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    A Link to the Past Alttp Super Bomb

    I am about to take on Turtle rock and want to upgrade at the pyramid fairy fountain but when i go to buy the super bomb its not there. i haven't played in a while and cant remember if it a one time thing and i already bought it and it just blew up before i could reach the pyramid. If you are...

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Chuck Norris can pee his name in concrete. Jesus can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim through land. Chuck Norris is so tough, Obama has a Fathead of him on his bedroom wall. Fathead: sticker of famous...

    Share Your Friend Codes with Me!!!

    hello everyone.:wave: I started playing Ph with my cousin and remembered that it has nintendo wifi connection. so i went online and i got addicted, and now i want to ad some of YOU to my friend roster so we can play together. my friend code is below, feel free to share your friend code and...

    Which Pokemon Would You Be?

    a lucario because they are blue (duh) and because they can talk. they are the most beast pokemon ever.

    User Profile Now Customizable!

    Hey, does anyone know how i can put pictures or patterns in the background? I've seen it on few profiles but haven't figured it out yet.

    What Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?

    THANK YOU for making this thread!!! I am a christian as well but that doesn't matter because i have my own hypothesis. Of course, the chicken came first! Believe me, I would know this kind of stuff. Its not like an egg just appeared out of thin air. OBVIOUSLY the chicken evolved out of some sort...

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ yes, i want to get a lot of Reese's peanut butter cups... yum! <has an awesome ghillie suit-like costume v likes reese's also

    Favorite/Best Controller

    I <3 the gamecube controller. not only is it good for illegal street racing in NFS carbon, but for pwning your friends in super smash bros. melee or brawl. i love the fact that it plugs into the wii. and when your playing Super smash, you can never forget about your most reliable C-stick. its...

    I Need a Girl's Opinion

    go up to her, say, i am here he is not, then take her to the movies................. that could work! don't mock me! lol

    Help Me Remember What This Music is from

    i cant remember what this is from but it is not the AoL intro. i will try to describe it as best i can so here goes: i goes like "do do do do" the first "do" is the highest. the next three get lower each time. it repeats the "do do do do" four times, then starts again with the "do do do do"...

    Lets Count to 1000!

    638. chickens...............................................are awesome!!!

    Which Zelda Song Do You Listen to Regularly?

    i like the dark world theme in a link to the past http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-kqzc4gcnw

    Halloween Costumes 2010

    i might make a ghillie suit. or take my under armor sweat shirt and go all black. i will stalk people in the woods. and then have the inside orange so i can go like invisable to visable in seconds

    How Do You Hook Up an N64 Controller to Your Computer?

    you could get a new tv......................... yeah that wasn't much help was it. lol

    OoA Dungeon Railways

    yeah, it would be like link in a mine cart, and you would have to move the remote to lean in the right direction. it would be awesome. or you would go through a course and have to shoot as many enemies as you can to earn a heart container.

    Weird Things That Make No Sense in Zelda

    i still don't really get why the flute boy in alttp turns into a stump. it just creeps me out alot.

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    what about LoZ and Aol? they are also handheld! ha ha........................ minish cap rules!

    Favorite Boss

    i like the main boss, but i cant remember its name. im pretty sure its not up there though.

    The All-American Rejects Songs

    i haven't listened to them in a while, but love there music. i didn't know gives you hell was by them.

    If Link Were A Woman

    if link were female, then there's the possibility that zelda (male version) was the hero in the past but was captured, locked in a dungeon, and needed link to save her. it would be awkward.

    Where Can I Make Sigs?

    can i download gimp on a mac? a lot of things don't work great for macs whenever i try to download something.

    The Legend of Zelda Legend of Zelda, Second Quest

    i just beat ganon, saved zelda and am ready to start the second quest.:) it doesn't look like the walkthrough is going to be finished for a while. when will it be? i haven't seen any progress for a while and am wondering if anyone is working on it. it seems like it just stopped. what else is to...

    Where Can I Make Sigs?

    where can i make sigs online? i want to create my own graphic designs, but i don't want to have to deal with downloading and running new software. nor do i want to have to pay to make graphic designs. do you know any places i can do this? and also, i don't just want to be taking a picture and...

    Spirit Tracks 100 Percent Complete

    Looks good to me. You may want to look for any unopened chests you may have missed.

    Do You Use Your Name or Link's?

    I ussually use my enitials, REO, when I first start the game. Then if I want to replay that game, I will call him link. I like to have REO as my main file for glitching and messing around in afterwards. I hate how PH and SP only have two files. Every others zelda game has three, so why can't...

    The Legend of Zelda Resources - BS

    it looks like just an altered version of the original legend of zelda. and it looks as if its sort of a walkthrough. i don't think its important

    The Legend of Zelda Resources - BS

    first, LoZ is not the hardest zelda game out there. i think most of those are just instruction booklets, gameplay, controls, etc. and if i'm not looking in the right spot, i cant find the video. so you could send me a link. besides, if its in japanese, with no translation, its probably just an...

    The Blame Game

    fiercedeity shot a rabbit with his BB gun!

    What Will Be Your Option if You Die?

    i would probably be buried in ipswich, or donate my body to science or people in need. i could also be cremated, but i don't want to be ashes on a hutch. i would decide my will depending on my occupation or something i may be known for. my mother wants to be cremated. she says: "when i die, i...

    Do You Think the Legend of Neil Will Continue on to AoL?

    do you think the legend of neil will continue on to AoL? i think it will because if it doesn't, it will just end. i think that would be awkward, just ending the show. even if they do continue, how far will they go? they could be a possibly skip to any other zelda game, too. i am a fan of...

    If You Could Have Any Video Game of Any System, What Would It Be?

    If you could have any video game of any system, what would it be? its probably a hard choice for most of you, but my conclusion is that other than OoT for N64, i would get CoD world at war. we all love zelda, but i want to post something besides zelda. For two reasons: i love nazi zombies...

    If You Lost All Your Zelda Games but Could Only Keep Three.

    i would keep LoZ, because i have two copies of it. minish cap and Alttp. the other three, AoL, PH, and SP are my least favorite, and i could just buy them back. i'm so excited because i'm getting two GBSA sp today, yay!:D

    Post Your Videogame Collection

    omg i wrote this whole post then left to find out how to spell chihuahua, then came back to find my post gone. yes, i pressed the back button, and i has never failed me until now!:dry: NES LoZ AoL smb 1 smb 3 kirby's adventure tiger heli gyromite bugs B crazy castle duck tales...

    How Much Light Do You Like to Have in the Room when Playing Games?

    i will destroy all light. i'm a nocturnal kind of guy. i hang blankets around to enclose my tv. and sometimes use a fog machine.

    Zelda Needs To Step It Up

    I am disappointed with phantom hour glass and spirit tracks. I don't really like the idea of a transportation like train or boat, with the exception of wind waker. The bad thing with spirit tracks and phantom hourglass is that it repeats itself. it gets boring doing the tower of spirits/temple...

    Zelda Movie In Hollywood

    only if they give out free zelda games like cards in the premiers of pokemon movies. lol. that would be great! but yeah it would be an epic fail. lol. again. its like it comes out and we all go and see it but turns out its just a walkthrough of OoT. ha

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    no, i just ran out. do you have a bird?

    The Legend of Zelda Gannon or Ganon

    i told you i know all this stuff. you don't need to tell me. i just wanted to see if anyone else calls him gannon. and somebody does.

    The Legend of Zelda Gannon or Ganon

    i didn't ask for proof. but i knew there was someone else besides me who calls him gannon. i was right. someone else did vote for gannon.

    The Legend of Zelda Gannon or Ganon

    i know that there are people out there that call ganondorf, gannon. i dont care if i lose. its a matter of opinion weather its gannon or ganon. vote

    Back to School.

    wow. i feel strange. 8th grade is boring

    How Would You Spend Your Final Days?

    i would click my dragons. hey, thats a pretty good idea! why dont we all do it, i mean the dragons will die too, we should give them a chance to hatch and live!

    Cooks Corner - Aspiring Chefs and Starving College Kids LOOK HERE!

    cucco piccata boneless cucco breast cut off fat and cut in half the long way. cover with plastic wrap and tenderize with a meat tenderizing hammer on both sides cover with flower, then dip in beated egg and cream. after covering with egg stuff, cover in bread crumbs. set oven to 350 degrees and...

    Super Smash Bros. for DS?

    awe................. you got me excited for nothing........ but yes

    McDonalds Vs. Burger King

    mcdonalds is awesome. hooray for snack wraps. bk can die. they will and must die. or else they will continue to make stupid commercials that end up on the news because they are so bad. thumbs up with Poe. MC should copyright all there products so BK doesn't steal them. hello? apple dippers>apple...

    Ocarina of Time New OoT 3DS Footage

    wow. you would think that they would get a better title font and background. its looks like an add you would see while on shopping at gamestop online. look at it! THE LEGEND OF ZELDA OCARINA OF TIME 3D but its...

    Dew Mocracy at ZD 2010

    i cant take it! forget this happened. its not going well

    Pepsi or Coke?

    ive never tried pepsi max. and ive got an idea. you will find out soon. dont ask me what it is. it will be obvious. later cola lovers

    Paper Mario 3DS.

    holy god. just another thing to look forward to! lol. im so excited!. at first the only thing i could think of was OoT 3DS, but now i don't need to think about how there is only one game in interested in. yay vote Pepsi, vote Coke, vote Dr. pepper, VOTE CHOCOLATE KITTEH!

    Pepsi or Coke?

    hello people! i still haven't figured out how to add Dr. Pepper. idk if it is possible to edit the poll. but sadly pepsi is still losing. mtn dew people! that gives me an idea........
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