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  1. Waker of winds

    Would You Want Voices in the New Zelda Wii? (and for the Rest of the Zelda Series?)

    I agree with Vynn here. It would be awesome to see voices in other characters, but for Link, it's best to keep him silent. I think that's the way his fans want him to be, but still, If the guys at Nintendo decided to give him a voice and if that voice sounded cool, I would change my opinion...
  2. Waker of winds

    General Art HGSS's Special Pichus

    Gosh... so... adorable... ahhh...*faints* You are an awesome artist. Wish I could draw like you... ^w^ But no, I suck :(
  3. Waker of winds

    The Member Fact Game

    Kind of a random person owo. Thinks that letting Skull kid to hold on to Majora's mask is a good ideaX3
  4. Waker of winds

    What is Your Fav WW Island?

    First reply after 6 months of absence!! I find Shark Island pretty comfortable. Bomb Island: ghost ship(wich I'm pretty afraid of) isn't a good thing... Link's Oasis: That Big Octo isn't a good thing either... Dragon Roost Island: Well, that's a must!! Almost everyone loves Dragon Roost...
  5. Waker of winds

    If You Could Live in Any Dungeon/temple...

    I think that my perfect place to live would be the Temple of Time from OoT. The music there is so relaxing... also, there's a beautiful garden outside. I would like to live in the Snowpeak Mansion too. I like the warm soup:bleh:, and it seems very cozy. No matter the freezing weather.
  6. Waker of winds

    Times You Thought "Hmm..."

    I've been thinking so in TP and WW. Those two were full of great ideas, but... Oh, well. That's the only slight bad thing about those games. They are great, no matter what. But think, how greater they could had been if the good ideas on them were used to the fullest?
  7. Waker of winds

    That Hylian Loach...

    Well, thanks for the help. But I still have a little question. What are the chances of finding it? I swear you, from the time I posted this thread, I've been trying a lot of times, but I still can find it.
  8. Waker of winds

    Ocarina of Time Soldier in the Alley

    Aw, that soldier:(! It makes me feel depressed... Evertime I play that part of the game, I go to that alley to end his suffering-.-. I can't believe that my brother didn't knew about him! I just told my bro about the soldier like, five days ago. Ganondorf's gonna pay for this>:(!!!
  9. Waker of winds

    That Hylian Loach...

    Well, yes. I'm trying to catch OoT's Hylian Loach, but I just can't. I've been trying at least once a day, for about 2 and a half months. I've read the site's guide, but I still have problems. First of all, I don't know where it appears(in what part of the pond). Second, I'm not completely...
  10. Waker of winds

    Twilight Princess Has the Most Amazing Overworld of Any Zelda Game

    Yes, the TP overworld was big, but also very empty. It had this kind of isolation feeling. The place was beautiful, well designed and there were a lot of heart containers to find, but the fact that you need towalk a lot of minutes to get somewhere without Epona makes me think that the size...
  11. Waker of winds

    Ocarina of Time OOT Temples Music= Creepy?

    I indeed think that most of the Temple music was creepy... I remember that when I was like 8 or 9. I muted the TV for everything, that includes the Shadow Temple and the Bottom of the Well... I recently listened to the Fire Temple chanting version music, and I didn't like it so much... I...
  12. Waker of winds

    Twilight Princess What Did You Think of Malo Mart?

    Heh, it indeed is a weird store. Malo creeps me out... He's like a talking baby... The store has some good prices, and the Hyrule Castle one is quite...interesting. I won't say it's good or bad, just plain interesting and different. Specially for the music and the dancing grandmas... (oh...
  13. Waker of winds

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    My best would be Lucario or Toon Link. When I'm in a good mood, and I want to use weapons or be fast, I choose Toon Link. When I want to own at any cost, I choose Lucario. I also choose Pit, Meta Knight and Bowser very often. My worst would be...Sonic... No matter how many times I choose...
  14. Waker of winds

    Favorite Sword

    In design, I prefer the Master sword. It's the one that looks the best for me. I also like the Razor sword, because the design is uncommon in the series. Another sword that is a favorite of mine is the Great Fairy sword. I don't like how you use it as an item, and the swing angle is a little...
  15. Waker of winds

    Dungeons Are Hard.....maybe Too Hard?

    Ummm, for me, the hardest Temples were the 2D ones, in the older games. 3D Temples were also hard, But solving 2D puzzles is not my thing. I always get stuck. Nowadays I solve the OoT Temple puzzles without thinking, but I've been stuck in OoA's 6th Temple for days:(.
  16. Waker of winds

    Multiple Links / Eras a Disappointment?

    Having different Links is ok for me. Yeah, not seeing one of them anymore is kinda sad, but you get to know other descendants of the legendary hero. Plus, you get to choose your favorite^^. WW Link had his time, now another hero will get to fight Ganondorf and save Hyrule again. I'm...
  17. Waker of winds

    Are You Excited About Spirit Tracks?

    I haven't played PH, so think I must play it first. I'm very excited, but I don't think I'll be able to play it...at least not in a while. First I'll play PH. I still remember the expectation from the first day it was announced. I really, really want to play it, but unfortunately, I can't:(.
  18. Waker of winds

    The Mystery with the Ennemies' Weapons!

    It happened to me a lot of times in the Hyrule Castle. I didn't care a lot because they drop them almost every time you hit them, but it was a good little detail to see them spot a weapon and then run towards it and grab it. It made me feel like I was battling a foe that actually thought.
  19. Waker of winds

    Do You Organize Your Game Cases?

    I organize them by favorites. At the top are the games I tend to play the most. Then, at the bottom are the games I haven't played in a while. I store them in a drawer... but only the cases. I store the discs apart in a disc case, all together. I use the same system in the disc case. So, I...
  20. Waker of winds

    Favorite Minor Character

    Must be Quill, the Rito postman, from WW. I love Ritos. They're my favorite race, so my favorite minor character had to be a Rito. I think Quill helps Link a lot more than the King of Red Lions... He helps you by convincing Tetra to carry you to the Forsaken Fortress, and then he tells you...
  21. Waker of winds

    Ocarina of Time Space World 1995 Ocarina of Time Demo

    This is how OoT was supposed to look back there, in the 95's. Things like this make me wonder, a game with this character design would be as successful as the final version OoT? I think not. The final version OoT was wonderful and looked perfectly. But as lonely_moon said, I cannot...
  22. Waker of winds

    Spoiler The King of Hyrule is a Jerk (Fairly Excessive WW Spoilers)

    Everything this comic says is... totally true:P. I've read this comic before, It's very funny. I never expected it to be here at the forum. The King of Hyrule really is a jerk. I don't like him as a partner... Ganondorf being the good guy? That fits well in WW's story:rolleyes:.
  23. Waker of winds

    The Great Desert (Fan Fiction)

    Shadsie, you're amazing, you know that:)? This particular fanfic feels...special. I've read a lot of other fanfics, but this one is the most hardworked of all. You did a great effort. It's more like a novel than a plain fanfic... Also, I want to apologize from the other day>.<. I became...
  24. Waker of winds

    What Water Based Dungeon Is Hardest?

    For me, it's the Great Bay Temple. It's even harder than the Water Temple. The Water Temple is boring, but not hard. If I try really hard, I can beat it in about...45 minutes. Very long 45 minutes. Great Bay Temple is boring AND hard. No matter how many times I try it, I always get stuck at...
  25. Waker of winds

    Snowpeak Snowboarding

    This minigame was so fun! the Music in it was beautiful, and racing against Yeta was very hard... Riding a frozen leaf in a mountain against a Yeti and his wife sounds weird enough, but it's quite fun:P. I had trouble going against Yeta because I wasn't able to find the shortcuts, but then I...
  26. Waker of winds

    Fear.....it Gets the Best of Us.

    At the Dampé race in OoT, I'm always afraid of going the wrong way and encountering a Redead:O. I'm always scared in the Night of the 3rd Day in MM. Also, At Hyrule Market's Redead frenzy. I don't mute the TV anymore, but I'm always scared of all those screamsD:.
  27. Waker of winds

    Ocarina of Time Which first, Shadow or Spirit?

    I always did-and I'm still doing-the Spirit Temple first. I do the Temples in the Medallion order, because I became used to it. I thought that you had to get through the Spirit Temple, then the Shadow Temple. A while after, I learned that I can do the Shadow and Spirit Temple in the order I...
  28. Waker of winds

    Oracle of Ages: Which Animal Did You Choose?

    I choosed Dimitri, mostly because swimming is a pain for me. I also love how he just eats the enemies instead of cutting them, punching them, smashing them... He looks great too. "Hey look at me I'm riding a dinosaur":P Moosh looks so plushy... plus he has wings, but nah, swimming is more...
  29. Waker of winds

    Legend of Zelda Commercial - Pe Pe Peahats!

    Ok, this commercial is so weird... I saw the first commercial long ago, but this one is even more weird than that. Why are the 80's commercials like this? Today's commercials are very good. I'm not very sure about what would have happened if I wanted to play Zelda and THEN I watched this...
  30. Waker of winds

    The Lost Dog, Little Richard

    Aw, little Richard is so cute<3 I also had problems finding the real one. I was running back and forth to that house... I always return him to his owner everytime I'm able to do so. I became used to do it. I sometimes look for a doggy of my own and I let him follow me everywhere I go :3. I...
  31. Waker of winds

    Favorite Province in TP

    Faron province. Those woods are beautiful, and the music gives a magic feeling to the whole place. Everything is so mysterious and peaceful... I don't know why, I just like it:D. Snowpeak is a close second. At night, it's also very beautiful. The snowboarding minigame is very fun too. I...
  32. Waker of winds

    Do You Want More Link's Crossbow Training?

    I just got the opportunity to play it last week, and I really liked it. Well, this game was more than enough for me. It indeed was like a very fun big mini-game, the levels had a good difficulty and all that, but I don't think that making another game is a good idea. It's just.. too much...
  33. Waker of winds

    Which Temple Was the Best?

    Hmmm... for me is the Arbiter's Grounds. The Big Poe flame collecting was interesting, and it made me remember the Forest Temple, wich is my favorite OoT Temple. The boss was so hard...but also very fun. The Redeads in this Temple were just like mummies in an egipcian pyramid. The very first...
  34. Waker of winds

    Favourite Trading Sequence?

    I liked a lot the OoT trading secuence. Mostly because after all that hard work you get the Biggoron sword wich is the strongest sword in the game. I didn't like the WW trading secuence. I took a lot of sailing and a lot of rupees. It was a very tiring trading secuence... MM was like a big...
  35. Waker of winds

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Changes

    Well, I just listened to the Fire Temple chants lately. Ganondorf's red blood was something I did notice when I was younger. A friend of mine had the green blood cart, and I was wondering why his ganondorf spits green blood instead of red blood. He explained it all to me. I didn't really like...
  36. Waker of winds

    3 Heart Runs?

    I never ever tried it, but it could be a good thing to do when I'm looking for something new in the games. Is really that hard:huh:? If it is then I must get prepared, because I tend to get every heart I can, so I never had any problems with low health. It does sound interesting. So, maybe...
  37. Waker of winds

    Ocarina of Time Farore's Wind: Useless?

    I also use it When I'm at the Fire Temple to prevent falling like a lot of you guys, but it's the only place where I use it now that I think about it. I never thought about using it the Water Temple to cut time, thanks guys! I... think that It could be of use for me, but I always forget to...
  38. Waker of winds

    The One That Pulled You In

    I played OoT and MM, and I liked them a lot. Those games were like an introduction to the series for me. The game that made me a real Zelda fan was WW. The change from the N64 graphics to the GC graphics helped a lot, I'm one of those people that actually love WW graphics. I get in a good mood...
  39. Waker of winds

    Which Link Are You Most Like?

    I'm just like WW Link. That's why I'm named Waker of Winds. This game is like my trademark. If adventure rings, there I go. I would do anything to protect my bro (that's the only difference between us, he has a sister), and I would prove people that I can become a hero no matter the...
  40. Waker of winds

    Best Music in WW

    For me, the staff credits theme. It's a great remix of a lot other music in the game. Also, Dragon Roost Theme and the sailing theme are good, no matter how many people are tired of hearing the sailing one. I still love it.:)
  41. Waker of winds

    How do you play Brawl?

    I like the Wiimote and Nunchuck. I used to play with the GC controller, but then one day my bro asked me to change controllers. I always used the GC one, and my bro the Wiimote and Nunchuck, but then I tried it and since then it's the only one I use. I don't want to use another one.
  42. Waker of winds

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    I own the original N64 one, but it doesn't work anymore.:( That's why I bought the VC one. But I indeed miss the munk chant and the russian-like gerudo symbol... I think the best is the original, because that's how the game was meant to be, with all those little details that you don't seem...
  43. Waker of winds


    I'm also a huge fan of Dragon Ball, a little of Death Note, and a Big-mega-huge Fan of Full Metal Alchemist. I just loved it...the first moment I saw it... I knew there were fans here at the forum, so I decided to give it a try. So good... I also watch Naruto. It's good too. I'm...
  44. Waker of winds

    Favorite Zelda Title Logo

    1.- OoT: I think this is my favorite. That yellow fire looks so good! Also, the Hylian shield and the Master sword look pretty real. Is the best for me, because it was the first I ever saw. 2.-MC: Yes, those ribbons wrapping the sword give the logo a pretty epic feeling. I also like the little...
  45. Waker of winds

    The Return of Fierce Diety Link

    Fierce Deity Link left me with a lot of questions, so yes, I'd like to see him back. There was so little story around that mask, that I felt it was that kind of final item used to make your replaying easier(and indeed it was). I'd love yo see him as a villain. He had such a raw power...
  46. Waker of winds

    Rank the Overworld Themes

    My favorites are: 1) TP: Souds so epic! 2)WW: I like it. No matter how many times I listen to it(and boy, I've listened it a lot). 3)OoX/LA: They're both great! GB power!!!:xd: 4)OoT: Good, the first I've ever listened. Brings back so many memories... 5)MM: Sounds like the first...
  47. Waker of winds

    "Them" in Majora's Mask

    I like to do that side quest all the time. I like to be pressured. I do it with the normal time, while my brother uses the inverted Song of Time(coward:dry:). I always get scared when I'm not able to complete the side quest. How little Romani gets her brain washed...Brrr... *shivers* I...
  48. Waker of winds

    Favorite Way to Kill Enemies

    In WW, I like to use the Hurricane Spin. In OoT, I use Din's fire almost for every enemy. And in TP, I like to kill them as a wolf. But I love to use the hookshot/clawshot in all of the games. It's my favorite weapon of all the time. Oh, and the good ol' sword. It's the perfect weapon...
  49. Waker of winds

    Spoiler What Was Your Favorite Ganon/Ganondorf Battle?

    I prefer the TP battle, it was very fun to do, those commands were great. When battling Ganon, I just loved how would Midna tumble that big boar, but I don't think that Link enjoyed biting it in the belly... Also, trying to shoot a light arrow at him while riding Epona was a good Idea. And...
  50. Waker of winds

    Chrono Trigger

    Oh, Chrono Trigger is definitely my favorite RPG. And I didn't even finished it. Actually, I'm looking for a place that sells the DS remake. Also, I'm saving money to buy a DS.:sweat: Well, I like it so much that it is one of the principal reasons to buy the DS. I love Dragon Ball, so when I...
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