanese Trailer

    as i say that is my count off dungeon bosses is what i think and the scorpion from e3 trailer is in a sand room and not in the forest so you never know what can happen after 1 year
  9. julien22

    New Japanese Trailer

    ok i found out that if this is correct we know all the bosses of the 6 dungeons :( 1 ghirahim in skyview 2 scaldera earth temple 3 scorpion from the e3 2010 demo i think 4 the statue in ancient cistern 5 ghirahim aigen in fire sancuatry ( sorry for sanc bad spelling) 6 the gaint squid thingy on...
  10. julien22

    IGN Video Unboxing

    im a bit dissapointed in the color of the golden wii remote it is much darker and the box art also i prefer a bit more ligther like they showed on e3 but IGN what the hell the 11th 1 week before release it isn't skyrim a damm for me
  11. julien22

    What Version of Skyward Sword Are You Getting?

    the bundle why so i have a other wii motion+ remote so i can play whit my friends when they come
  12. julien22

    Looking for Bokoblin Archer Art

    amazing zeldahuman legs of not a huge problem well im hoping for a full version soon becous release not that far away :)
  13. julien22

    Looking for Bokoblin Archer Art

    as the title says it im looking for art of the bokoblin whit a bow you can see him at eldin vulcano and then the bokoblin fort if som1 can link it i would e very happy also i have looked on zd but they don't have him
  14. julien22

    Spoiler GT.TV Trailer

    considering the door into the earth temple that got a dragon on it and what zeldadungeon says i think it is volvagia the boss of the dungeon that was announced this day but time will say
  15. julien22

    Spoiler GT.TV Trailer

    its a realy good trailer and about volvagia it think it is in the game but just like the faron scene whit him jumping and spashing the water i think it might be eldin but volvagia also but im sure that it is eldin and zomg this game is going to be awsome whit the sheikah and ghirahim...
  16. julien22

    Harp Trailer

    i only got 1 thing to say EPIC!!!! it was soo good cinametic whit epic things to show i can't wait to play the game even more now also if you look at the air when link meets at 36 the air and the little slice of mountain looks like a desert for me so i think it its in the desert zone
  17. julien22

    Black Beasts Name Revealed!

    what i can read is his mouth and legs stand 60 feet tall and haunt link's nightmares handily he's imprisoned (hience the name) in the sealed ground outside faron woods pheew this means that the footage we say from tgs about this monster is that he is making his escape out of the sealed ground...
  18. julien22

    Will I Be Able to Use the Original Wii Motion Plus Add-on for Skyward Sword?

    kinda a stupit question if you ask me but yes you can use the 1 you get from sports resort just if you want the bundle it is worth is why becous wii remote plus cost around 50 euro that is realy expensive and the add-on and the remote is a bit long and heavy if you ask me
  19. julien22

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Items

    @farore the beedle will be a piece of technologie from zelda its good to see that think about even new items whit that tech also the unknow item looks more like the old model of the gust bellow that is what i am thinking about it
  20. julien22


    wel am hooping that the slingshot will do good damage i can remember that it does weak damage compared to the bow but whit the controlls its a fast using quick damage dealing weapon while the bow needs more time to take controll of and get ready to shoot so i have my worries and also good feeilings
  21. julien22

    Spoiler SS Backstory May Result in a New Zelda Game?

    @ganonking as much you like the have a prequel to ww its not going to happen why becous after oot link goes into the woods and search for navi then end up in termina and during that hyrule gets flooded so there is no way you get to play as link or zelda needs to star in it but i doubt that is...
  22. julien22

    Spoiler Ancient Cistern Video

    the redesign for the wip looks weard the place where you hold it looks more like a bell ..............
  23. julien22

    Is This Anyone Else's First Zelda on the Wii?

    this will be my first zelda on the wii o got tp on the gamecube i realy liked it can't wait for ss
  24. julien22

    Spoiler Japanese Site Got an Update, Faron Woods, Skyview Temple, Japanese Introduction

    ok first im happy to see that the forest temple is the sky temple no probs about that but i don't like nintendo spoiling each world but http://www.gonintendo.com/content/uploads/images/2011_10/23gck.jpg does this meen if i pre-ordered the limited edition i will get golden wii remote the...
  25. julien22

    6 Hearts from the Start

    im glad we start whit 6 hearts it adds a bit of a challenge if the mobs hit strong i realy like that. playing tp when you got 16 hearts sucks a lot if you want challenge
  26. julien22

    Bird Statues Confirmed in Skyloft

    i think it will be just a save statue if you look at the gamplay for the dungeon demo you can see the same statue
  27. julien22

    Romance Between Link and Zelda

    when i was watching that trailer i want to cry its so good what nintendo made it was just like i was looking at a love movie but when zelda gets hit by the tornado the music the feeling it looks olmost like the move is having a sad ending go on nintendo go on :)
  28. julien22

    Twilight Princess Arrows in Twilight Princess

    buy them from the shop or get a quiver upgrade if you can
  29. julien22

    Rolling the Ball in the Lava

    just rewatched the 4th video from gameinformer and just seeing how we need to walk op a ball in the lava do you guys think the controls will be just like the ball rolling in super mario galaxy 1 and 2 (hope not that was a pain for me) or just standard whit the nunchuk
  30. julien22

    Spoiler Game Informer Exclusive Video #4

    i hope you can it will be annoying but link will always reborn like a phoenix if he goes into the lava :)
  31. julien22

    Spoiler Game Informer Exclusive Video #4

    great timing :) the music for the fire dungeon doesn't fit for my ears sad not that much time on the boss but it shows 1 of the many attack which is spoiler enough
  32. julien22

    Phi Wants to Marry?

    why so negative? its only something i wanted to point out and there are no other threads about this @wolf sage when she says master this is eldin vulcano then as we all know just like midna its gibberish but still for me it sounded like she was saying master marry me do you also hear that...
  33. julien22

    Phi Wants to Marry?

    i know the thread name doesn't makes sense at all at the start but i was looking back at gameinformer special zelda videos and when I was watching number 1 when phi started talking i think i heard marry ha master does this means she wans to marry link in marry me master.
  34. julien22

    Crossbow in Skyward Sword?

    a crossbow i think it controls will then be just like the slingshot that will indeed awsome so that we can use the arrows quicker in battle
  35. julien22

    Animated Blood

    mm now im thinking in tp wasn't that the blood you get of from red jelly's and if you look on http://www.zeldadungeon.net/2011/09/full-game-informer-scans-reveal/#more-16525 the second scan you can see the yell goes all around
  36. julien22

    Spoiler Forest Temple Vs. Sky Temple

    i hope it isn't somthing we will get from the translation dind't like it what they done to spirit tracks :(
  37. julien22

    Animated Blood

    i got tp when i was around the ages of 7 or 8 i dunno i wasn't a huge zelda fan back then but i never noticed that but tp always scared me
  38. julien22

    Animated Blood

    it was something i was thinking of not somthing to take serius but it can be happening if you think about falling from the sky
  39. julien22

    Animated Blood

    as we all know ss got a E10 so im thinking what we have seen from entering eldin vulcano http://www.zeldadungeon.net/2011/09/game-informer-exclusive-video-1-eldin-volcano-revealed/ is that you need to use the sailcloth to lower your speed and land save but what if he doesn't do that does that...
  40. julien22

    What Are Your Remaining Fears About the Game?

    only 1 thing scary as hell just look at the twilight realm from tp :(
  41. julien22

    Should Beedle Be in Skyward Sword?

    beedle i liked him in st so yes for him tingle i never feel ok if I am near him it's just a weard guy even i dind't played ww and mm i think he is strange
  42. julien22

    Why is She Wearing Heels?

    she likes to get dressed up :) but she still is floating
  43. julien22

    Will The Sky Really Be That Big? (unsure)

    i don't care how long the game is and see it for the plus side we get a boat ww style and a bird ss style what next a hovercraft or the train from st i like riding on the see and flying in the sky :)
  44. julien22

    Spoiler New SS Girl

    omg a boat long live zelda technologie gonna ride my boat all around the sea and crush enemy's
  45. julien22

    Spoiler All New Items Revealed Today

    the gust yar is more like F.L.U.U.D 2.0 for me it seems more like a water cannon
  46. julien22

    Upgrade System Video

    cool more kids to bully :) haha just joking more enemies to kill in a single shot or to annoy :)
  47. julien22

    Skyward Sword DEFINITE Graphical Down-grade from Twilight Princess

    gimma a break phi got legs? if you look close you can see it she isn't a floating charachter?
  48. julien22

    Upgrade System Video

    hehe to full i can understand it is a area in the game just to say you and great video love it i also loved the huntig for special items to upgrade my train
  49. julien22

    Do You Care About Spoiling the Game...

    yes im a bit scared that it will spoil too much if you look at the gameplay from tgs then it already got some major spoilers :(
  50. julien22

    What Are You Looking Forward to Most.

    I'm looking forward to feel like im the 1 who is doing the sword moves
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