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  1. ironknuckle1

    Favourite "Fourth Wall Breaking" Moment?

    I haven't played the metal gear solid game yet that contains the boss battle with Psycho Mantis other wise I would probably choose it from what I have heard about it. But since I haven't I would have to Choose the ending to Earthbound where the character prays for you to help them destroy...
  2. ironknuckle1

    Decent -Online- 3DS Games?

    I have played online for Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus: Uprsising and found them both to be enjoyable. But of all the online multiplayer games for the Wii my favorite and the one I have spent the most time online for is Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. I find it addicting and fun. I don't...
  3. ironknuckle1

    Any Tips on Good Nintendo Games?

    Aside from the already mentioned metroid games (i would recommend either Metroid Prime or Super metroid first) another really good nintendo series is the Mother Series (known as earthbound in America)
  4. ironknuckle1

    Your Personal Most Anticipated Game

    This year I waited for a couple of games some that have come out already such as Resident Evil: Revelations, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. While for other games such as the Last Story and Halo 4 I am still waiting for the release date to come around.
  5. ironknuckle1


    I downloaded this a while ago and played through most of it but never finished. I really liked it and really found the motion controls to be very fun.
  6. ironknuckle1

    Should Casuals Be Allowed to Play MP Games?

    First of all I think anyone should be allowed to play any game and that it shouldn't matter what skill level you are at. Now I have only played a little bit of online games (mostly games such as Mario Kart Wii, Modern Warfare 3, Goldeneye, and Resident Evil Mercenaries 3d) but in my time I do...
  7. ironknuckle1

    Another MM Thread...

    Maybe it was something that was accidentally left in the artwork but not kept for the final cut of the game. Either way it is interesting.
  8. ironknuckle1

    Link's Death As an Ending?

    See this is kind of what I was thinking. You could play as the would- be-hero and as you go through the game maybe little things will tip you off such as the gorons moving to the tops of the mountains, large rainclouds appearing or other such things that would fore shadow the known events that...
  9. ironknuckle1

    Link's Death As an Ending?

    Steal This Game: Halo Reach - Xbox 360 Feature at IGN Quite a while a go I was reading the above article on ign. It at some point says that maybe we should play as ganon and have a story where you already know the ending (similar to in Halo: Reach where you know that you were going to die in...
  10. ironknuckle1

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Latest Video Game Finished I got this idea not too long a go for a thread similar to the "Latest Video Game Purchased" thread that would be completely dedicated to talking about your thoughts and opinions on the games you just recently beat. So what games have you beaten recently and what is...
  11. ironknuckle1

    Who Do You Play As in Mario Spin-offs?

    I fond my self usually playing as Luigi or Bowser Jr.
  12. ironknuckle1

    How to Improve the Next Elder Scrolls Game

    I think they need a more in-depth and interesting story. Don't get me wrong I loved playing through Skyrim but I felt that the land was so large and there was so many possible things that I can do that I constantly forget about most of the overall plot of the game. I think they could take some...
  13. ironknuckle1

    Metroid Other M Movie- Did You Like It?

    I was recently rewatching all of Metroid Other M through the 2 hour movie in the theater mode. Now I am not asking for your opinion on the game but instead I want to know your opinion on the idea of including the game as a movie once you beat it. I liked it because It allowed me to see the whole...
  14. ironknuckle1

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Well I just started playing Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. So far the only thing I dislike about this game is that it has to have 10 save files. Ive already saved once ovr a certain causing me to lose over 4 hours of progress.
  15. ironknuckle1

    Metroid Wii U

    Don't get me wrong about metroid other M. I loved the more personal story and the third person controls (I really liked being able to play the game using just the wiimote). I just disliked how linear metroid other M was. This is why I much prefer the gameplay styles of Metroid Prime and Super...
  16. ironknuckle1

    Metroid Wii U

    I think these are all some great Ideas and I do agree that they need o bring metroid back to the excellency that was the prime series (even though i liked other M it just isn't the same). I had this idea a long time a go for how I think they should incorporate coop play into metroid. That is to...
  17. ironknuckle1

    The Best Or Very Good 3DS/DS Games

    here are some of my recommendations: Phantom Hourglass- It has the same zelda feel of exploration but with all touch screen controls. I liked it but many didn't Final Fantasy III- Great music, visuals and a great job system. Its a good old school rpg Final Fantasy IV- Great music and visuals...
  18. ironknuckle1

    Most Epic and Quotable Games

    I was re watching The Dark Knight in preparation for seeing the new movie. Unlike other times I had seen this movie this time I really tried to look into how deep it was. I began to notice how many of the quotes that are the most memorable to me really show the deep struggle that is at the core...
  19. ironknuckle1

    Game Help Okami

    There is blood in the game but not until very far in. its not overly bloody but its not as though it isn't there. If anything the reason this game is rated T is because of the alcohol that plays a main role in the games story.
  20. ironknuckle1

    Game Help Final Fantasy7 Final Boss Tips?

    I dont know how many replies I will get seeing how this isn't an Final Fantasy Site but I thought I'd still post this. I have just gotten to the end of FF7 and I have my team of cloud, cid, and Barret around level 57. I have one ribbon, cid's ultimate weapon, barret's ultimate weapon, and many...
  21. ironknuckle1

    Where Did Damage Boosting Go?

    Damage Boosting is using weapons on yourself to push your self to areas either not made to go to or not meant to be accesse in that particular way
  22. ironknuckle1

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    It depends on if you like rhythm games and music games. I personally loved it because I'm a fan of the series. So in my opinion it wouldbe worth picking up.
  23. ironknuckle1

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. And so far it has been an amazingly fun game.
  24. ironknuckle1

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I am currently working on beating Dragon Quest 9 and Final Fantasy 7
  25. ironknuckle1

    Sequels to Your Favourite Games

    I am really hoping for XIII-3 especially with how XIII-2 ended. But some other games Id like to see sequels for would be Xenoblade Chronicles, Final fantasy 5, and Metroid Fusion
  26. ironknuckle1

    The Road

    The Road by Cormac McCarthy is one of my favorite books. I had to read it for a class a year ago and now I am re-reading it. Its story and atmosphere along with its themes are very interesting. Io just wondered if anyone else here had read this book and what they thought of it.
  27. ironknuckle1

    Watch Me Playing Some Zelda Tunes Using the N64 Controller and Ocarina of Time

    Wow thats amazing. I wish i was musically talented enough to play songs like this on OOT.
  28. ironknuckle1

    Boss Subtitles

    i have really liked the subtitles and feel that they give more depth to some of the bosses that aren't touched upon as much in the narrative of the game.
  29. ironknuckle1

    Any Dragon Quest Fans Here?

    I have been playing my first Dragon Quest game which is IX. So far it has been very good. I play a lot of rpgs like final fantasy and chrono trigger. So far this game ranks up near to some of my favorites.
  30. ironknuckle1

    Reversible Cover

    So, I finished Xenoblade Chronicles a couple of months ago, but just the other day I picked it back up and noticed that the cover for the case is reversible. I really like the look of this cover and I have my cover turned around so that I always see it. I went through some of my other games and...
  31. ironknuckle1

    Timelines for Other Video Games.

    Ive always loved the Resident Evil Timeline. Its very interesting how the out break starts and begins to spread. Along with the choices made to stop the virus. I think you forgot Operation Raccoon city from the above, but I guess it would fall under the time period including RE2 and 3
  32. ironknuckle1

    Graphics Vs Gameplay

    I would have to say gamrplay. i say this because when I play a game i am looking for a fun experience so the gameplay would matter over the graphics. An example is that I love to play old NES games. They may not have as good of graphics but many of them make up for that with their amazing gameplay.
  33. ironknuckle1

    Metroid Post Fusion Installment?

    I cannot wait for an installment after fusion because I loved fusion and fusion's ending left so many possibilities.
  34. ironknuckle1

    Spoiler Pit the Most Powerful Nintendo Protagonist?

    One thing you have to remember is that in uprising he was aided by many gods in his quest to defeat Hades. So if you take that into account he may not seem as strong as you thought. But In my opinion I really dont know which nintendo character would be the most powerful. I guess thats why we...
  35. ironknuckle1

    Which Game Should I Play Next?

    I literally just finished this game and I have to say it is one of my favorite games ever. And as too all of the other suggestions I have decided to work on Donkey Kong Country and Earthbound. I choose these after spending a day finishing about 4 original mario games that I found i had left...
  36. ironknuckle1

    Which Metroid Game is Your Favourite?

    That is a very hard decision for me since it is one of my favorite series. But It would have to be Metroid Prime with Super Metroid in a close second. I really like the atmosphere of MP while I also like how they show samus's need for revenge against ridley as she chases him through tallon4
  37. ironknuckle1

    "Speedrun" Vs. Pacing Yourself

    It all depends on the game for me. If I am playing a game that is largely story based such as final fantasy or zelda I take my time and try to relish every moment while if I am playing a platformer such as mario or donkey kong country I usually try to finish as fast as possible
  38. ironknuckle1

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Many Times I am working on rebeating my favorite games but right now I am working on finishing as many games as possible. Right Now i am working on beating: Donkey Kong Country, Rayman Origins and Earthbound
  39. ironknuckle1

    What is Your Favourite Snes Game?

    This is a really hard choice seeing that most of my favorite games are from the SNES. Such as: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy V (haven't finished VI yet so I cant include it), A Link to The Past, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, and Super Castlevania IV. But If I had too...
  40. ironknuckle1

    Timelines for Other Video Games.

    Metroid has a really awesome timeline. It goes: Metroid Zero Mission(or metroid NES) - Metroid Prime - Metroid Prime Hunters - Metroid Prime 2 - Metroid Prime 3 - Metroid 2 - Super Metroid - Metroid other M - Metroid Fusion
  41. ironknuckle1

    What Games Have You Finished in One Sitting?

    Super Mario Bros. 2: 4 hours Super Mario Bros. The Lost levels: 8 hours Super Mario Land: 3 hours Super Mario land 2: 4 hours Metroid Fusion: 4 hours Metroid : Zero Mission: 3 hours There are probably more but I cant remember any at the moment
  42. ironknuckle1

    Which Game Should I Play Next?

    Thanks for the ideas. I have played almost all of the resident evil games, most of the DKC games, and a little of spyro a while back. So those are some possibilities. i haven't ever played no more heroes so il look into it.
  43. ironknuckle1

    Which Game Should I Play Next?

    What game should I play next? I just want some ideas. I just finished a play through of ffv, super Mario world, and ff4. Some game series that I have played and beaten in the past are chrono trigger, batman Arkham games, all Zelda games, all metroid games, and many more. I have been playing and...
  44. ironknuckle1

    Pokemon Heartgold: 2 Pokemon Challenge

    Thanks for the help. I like the idea of the noctowl and typhlosion. I am thinking this would work well. But what about crobat and typhlosion? Edit: My brother had a quagsire and scizor he could trade me at around level 1 so iam training only these two because they cover each others weaknesses...
  45. ironknuckle1

    Ganondorf with the Majora's Mask

    It would be interesting if, since they dont seem like they would get along, they fought against each other both trying to destroy/ take over hyrule in the process
  46. ironknuckle1

    Anyone else Get Xenoblade Chronicles?

    I got this game on the release day and just now beat it after 60 hours. It is now my second favorite wii game behind Skyward Sword
  47. ironknuckle1

    Pokemon Heartgold: 2 Pokemon Challenge

    I am planning on doing a run through of Heartgold with only 2 pokemon. A starter and then a pokemon from one of the first areas. To have the best chance of completing this challenge does anyone have any ideas which two pokemon i should use.
  48. ironknuckle1

    Master Ball Request!

    Probably Hacks. NO im kidding but my friend got that many master Balls through a Game Shark and he would trade me some when I needed some. But now that I play Black Version I can't get those So I have the same problem as you do.
  49. ironknuckle1

    Zombie Type Enemies in Skyward Sword

    I hope that these zombies have many different forms so that we can still see gibdos and redeads. i also hope they are half impossible to kill so that they can be at the difficulty level of games such as some Resident Evil.
  50. ironknuckle1

    Cotton Guard Banette

    True well Ill try it eventually and post if it works or not. Thank you for the help.
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