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  1. RenaldoBush

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I own the Hyrule Historia, a Twilight Princess guide, and a few shirts. Hopefully for my birthday I will be getting the new collector pack of six game guides, a chest, certificate, and bookmark. When I was younger (like six or seven) I got Link and Epona figures from Majora's Mask. They were...
  2. RenaldoBush

    A Link Between Worlds Multiplayer

    What if they eventually turn Zelda into a multiplayer focused game with a horrible story mode?!
  3. RenaldoBush

    A Link Between Worlds Multiplayer

  4. RenaldoBush

    Ocarina of Time The URA Zelda Restoration Project is Canceled ;(

    Darn it all! I really wanted to see Ura Zelda be completed D:
  5. RenaldoBush

    A Link Between Worlds Multiplayer

    Personally, Four Swords was a very irritating game to me and I didn't enjoy it very much. When I played Phantom Hourglasses multiplayer though, I loved it because of its competitive game modes. So if they were to make a competitive online multiplayer mode I would enjoy it very much.
  6. RenaldoBush

    General Zelda Which Zelda Game Have You Replayed the Most Amount of Times?

    I have played through Ocarina of Time more times then any other game I've ever owned. Yet I still have never collected all Golden Skulltulas!
  7. RenaldoBush

    A Link Between Worlds Multiplayer

    Co-op would be an interesting multiplayer option to see wouldn't it? It could have its own non-cannon storyline!
  8. RenaldoBush

    General Zelda What Age Were You when You First Started Playing Zelda?

    I believe I was three or five when I played my first Zelda video game, Ocarina of Time. At the time I didn't understand what was going on, all I did was run around Kokiri Forest. My Dad or Uncle got me the sword, and shield so I could at least mess around in the first dungeon. I thought it...
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