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    Spoiler Favorite Legend Of Zelda Villain.

    1: Byrne: ST (great good to evil story, cool boss fight, interesting character, heroic death, epic theme song. Would more could you want?) 2: Ghirahim: SS (creepy and very much someone I wanted to destroy. very evil in an angering way rather than just something that wants to kill you) 3...
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    Greatest Hand Held Zelda Game?

    Oracle of Ages.
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    Spoiler Byrne

    Byrne is one of my favorite characters in the series by far, for many of the same reasons you listed. Added to your criteria are the surface level observations that he looks cool, he fights with a giant grappling claw, and his themesong is epic, used in four different spectacular remixes...
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    Twilight Princess Is It Possible to Beat TP Only Learning the Fatal Strike?

    Yes. I beat Twilight Princess with only 3 hearts, only the fatal strike, and only using the Ordon Sword for everything except the dark curtains in the dark realm, Zant, and Ganondorf, all of which require the Master Sword. To be fair, I killed Ganondorf only by using the chance attacks and by...
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    Would You Like to See Another 2d Zelda Game?

    YES! I really miss the 2d titles and would like to see another in the future. Maybe a new four swords that pushes the plot of the mini-series.
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    Majora's Mask What if the Game Had Master Quest?

    I do believe that if Majora's Mask is re-released for the 3ds, a masterquest should be added.
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    What is Links Most Iconic Item? (besides His Sword and Shield)

    I'd have to say the boomerang. Though the bow and arrow is almost as frequently present and used, it is less obscure within general fantasy. In fact, bows are extremely popular in fantasy settings, whereas boomerangs are far rarer. Just behind the boomerang is the hookshot. The hookshot apears...
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    Which Zelda Game Has the Best Bosses?

    Minish Cap had some great variety with the cool Minish-sized bosses, Link-sized bosses, towering bosses, flying bosses, etc. Minish Cap had my favorite bosses, Gyorg Pair chief among them.
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    Who is Your Favorite Golden Goddess from the Legend of Zelda Series?

    Nayru. Oracle of Ages is one of my favorite game's and Nayru's song is awesome. Additionally, Nayru represents wisdom and water, as well as the desert. Oracle of Ages shows her connection to music. Blue is a really cool color and Nayru's temples are usually some of the hardest in the games: the...
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    Minish Cap Misplacement?

    The reference to Din is a cameo, as Capcom made both the Oracles and Minish Cap. Minish Cap is explained to happen after Skyward Sword and in many ways, this makes sense. It sort of explains the origin of the hero's hat, assuming the Link of Skyward Sword just happened to wear a similar hat...
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    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    Favorites: Shadow Temple: OOT, Skull Dungeon: OOA, Temple of Time: TP, Temple of Droplets: MC, Sandship: SS Least Favorites: Great Bay Temple: MM, Great Palace: AOL
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    Hardest Dungeon in Zelda History?

    1: Great Temple: Adventure of Link 2: Great Bay Temple: Majora's Mask 3: Jabu-Jabu's Belly: Oracle of Ages
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    Water Temples : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    This is in terms of difficulty and not quality Good: Swamp Palace, Angler's Tunnel, Catfish's Maw, Dancing Dragon Dungeon, Temple of Droplets, Ancient Cistern Bad: Lakebed Temple, Water Temple, Mermaid's Cave Ugly: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Great Bay Temple, Jabu Jabu's Belly
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    Does Anyone else Miss the Hover Boots?

    Yes. I loved the hover boots.
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    Who Would Win?

    Well, actually, the Link in OOA and OOS is the same Link from ALTTP and LA. Also, the Four Swords Links are 2 different Links in FS and FSA. I think the winning Link would be The Hero of Hyrule from ALTTP, LA, OOS, and OOA.
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    Things to Keep from Skyward Sword

    I actually don't like the Real Time Item Menu. Otherwise, I agree with most of this, except I don't think all future titles should be motion controlled.
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    Boss Subtitles

    By the way, some of Wind Waker's bosses have subtitles on their figurines: "Gohdan, the Great Arbiter," "The Monstrous Helmaroc King" and "Jalhalla: Protector of the Seal", "Molgera: Protector of the Seal". Still, they don't label the bosses and the subtitles lack consistency since there are...
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    Boss Subtitles

    I love the little titles. I wish every Zelda game had them. It gives the boss either a sense of patheticness or credibility.
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    How Many Pieces in a Heart Container?

    Good poll idea! An entire container is too easy. Instant satisfaction for a smaller price. 5 pieces is too many. Little satisfaction for each piece. 4 pieces is not only the most frequent but the most balanced.
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    Favorite Dungeon Theme?

    I've always liked ice.
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    Favourite Credits

    Twilight Princess for me was also the best, closely followed by a tie between Skyward Sword, Majora's Mask, and A Link to the Past.
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    Which Ice Dungeon is the Best?

    Ice Dungeons are about puzzles, often block puzzles, and slippery battles. They are about freezing and melting, and changing the shape of Link's surroundings. Oftentimes, Ice Dungeons are compact and seem to loop back into themselves with new developments in the gameplay. Ice Dungeons tend to be...
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    Most Difficult Zelda Game You've Played

    Adventure of Link, by far. Second for me would be Majora's Mask.
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    Zelda Wiki VS. Zeldapedia

    Zelda Wiki is better for everything except the occasional bit of odd history, which Zeldapedia sometimes has more of.
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    Which Sand Dungeon is the Best?

    The page published before I made the poll. It's up now.
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    Which Sand Dungeon is the Best?

    Sand or Desert Dungeons are usually late dungeons within Zelda games, taking place some time after the first three forest, fire, and water. Often times, Sand Dungeons are very late game and primarily made of puzzles. Usually sinking sand/quicksand is involved in Sand Dungeons and an item that...
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    Old/New Music

    Twilight Princess had a vast number of returning songs or motifs of songs mixed in with new themes: Song of Healing, Requiem of Spirit, Prelude of Light, Zelda's Lullaby, Goron Lullaby, and Ballad of Gales all appear as wolf howling songs. Serenade of Water is mixed in with Rutela's Theme. The...
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    What is Your Favorite Enemy

    Wind Waker and Twilight Princess's Darknuts were a lot of fun to fight.
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    Which Ocarina Song is Your Favorite?

    The Ocarina, in my opinion, had the best playable songs in the Zelda series. You played the notes yourself, but the songs were still complex and interesting, becoming more so as the game progressed. All of the ocarina songs are very memorable for me, but which would you say is the best? I ask...
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    Adventure of Link Most Hated Enemy in This Game?

    The blue Fokka. They replace iron knuckles in the great palace and jump around like crazy, shooting lasers just like the blue iron knuckles.
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    How Do You Pronounce Deku

    I pronounce it DAH-Quo. no, not really... I say dehkoo too.
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    Spoiler Which Link Has the Worst Life

    The Hero of Time or the Hero of Hyrule, I don't know which. The Hero of Time loses seven years of his life and it is his own fault that Ganondorf becomes king and Hyrule. When he saves the world at last, he cannot find the fairy companion that helped him save the world. He is separated from his...
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    Worst Case Scenario for Zelda WiiU

    Worst case scenario: Link immediately falls off a cliff and almost dies. He is severely injured and spends the rest of the game in rehab trying to cope with his inability to walk. Zelda is kidnapped and murdered. Tingle is Link's psychiatrist.
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    Easiest Zelda?

    Phantom Hourglass
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    Which Fire Dungeon is the Best?

    Ok, I admit defeat. Upon further consideration, I will agree that Snowhead is not very fiery. My memory of the dungeon is considerably skewed by all the times I fell from ridiculously high heights in the one big room into lava. That has to be my least favorite dungeon in the game. However, in...
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    Which Water Dungeon is the Best?

    I plan to include Temple of Droplets as an Ice Dungeon along with Snowhead, the Snow Temple, etc.
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    Which Water Dungeon is the Best?

    In the third part of this poll series, I will poll the final of the three basic dungeon themes. Water Dungeons are filled with devilish puzzles and aggravating swimming portions, making them some of the most controversial and hated dungeons in the series. However, sometimes their genius designs...
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    Oracle Series Forgotten Gems

    The Oracles are both 2 of my favorite games. The balance of puzzles and battles in both games was great and the stories, gameplay, music, characters, and world were unique and wonderful. I like Ages a tiny bit better than Seasons, but that could be because I played it first.
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    Which Fire Dungeon is the Best?

    Yeah, I forgot to include the first Turtle Rock. However, I disagree regarding Snowhead. I felt that Snowhead was themed around fire and ice as a collective theme, and thus belongs in both categories. The contrast between fire and ice was the dungeon's main theme. Goron Link was extremely...
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    Which Fire Dungeon is the Best?

    "The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power and through it, you will know which way to go... This song is dedicated to the power of the heart... Listen to the Bolero of Fire..." In a continuation of my polls about dungeon themes, today I will ask about fire. Fire dungeons...
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    Dungeon Themes You Would Like To See In The Next Zelda Game

    I would love another Fire and Ice Temple, like Sword and Shield Maze, or Snowhead Temple. Additionally, I'd like something watery, but not obnoxious to the point of, well...most water temples. And something weird and original, like: Stone Tower Temple, Snowpeak Ruins, Sandship, etc.
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    General Modern The Minish Cap is Too Underrated.

    I totally agree with you. Though its not a particularly long or difficult game, it is spectacular in many ways, the culmination of the Four Swords series, and as far as relevant plot goes, probably a lot better at being a prequel than Skyward Sword was. The dungeons, though few, were...
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    Best Ice Dungeon

    Ice Dungeons in Zelda are sometimes among my favorites. Ice dungeons are known for tricky puzzles, lack of available health, and annoying enemies. But mostly puzzles. And, of course, ice. Ice dungeons typically appear late game as a puzzling and odd dungeon: a mini cavern, a ruined mansion, a...
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    Popular Things You Dislike

    Hating on Four Swords Adventures: Its not the best Zelda game, that's for sure. But if you give it the time to grow on you, its a lot of fun Skyward Sword's Overworld: I liked Skyward Sword a lot, but I think its been way to hyped up. I don't think its the best Zelda game, and part of that...
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    Favorite Fire Temple?

    Skull Dungeon: Oracle of Ages
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    Top 10 Locations Throughout Zelda

    10: Outset Island: WW 9: Dragon Roost Island: WW 8: Lanayru Sand Sea: SS 7: Skyloft: SS 6: Ikana Canyon: MM 5: Kakariko Village: OOT 4: Tarm Ruins: OOS 3: Zora Village: OOA 2: Tal Tal Mountain Range: LA 1: Clocktown: MM
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    Best Forest Dungeon

    Which is the best Forest Dungeon? Usually, Link begins his quest in the forest, and the dungeon serves as an opening taste for the dungeons of the game to follow. Forest Dungeons are known for their simplicity and variety of themes. Sometimes, the forest dungeon is not the first dungeon, and...
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    What Zelda Game Are You Playing Now?

    Skyward Sword Hero Mode and A Link to the Past for the GBA
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    Best Tunic

    Which tunic is the best of the Zelda series? Tunics with the same purpose and color are combined. I have not included transformations as tunics.
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