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  1. West0pher

    General Zelda Zelda Game You Can Complete the Quickest?

    It would be LA for me. I know that game better than all of the others in the series. I've played many games of the series in one sitting (including a 16 hour 100% run of MM, but I digress), but LA was the shortest at around 2 hours. I could probably play TLoZ faster if I had maps of the...
  2. West0pher

    Link's Awakening How is LA Dark or Moody?

    I came into this thread to write a post exactly like ihateghirahim's, but he obviously beat me to it... and wrote it much better than I probably could have. Despite the sad ending, it was a very happy game until you learned the truth behind the Wind Fish's dream.
  3. West0pher

    Games You Want To Be Announced

    I would love a new Metroid game to be announced.
  4. West0pher

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Splurged today and bought some new games for the first time in months. I bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Fire Emblem Awakening for the 3DS and also Darksiders II for XBox 360. I've got nothing to do for a week until school starts, so I'm looking forward to getting into these games I've...
  5. West0pher

    General Zelda Best Alternate Dimension

    I really was not a fan of the silent realm trials in SS, so I had to choose between the dark world and the twilight realm. I chose the twilight realm because I just enjoyed it a bit more than the dark world in ALttP. I wasn't that impressed by ALttP and it isn't one of my favorite games, but...
  6. West0pher

    Zelda Gameplay Competition Round 4

    Well, after a week of practicing, I'm not sure if I'll be submitting anything this round. I leave tomorrow for my new apartment, and I might not have access to a wii or a tv before the 31st. We'll see, but I doubt it. Good luck to everyone else!
  7. West0pher

    A Link Between Worlds Think We Can Expect Dark Link to Make a Comeback in ALBW?

    I would like to have Dark Link in this game in some way. I've always enjoyed fighting Dark Link in AoL and OoT (in FSA he's just annoying...) and would like to see an appearance in ALBW.
  8. West0pher

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    My current wallpaper: http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w614/West0pher/1299050980747_zps74a4720c.jpg I have quite the collection of Zelda themed wallpapers that I cycle through every few months or so.
  9. West0pher

    The Legend of Zelda Zelda's Story (A Surprisingly Fun Zelda 1 Hack)

    This looks cool! Is it available for anyone to download and play on the internet?
  10. West0pher

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    The graduate schools that I would really like to go to are extremely expensive, and I don't know if I'll be able to go to a school I truly want to study at because of money issues. As a music student, loans would be hard to pay off, and scholarships are extremely competitive. I still have a...
  11. West0pher

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Trying to organize my room and make a list of all the things I need for school.
  12. West0pher

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Finally decided to stop playing games I've played before in favor of games that I own, but have never played: Bioshock 1 and 2 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Starting out with Oblivion since I've had it for a couple years, then going to get Skyrim once Oblivion's done) Okami Everything Final...
  13. West0pher

    WW-Wii U The Wind Waker HD's Bloom Gets Dialed Back

    Great! It looks a lot better this way. When I saw the first screenshots of the game, I wasn't too impressed. The images just looked like light glaring through a window and didn't seem HD... I'm getting more and more excited about this game as it gets closer to being released. Well...
  14. West0pher

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    I have a lot of great memories of playing through OoT with my friends and handing the controller back and forth for hours just playing the final sequence of Ganondorf/Ganon in this game.
  15. West0pher

    Adventure of Link How Far Did You Get?

    I did beat this game for the first time last year after seeing Mases beat it in a little more than three hours during the first ZD Marathon. I had played the game a few times before, but each time I would only get to the second palace or so. After getting strategies from watching it played...
  16. West0pher

    Which Super Smash Bros. Represented Franchises Have You Played?

    Animal Crossing: Haven't played any, but I'm looking into getting New Leaf Donkey Kong: I played Donkey Kong Country I believe (really old, for the Gameboy...) and Donkey Kong 64 which was a great game. Earthbound/Mother: I've played Earthbound once, loooooong ago. F-Zero: I used to play...
  17. West0pher

    How Much Time Do You Plan to Spend at the Marathon?

    I watched quite a bit of the marathon this year (and donated a little bit!). For those who were able to see it, the end of the marathon was awesome! A six way race through ALttP with donors being able to mess with the players, it was the most entertaining stream I've seen to date! Can't wait...
  18. West0pher

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I get to move out to my apartment for the semester this Saturday! Although it's nice living with my parents for the summer, I'm ready to get away for a few months.
  19. West0pher

    Zelda Gameplay Competition Round 4

    Anyone else having a hard time with phase 2? I haven't even survived any of the times I've recorded, so I don't have an entry yet... At least I'm getting really good at phase 1!
  20. West0pher

    Zelda Dungeon Revised Music Competition: Week 5

    Cool! I was beginning to wonder what happened! I was waiting for week 5 to be over and for a new theme to be announced thinking I wouldn't have enough time to enter, but I kept waiting and waiting... Good to see it's back though!
  21. West0pher

    Ocarina of Time The Biggoron's Sword

    I hardly ever get the Biggoron's Sword unless I'm doing a 100% run. It's just a reward for completing a fairly tough, optional side quest. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure it does twice as much damage as the Master Sword, but that's just incentive to go through the trading sequence. The BG...
  22. West0pher

    General Zelda What Parts Do You Dread?

    LoZ - 2nd Quest AoL - Death Mountain ALttP - Skull Woods boss fight has always given me trouble LA - Eagle's Tower OoT - Nothing here that I dread. Maybe the Shadow Temple if I had to choose MM - None! OoA - Rolling Ridge area OoS - Nothing comes to mind WW - Everything. JK, mostly the Wind...
  23. West0pher

    General Zelda Favorite Version of Hyrule Kingdom?

    I would have to say TP was my favorite land of Hyrule overworld. I feel like TP Hyrule had the most optional exploration and whatnot. OoT had a big overworld and field, but there wasn't much to find in it except for the big poes when you're an adult. LoZ had a lot of exploration and discovery...
  24. West0pher

    General Zelda Overworld or Dungeons?

    I just posted in another thread that I thought dungeons were the highlight of Zelda games for me. Although, some games had some fantastic overworlds and side quests to complete. Majora's Mask especially had a very nice combination of difficult dungeons (too bad there were only 4...) with all...
  25. West0pher

    General Zelda Highlight

    Difinitely the temples for me. Especially if the game has a water temple. Those generally have been my favorite because of how challenging they tend to be.
  26. West0pher

    Worst Item You've Lost

    I don't often permanently lose things. I have lost many important things, only to have them turn up about a month later. I will say that I have lost quite a bit of sheet music I've purchased over the years. I've had to replace all of it, and music is generally not cheap. I believe all the...
  27. West0pher

    Favorite Midnight Snacks

    I don't often have midnight snacks, but when I do have a craving for food, and when I have what's needed, I usually go all out and make a huge banana split. Sooooo bad for me, but oh so delicious!
  28. West0pher

    First Shiny Pokemon?

    I've only ever encountered one shiny pokemon many years ago. I believe it was a Sentret in one of the early routes during my first playthrough of Silver. I remember the "glimmer" effect when the pokemon appeared, but at the time I had no idea what it meant! I let it go, but remembered the...
  29. West0pher

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    My university is starting classes again soon, and I'm sad because a lot of my friends won't be around this year... This will be the start of my fifth year (although, I'll only need to complete half of this next year to graduate) and most of my friends finished after four years. The worst part...
  30. West0pher

    Planning For The Future

    I have a little bit of my future mapped out, but a lot of it depends on my growth as a trumpet player. I'll be graduating in December from my university with B.A. degrees in mathematics and music, and next Spring I will be auditioning at various schools for graduate study. Depending on what...
  31. West0pher

    Ever Streamed or Wanted to Stream Games Live?

    In light of the ZD Marathon, I wanted to start a thread of live streaming video games. My first experience with watching a live stream was actually last year's ZD Marathon, and since then I've watched many different marathon streams. Ever since last year's ZD Marathon, I've wanted to be a part...
  32. West0pher

    Wind Waker: Why So Many Haters?

    I don't hate WW. I don't hate any Zelda games. I just happen to enjoy a lot more games more than I do WW. The graphics have grown on me over the years, but that's not the reason the game ranks so low on my list. The reason I have it near the bottom is because of how tedious the game was to...
  33. West0pher

    WW-Wii U The Wind Waker HD's Swift Sail Removes Wind-Based Travel

    This is excellent news! Now I'm much more excited to buy and play this version. When WWHD was announced, I was disappointed and wasn't sure if I would buy a Wii U for WWHD, but now I'm much more excited because of all the changes they've made to make the game less tedious.
  34. West0pher

    General Zelda Easiest Zelda Title

    Four Swords was just so easy that I don't want to count it.... That being said, I voted for TWW. It seems I agree with the general consensus of low damage from enemies, easy fights, and boring/simple puzzles. I almost voted for Link's Awakening since I can play that game the fastest of them...
  35. West0pher

    General Zelda Voice Acting

    Voice acting? In my Zelda?! Actually, I'm not terribly against the idea, but I still would like it better if they stayed away from it. There's too much room for error, I feel. If it's good, then cool. Would it add much to the game? Personally, I don't think it would. If it were to be done...
  36. West0pher

    Oracle Series What Are You Playing Right Now

    Just starting up Master Quest in 3D. I've started the game on my GC twice before, but each time I've lost the memory card with my game data on it. I think that disc is cursed or something. Hopefully nothing like that happens on my 3DS...
  37. West0pher

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Just finished watching an epic Link's Awakening race between Mases and Mosley in the ZD Marathon. I'm so inspired that I'm booting up my 3DS to play OoT Master Quest!
  38. West0pher

    Remembering Names

    I'm generally bad with names as well, and often have trouble remembering someone's name when I'm meeting/talking with them for the first time. I'm very much a visual learner and like to see things written down before I'm able to memorize anything. If I don't have a chance to see it in writing...
  39. West0pher

    Games You Wish You Could Play/own

    I don't own a playstation, nor have I ever been inclined to buy one. There are a couple of games that I've wanted to play that were PS exclusives though, including Katamari Damacy and The Last of Us.
  40. West0pher

    General Zelda Favorite Remixes

    I absolutely love Theophony's album "Time's End" which are remixed songs from Majora's Mask.
  41. West0pher

    Majora's Mask Doing the MM 6 Day Challenge -_-, Any Advice?

    If you're okay with exploiting glitches within the game and don't want to have to practice long and hard to get Epona by the first night, there is a way to complete the game without Epona. If you learn the ISG and hovering glitches, you can skip a lot of the rooms in the dungeons, and even...
  42. West0pher

    General Zelda The Perfect Five

    My "top 5" may seem a bit like a conglomeration of some of the lists seen above, but here it is: Zelda II: AoL - Shows how challenging/difficult a Zelda game can be (granted LoZ was also difficult, but imo LoZ was child's play compared to AoL) Majora's Mask - Definitely the best game for...
  43. West0pher

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    My least favorite game was definitely Phantom Hourglass. Like what 43ForceGems said, there was too much ocean, and a very bad soundtrack. The only music I partially enjoyed was Linebecks' theme, but I really didn't care for Linebeck as a character. Also, I really disliked the stylus controls...
  44. West0pher

    General Zelda Favorite Mask?

    My favorite mask overall would probably be the Zora Mask, although the porpoise jumps always give me a lot of trouble... My favorite non-transformation mask would be the stone mask. Not only is it super useful in the pirate's fortress, but I love using it in the Stone Tower Temple to be...
  45. West0pher

    OoT-3DS Do You Like The Changes Made For Ocarina Of Time 3D?

    Do you know when they started making the 1.1 versions? The only versions I've seen and played have had the changed fire temple music and green blood, but I thought I got the game not too long after it came out.
  46. West0pher

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I'm surfing the net and browsing ZD in my hotel room in Bloomington, Indiana. I'm here to visit Indiana University tomorrow, then I'll be in Michigan (Kalamazoo) for two days visiting Western Michigan University. I'm pretty excited, so hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight... We'll see.
  47. West0pher

    How Much Time Do You Plan to Spend at the Marathon?

    Last year's ZD marathon was the first video game marathon I'd ever seen. I've watched a few since then, but nothing has compared to last year's marathon! I'm looking forward to this year's marathon, but unfortunately, I'm out of town/busy until Thursday night and won't see much of the first...
  48. West0pher

    Games You Play Online

    I'm playing a lot of Halo 4 online these days. My best friend lives 1,000 miles away and we play Halo together to keep in touch, it's a lot of fun and we make a great team in the multi-team playlist!
  49. West0pher

    OoT-3DS Do You Like The Changes Made For Ocarina Of Time 3D?

    As a kid playing OoT, I played the game so much that I ended up growing tired of it. There was a long time between playing the game on N64 and 3DS for me, and I have to say that I was very impressed with the 3DS version. I liked the improved graphics and gameplay (moving the 3DS around to aim...
  50. West0pher

    Twilight Princess VikzeLinks Weekly Sunday Poll 62!

    Ilia was presented as a possible love interest for Link in this game. No others characters had been introduced or shown to be like this in previous games. This kind of gave her quest a bit of a motive from Link's end, but there wasn't much of a reward for finally completing her side quest to...
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