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  1. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild The music of BoTW

    I like that BoTW has moved away from a purely orchestral score. Some parts are almost a bit jazz in how they are scored and the sparsity hides some really nice secrets as well as fitting differing environments. Also it feels like rhythm drives a lot of the music as opposed to being all chords...
  2. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild Praying to a stupid statue?

    I don't feel right that the games avatar has to pray, it somehow demeans my religion.... (goes and plays COD and GTA)
  3. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild The music of BoTW

    I think you are spot on there. The music responds to the environment and the activity. A sound track of old would be irritating when exploring the world especially once the games been done a few times and you are chasing down every last item. And that music cut in the theme from the first BoTW...
  4. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild is all about resource management [minor spoilers]

    I think another issue is that runes are not particularly helpful in combat. I haven't found many objects you can use stasis or magnesia on for example, that makes you approach combat in a different way. For example using magnesis to steal weapons and use them on enemies.
  5. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild is all about resource management [minor spoilers]

    I wonder if it would have been better to have a weapon that gradually decreases in effect until the point where it becomes ineffective rather than just shatter and break, at least that way your not stranded without any deffence or attacked. The idea of a bow breaking after so little use is...
  6. Tompatuk

    Dead pixels on Nintendo Switch

    That's what I mean. Everyone I know that got a switch says they have been great. I've not heard of it anywhere but I suppose bad news sells better than good news
  7. Tompatuk

    Dead pixels on Nintendo Switch

    That issue with the charging point being underneath meaning you can't charge and use the kick stand is a pretty bad design flaw. #nintendoglitch...
  8. Tompatuk

    Dead pixels on Nintendo Switch

    just seen this on the BBC website, but I've not heard or read about it anywhere else. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39192785 Any of you folks experienced issues?
  9. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    True I shouldn't be trying to stifle creativity but I am not a time line theorist, I despise it in all honesty. I don't understand the need for it and I definitely get annoyed by people like above just arguing endlessly about something that means very little. What did people think of the video...
  10. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    Can timeline discussion be left in the time line threads please. Some of us don't really care. This part of the forum is for spoilers not your self indulgent rantings. I'm loving all the videos going up, I've seen some story parts but nothing that wasn already speculated or hinted at ruining...
  11. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild See or know?

    I love a good story but I'm all about exploring. I am happy to wander without any real aim except from getting from A to B and making my own adventure along the way. The story is already laid out, the adventure is what you make it yourself.
  12. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild Giant Guardian hidden potential

    Look I hate to spoil it all for you, but basically what happens is... You defeat each guardian not by killing it but releasing it from all its malice, then when you get to Ganon and realise you can't defeat him yourself, they all come together to form a mega Sheika guardian and you go at it...
  13. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild "The History of the Royal Family of Hyrule"

    I don't think 'calamity' Ganons going to be that hard to beat. Prolly so ful'o' moonshine, boy couldn'a hit tha backside of a cow with a fly swat. What sort of name is calamity Ganon anyway? I'm expecting a few WTF moments in this game and hearing the name Calamity Ganon was the first.
  14. Tompatuk

    Tips for Used Car Purchase??

    Look up the history on the type of vehicle you want to buy. Sometimes cars have some minor faults or issues and certain engine types or models are more reliable or less prone to failures than others and might represent better value. Remember the more features a car has the more problems there...
  15. Tompatuk

    Best beer in the world?

    Guinness ... without any doubt. Draught is good but they have upped their game recently with a golden ale and a rye pale ale which is beautiful. Drink in moderation and never drink drive! Ever!
  16. Tompatuk

    Switch damage protection

    The switch like most other portable devices is going to be at risk to damage when being taken out of the docking station. However unlike most devices it's not really going to be possible to put it in some kind of protective case when in use and aside from screen protectors I'm not sure what else...
  17. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild: Pics Until Release Thread

    It's definitely the shrine behind some ruins where there is a stranded guardian. You see that area in the E3 footage
  18. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild Does the Timeline even matter for BotW?

    I've never been bothered by the time line and I think if you started applying the time line as strictly as some of its theorists do then you could start restricting games. Don't get me wrong there is some fun to be hand in trying to tie them all together but I read some of the arguments people...
  19. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild New Treehouse Footage: What We Learned

    I was a bit disappointed with the treehouse I don't think it really showed off the horse mechanics very well particularly in regard to combat. At 3:36 You also see the horse run into a problem when he is free running because he ends up on a steep slope. I liked the donkey at 8:57 I wonder if...
  20. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild The Voice Acting

    I loved what we hear at the start of the game (if it is the start...) but unsure as to the rest. It's difficult to know until you hear it in context.
  21. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild That Trailer Though

    I love it. This is going to be something special. I get what people are saying about the crying but I think that's a cultural differnce between east and west, we will have to live with. I'm off to put my deposit down on a Switch...
  22. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild: Pics Until Release Thread

    And in this supposedly new screenshot from the game he still has 3/4 lengths on. That's what I meant dude, sorry might not have explained it that well.
  23. Tompatuk

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild: Pics Until Release Thread

    It's confusing because in the latest picture release he is wearing the 3/4 trousers and no boots in the snow, but from the options screen he is wearing boots. Maybe foot ware is optional too? Either way, it asks more questions than it answers.
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