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    A Link Between Worlds Majoras Mask Theory

    I don't really want to sound rude, but I think you have terrible evidence to support your theory. Ravio obviously is referring to Hilda and Yuga. Hilda is oblivious to Yuga's true intentions, but Ravio senses it. That's why he leaves Lorule for Hyrule.
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    A Link Between Worlds Where Do You Get the Chain Mail Armor?

    I've seen videos of it and I have no idea where to find them.
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    A Link Between Worlds What Order Have You Done/are You Doing the Dungeons.

    Eastern Palace, then House of Gales, then Tower of Hera, then I did Thieve's Hideout, and I just completed Dark Palace. I'm doing the one in the forest next.
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    General Zelda Rank-Order The 3D Games

    1.Twilight Princess Masterfully crafted, my favorite game of all time. 2.Ocarina of Time Started the 3D Zelda games, and just an overall great game all round. 3.Wind Waker Beautiful visuals, and excellent gameplay. 4/5.Skyward Sword/Majora's Mask Eh. Never really enjoyed them with playing...
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    General Modern VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 71!

    At first, I wouldn't know where to go next, but now that I can tackle them in any order, I don't have to worry about that. I want to play this game completely blind. So I think it's okay.
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    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 70!

    I want to see the Twili make an appearance. We don't know too much about them, so it would be perfect, maybe for a TP sequel (or maybe even prequel)
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    Twilight Princess Fixing Twilight Princess Via a Remake

    To be honest, theres not a lot of stuff I would want to change except making the world a bit brighter. Also, they can't change a lot of the things for it to stay true to the original. They can't do nonlinearity, and they can't expand regions. And they can't make the combat harder. There's...
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    General Zelda Very Hard Challenges

    I saw one for Twilight Princess where you start in Hyrule Field with 1000 rupees, then you turn the magic armor on. You have to ride all the way around Hyrule without losing all the rupees.
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    General Zelda Friendship As a Central Theme

    When I first read the title: My Little Zelda, My Little Zelda Ahhhhhh My Little Zelda I used to wonder what friendship could be My Little Zelda Until you three shared its magic with me Tons of power Go Pig mode! A part of wisdom I'm also a boy! Sharing, courage It's an easy feat...
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    General Zelda If You Could Make Up a Zelda Item, What Would It Be?

    Iron Claws: Claws that Link put on so he can do melee his enemies in a badass way. Also increases strength to seperate blocked doorways. Handheld Cannon: It's like the cannon in WW in that it fires bombs at enemies, but you don't have to be in a boat. You just hold it and fire away. It does...
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    Ocarina of Time Cosmo Wright Holds the Ocarina of Time World Record.

    Wrong warp. Let's you warp from the Gohma room to right after you defeat Ganondorf. There are ton's of things you have to do to actually activate the glitch, though.
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    Skyward Sword Best Region in SS?

    And I thought you didn't love Skyward Sword enough. Even though I didnt' get much enjoyment from any of the areas, my favorite is Faron Woods. It would tie with the Lanayru Mine, but the Silent Realm theme for Faron is my favorite piece in the game, imo.
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    Ocarina of Time Cosmo Wright Holds the Ocarina of Time World Record.

    Some of you may know of Cosmo. He is a speedrunner and he holds the world record for speed running The Wind Waker. Just recently, he has the world record of speedrunning Ocarina of Time. His completed time is 19:15. Before him, first place was Shaeden, with 19:20. Before holding the world...
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    Ocarina of Time How Do You Think Ocarina of Time Would Have Been if It Was First Person?

    For those saying it would be horrible, hear me out. The game was still in the planning stages. It probably would have been designed around the first person perspective. In the current state of the game, it wouldn't work AT ALL. If they had designed the game around the first person, maybe it...
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    Ocarina of Time How Do You Think Ocarina of Time Would Have Been if It Was First Person?

    I remember reading once that Miyamoto wanted OoT to be first person, but changed it to third person because you wouldn't be able to see the difference from child and adult link. Don't take my word for it, though. So, how do you think it would be.
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    General Zelda Zelda Game You Can Complete the Quickest?

    The fastest I've beaten a Zelda game was Spirit Tracks. I got it on Christmas day and beat the second dungeon. Then on the 30th, I beat the game early morning.
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    General Zelda Best Alternate Dimension

    I'd say the Twilight Realm because it had a lot of depth to it. Not the area you explored, but the history and characters surrounding it. The Dark World is in second place, because of it's history, but its pretty much a copy of the Light world. Silent realm is last because it's just a part of...
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    Oracle Series Should I Buy Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons

    I'm pretty sure those were done with codes, not a link cable.
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    Oracle Series Should I Buy Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons

    I forgot to mention that I'm getting one on the 3DS eShop.
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    Pokemon X and Y: What Comes Next?

    There are only two months left till the release, so we have to receive a hell of a lot of new information.
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    Oracle Series Should I Buy Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons

    I'm torn whether I should buy Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons. I'm leaning towards Ages, because of the time aspect and the bosses are more original. However, Oracle of Seasons has the Dark Dragon boss. I only have enough money for one of them. Which one should I buy?
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    Skyward Sword Pointless Fanboy Rambling in Defense of Skyward Sword (tl;dr)

    About the whole OoT being linear aspect, you can go from Forest to Water to Fire, and you can do Spirit to Shadow. I always do Spirit first because of the Medallion order on one of the pause screens.
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    Skyward Sword Pointless Fanboy Rambling in Defense of Skyward Sword (tl;dr)

    I could probably counter most of those arguments but it would take too long. I'll just counter a few, than. 1. Most people play this game swinging their sword fast to move it from place to place. They don't take slow swings. 2. Having to move the Wiimote to move the bird gets annoying and...
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    Tetraforce Theory

    I always thought of the Tetraforce Theory as interesting, even though the amount of evidence disproving it is large. Your evidence, I think, is pretty good. The Gerudo Mesa does have the sand statue, which I'm pretty sure has something to do with Time. Also, in Majora's Mask, Zelda references...
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    General Zelda Anyone Know If Nintendo Is Still Planning On Releasing LoZ: MM 3DS?

    I don't see it being announced any time soon. If it did, even though I didn't like Majora's Mask, I'd probably still get it.
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    Which Will Be Your Starter?

    I always go with the fire starter, because fire is awesome. I might just go for Froakie, because if the rumors are true about the final evolutions being effecting against all the other starters, then Froakie would be a fighting type. And judging by my picks for the last few generations (Gen 3...
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    Twilight Princess Zelda the Queen in TP?

    I think I read somewhere (Was it SSBB?) that she was about to become the queen, but Zant invaded before that happened.
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    Adventure of Link How Far Did You Get?

    You are still playing it. You just get to start over from a specific point. You could think of it as a checkpoint...
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    General Zelda The Most Intelligent Villain

    TP because of what Hero of Time said.
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    Skyward Sword SS. Why So Much Hate?

    There were 39 Minutes of cutscenes before you get the sword. There was well over 2 hours worth of cutscenes in the game.
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    General Zelda The Future

    I want a TP sequel. It has a lot of things it could continue. I liked Colin as a character. He had a lot of development and though Link was a good role model.
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    General Zelda What is Your Favorite Zelda Soundtrack?

    What is your favorite Zelda Soundtrack? Personally, mine is Twilight Princess. It's music sets the stage for an epic game, and fits whats going on near flawlessly. While only a few pieces are orchestraded, when hearing it for the first time you may think that everything was orchestrated.
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    General Zelda Ghirahim - Was It a Poor Decision?

    I think Ghirahim was a terrible villain. His fights were pathetic once you knew how to do it, and he was always like "I'll get you next time blah blah blah." Why didn't he go into his form in the third fight and gotten Link over with, pretty much ensuring a victory for him. His lazyness caused...
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    General Zelda Dark World/Twilight Forms for Other Characters

    Character Name: Zelda Form Species: Owl Form Appearance: A golden owl, with large wings and beautiful feathers. Reasoning: Zelda is the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom, and owls are said to be wise. The beauty part of the owl comes from the fact that in Skyward Sword she was said to be beautiful.
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    General Zelda Most Overrated Zelda Game?

    I have to say MM and SS. They are some of my least favorite games. Hate me for this but I don't like almost everything about MM. The mask system was cool, but everything else I couldn't really enjoy. I did go out of my way to get all masks and the Anju Kafei Romance (Which surprisingly is one of...
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    General Zelda Which is the Most Unique Link?

    So her son because a nice queen. lolwut. Anyway's I have to agree with you.
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    General Zelda The Most Dynamic Duo?

    I voted Midna because she was the least annoying, and she had the most character development. I could say the same for Linebeck, but I think TP did it better.
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    General Zelda What Age Were You when You First Started Playing Zelda?

    I was 5. My parents bought the Wii for christmas of 06. One of the games they had for it was Twilight Princess. Me and my uncle (who was 15) played Twilight Princess. It later became my favorite game ever.
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    Fairy Type

    Just like Dark type and Steel type to balance out Psychic type and the underused Fighting Type.
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    Superhero RP

    Liberty ignores Pyschic Shadow for now, flying towards where the car landed. "I hope nobody got hurt." She thought.
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    Superhero RP

    Pyschic Shadow is high up in the air, with Liberty on the giant eagle named Raptor following. He uses his telekinesis to grab a car and throws it at Liberty. Liberty narrowly dodges it, sending the car flying through the air. It lands right near where Kinetic is.
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    Superhero RP

    Name: Jason Flemming Alias: Pyschic Shadow Gender: Male Age:28 Appearance: n/a Costume: Wears a black gas mask and his whole body is covered in a black jumpsuit Gadgets: n/a Power(s): mind reading, telekinesis Weakness: Lightning, extreme heat Alignment: evil Name: Jessica Lib Alias: Liberty...
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    General Zelda How Would You Have Improved Zelda's 25th Anniversary?

    I'd say release another game. I know it's hard to make two games at once in the same series, but it would be nice to be able to play two games for the anniversary.
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    Ocarina of Time The URA Zelda Restoration Project is Canceled ;(

    I can see why it was cancelled. It was a big project, and an ameteur team of hackers probably couldn't have pulled it off. I never heard of it, but if I had, I would have guessed it to be cancelled. It's just too ambitous.
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    Chronicle RP Sign-Ups

    Name: Jonathan "Johnny" Striker Superhero name: Strike Age: 18 Gender:Male Personality: Helpful, but get's angry real easily. Stands up to bullies and hangs out with almost anyone at the school. Appearance: 6'3", Usually wears black sweatpants and a red hoodie to school. He's white and has...
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    General Zelda Randomly Generated Dungeons - a Way to Aid in Non-linearity?

    I think this is a bad idea for a Zelda game except maybe a hidden, optional dungoen.
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    General Zelda When Have You Felt the Most Badass?

    Defeating Ganon in TP. It just feels the best when you jump, do a flip, and then land your sword perfectly into his chest.
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    General Zelda Most Thrilling Boss Battle?

    I'd say that Koloktos was pretty thrilling. I thought it was pretty cool having the pick up his weapon and slicing him up with it. The enemies he spawned also caused me to lose focus of it so I got hit a couple of times. Even though I don't like Skyward Sword, Koloktos is the best boss in it...
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