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  1. TreasureHunter1

    Pikmin Returns!!! Woot!

    I think Olimar is missing from Pikmin 3 because it is in the future and he owns a treasure finding company. Or he becomes owner of hocotate freight. The four charactors are four new employees on a mission back to the planet of the pikmin? I really hope nintendo is better than I am..
  2. TreasureHunter1

    Pikmin Returns!!! Woot!

    As many of us know, Pikmin 3 will be coming to the Wii U this holiday season. For long time Pikmin fans such as myself, I understate when I say it has been a long time coming! I cannot wait to go back to the mysterious planet of the pikmin once again!! My favorite thing about pikmin is...
  3. TreasureHunter1

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I'm currently playing skyrim. Shadowmere is the best teammate for fighting dragons. Shadowmere doesn't have a good ring to it though so I shortened it to Shadmere. Rolls off the tongue better.
  4. TreasureHunter1

    Games That Were Previously Announced and You Would Like to See Reappear at E3 2012

    Pikmin 3!!!!!!!! aka my reason or getting a wii u
  5. TreasureHunter1

    What Do You Watch On Youtube!

    I usually watch moments from tv shows and movies I like. But as far as subscriptions I just sub to TheGameStation and TheWarpZone among others in that community
  6. TreasureHunter1

    How Do You Pronounce Names?

    I pronounce Ganondorf: Gann-en-dwarf :P and Deku: Day-coo
  7. TreasureHunter1

    General Classic Ocarina of Time: Which Enemy Did You Want to Strangle? (The Most Annoying Enemy)

    I hated two enemies. Redeads (obviously) and wallmasters!! Wallmasters are the bane of my existance in zelda.
  8. TreasureHunter1

    E3 Wishlist!

    hopefully they announce some wii u titles that have been buzzing about like pikmin 3 or the new smash bros.
  9. TreasureHunter1

    If Starters Wern't Water, Fire, and Grass..

    fighting, ice, and ground.. kind of boring... but these rock paper scizzors situations are hard to think of without stepping on toes. Also psychic dark and ghost wouldn't work because some attacks wouldn't even have any effect.
  10. TreasureHunter1

    The Rise and Eventual Fall of SEGA

    It was a good ride. I hopped on when it was just hitting the peak of mega drive and genesis and hopped off by the time they came crashing down to the sega dreamcast.
  11. TreasureHunter1

    What is Your Favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Region

    Definately Castform.. As useless as he may be, he was a pretty innovative concept.
  12. TreasureHunter1

    Should I Get Skyrim or Kid Icarus: Uprising First?

    I would say skyrim but that's only because i've played it and not uprising. I will say though that skyrim is an enormously big game with much to do. But if you get bored with it it will just collect dust in your gaming library.
  13. TreasureHunter1

    What is the Last Book You Read

    The last manga I read was Fullmetal Alchemist The last book I read was Actually The Hunger Games for school BEFORE it was a movie.. and I truly enjoyed it, haven't seen the movie version and probably never will.
  14. TreasureHunter1

    What is Your Favorite Nintendo System.

    im on team gameboy color. it was the first nintendo system i found myself playing for hours on end. Thanks to a little series called pokemon :P I would say n64 because i have played that probably more than the gameboy.. but i just wasn't old enough when that wave hit (was 5 when it released). I...
  15. TreasureHunter1

    Banjo-Tooie: General Discussion

    I liked the feel of the first game. I aboslutely adored the first one played it for hours but couldn't seem to follow the story of the second one far enough to get into any great levels. I got to world 3 or 4 and started playing something else. I love level concepts like Click Clock Wood though.
  16. TreasureHunter1

    What is Most Important to You in a Video Game

    Good character development, storyline, and the ability to do what I want instead of feeling like i'm on rails the whole time.
  17. TreasureHunter1

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Skyrim, Rayman Origins, Mortal Kombat, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and 007: Goldeneye for the n64
  18. TreasureHunter1

    Replaying Video Games

    I usually just think about the game i want to replay and if i can't replay the story clearly in my head i'll say it's worth doing. I have no idea how someone can play through a game two or three times in a row. I would get so bored.
  19. TreasureHunter1

    What's Your Favorite Season?

    Fall, because you still get some summer days here and there but the leaves are all turning and it's just a great time of year for me. It also contains my favorite holiday. Halloween :D Not to mention this is a great time for video games releasing!
  20. TreasureHunter1

    What Was Your First Video Game?

    First game was crash bandicoot. Sparked my love of precious gems
  21. TreasureHunter1

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    The theme song to Fullmetal Alchemist early season one. Been stuck in my head for a good week now. I loved the show, but didn't enjoy the song at first. Now it's stuck in my head and I kind of still rock out to it sometimes but it's so dramatic I usually end up making fun of how it sounds. For...
  22. TreasureHunter1

    Spoiler Dungeons, Easy or Hard?

    I didn't think they were too bad.. I'm also the kind of person who wants to become immersed in a dungeons difficulty. So much that when you beat the boss and finish it when returning back to the mainland (hyrule field) you almost feel like you just went on a whole seperate adventure.
  23. TreasureHunter1

    Last Watched

    Last thing I watched was Fullmetal Alchemist. I decided to let it be the first anime i've ever really watched that wasn't a kids show. (yugioh, pokemon, digimon etc.) I will say, it is very sad. I'm at about episode 17 of 52 and I truly haven't cried yet but have came close a couple times. The...
  24. TreasureHunter1

    Graphics Vs Gameplay

    I'll take Skyrim and have a perfect 10 on both scales and another 10 on the storyline/plot scale.
  25. TreasureHunter1

    Dubs Vs Subs

    I like dubs because I speak english. Sometimes I watch FMA in japanese with subs just because of how different the subs and the english dialogue are. Also in animes like Goldenboy the english voice actor is SOO much funnier than the japanese actor with subs. His inner monologues are like the...
  26. TreasureHunter1

    Hyrule Historia Book: A Bunch of Bull?

    I like Miyamotos foreword. But I'm not enough of a Zelda fan to care about all the nooks and crannies. I just want to play Zelda.
  27. TreasureHunter1

    100% Trophies/ Achievments

    The only game I could ever play enough to get a platinum was Dead Space. It's a decent survival horror, I recommend it.
  28. TreasureHunter1

    Favorite Pokemon of All-time

  29. TreasureHunter1

    Birth By Sleep: Best Command Decks?

    What are some useful commands for each character? If you can, try to just post what command deck you were using when you finished the game with each character. So far on Ventus' story I've found a nice combo with the commands magnega, and faith. You just cast magnega so all surrounding...
  30. TreasureHunter1

    Favorite Kingdom Hearts World?

    I also really loved Tarzans world too. Deep Jungle i believe? It was the first world where you really felt like you were a ways into the game. You were getting stronger, fighting tougher, cooler enemies and bosses. Plus of course this is the first world you actually get to seal the keyhole of...
  31. TreasureHunter1

    Favorite Skyrim Quest(line)?

    Shadowmere ftw!! I also have to agree Dark Brotherhood was the first real questline I started and completed. Followed by the theives guild. I was working on the College of Winterhold last night when my ps3 gave me the yellow light of death. . . I had to bring it to a game store to get it...
  32. TreasureHunter1

    Favorite Kingdom Hearts World?

    Mine is a tie between Traverse town and Hollow Bastion. Both exclusively in the first game. I thought they nailed the atmosphere that these worlds needed to be. Hollow Bastions music is my favorite part about kingdom hearts. The rambling piano as I call it. Some other worlds were pretty good...
  33. TreasureHunter1

    Favourite Zelda Quote

    My favorite deep line would be from Ocarina of Time here it is: "Time passes, people move.... Like a rivers flow, it never ends... A childish mind will turn to noble ambition... Young love will become deep affection... The clear water's surface reflects growth... Now listen to the Serenade of...
  34. TreasureHunter1

    What Are the Fun Little Things You Do When You're Bored?

    I live in the forest so I like to take walks on trails through the woods and look for cool things like weird looking mushrooms or rare trees or plants. But in the working enviornment I always randomly take pieces of paper and shoot for the trashcan. Or use scrap paper to draw crude comicstrips...
  35. TreasureHunter1

    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    Depends, it will end up being a toss up between a new 3ds or a new Wii U. Kingdom Hearts is coming out for 3ds and I've heard the next smash bros is on 3ds. So it'll probably be 3ds but I don't know. Hopefully Nintendo brings some good Wii U games to E3 and really convinces me to buy the Wii U...
  36. TreasureHunter1

    Most Unattractive Pokemon

    The first three generations had no complaints. I would say you could hold the 3rd generation with the others. It was pretty good and still introduced relevant new mechanics as well as creative pokemon ideas with the exception of nosepass.. However the 4th generation I couldn't stand some of the...
  37. TreasureHunter1

    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    Some defensive people will tell you THERES NO AGE LIMIT!! but honestly, yeah some video games are meant for children like zelda, pokemon, or yugioh but some people (myself included) held onto these great series and still remember them and watch and play them even 10, 15 years later. The reality...
  38. TreasureHunter1

    Facebook or Youtube?

    Youtube hands down. I know that makes me seem like a loner since youtube usually all your friends, you've never really met. Facebook is for the people you know, but you don't think are cool enough to be your 'friend'. If they were, you would be hanging out with them IRL. + Smosh, KassemG...
  39. TreasureHunter1

    Replaying Video Games

    I like to replay old simple games from my younger days. Like the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot series. Often times just to relisten to the music of the levels to be honest. DKC1, 2 and 3, Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario 64 all have amazing soundtracks and that's just a sliver of the games. I also like to...
  40. TreasureHunter1

    Pokemon Theory: Mixed Up Evolutions

    I think the venonat butterfree thing is a nice catch, but the magikarp and dratini lines are good the way they are. Dragonair doesn't have scales like Gyrados. I've always loved the dratini line because Dratini is adorable and it turns into noble strong dragonair and then dragonair evolves from...
  41. TreasureHunter1

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I've been playing: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Banjo Tooie Elder Scrolls Skyrim and some more Elder Scrolls Skyrim
  42. TreasureHunter1

    Favorite Skyrim Quest(line)?

    I actually really liked the quest Forbidden Legend. I just like how it unfolds from a smaller more quiant mission into a pretty good sized journey.
  43. TreasureHunter1

    What if You Never Came Across Video Games?

    I'd probably have more friends. But then again I can just get gamer friends..
  44. TreasureHunter1

    Have You Ever Been Scared to Defeat Ganon?

    Not so much with Ganon but I do find myself doing this in video games. I sit outside the boss fight room and get all nervous for a second. :P or in Skyrim when sneaking up on someone i'll stand behind them and wait forever too afraid to actually swing the dagger, because if I miss, the whole...
  45. TreasureHunter1

    The Symbol of Legend of Zelda

    If not the hylian crest, the triforce, if not the triforce the 8-bit link holding up the triforce piece or master sword if not that. Then. . tingle. .
  46. TreasureHunter1

    Spoiler Your Shocking Moments While Playing Zelda Games?

    first time a redead grabbed me. I instantly started feeling violated.
  47. TreasureHunter1

    Favorite Pokemon Type

    I've always had a love for the paranormal and destructive types. My Top 5 i'd say; 1 Psychic, 2 Dark, 3 Fire, 4 Steel, 5 Ghost
  48. TreasureHunter1

    What Do You Watch On Youtube!

    TheRunawayGuys, NintendoCaprisun, Mangaminx, SlimKirby, TheGameStation, TheWarpZone (check out my fansite TheKarpZone(yes, it is magikarp themed)) also some smosh, tobuscus, vlogbrothers, scishow, hankgames, crashcourse, dftba.
  49. TreasureHunter1

    When Was the Last Time You Played Brawl? Anyone Want to Play?

    I would but my internet lags to oblivion on brawl. I have been honing my smash bros skills though. Waiting for the release of the (hopefully) smoother online play of the next smash bros installment for 3ds. (which is actually my reason for entering the May 2012 giveaway)
  50. TreasureHunter1

    Most Attractive Character in The Legend of Zelda

    I chose Link because I mean honestly, Links a handsome guy. In order to go through the stuff he goes through you would think someone would have to be ugly as hell but he's one fine piece of triforce. :P ;) almost picked tetra though. I'm into the pirate diva types. :D
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