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  1. Volvagia

    3DS Price Drops to $169.99, New "Ambassador" Program for Those That Already Own One

    The 3ds, now being 80 USD cheaper than the PSVita, will have a MUCH better chance of outselling said console this holiday season. The Vita already had to cut several features in order to keep up with the 3ds, and Nintendo smacks them in the face with this announcement. I also would venture to...
  2. Volvagia

    Should They Have More Master Quests Like OOT?

    Yeah, the Second Quest from the original LoZ would be pretty cool to see in a newer game. However, that was made because the developers thought that they had only used half the space on the NES cartridge that they had available to make the main game. That means they could have twice as much...
  3. Volvagia

    Ocarina of Time Bongo Bongo

    The biggoron sword made me beat him in around 20 seconds. He was EASY. I imagine that he would be much harder with the master sword. He was a pretty cool boss, though. The biggoron sword made me beat him in around 20 seconds. He was EASY. I imagine that he would be much harder with the master...
  4. Volvagia

    If There's One Thing I Don't Understand About the Zelda Series...

    Most Hilariously Illogical Things in Zelda Games Everyone knows that game logic and real logic are two totally different things. What are your favorite instances of game logic that seem utterly ridiculous in real life? EX: Putting boots in your pocket makes you lighter (whole series)...
  5. Volvagia

    The Creepiest Thing in Any Zelda Game?

    Dead hand in the bottom of the well. Also, redeads in WW. They just seem... Disturbing.
  6. Volvagia

    Pet Boss

    It isn't too hard to figure out which one I would want.
  7. Volvagia

    What Could the Zelda Franchise Do with Better Hardware?

    Everyone knows about the newer Nintendo console and its supposed incredible capabilities. My big question is what does this mean for the zelda franchise? Bigger overworlds? Better NPC AI? Improved graphics? what do you all hope Nintendo could do with xbox-like power?
  8. Volvagia

    Ocarina of Time There's ONE Mystery Orchestral Track in OoT3D.....

    PLEASE BE KAKIRIKO!! Probably not, but still... Also, what do you mean by remastered?
  9. Volvagia


    I don't think that I need to say anything about how much I want Volvagia in the game. Unlikely? Sure. Awesome? Very!
  10. Volvagia

    Who Are Your 5 Favorite Video Game Characters?

    5. Ezio (Assassins Creed 2) The ninja of Renissance Italy 4. Solid Snake (Metal Gear) Just... Awsome. 3. Master Chief (Halo) See number 4 2. Glad0s (Portal) Funniest sadistic supercomputer ever! 1. Link ( I'm pretty sure you know what series) The manliest man in tights EVER
  11. Volvagia

    Project Cafe: What Rumors Do You Want to Be True?

    That definitely is a concern, but that just wouldn't be Nintendo's style. Another possible worry is that cafe would be too late to attract many hardcore gamers. The things that I want to see true? I hope the rumors about the amazing hardware (CPU, GPU, and RAM) all turn out to be true, along...
  12. Volvagia

    Ocarina of Time Why Does It Always Rain in the Back of the Graveyard?

    What if (very big if) it had something to do with the composer brothers? Sounds crazy but here is my theory. The composer brothers created the song of storms, and, as ghosts, introduced it into the timeline loop. This connection would explain why there is always a storm near where they are...
  13. Volvagia

    Why Did You Start Zelda, and Why Do You Still Play?

    Northernspiral (my best friend by the way) game me a Nintendo points card with the instructions to buy Ocarina of Time for the Virtual Console. I followed these instructions and became a huuuuge fan of the franchise. I LOVE IT.
  14. Volvagia

    Your Weapon Of Choice

    Well, first off, the mirror shield and great fairy sword would be nice. Also, the bomb arrows would be very handy (along with the hero's bow, obviously). The golden gauntlets would also be cool to have, because they give you superhero strengh.
  15. Volvagia

    What's Your Favorite Anime/Manga?

    Naruto Shippuden and One Piece are my favorite TV shows ever, and I also really like the manga. That being said, I am still sort of new to the whole Anime/Manga thing.
  16. Volvagia

    Favorite Videos on Youtube and Favorite Abridger

    Favorite abridged series creators 1. The guy who does Code MENT and none piece 2.Little Kuriboh 3. Masakox and vegeta these guys are abridging GENIUSES. They are some of the funniest guys on YouTube. Also, Northernspiral and I are thinking of making an abridged series.
  17. Volvagia

    Traveling Between Parallel Worlds?

    Possibly traveling between skyloft/hyrule in SS? Seriiously, though, it's a great idea.
  18. Volvagia

    Funny Zelda CDi Youtube Vids!

    Those were pretty much the first time I had ever tried to do something like that, so I could probably make some better ones now.
  19. Volvagia

    Funny Zelda CDi Youtube Vids!

    Sorry for being misleading there. That's not my video. It's just my favorite video. My actual videos are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIwGX_Gt094 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMOmxoHcXwY&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL Yeah... kind of lame...sorry.
  20. Volvagia

    Funny Zelda CDi Youtube Vids!

    I've actually made a couple of these myself, although they are veeeeeeeeeery amateurish. My favorite? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofbhkbk42Jc
  21. Volvagia

    Some Considerations for Voice-acting

    I think that Nintendo might just pull it off if they give it a try. It's a delicate matter trying to get it just right. It can either be fantastic or utterly unconvincing ( *cough* *cough* CD-I games). It would be different, but that doesn't mean it would ruin the game. They wouldn't mess up the...
  22. Volvagia

    Ocarina of Time Continuity Question

    First off, sorry if this thread has already been posted. Has anyone ever noticed that if you look closely at adult Link, he has an earring? This isn't really relevant to the plot in any way, but that doesn't mean it's not interesting. How did it get there? Did Rarau get bored one day when link...
  23. Volvagia

    Are Zoras Really Extinct?

    Actually, it's commonly accepted that they didn't die out, but instead evolved into the Ruto. Why this happened is more of a mystery. Maybe their species wasn't suited for ocean life, but you'd think that they would simply adapt to it. Turning from fish to bird people in the middle of a giant...
  24. Volvagia

    Ocarina of Time Dark Link, How You Killed Him and How He Could Have Been Harder.

    The first time I faced him, I ran out of magic really fast, so I had to use the master sword. It was really intense, but I died after a long and epic fight. I then left the temple got the biggoron sword, and came back fully stocked. I beat him within 15 seconds. This was really disappointing...
  25. Volvagia

    Ocarina of Time Favrite Enemy?

    I really like the wolfos because of the amount of fun I had fighing them, and I also liked their somewhat creepy but really cool apperence. My favorite enemy, though, was dead hand minibosses at the bottom of the well. I really love how they seem to stand out from all the other enemies in terms...
  26. Volvagia

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    It's a trap! What color is the bear?
  27. Volvagia

    Ocarina of Time Are You Ready for the Terror?

    Dead hand Dead hand totally freaked me out when I played through the first time due to the fact that it looked more like something out of dead space than Zelda. In 3d with updated graphics, It will be completely HORRIFYING. I absolutely cannot wait to buy this game.
  28. Volvagia

    Ocarina of Time Volvagia Back Story. May Be Spoilers... ?

    As far as I know, the game never exactly goes into much detail about Volvagia's origins, but I really hope that they will be revealed in a prequil (Skyward sword, maybe?). As you can probably guess, Volvagia was one of my favorite bosses.
  29. Volvagia

    How Did You Get Introduced to the Zelda Series

    The first game that I really started playing in the series was Ocarina of Time. My friend got me a wii points card and told me to try out that game,and I absolutely loved it. I have gotten extremely close to the franchise now, and I don't think there's anything quite like it.
  30. Volvagia

    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple in Oot Annoying?

    I really loved this temple. I thought that is was a difficult dungeon, though it really didn't live up to the hype for me. I went into that temple hearing all sorts of people telling me how hard it was, when in reality, it was just sort of confusing at times. Switching to the iron boots, really...
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