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  1. Aero_Dynamic

    Breath of the Wild Giving Link More Mobility in This New Open World

    Y'know, I just can't help but think about Skyrim's stamina mechanic. In my personal opinion, running didn't seem to be so often as much as Skyward Sword. I enjoyed the running and acknowledged the limited speed which kind of accommodated the feel of SS, but for Skyrim I feel it's a different...
  2. Aero_Dynamic

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    "Yare yare daze..."
  3. Aero_Dynamic

    Breath of the Wild Weather Systems in Zelda U

    Seeing as how a day/night/weather system was implemented back in The Wind Waker for Gamecube and even some more past Zeldas/systems and considering that we're now at the Wii U, it doesn't pose a problem for the hardware to utilize such said system. However, little things like puddles after rain...
  4. Aero_Dynamic

    Breath of the Wild What Kind of Artstyle/graphics for Zelda Wii U?

    I'd personally would like to see a cell shaded look with a brush style like Okami. I love that style!
  5. Aero_Dynamic


    I agree it is somewhat odd to have save points this time around, but compared to OoT's save system, I much prefer SS's precise location save than said game. But hey, that's just me.
  6. Aero_Dynamic

    Skyward Sword Graphics

    I like it. The graphics that are in Skyward Sword are what all Zelda games should be. A colorful fantasy adventure, that's what it has always been.
  7. Aero_Dynamic

    Decision on Xenoblade Chronices

    ONE MORE QUESTION lol sorry for bugging so much! Is there a way to change the audio from *ahem* "British English" to Japanese? And if there is, can you still play in Japanese, with subtitles and English text?
  8. Aero_Dynamic

    Decision on Xenoblade Chronices

    One more question, when using the Wiimote and Nunchuck, does it use some sort of motion of shaking/swinging/etc of the controls to perform a command? Or is it only buttons. Please let me know!
  9. Aero_Dynamic

    Zelda Dungeon Steam Group

    My Steam name's the same, Aero_Dynamic By the way, a link to the group would be nice, so we don't have to look through the list even though it's not very tedious too ;)
  10. Aero_Dynamic

    Decision on Xenoblade Chronices

    Hi guys, sorry i've been away for so long! Anyways, i've been wondering whether or not to get Xenoblade Chronicles. I've seen Zelda Informer's (long ago) angry rant about it, and glorious praise from IGN, and many other critics. Honestly, I don't know what to choose! Game looks...
  11. Aero_Dynamic

    Games of 2012

    Xenoblade Chronicles, anyone? It's coming April 6th, 2012 apparently.
  12. Aero_Dynamic

    Zelda Dungeon Gave Me a Virus!

    That sounds more likely, but I always keep my sites I check good. Ah well, atleast I managed to get my MC pictures back :D
  13. Aero_Dynamic

    Zelda Dungeon Gave Me a Virus!

    Hi guys, some of you may know me, some may not. As the topic says, I was simply browsing the main page and looking at the new topic of the "Skyward Sword manga". When I clicked it, it took a few seconds to boot up then I got a virus. After that I had to reset my PC to factory settings...
  14. Aero_Dynamic

    Spoiler Was the Final Battle a Disappointment?

    I felt that Demise was hard for me. I don't know about anyone else but I enjoyed the fight. He was pretty tough for me. But hey, thats my opinion.
  15. Aero_Dynamic

    Spoiler Do You Think Ganondorf is a Descendant???

    Sorry if this has been stated before, but i'm pretty sure Ganondorf and many other dark enemies are reincarnations of Demise's hatred.
  16. Aero_Dynamic

    Harp Playing During The Credits

    Epic find man! I'm gonna have to try that myself!
  17. Aero_Dynamic

    Spoiler Beating Final Boss Without...

    Man this boss was epic! I died like 4 times and I still can't beat him. I didn't realize I could lightning strike until I accidently held my sword up lol. Even so I still can't beat him! Kinda glad they made him hard. Gives quite a challenge
  18. Aero_Dynamic

    How to Pronounce Fi

    I agree, between the choices, "Fee" is the better sounding pronounciation.
  19. Aero_Dynamic

    Hardest Boss in Skyward Sword

    I have a list: Tentaulus, Ghirahim 2nd, Koloktos, and The Imprisoned III. I've only played up to the Thunder Dragon revival part, but those were tough. Especially Imprisoned III with all the shockwave spam lol. All the other bosses were pretty tough, but okay and were really fun :)
  20. Aero_Dynamic

    Favorite Character in Ss?

    I like em all! One person to note is Groose, he has a really nice and funny personality.
  21. Aero_Dynamic

    Webcomic About Reggie's Skyward Sword Comment

    I don't entirely understand that webcomic. Maybe i'm just too slow or something. Also, this is a strange topic to put in the Skyward Sword section, regardless if it's related, it's just so odd.
  22. Aero_Dynamic

    Please I Need the Video Walkthrough ASAP

    I'm kinda confused how you life in SK but you don't speak it... ah well, no problem. As said above, the ZD is working on a video walkthrough, and many people on YouTube have lets plays already. Hope you're enjoying Skyward Sword!
  23. Aero_Dynamic

    Spoiler Quite a Moving Scene

    Was shocking, never expected this twist, and yeah, Link got so sad! :( Made me feel so sad for him.
  24. Aero_Dynamic

    Skyward Sword Get a 7?!?

    Who's the Ausgamers? Never heard of em. I don't care if they give it a bad review, i'm enjoying every second of it so far!
  25. Aero_Dynamic

    Spoiler Top Ten Favorite Skyward Sword Moments

    So far, my favorite moments is (so far), fighting Koloktos, fighting Ghirahim 2nd, and finally getting the True Master Sword was epic.
  26. Aero_Dynamic

    Spoiler Final Bosses

    For me, even though a final boss seems like a fail, I still enjoy it because of who he is. Ganondorf from TP was kinda easy (for me), but I still had fun fighting him. I haven't fought Demise yet, but even if he's easy, i'd still enjoy the fight whether or not he was easy.
  27. Aero_Dynamic

    Spoiler The Combat...

    Man... the combat is so satisfying! Every swing, slash and fatal blows really feel like you're really doing the damage yourself! I'm loving the combat!
  28. Aero_Dynamic

    MY WII BROKE!!! :(

    Try taking it to Gamestop and ask them for help (at the top of my head lol). Or you could ask a good mechanic/electronic fixer-person to help.
  29. Aero_Dynamic

    Recalibration Help

    I'm having trouble with the slingshot, do I hold it up like a stick, vertically, or point at the screen? Also, if I have to hold the WM vertically, do I hold it before I activate the slingshot? I've seen some people do that but I just don't know which one is right. Hold it vertically, or...
  30. Aero_Dynamic

    Zelda Skyward Sword Impressionist, Impressions by JMM REVIEW

    I lol'd so hard at the "How the game would look like if inspired by Picasso." Then shows a disfigured mess XD
  31. Aero_Dynamic

    Did Skyward Sword Become Your New Favorite Zelda?

    SS is my fav, reason is, is because i've only played OoT, WW, TP, and the MC. Skyward Sword takes the No.1 spot for me.
  32. Aero_Dynamic

    Gold Nunchuck

    I payed 70 dollars for my reserved SS at Gamestop and I didn't get one =/ Anyways, that gold nunchuck looks great!
  33. Aero_Dynamic

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    So..... is it the biggest thread nao?
  34. Aero_Dynamic

    Was It Really That Bad?

    Yeah, I just got Skyward Sword yesterday, and it's great! Music is grand, controls are superb, graphics can sometimes get dull in some places, but other than that it looks good looking too. I've only played 5 hours so far, and the story, characters, puzzles and combat is excellent. But...
  35. Aero_Dynamic

    Rate the Avatar!

    I don't know her but 9/10 Btw, my sig and avy were made by me.
  36. Aero_Dynamic

    Rate the Siggy!

    Strange bee/honey comb pokemon? Wot? I prob don't understand the sig but it's okay: 8/10
  37. Aero_Dynamic

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    Just a few more hours...... ladies and gentlemen, it has been a pleasure discussing, hyping, waiting, talking, and just going wonkers over Skyward Sword. SKYWARD SWORD WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!! As of tomorrow, i'll be afk cuz of SS :)
  38. Aero_Dynamic

    Gamespot Gives Skyward Sword a 7.5???!!!

    I guess you could say Skyward Sword isn't for everyone. But I find this review hard to believe, seeing as how SS has recieved numerous 9.5/10 to 10/10 scores.
  39. Aero_Dynamic

    Reasons This Game is Not a 10/10

    On the topic of voice acting, I think Skyward Sword does a pretty good job on having everyone silent, and only text and grunts. I know this because if you look at some cutscene, preferably the ones with Groose as an example, are great even though it doesn't have voice acting. Point is...
  40. Aero_Dynamic

    My Copy of SS Arrived Today! Any Questions?

    Just one question: How's the game?
  41. Aero_Dynamic

    Reasons This Game is Not a 10/10

    These aren't flaws, but more of your own nitpicks about the game. Some of them are very invalid such as: "the Silent Realm is a missed opportunity, how it isn't a threat." The SR is more of a test than actually a threat. And voice acting isn't needed to perfect a game. Some games have great...
  42. Aero_Dynamic

    Famitsu Gave Skyward Sword a Perfect Score!

    Awesome! strange how its a 40/40 not a 100/100 score, but ah well! Great to hear another good review.
  43. Aero_Dynamic

    Pro Tips - Post Yours.

    Pro Tip 13: Health! Seriously, sometimes some enemies can really pack a punch, taking out 2 whole hearts! Also, stock up on potions and use them when low on health, they will benefit greatly. Preferable use potions during heated boss battles or very crucial health. In Hero Mode, there are no...
  44. Aero_Dynamic

    What SS Element Are You Most Excited About?

    I haven't played it, but I can't wait to wield the sword and swing and slash stuff with it!
  45. Aero_Dynamic

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    4 MORE DAYS...... *gasp*.... ALMOST... THERE!!!!
  46. Aero_Dynamic

    SS or Minecraft?

    It IS fun. They're both fun! Man you picked a some difficult choices! They're both such great games!! I would pick both, as for Limited Edition, if you can't afford it, try getting a WMP seperately.
  47. Aero_Dynamic

    How Do People Already Have Skyward Sword?

    Some people are journalists (such as Machinima, Kotaku, Zelda Informer, etc...) , and get new games early so they can get good reviews in time or before the release. Switzerland has gotten lucky and recieved Skyward Sword very early, last Friday (as said from Vibed) and Europe is going to...
  48. Aero_Dynamic

    Gameinformer Gives Skyward Sword a 10/10!

    Huzzah! So many great reviews tells me that it's gonna be worth the wait! I don't care about the "controls are overused", i'm just going to enjoy everything.
  49. Aero_Dynamic

    SS or Minecraft?

    I own Minecraft, and I have to say, Minecraft is a great sandbox game, not only that but a great solo (or multiplayer) adventure quest where you simply survive and explore the unknown. I'm going to get Skyward Sword as well, and Skyward Sword is the latest, and probably best Zelda game ever...
  50. Aero_Dynamic

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Ending Video Link Vs. Demise!!

    Lol, me too. But still, I feel like I spoiled a little too much... but I only skipped to the middle only to see a bit of the fight.
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